How North Korea and the Obama Regime Both Use the Same Mind Control Techniques Against Their Citizens (Video)

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by Mike Adams

I’ve just released an eye-opening new video that details how U.S. government propaganda under Obama parallels the socially-reinforced mind control tactics used in North Korea, a radical left-wing dictatorship rooted in the cult worship of its leader.

Barack Obama is simply a more polite rendition of the same social control tyranny used by Kim Jong-Un. Angela Merkel, in many ways, invokes the same tactics of disinformation and linguistic social control, deliberately lying to the people of Germany in order to control them while the country is systematically destroyed to appease globalist interests.

As I also state in the video, most Americans would be obedient Kim Jong-Un worshipers if they had grown up in North Korea. The vast majority of individuals in western society today falsely believe they are independent thinkers, but that’s only because they’ve been indoctrinated under a system of mind control that’s very good at pretending to be based on “freedom.”

Watch the full video to see for yourself. (This video was recorded before the Nov. 8 Trump election victory, which provides a least some glimmer of hope that the globalist agenda might be slowed.)

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  • Mike

    NK started with the schools much like the liberal regressive left. Then like the left they took over media to brainwash even more people. Been saying this for over a decade now.

  • Deplorable

    As usual, the regime is a day late and a dollar short. They haven’t been able to see the writing on the wall for a long time now and reality is starting to bite them on the ass, big time. They just keep shooting themselves in the foot with each new ridiculous meme they try to push. A member of congress calling Tucker Carlson a Russian agent on national TV is just one of many examples of how out of touch with reality they really are. It’s looking a little dark now but, America has finally woken up and it’s pissed off, in a major way.

  • rich

    Several years ago Obama conferred with mind control experts in the White House but it wasn’t revealed why he did it. I don’t think Obama is finished as President and something will happen before January 20th. It was interesting to me to read about the mall riots the day after Christmas. That would be all Obama needs to declare martial law and then remain in office indefinitely. If martial law is declared only the President decides when it is over. Congress has no say in the matter. A third term for the worst ever to be in the Oval Office? Would that shake up things not only in the U.S. but all over the world? Does Obama have the gumption to do such a thing? There is no doubt that he does! If he does we can all be assured we will be living under a dictatorship in 2017.

    • deplorable wannabe Ray Jones

      congress cant reveiw it for 6 months its hard to say if omuzloid has the balls to pull the trigger on that one kuz that would bring on a full blown civil war and might be the spark to start wwiii because im certain we go into civil war the russians and the chinese will swoop in and see what they can take land wise……………

      • gabe

        Neither the military or the police would uphold marshal law unless it was something world changing. Most in the military and law enforcement also lean to the right by the way.

        • J A

          The military and law enforcement would be supplanted by UN Troops. Game over.

          • gabe

            HAHAHA, are you serious? Have you ever seen how totally incompetent the blue hats are? I Followed the U.N. peace keeping force for 17 years in NW Africa as a combat photographer. Make no mistake our civilians are much better equipped to deal with the U.N.P.K.F. than you think. 103 members of “Executive Outcomes” a PFC out of South Africa Solved the problems of the Liberian civil war in under 30 days with ZERO losses, after the U.N.P.K.F. lost thousands of troops for almost a decade against the same enemy. We have more retired civilians special forces members than the U.N.P.K.F. have in total troops. you also do not realize that major troop suppliers such as England, Canada & Norway would refuse to participate. The idea of UN intervention is a total joke.

        • deplorable wannabe Ray Jones

          what about the subversives at the dhs what do you think they will do they have over 2 billion rounds of ammo and at least 2700 apc,s that we know about you dont think they wont want to play with all these shiny new toys and kill as many infidels as possible……

          • gabe

            Same answer as i gave the other guy. We have too many spec ops trained civilians. The illegal Mexicans will not be much of an issue because only the violent 10% of them would consider participating and the rest would get out of the way just like they do in Mexico.

            The Russians are much more interested in Europe and would take the unrest here to their advantage by taking back the territory they held as the U.S.S.R. Getting involved in a land war in the USA will severely weaken their military position where it would “serve them better” to fight in Europe since they want some of that territory and attacking the US is not financially viable in their present economic situation. Similarly the Chinese would take advantage of our unrest by taking territory they have had their eyes on in the south pacific since before WW2. Japan and islands in the pacific would be under threat, not the continental US though we may lose Hawaii.

            The leftists would not last long because they are less inclined to be trained in combat or even know how to effectively use a gun. It is not as easy as point and shoot, despite what most lefty beta sheep think. You are NOT “Mary Sue’s”, having good aim is a skill set that requires practice and real world knowledge of combat tactics. Not to mention that most of the country is controlled now by republicans thanks to the disaster that was Obama and the dems loosing more than 1000 seats of power across the country, so all the “Toys” would be tied up in bureaucratic red tape just like the UN peace keeping force was in NW Africa. Lefties had your chance and wasted it on ignorant arrogance.

            Now you are correct about ISIS, but that would be focused on urban areas that have strict gun laws such as LA, Chicago, DC, & NYC. The heart of the country would be low yield and high casualty for them. They want “bang for the buck” & that translates directly to liberal cities and would quickly turn the left into allies for the well armed conservative heartland. After suffering massive losses in their gun free large target cities, of course. As a combat photographer of 17 years, this is my bread and butter! I have already gone over hundreds of scenarios with both my photo agent and repeat clients that are concerned about this exact issue and spend large amounts of money to not wast thousands on my retainer. So why don’t you try to look at the big picture.

