How To Prepare For President Trump’s Inflationary Policies

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With cabinet appointments for key positions like the Treasury Department already pending, it should be apparent that the policies of runaway inflation for the U.S. government and central bank will continue into Donald Trump’s presidency.

In an interview with GoldMining, Inc. CEO Amir Adnani, Future Money Trends delves into the strategies that will prepare your wealth for the monetary destruction to come.


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  • locutus_of_klingons

    lol stop this bs. look at obummer. doubled the debt level, and for what. leftist failed policies. the dollar will be strong once again

    • WinstonSmithy

      LBJ pursued a guns & butter strategy in the 60s. Left office in 68. Think about the inflation rate in 78. Wasn’t Carter’s fault but he got tagged with it.

  • SP_88

    Already Trump is being blamed for the economy, and he hasn’t even taken office yet. Their agenda is already set in motion. They will wait until he takes office, and then they will pull the rug out from under the economy, and let it collapse. Then they will spend the next four to eight years relentlessly blaming him for the entire situation.
    Isn’t it amazing how Obama blamed Bush for everything when he took office, and now he is blaming Trump for everything while he’s on his way out? Unbelievable. When is he gonna learn to take responsibility for his own actions?

    • Rey d’Tutto

      The Tuesday after never.