How Corrupt Is the American Government? (See for Yourself)

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Government corruption has become rampant:

  • Senior SEC employees spent up to 8 hours a day surfing porn sites instead of cracking down on financial crimes
  • NSA spies pass around homemade sexual videos and pictures they’ve collected from spying on the American people
  • Investigators from the Treasury’s Office of the Inspector General found that some of the regulator’s employees surfed erotic websites, hired prostitutes and accepted gifts from bank executives … instead of actually working to help the economy
  • The Minerals Management Service – the regulator charged with overseeing BP and other oil companies to ensure that oil spills don’t occur – was riddled with “a culture of substance abuse and promiscuity”, which included “sex with industry contacts
  • Agents for the Drug Enforcement Agency had dozens of sex parties with prostitutes hired by the drug cartels they were supposed to stop (they also received money, gifts and weapons from drug cartel members)
  • The former chief accountant for the SEC says that Bernanke and Paulson broke the law and should be prosecuted
  • The government knew about mortgage fraud a long time ago. For example, the FBI warned of an “epidemic” of mortgage fraud in 2004. However, the FBI, DOJ and other government agencies then stood down and did nothing. See this and this. For example, the Federal Reserve turned its cheek and allowed massive fraud, and the SEC has repeatedly ignored accounting fraud (a whistleblower also “gift-wrapped and delivered” the Madoff scandal to the SEC, but they refused to take action). Indeed, Alan Greenspan took the position that fraud could never happen
  • Paulson and Bernanke falsely stated that the big banks receiving Tarp money were healthy when they were not. The Treasury Secretary also falsely told Congress that the bailouts would be used to dispose of toxic assets … but then used the money for something else entirely
  • The American government’s top official in charge of the bank bailouts wrote, “Americans should lose faith in their government. They should deplore the captured politicians and regulators who distributed tax dollars to the banks without insisting that they be accountable. The American people should be revolted by a financial system that rewards failure and protects those who drove it to the point of collapse and will undoubtedly do so again.”
  • Congress has exempted itself from the healthcare rules it insists everyone else follow
  • Law enforcement also grabs massive amounts of people’s cash, cars and property … even when people aren’t CHARGED with – let alone convicted of – any crime
  • Private prisons are huge profit-making centers for giant companies, and private prison corporations obtain quotas from the government, where the government guarantees a certain number of prisoners at any given time
  • The government covered up the health risks to New Orleans residents associated with polluted water from hurricane Katrina, and FEMA covered up the cancer risk from the toxic trailers which it provided to refugees of the hurricane. The Centers for Disease Control – the lead agency tasked with addressing disease in America – covered up lead poisoning in children in the Washington, D.C. area (the Centers for Disease Control has also been outed as receiving industry funding)
  • In response to new studies showing the substantial dangers of genetically modified foods, the government passed legislation more or less PUSHING IT onto our plates
  • Government scientists originally pushed fluoridation of water as “safe and effective” because fluoride is a major byproduct of making nuclear weapons … and the government ordered them to downplay the risks of fluoride exposure in order to prevent massive lawsuits by those suffering injury from poisoning
  • The Bush White House worked hard to smear CIA officers, bloggers and anyone else who criticized the Iraq war
  • The FBI smeared top scientists who pointed out the numerous holes in its anthrax case. Indeed, the head of the FBI’s investigation agrees that corruption was rampant
  • Warmongers in the U.S. government knowingly and intentionally lied us into a war of aggression in Iraq. The former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – the highest ranking military officer in the United States – said that the Iraq war was “based on a series of lies”. The same is true in Libya, Syria and other wars. Indeed, the U.S. has often launched or proposed launching wars based upon FALSE PREMISES
  • Conservatives like the director of the National Security Agency under Ronald Reagan (Lt. General William Odom)  and liberals like Noam Chomsky all say that the American government is the WORLD’S LARGEST purveyor of terrorism
  • When the American government got caught assassinating innocent civilians, it changed its definition of “enemy combatants” to include all young men – between the ages of say 15 and 35 – who happen to be in battle zones. When it got busted killing kids with drones, it changed the definition again to include kids as “enemy combatants”
  • The government treats journalists who report on government corruption as CRIMINALS OR TERRORISTS. And it goes to great lengths to smear them. For example, when USA Today reporters busted the Pentagon for illegally targeting Americans with propaganda, the Pentagon launched a SMEAR CAMPAIGN against the reporters. But  journalists who act as mere cheerleaders for the government who never criticize are protected and rewarded

The biggest companies own the D.C. politicians. Indeed, the head of the economics department at George Mason University has pointed out that it is unfair to call politicians “prostitutes”. They are in fact pimps … selling out the American people for a price.

