How Much More Insulting Does It Get? Bill Clinton Calls Trump Supporters “Standard Rednecks”

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Funny, most of the mud slinging coming out of this campaign is aimed two ways and not the two ways you would think. From the Trump campaign, it’s aimed mostly at Hillary and the GOP. From the Clinton campaign, it’s aimed mostly at the American people.

Yesterday #HillaryHatesAmericans was trending on Twitter after Wikileaks handed out a new Hillary/Podesta email where her own campaign admitted in writing that she has grown to hate everyday Americans. That’s on top of her referring to Bernie supporters as “Parental Basement Dwellers” and even her own voters as a “Bucket of Losers” at a paid Goldman Sachs speech.

Now, while out on the campaign trail for his wife, Bill Clinton was talking about how Trump supporters are “your standard redneck.”

Guess “Bubba” the accused sexual predator would know.

Actually most rednecks, unlike Bill Clinton, don’t spend their time with billionaire pedophiles on a pedophile island.

“Hey!” you might say. “But some of Trump’s supporters are rednecks!”

That’s so not the point here. The Clintons are barely even pretending to campaign. They really want to win the White House? Why? So they can rule over millions of people they obviously cannot stand and ridicule all up and down the campaign trail like high school bullies every chance they get?

Where is the political strategy here? Are they too sadistic to pretend? Or do they just know its in the bag and they don’t have to? Is she going to be like the wicked stepmother in a Disney film but president?

Seems like presiding over the most hated presidency in American history is just going to make her job harder than it already will be, considering even the people who will never support Trump would rather vote third party or no one than vote for Hillary.

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  • doucyet

    How many times did you visit Jerry Epstein’s pedophile island Bill? Twenty seven was it?

    I’m a standard red-neck and proud of it. Can you say that about being a pedophile and whore monger.

  • YeahRightOkay

    …just call me a ‘deplorable standard redneck’…that salutes our flag during the National Anthem…

    • Robert Sanger


  • Joel W

    Is that an insult? Better to be a standard redneck than a probable pedophile, serial rapist redneck. I can just hear Bubba now saying “you got a perty mouth, squeeeel like like pig”

  • MarkovDeBeeste

    We might be rednecks but the Hildabeast’s supporters are deadnecks….that is, dead from the neck up.

  • Bill

    As a deplorable (and now) redneck I want to thank those two Arkansas hillbillies. They have single handedly made a mockery of almost half of the country. I think with the cvrimes these two have committed they should be hung for treason.

    • RMS1911

      Firing squad with armalite pattern rifles. ( They’re scary)

  • RMS1911

    Go to hell child molesting basTARD .
    A hi-tech redneck.
    I hope that googly eyed wobbly headed bitch dies and takes that Bassett hound with her.

  • endofwatchersbegan1/28/2011

    Bill Clinton has worked to subvert, rob and murder the American People. He needs to be EXECUTED with Hillary. They sold our advanced fighter technology to the Chinese …just for starters. SNAP the bastards necks at the end of a rope. Treason and murder have a due.