How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World (Video)

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Oil. The 19th century was transformed by it. The 20th century was shaped by it. And the 21st century is moving beyond it. But who gave birth to the oil industry? What have they done with the immense wealth and power that it has granted them? And what are they planning to do with that power in a post-carbon world? This is the remarkable true story of the oligarchs and the world they have created.


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  • Roy Hobs

    Darn it! I can’t keep up. First I thought it was the german Nazi death cult. Then it was the Bankers who were out to destroy us. Then………..the Globalists were the real enemy to humankind. Now……………’s BIG OIL. I should have known.

    Folks……………if we don’t bring the Jewish Question back into Public Discourse, as in the days of Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh, we will forever remain their slaves.

    New World Order pledged to the Jews —

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Um, because of the invention of the internal combustion engine, mayhaps?? Can I get a big ol’ “DUH” here??