Government regulators have become so corrupted and “captured” by those they regulate that Americans know that the cop is on the take. Institutional corruption is killing people’s trust in our government and our institutions.

Neither the Democratic or Republican parties represent the interests of the American people. Elections have become nothing but scripted beauty contests, with both parties ignoring the desires of their own bases.

Indeed, America is no longer a democracy or republic … it’s officially an oligarchy. And the allowance of unlimited campaign spending allows the oligarchs to purchase politicians more directly than ever.

No wonder polls show that the American people say that the system is so thoroughly corrupt that government corruption is now Americans’ number one fear.

And politicians from both sides of the aisle say that corruption has destroyed America. And see this.

Moreover, there are two systems of justice in Americaone for the big banks and other fatcats … and one for everyone else. Indeed, Americans have .

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  • NonYo Business

    Obey or Die. Sums it up.

    • Jas

      In legal terms that is being ‘civil’, doing as your are told slave.

  • Mike

    son that is just the tip of the iceberg.

    • Pat

      You got that right. The crimes committed by the CIA alone would fill up a book.

  • Meltonmark

    This is endemic throughout the Anglo-Saxon speaking world. Democracy is a sham. Always was. It consists of lies, propaganda, and social engineering to manipulate the public into doing what the ruling elite want. Western governments ignore protests from the little guys simply because the little guys are too small to influence anything. Western governments assassinate either by character or physically, any dissenter who is in a position to influence the public. And you know what? It’s entirely our own fault. Too much time watching TV and boozing, and woefully insufficient time thinking, researching, and educating [family in-home educating] our children, especially the boys. As they say, “At the end of the day, you get the government you deserve.”

    • sunshine

      A white system of governance CANNOT AND WILL NOT EVER work for governing non-whites. Nobody seems to want to acknowledge this simple fact, so this is what happens. We’re all expected to pretend like we don’t understand how this is happening and if we only do MORE of something (nobody knows what though) it’ll be fixed. How much longer do we have to keep up with this charade??

      • BigGaySteve

        Domocracies can only work in nations with an AVG IQ of 90 or higher. By importing the 3rd world we become it.

  • John Henry Bicycle Lucas

    The first examples just show us that there are a lot of sick individuals working for the system.

  • Aug Ust

    “It is a good day to die
    Crazy Horse

  • Aug Ust

    Never seen this before

  • ccambridge

    Our taxpayer money and work so the government workers can jerk off

  • Guillotine_ready

    When other nations are bombed and subjected to terror from the Western Nations led by the US there is a problem.

    Obama and his predecessors have set up us as the global thug.

    The population of the US is poisoned, dumbed down and taking prescription meds to try and deal with the stress load they endure daily.

    Of course those who have given themselves, raises, new powers and placed themselves above the law will rob you blind before they kill you. And they will kill you if you have the gall to want freedom. If of course you have any idea what freedom would entail, you may not want it if you love your couch too much.

    The US is not going to improve for at least 50 to 100 years because we are not even close to the end of this downward spiral. The next phase will convince millions of morons to let the gov do even more to enslave and kill you.

    People will give up their guns and believe any lies, and if they see your gun they will call and tell on you. There are millions of snitches out there and may live next to you.

    So to hear that these paid asshats do nothing or the money is not a shock at all. Nothing about our gov is meant in any way to benefit you. You are a wallet and they reach in all day long and take whatever you have. And they are not afraid of you doing anything about it, because if that was a possibility we would have gotten to the point we are at. We are the laughing stock of the world.

    • doucyet

      We still have what the all have given up……….will we follow?

