How the LAPD-Media-Complex Hijacked America For a Week to Murder an Enemy

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by Bernie Suarez

It seems for one whole week that the mainstream media carefully coordinated with the powers-that-be as LAPD a planned vigilante murder of Christopher Dorner. Like a Hollywood script rehearsed so many times by the usual mainstream media teleprompter and talking points reading monkeys, this event seemed to have started and finished in Hollywood style.

At this point all we can do is stand back at amazement of the deadly vigilante-style execution of Dorner and the mainstream media acceptance of his murder without even going as far as questioning the corrupt and wildly bizarre LAPD behavior in this Hollywood story of vengeance

Beware America for there are many lessons to be learned in the Chris Dorner story.

A. Police corruption is not to be exposed for the consequences are severe.

B. Police will use the corporate controlled media to accomplish their agenda.

C. Police and media don’t feel compelled to provide actual proof of their claims.

D. Los Angeles is no longer a safe place for good people who believe in reporting corruption.

E. The LAPD is now officially a gang of thugs that operate above the law.

F. The LAPD has the power to command the corporate mainstream media as to what they are allowed to record and cover, thus giving themselves exclusive control over possible criticism and exposure of corruption within their department.

G. The LAPD does not care for, respect or abide by the Constitution of the United States which grants every single American the right to a trial by a jury of their peers. Dorner wanted to be given that chance to expose their corruption and tell his story and was denied that right. Vigilante-style retribution is simply not part of the American Way and the Constitution.

H. The LAPD is on tape caught red handed planning the execution of Mr. Dorner and this recording is on record.

I. The LAPD reputation is destroyed, corruption seemingly beyond control and the department is in serious need of purging.

J. At any given time anyone can end up in a Christopher Dorner-like situation. That is, a person who attempts to expose corruption, falls out of grace with their boss, is subsequently fired and persecuted when allegations are charged to that person whether true or false. Even if Dorner committed the murders they claim, that does not make him less deserving of a fair trial. The fact of the matter is we will never know and the LAPD provided zero proof in a court of law to prove their claims.

A big part of America died this week when the LAPD appointed themselves the judge, jury and executioners of Dorner. Somehow it feels like a part of the Constitution died as well and the New World Order plans advanced when Dorner was murdered. America’s consciousness was jolted as the nation watched in horror at the LAPD WACO-style execution with the mainstream media puppets accepting their orders not to cover the execution.

Is there anyone not asking the basic question; “How can this happen in America?” Where is the outrage within the department or at the city level? Where is the media criticism of this murder? How can America allow this to happen without losing a large part of its own integrity and history?

The Chris Dorner story will forever be remembered as the week that the LAPD-Media Complex hijacked the consciousness of America and used it to justify murder and revenge. This was 2013’s version of the Bin Laden Hoax murder celebration. It seems American media is making it a habit to celebrate the death of certain people when they feel they have presented enough propaganda to sensationalize and justify the murder. Such is the nature of our slippery road to tyranny.

The same kill-and-shoot-first attitude the LAPD displayed all week in their manhunt for their personal enemy will forever burn in our memories. The LAPD managed to instill fear in the back of most people’s minds as we all wondered, what if they “think” I’m Christopher Dorner?  It should concern everyone that this now officially lawless entity is running around freely with guns throughout the city able to pull anyone over and harass without answering to anyone.

Los Angeles has a problem, as does the entire United States, and I only hope that Americans everywhere will heed the warning codes hidden in the Chris Dorner execution story. There is a message in this story for everyone. May this event do something to wake up more people to the corruption and darkness that we face:  the global government mafia that has permeated government at the local level and now threatens freedom, democracy and individualism at every level.

Recovery and Strength

If you want to renew your energy to fight for America, freedom, goodness, integrity, honesty, transparency, justice, courage, honor, truth and democracy please recall and realize that things will get much worse before they get better; also remember that for every evil deed perpetrated by those who hate, some force equal and opposite is generated somewhere. I believe it is a law of nature; when evil abides, good is able to shine more brightly.