          • deplorable wannabe Ray Jones

            thats what i have been doing or at least doing the best i know how ive been a hunter all my life and not a bad one at that[but that would depend if you were the dnr or not] ive put meat on the table for many families both young and old in the hard times like the early mid 80,s time frame while i was hunting deer the dnr was hunting me i never got caught does that make me battle hardend no not at all but i might just be more slippery than the average noncom and im a lot more handy than most with all most any kind of gun i find in my hands……but its the hunting that i think has made me sharper than most you have to know both the habits and the habitat of your target you have to be able to gauge the viability weather and qaulity of the place you are in just by the feel of it ……you doubtlessly have more time in your type of work than i do ….but im telling you i have a gut feeling that some thing is up and while i dont have your skill set or history to draw on i do trust my skill set and history my senses are seldom wrong but i find my self in an area that ive not been in before……..but rest assured if things do heat up here in the usa i will be hunting again…..i may not be able to say from were the problem will rise but when it does rise and i am sure it will ill be here waiting………..

          • gabe

            Don’t get me wrong, Your concern about something going on is valid & I can say that with confidence since I have been offered retainers to cover civil unrest in the US. There will be many casualties in urban areas and there will be sever consequences in specific area. The economy will also so to hell if civil unrest breaks out and in the end we may become much more 3rd world than most think possible. You are in much better shape than the urban leftists who will be the real victims because they group together in cities and depend on others for their safety. The one thing I recommend to you is go to your local ambulance corps and ask where there is an EMT course. If things go bad, learning the basics of medical treatment is paramount to protect and care for your family. It is the one skill set that many people overlook when preparing for turbulent times.

          • deplorable wannabe Ray Jones

            when i was young i was a voulenteer fireman in northern indiana and i was certified in firstaid for around 15 years i know this is not emt training but i am self taught in a number of areas im a ham radio op i know some about herbs i make my own colloidial silver im a gardener a welder do my own gun smithing a machineist mechanic and many other things even tho i cant spell or put together a sentence ive just been more concenred with other areas of life………..

          • gabe

            Then you should be in better shape than most. I live in NC and am surrounded by a number of honorable, self reliant people with similar concerns. An emt course is not long and not hard. I did my re-cert 2 nights a week over 9 weeks with 4 Saturday classes. I recommend that to everyone that wants to be independent because it always good information to know. They have faster paced classes too. All i can say is hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

          • deplorable wannabe Ray Jones

            also you are assumeing that trump will actualy make it to the office of the president ….omuzloid and company are doing every thing in their power to derail/delay that transfer of power and are crazy enough to drag out a nuke and use it to stay in power……also id like to hear what you think about the north korean sattlelites as in 4 of them and the fact that the red chinese taught them how to make super emp,s….and what about the chicom missle system that fits in a cargotainer that they shipp over here by the 1000,s how many of those have /are on trucks or are in position in how many places around the country…….and then there is the great wall buffet resturaunts there must be 1000,s of them who many of there staff is PLA just waiting to be activated ….and only 10 % of the illegals translates out to about 300.000 personal all ready in place……how many women and children do you think they can murder in a dayor even an hour for la reqonquista and if that is timed with the muzloids and other groups that are here right now what your battle hardened senses tell you about that they have had decades to set this up tell how impossible you think any of this is……….

          • gabe

            Be aware, that I consider the top 5 cities in the US a total loss if there is unrest due to Isis taking advantage of the situation, But Russia and china have closer targets of interest. They would take advantage by attacking an ally that lost its largest military back up. Our biggest threat will be terrorists that have already embedded, and the dangerous areas would be large cities.
            As for Obama’s exit. I agree that he is purposely trying to make a huge mess on his way out, but i do not think he wants to break the countries back. He wants to leave such a mess that Trump cant get anything done and gives the left a better chance in 4 years because Trump gets stuck putting out fires for the next 4 years.

          • deplorable wannabe Ray Jones

            lets hope for the best a prepare for the worst…..its the chinese that worry me the most they could throw a half million soldiers at us and know they were gonna get killed to a man and stil have a second and posibly a third wave waiting and ready to invade……i was told a story by a man who was on a 50 cal crew in korea,,,the jist of was we were retreating kuz the chicoms were massing and the 50 crews were orderd to cove the retreat this guy tells me he lost count of how many times they had to fall back because the piles of bodies were so tall the the 50 ran out of elevation….he said 1 out of 3 had a rifle but they all had ammo and when 1 guy fell with the rifle the next one would pick it up and carry it a few steps closer before he fell……the chicoms are some thing to be feared and respected/reviled they are evil to the core……

          • deplorable wannabe Ray Jones

            im kinda doubting the usa as it today will exist in 4 years….im not proud or happy to make a statement like this it just meens i dropped the ball too…

  • John

    Excellent video and so true. Some see religion as a controlling force, and I agree, some religions are just that. But Christianity is not religion. God gave us free will, the right to choose and make our own decisions. And he said he would love us regardless of what decisions we make. We will however have to stand before him some day and answer for our actions both good and bad. You can’t get a fairer deal than that. More at

  • Alleged Comment

    Huh? Mike Adams. He’s one of the worst. Believes in the negro narrative of the left. To worship and obey Negroes. Especially an Obama.

  • Dan

    Hillary talks to the dead… Obama leads the walking dead..

  • Deplorable

    “socialism, marxism and communism” EQUALS ZIONISM. WAKE UP TO IT!