    • whiteberry


  • Aug Ust

  • Robert Raulerson

    something needs to be done about this.

    • It’s called Armageddon. DC will melt in one hour. It’s already been forecast millenia ago

      • AllodialTitle

        Yup, all of Satan’s meat puppets will ignite

  • Mr Reynard

    As you live in a ZOG, you better get used to it, or else ??

  • Razedbywolvs

    Build a new system that renders the old obsolete. Well will start with making the media obsolete (almost done) and then we will de-centralize the means of production and set up a Peer to Peer economy.

    • nimbii

      Probably requires going to a precious metals backed dollar.

      Not sure how to do that and many say it won’t work these days.

      But one thing’s for sure: as we can see from this article abolishing the Fed and putting congress directly in charge of our dollar will give us the same result.

      • Razedbywolvs

        Or Cryptocurrency.
        I don’t know if going back to gold will work. My losses would be less getting a wooden nickel from you rather than the government. I think it would be a reality if people could easy assess the purity and value of the metal.
        If you hand me a troy ounce for X product the only way i would know how to verify the worth is the the Archimedes test. Joe Blow likes the paper money because he Thinks the Gov is verify the worth.

        • SP_88

          What if we started a private company that stored precious metals and handed out private currency or private debit cards and then the quality of the metal could be determined more precisely.
          It would take time to get going and catch on, but it’s possible in the long run as long as they don’t make the same greedy mistakes as banks and the Fed did. It would be the target of numerous attacks by the banks and the government, but I don’t believe that it’s illegal to issue private currency, like tokens at the arcade, but with more value. And once businesses begin to accept it for payment, it would catch on quicker. Of course they would have the same concerns about counterfeiting as with regular money, but there are ways to protect against it. There could be something like an account number generated after each transaction similar to Bitcoin.
          Just my 2 cents.

          • Razedbywolvs

            I don’t think that will take much time to catch on at all. We will call it OSGold
            Makes me wonder if you could take down a bank with accumulative withdraws.
            I was thinking more along the lines of this If your phone could do that you would be able to pick up a rock off the ground,masher the minerals inside,connect to the net and get instant market value,trade rock for hamburger. I imagine a coin with Ron Paul’s face on it would be more poplar than trading rocks, but you get the point.

          • nimbii

            Actually, it would be very difficult to counterfeit gold or silver coins due to the weight size ratio and the stamping process. Easy to use a scale and a diameter “go/no go” gauge to verify at any store counter.

            What about casino chips? Could they be used a currency at least as a pilot program in Las Vegas?

          • SP_88

            Not quite what I was thinking. I was leaning more towards a direct competition with the Fed using a gold backed currency with actual value. Of course if it isn’t some sort of criminal enterprise the government will try to destroy it. They hate an honest business more than they hate criminal competition.

  • Shark_FL

    ya say ya want a rev oh loo shu un

  • nimbii

    Today’s dollar is worth about 4 cents of a 1913 dollar which is the same year the Federal Reserve act was passed.

    This inflation is the result of the Fed printing money the government does not have and politicians know better than to ask taxpayers for.

    This printed fiat money pays for the things listed in this article and let’s not forget financing our wars.

    And even that is not enough…we are in addition, 19 trillion dollars in debt!

    • Reverend Draco

      I crunched some numbers a few years ago – to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Fed.

      In 2013 the price of a basic, low-end Ford would have bought you 35 Model Ts in 1913.
      In the first lustrum of the 19th century, a quality loaf of bread costed approximately a nickel.
      During the same time period in the 20th century, a quality loaf of bread costed approximately a nickel.
      In 2013, a quality loaf of bread was $4 – an 8,000% increase

      As of 2013, the US dollar held a value of between $0.018 and $0.023 – not quite 2 cents to almost 2-and-a-half cents. . . depending on what you’re purchasing and where in the country you are.

      • nimbii

        Thanks, sobering info…worse than we thought.

      • sunshine

        And it’s only getting worse! The cost of things keeps going up, from week to week!

    • BigGaySteve

      You are forgetting about 200+ trillion that’s not on the official national debt

      • nimbii

        Enlighten us?

