How The Establishment Killed The Ron Paul Movement

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This mini-documentary outlines how the media, government and the whole establishment killed the Ron Paul revolution in 2012.

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  • Wolfmother

    Ron Paul killed the Ron Paul movement. Like him, would never vote for him. Watching him in the debates was bru-tal. You must at least be able to articulate and take command of the english language when speaking to your future constituents. Also, a pass with a nose hair trimmer would have helped a great deal.

    • AirForceVeteran

      Wolfmother is mentally challenged.
      Have fun being ignorant. Moron.

    • Z

      Obviously Wolfmother has never watched Ron Paul speak or you don’t speak english….. The man is great.

  • establishment politics is a dead end. It’s strictly policed. The US has only one political party that is allowed to have control of government. We can get to chose either the Democrat or Republican packaging.

    No one should consider that not achieving presidency is failure. The presidential race is a valuable means of making Ron Paul’s world view available to all. And that’s what matters.

    The US has, in essence, a dictatorship. Influencing and educating and motivating the general population about alternative world views is much more important than winning theatrical contests in traditional establishment politics.

    • maczmo

      What we have is a bi-factional ruling coalition, two sides of the same coin working for the same end but with different approaches.

  • NMBC

    FALSE, actually the Establishment/ Bankers have been supporting him to reduce the Republican party’s votes. So Democratic paty (Obama) could win.

    RON PAUL’s actually being promoted on every Liberal website you see, and even on Conservative (SHILL) blogs.

    RON PAUL also has been promoted by Alex Jones and Lew Rockwell — Lew Rockwell was his campaign manager.

    All Paul’s supporters are college students, gathering for fun and drinking.

    RON PAUL has been running for the presidential election at least since the ’80s and LOST every single campaign !!!!!

    • NMBC

      Sorry, during his over 35 YEARS in congress, and this is what we get –- Thanks, but no thanks.

      NGOs are the ones who organized the Useful Idiots for Ron Paul, because he did not do anything.

      RON PAUL refused to go on conservative talk shows when he was invited to discuss the issues about why he was bashing America, (even now) — The reason was Conservatives don’t provide questions ahead of time, and Ron Paul did not know the issues at all.
      Some talk shows have the questions along with their answers written for on a TELEPROMTER, for politicians and even experts to respond to. Sometimes, RON PAUL even reads the wrong notes for the questions being ask, such as during the election debates.

    • Row Weil

      My Friend, i believe you are (as many people) too mired in your adherence to being a ‘good Republican’ (this coming from a former hardcore ‘Republican’):

      1. I do not see any indication of any powerful, centralized interests supporting RP. I thought the overwhelming majority of his campaign $$ came from small donors. Please post proof if I am incorrect.

      2. Several ‘Big Bankers’ would’ve been in serious trouble if Paul was elected and started to implement his ideas. On the contrary, they active suppressed him in the Media, and propped up Romney. My Point: you say the Establishment supported Paul to ‘split the vote’, but they didn’t – they Viciously, completely marginalized him! If they supported Paul, Paul would’ve beaten Obama.

      3. Once again – look up the definition of ‘Liberal’ – Any Libertarian is a ‘Liberal’. The indication of a conspiracy would be an *establishment* media outlet was supporting Paul, and I saw none that were.

      4. Yes, of course AJ and LR supported RP – they’re both Libertarians… what’s your point there?

      5. I have seen an extremely diverse sampling of RP supporters, and the vast *minority* of them are drinking/partying college kids. I noticed those I interacted with were more lucid, articulate, and knowledgeable than your average Romney or Obama supporter. You are simply speaking on prejudice here.

      6. Regardless of past elections, we’re discussing how he was robbed of *this one*.. the one that looked destined to be his.

      I… don’t get what you were trying to say with this post.

      • NMBC

        You know it’s not about my opinion, but it’s based on FACTS.

        – American ppl have noticed during his over 35 YEARS career in congress, and this is what we get. (Thanks, but no thanks. )That’s why conservatives voted for Romney and Democrats voted for Obama, and RON PAUL LOST again.

        – You said: “Yes, of course AJ (ALEX JONES) and LR (LEW ROCKWELL) supported RP – they’re both Libertarians… what’s your point there?”

        Really ?? You still don’t guess it??? Paul is not a victim as he and the media have been portraying himself/Paul. Besides showing the useful idiots as his supporters but the video uses Paul to sell more propaganda.

        We’ve seen this video, RON PAUL, and the media outlet (CNN, MSNBC, MSN, PBS) have been telling us PAUL was a victim of the establishment, they were after him, but AT THE SAME TIME PAUL HAD THE MASS MEDIA OUTLETS & PROPAGANDISTS PROMOTE HIM EVER SINCE, MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE.

        • NMBC

          LIBERTY or DEMOCRACY, etc…. are the words which are mainly used during any revolutions /civil wars to change regimes as we’ve seen around the world during the last century.

          When Ron Paul lost his presidential election in 2008, he sent emails to his supporters and said “The Bolshevik Revolution lives on.”


          These are not my opinions, but they are fact.

          RON PAUL, he is the one makes the news.
          If he did not do the right things, then he or you guys should not blame someone else.

    • henry hoskison

      That is because they are stupid, Not Ron Paul!!. they are afraid of him ,because he wants the constitution to be the rule of law!! He wanted to bring the troops home & stay out of wars, that we don’t belong in!! WHAT is wrong with that !!?? . he is the most honest man,he is to honest for them,that is why they don’t like him:!! .

  • ncjoe

    The establishement did not kill the movement. It died because it was not fit to survive or it would have. For a site dedicated to self-reliance, you sure do blame other a lot.

  • Former Sheeple

    RP made the other candidates look like the fascist pukes they are

  • AirForceVeteran

    If you’re against Ron Paul, you’re against America.

  • AirForceVeteran

    Even underground rap artists know what’s up just find K-Rino – Grand Deception on youtube.

    • Against AFV

      if your against AFV..Your for America.
      You dumbazz are a problem.
      GET HELP

      • AirForceVeteran

        Who’s the dumb ass? You can’t even spell dumb ass correctly. You are the epitome of what’s wrong with this country. Your failed attempt at insulting me was entertaining and made me laugh. Thanks for the laugh and showing just how unintelligent you are. Just a few more months you’ll understand.