Polls: How Is It Even Possible Jeb! Has Moved to 2nd Place in NH???

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Sometimes miracles happen. Sometimes total b.s. happens.

Question: which one do you think is going on in New Hampshire right now?

Because somehow, in a claim that goes against everything we know historically about Mr. Bush and this election since its beginning, polls are now reporting that Jeb! has magically moved to 2nd place behind Trump… seemingly from absolute nowhere.

Donald Trump is atop the GOP presidential field in New Hampshire by 17 points, according to a new poll.

Trump earns 31 percent support, compared with 14 percent for his closest competitor, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, according the Harper Polling survey released Wednesday. This is the first time in recent months that Bush has placed second in New Hampshire… (source)

Is this that part in the horror film where the dynasty families magically rise up like monsters you thought were defeated for another jump scare? We all know that no one wants Hillary or Jeb anywhere near the White House.

How can they possibly pretend Jeb is in 2nd in polls anywhere? Where did they take this poll? His dad’s house?

On an aside, if Hillary wins tonight with improbable coin tosses or fairy wishes or whatever after we have all known this is Bernie’s state for months now, will the American people finally start to realize what a huge sham this entire spectacle is?

It’s like Mark Twain said: “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.”

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