  • sunshine

    Those government employees are ALL a protected class and therefore untouchable. Every one of them will sue the government, costing taxpayers MILLIONS, if they are fired for any reason. So this is what we get. The stories I could tell you about what the blacks and other diversities get up to on the Fedgov’s dime would be unbelievable….although if you’ve had any sustained contact with them, you probably wouldn’t be too shocked.

  • BigGaySteve

    I would rather have those affirmative action govt workers watching porn at work than have them screwing things up

  • AllodialTitle

    the South already seceded, that’s when the unlawful USA INC corporation was formed in 1871

  • AllodialTitle

    court stuff,,,, cut and paste from awhile ago:

    Verbally Presenting and Enforcing Your position as Executor while in Court

    Once you send the Executor Letter: The issue is not how the Executor enforces his position –The issue is that THEY now cannot enforce their position.

    If possible, you should mail your Executor Letter before your court appearance. If you are unable to do so, then present the letter to the prosecutor in court (you should have a copy for the judge in case he requests one) and mail it to the other parties ASAP after court.

    Never tell your attorney that you are presenting the Executor Letter. Drop the bomb in court and they will back off.

    When in court make your statements such as those below and ask questions. Try not to engage in any other conversation or arguments. When in court (whether or not you have already presented the Executor Letter), as soon as the case is called, announce the following to the court by addressing the opposing counsel:

    “I am here in my proper capacity as the Occupant of the Executor Office of the ALL CAPS NAME, Estate”

    Turn to the opposing counsel, and say:

    “I demand your written authority to administrate the ALL CAPS NAME, Estate.”

    If the attorney gives you any lip, or says he doesn’t have the written authority, tell him:

    “I understand that the quickest way for you to get disbarred is to screw with the ALL CAPS NAME,JOHN PAUL JONES Estate. Do you plan on screwing with the ALL CAPS NAME,?”

    If the attorney is smart, he will pack his briefcase and immediately exit – stage right!

    If the attorney tries to give you any guff, tell him or her:

    “Sir, as the person occupying the Executor Office of the ALL CAPS NAME, Estate, I must warn you that if you refuse to stand down, I will, in furtherance of my fiduciary duties, forthwith file a complaint with the bar association for tampering with the ALL CAPS NAME, Estate.”

    You may also write out a bill for your time and hand it to the attorney.

    And, for good measure, you may want to appoint the attorney as a Trustee of the Estate. (Lots of liability)

    If the judge ignores your position as Executor, ask:

    “Excuse me, you honor, I am a bit confused about something here. Is this a probate court?”

    You can then state:

    “The Executor Office of the ALL CAPS NAME, Estate being the highest office represented here today, I demand that this case be immediately dismissed with prejudice, and that all damages owing to the ALL CAPS NAME, Estate be paid forthwith.”

    If the judge still refuses to give in, appoint him as a Trustee of the Estate: (Lots of liability)

    “As the Occupant of the Executor Office of the ALL CAPS NAME, Estate, I am appointing you as a Trustee of the Estate and directing you to dismiss this case and award damages to the ALL CAPS NAME, Estate as appropriate.”

    If the damages have already been stated in the paperwork, then you can refer to them and demand that an order to that effect be issued by the court. If the damages have not been stated, and you know the amount, you can state them in court at this time, and demand an order. If you do not know the amount of the damages, then you can advise the court that you will prepare a statement of the charges and file them with the court within X days (you decide how long you need to prepare the charges).

    If the judge, or anyone else objects to your statement that the Executor is the highest office present in the court, or continues to move forward acting as if they have the authority to administrate the Estate (after being advised that you are the Executor) ask for the written authority to administrate theALL CAPS NAME, Estate of all such persons.

    Another approach when going into court: From outside the bar, address the prosecutor (adversary) (not the judge): I am appearing here occupying the Executor Office of the Estate. Where is your written delegation of authority from this Executor Office to administrate the estate or the bond for your fraud? Present your authority now.

    Remember: The attorneys have only 2 cards to play, both Jokers. The “intimidation” card and the “deceit” card. They use these card to attempt to get you to cave in – a bluff.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Oh, fuck it all.