How Is The Woman Who Banned Muslims From Her Business Faring Now?

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Jan Morgan, the gun rights activist who banned all Muslims from her business Gun Cave Shooting Indoor Range, took a lot of flack for her decision. Here’s how she’s doing now.

Morgan has yet to face any discrimination charges for her “Muslim-free zone.” According to Americanow, at least one anti-discrimination complaint from the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been threatened, but Morgan’s gun range has remained closed to anyone who subscribes to the religious group.

Morgan says she doesn’t identify Muslims by their skin color, but by their names. She wrote in September that she didn’t want to “rent or sell a gun and hand ammunition to someone who aligns himself with a religion that commands him to kill me.” However, Morgan is getting attention once again. On Wednesday, she posted a rant to the social media giant, Facebook.

“Geeze…I hate to have to embarrass the liberal mainstream media again, but…a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do,” Morgan wrote. Several pictures of South Asian shooters were included in her post, which she uploaded after some customers accused her of turning away anyone with brown skin. The complaint was made by an anonymous father and son of South Asian descent who, though they identify as Hindu, claimed they were turned away because of their skin color. Though Morgan admitted in that she had asked the two men to leave her gun range, she insisted it was because of their “strange” behavior.

Morgan sais that the strange behavior led her to conclude that “these people might not be safe handling firearms in this range. I’m not going to say blatantly that someone was under the influence of drugs or alcohol…” Morgan said. “I didn’t even let them finish filling out the membership forms,” she continued sticking to her claims that skin color is not a determining factor when using her business.  “I’m not going to get into that.” But she said that “the allegation that we turn people away on their skin color is absolutely a lie.” Later in the interview, Morgan said she believes it was possible the applicants had an “agenda,” adding that, “it was clearly designed to create the situation that occurred”

As far as the ban on Muslims goes, Morgan has no intention of changing that policy anytime soon.

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