It is not difficult to see that fascism and evil is seeking a free-for-all on humanity. The oppression that America saw unleashed on the Occupy movement was just the tip of the iceberg. Things can and will likely get much worse . . .  so hang on to truth and justice, say no to fear, yes to love and compassion, and let your light shine as brightly as possible. Remember that the opposite of fear is love and love knows no fear. Use these basic laws of nature as your guiding light in times like these.

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

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  • ophiuchus


  • Bill X

    That sounds like a bunch of crap. He was a killer and a kidnapper. How come every killer is either a hero or a CIA operative?

    • Z

      How can you prove he’s a murderer and a kidnapper without a fair trial? Your an idiot who requires 0 evidence keep feeding on media sheep…

    • Bill, you may have a point about him being a killer or whatever you call him, BUT you didn’t say anything about him being entitled to a fair hearing or trial. You accept his guilt just as the LAPD did, and you are ready to execute him just as the LAPD did.

      Are you an LAPD COP?

  • Let’s not be too harsh, after all.. this is nothing new.

    In LA they had the Zoot Suit Riots.. an killed people for being Mexican Jazz fans. In the 1950’s the LAPD kille d young people for wearing jeans.

    The 1960’s brought the riots on the sunset strip and the Watts riots… where score were murdered because of the colour of their skin… or the music they favoured.

    Los Angeles: The once and forever fascist capital of post amerika1

  • ncjoe

    And you fell no need to provide proof for your claims, also. You just make shit up as you go along.

    • Do I have to do research for you? I get paid for research. If you are 12 years old (and I suppose you are) you are quite able to research on you own.

    • Z

      LOL ncjoe your a troll aren’t you? You’ve heard of Google right? Retard look up some stuff before you ask someone to provide you proof it could already be out there.

  • Patriot

    Government causing crime ! oh wait, government is FORCE,Threats and coercion. Don’t believe it ask any of millions that have been killed ,maimed,beaten or imprisoned for harmless activities like smoking a joint or driving fast.

  • spartacus !!!!!!!

    “GOD” has a way of “humbling us all ! no one gets a way with any thing ! live by the sword ! , die by the sword ! and finally mankind for the most part are fools leadif other fools over the “proverbiable cliff !

  • me

    Mr. Dorner had a right to due process. It is the right of every person in this country. He was denied that right and if he was denied it, what could happen to you or your loved ones if the cops were to knock at your door someday? I realize that, to some, the defense of a man who was a killer can be umpalatable, but it is not the man I am defending….it is the rights of that man I am defending. Had he lived Mr. Dorner would no doubt have been sentenced to death (which would occur due to natural causes in the California penal system) but he, like you and I, was entitled to his day in court.But to have had it could have further exposed the LAPD for the corrupt organization they are and, of course, to a cop no justice is as swift as the justice of another cop when it comes to someone who has killed a cop. The rest of us have to wait and hope if it was someone we knew and/or loved. Two standards; One country. It shouldn’t be this way.

    • SKIP

      Me! I can tell you for a fact that unless you can AFFORD your day in court, the decision as to your guilt or innocence has already been decided and you are guilty as charged. Rule of law is a concept that people that have never fallen afoul of the law believe, it is NOT what they think.

  • Well, that stash of weapons didn’t do much for Dorner. The cops on the other hand…

  • notonmywatch

    Bernie Suares , you are a credit to your craft and All honest people everywhere who value Freedom , Liberty and Justice, God Bless you Sir, and you are right , in order to defeat the Evil NWO we will serve the Lord our God and he will allow us to prevail , in his Holy Name…

  • I wonder how many of you readers of the article saw the parallels between the LAPD and the American government.

    Both government and LAPD have usurped the Constitution, both have killed people without giving them their day in court, and both control the media.

    Somewhere in the end of the article the words “New World Order” came up, I think that says it all. Just remember how many times both Bush presidents and Prime Minister Tony Blair spoke of this new order.

    Do you think its just idle rhetoric?