How Switzerland Hopes to Prevent Refugee Sex Attacks: With This Cartoon

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The traditionally inert, neutral and quite homogeneous nation of Switzerland is not used to having cultural integration issues, which is why it has been watching recent events across the German border (and elsewhere in Europe) with sheer terror. And in order to preempt any possible outbreaks of refugee violence against women, or in general, ahead of the Lucerne carnival starting on February 4, Switzerland is getting ready.

According to Blick, the department of Health and Social Services will use the following Austrian cartoon flyer dubbed “Ground Rules” which will be distributed to incoming migrants ahead of the noted Swiss carnival with hopes it will make it clear what is and isn’t permitted. It lays out various instances of accepted behavior such as kissing and praying, while making it clear that punching women and children in the head is frowned upon in polite society.

The flyer was modeled after a comparable one, also created in Austria last year as part of the initial wave of mass refugee influx.

However, concerned that migrants would be less than inclined to read the text, the follow up was populated with “pictograms” or cartoons.

According to Blick, distributing the flyer was a spontaneous decision that took place “after the attacks in Germany on New Year’s Eve” when Swiss authorities received a number of reactions, however they add that it was a preventive measure: “we currently have no problems.”

Blick adds that currently in the canton of Lucerne there are about 1800 asylum seekers in three centers and nine temporary shelters.

As for the flyer, the local government has determined to “focus on role models, and equality between men and women.” They “want to show that there is zero tolerance for sexual harassment. The motto is “If you come to us, abide by our rules.”

A comparable flyer in Germany was found to have fanned racism with explanations such as “young girls feel harassed by demands such as asking for a cell phone number or Facebook contact, or marriage proposals” or “when nature calls we do exclusively on toilets, not in parks and gardens, and not on hedges and behind bushes.”

Whether the cartoons will be successful in taming the refugees’ more base instincts, tune in after the Lucerne carnival has started on February 4 to find out.

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  • Mike

    yea, a poster is going to stop the mussie rape fest. Get real. They do not value human life to begin with, and they value even less females.

    • Maddog

      I don’t know, they just put out guidelines for treatment of infidel sex slaves. Like you can’t mom if your raping the daughter and own both. You must sell one. So I guess they have to set a price. But I don’t think this is the value you mean. Nothing but Animals.

      • Reverend Draco

        Just like in the Christian bible!
        Chock-full of instructions on how to treat women as 3rd-class citizens. . . the proper way to beat your slaves. . . one valid marriage ceremony involves raping the women of a city you’ve just conquered. . . and keeping the one you had the most fun with.

        It’s not just the Muslims, Sparkles

        • sunshine

          But you don’t see most Christians acting this way nowadays. I understand your objections to Christianity, but it’s nothing like Islam.

          • Reverend Draco

            The point I’m making is this:

            Islam is where Christianity was 600-800 years ago – being the most recent of the Middle Eastern mythologies, Islam is bringing up the rear, as it were.
            Muslims haven’t done anything in the name of their god that Christians have never done before. . . some of those things, Christians are still doing to this day.
            So don’t even begin to think that Christians are any better than Muslims or Jews – they’re not.

          • infadel13

            idiot, TODAY, no 600-800 years ago you FOOL!!! yeah you just keep bowing to your dark lord mr draco, and see where your “do as thou wilt” will get you. it will get to the same place your founder, anton levay is, with your master in hell

          • Plextt Plextt

            Fear (Christianity) is the most useful tool that is used for the herding of the sheep.

          • Of the 3 groups I’ll be forced to live with I’ll go with the Christians.

          • sunshine

            Exactly! They’re not perfect but they are vastly better than the alternative.

    • sunshine

      Maybe they’re going about it all wrong. Maybe they need to make “Rapefest!” posters. Treat it like a concert, promote the hell out of it, then get them all there expecting some good old-fashioned raping, then nuke it. Problem solved!

  • whiteberry

    The only thing that stops rapists and child molesters is DEATH! People from a culture where rape is the norm will never be “rehabilitated”, rehabilitation doesn’t even work on people who were taught, from birth, it is wrong.

    • The only problem with that is the affirmative defense provided by appointment or election to public office.

  • bodysonthground

    I don’t want it to happen here, but if it does, I hope it’s a big one. I like a target rich environment! 🙂

  • doucyet

    How do they convey the message in a “pictogram” that Switzerland is a no rape zone? Right when I think I’ve heard it all………..!

  • If it works out, maybe we should get a similar version of the Constitution to distribute to our congresscritters.

  • jaguar

    That has to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen!! Arabs will laugh in their faces!!! I wonder how many of the people passing out the fliers will get punched by these savages!!

  • Reverend Draco

    Raper no raping!

    Gee – even Dora the Explorer understands it. . . and she’s about as dumb as a bag of concrete.

    • SP_88


  • SP_88

    It is really sad that when you have to explain to someone that rape and assault are bad. These people are adult human beings (sort of) and they know right from wrong. They know that hurting someone is wrong, but they choose to do these things anyway. And they use their violent extremist cult ideology as an excuse for raping and beating women. There is no way that these people don’t know that if you beat the shit out of someone that it hurts and is wrong. I’m sure that they believe that this behavior is acceptable where they come from, but they must also know that other countries have different beliefs then their own country. They must be aware that other countries do not treat women like shit the way they do. So when these “refugees” go around raping and beating women, and they hide their faces and look for easy targets and they operate in areas where they are less likely to be caught and they do things to reduce their chances of getting caught, you aren’t going to convince me that this is a cultural misunderstanding or that these barbarians didn’t think it was wrong. That’s bullshit. They know full well that it’s wrong. Or else why would they take measures to avoid getting caught?
    The best deterrent to stop this is to make the refugees fear the consequences. They already have at least some concern about getting caught, indicating that they are aware of other countries having different rules and laws. So make the consequences brutal and advertise it to them so they are well aware of what will happen to them if they choose to violate the laws. And they should be deported if they are caught committing a violent crime with zero chance to come back into the country. So they will have to take their picture, fingerprints and DNA sample so they can keep track of them.
    If they were really smart they wouldn’t even let them into the country. These people just watched what they did on New Year’s eve in other countries and now they are going to let them into their country? It doesn’t make sense. This is not how you ensure the safety of the citizens of your country. These leaders have an obligation to make sure that the people of their country are safe from criminals and terrorists and foreign invaders.

  • euragone

    All moslems should be killed..its the only way to stop there Ideology where they believe they can rape, steal, riot and kill without impunity! I’d use a steam roller to do it too…

    • Reverend Draco

      Maybe you can get the same steamroller that ran over what little education you have?

  • twinkiedooter

    These muzzie invaders do not want to behave like civilized people. They come from countries where women are mistreated and are nothing more than chairs or tables to them. They keep in touch via messaging and then they all mass and commit mass raping of the women populace. This is all coordinated. Take away their cell phones, tablets, laptops and the raping fests will STOP.

  • august

    they use to use that type of stuff for ww2
    like cover your cough and people who talk get people killed
    everything that was right, was made to be wrong and all that was wrong is made to be right. example
    this is right
    Dec 3, 2010 – 1950’s Anti-Homosexual PSA – Boys Beware .Imagine A World Where Being “Gay” The Norm & Being “Straight” Would Be The Minority
    this is wrong
    Apr 11, 2013 – Being gay is not wrong, its perfectly acceptable – not … into the trap of thinking that your opinion is undoubtedly the only right one
    or Guns kill people people don’t kill people

  • Reverend Draco

    “Pictograms” – the de-evolution of language: Special purpose? Cater to the illiterate and willfully ignorant at the expense of everyone else (as few of us as remain).

  • Liberty_Sojourner

    This is just dumb? Really? Listen everyone, governments all over the world have been infiltrated and controlled by elite sociopaths who get off on seeing people getting raped, killed, and pillaged by this “refugee crisis” they created with their unconstitutional and immoral wars! The only way to stop it is by revolt!

    • Wow I never considered it on that level, but it starts to become believable.

  • infadel13

    dont forget the PORK!!! when these dirt bags die with PORK on them, they go to hell and dont get the 72 virgin rape fest their death cult promises them

  • tomw

    Yep. Their dumbs, really did eat up all their smarts.

  • Plextt Plextt

    The u.s.a should create cartoons that influence negroes down a more productive trail. I wonder how well that would work.

    • Or teach the refugees javascript like Sam Hyde advised when he addressed Drexel U, lol!

      • Plextt Plextt

        LOL…OMG that was funny as hell! Thanks for the link.

  • If you plan to visit, it’s worth mentioning that in Switzerland torture is not criminalized. This is important because their legal system allows the police to hold you for up to 48 hours incommunicado with zero burden of proof. You may be arrested on mere suspicion and while they decide if there is any evidence, you are in prison. Using the toilet is a privilege that can be revoked for lack of cooperation. You see a lawyer once, not your lawyer, THEIR LAWYER, and then they can do what they want to you for 48 hours. You cannot complain, you cannot go before a judge, you are at their mercy and they are allowed to perform forced medical procedures, photograph you naked, take blood, urine, DNA samples. Even if you can prove torture, there is no framework in place to penalise police for torturing you beyond a slap on the wrist; but that’s a moot point as probably no lawyer will even file the complaint. How do I know? It happened to me, and I spoke to Amnesty International, who found me the only lawyer who would, and I filed a complaint for torture. Before you go to lawless Switzerland, read about my story, and what the Swiss are doing every day, here