Houston Repeals ”LGBT Discrimination Law” That Allowed Transgendered People to Use Any Public Bathroom They Want

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Yes, there were other provisions of Houston’s HERO nondiscrimination city law, but the one that got the entire kit and caboodle repealed by a pretty high margin of voters involved one very, very simple premise: the idea that people who were born with girl parts use a female restroom, and people who were born with male parts use a male restroom.

Results showed 61% of voters said no to HERO, while only 39% voted to keep it.

By the way, proponents of this law outspent opponents THREE to ONE in advertising, and still it did not pass.

As Buzzfeed reported earlier this week, most voters in Houston didn’t even realize there were other provisions to the law or that it had much to do with discrimination per se.

Getting down to brass tacks, all people talked about was whether or not transgendered individuals, and in particular men who live and dress like women, would be allowed to use the women’s restrooms in public places in town.

“I haven’t heard it bans discrimination,” Cory Alters told BuzzFeed News as he waited for the bus on a blustery Friday afternoon. With four days remaining before the vote, Alters said he had only heard that the measure required letting men and transgender women into women’s bathrooms.

Bathrooms are the hot-ticket item — that’s what everybody is talking about,” he said. “I don’t want girls in my bathroom, and girls don’t want guys in their bathroom.”

One block down Travis Street, 44-year old Donna L., who refused to give her full last name, said the same: “I heard people saying pedophiles would be going into restrooms. That is the main thing everybody is talking about. I hadn’t heard anything else.”

Buzzfeed even interviewed a cop who was voting against. Why? Because adults follow children into bathrooms and assault them as it is, without HERO making access easier for some people to do so:

“I know it covers a lot of areas — veterans of course,” Sharome Robinson, a Houston Police Department officer told me while she waited for her bus near the agency’s downtown headquarters. “I’m for some of it, and against some of it. If I understand, part is about picking the restroom you want. I am a police officer, so males entering the restrooms, that does not sit well with me. It’s not legal now, but it still happens. People follow kids into bathrooms and assault them today. But if this passes, who would have the authority to stop them? If there is no longer any rule against it, who can question that person?”

“I am going to vote against it because of that reason,” she said. “All of the other good things go by the wayside.”

And that, right there, is a huge fear most people have with this law. That, and being made to feel uncomfortable in a bathroom because you have to share it with strangers of the opposite sex (regardless of how they dress and present themselves in public).

While Buzzfeed seemed to imply that people were ignorant for not realizing how awful discrimination is and how horrible the setback of repealing this law would be for the LGBT cause, the point appeared to be missed entirely.

Now, a rant.

The reality is, this law could have all kinds of glowing, wonderful things in it. This isn’t about how 61% of Houston voters are just merrily skipping around all day smiling about how great and wonderful discrimination is.

The problem here is how the definition of discrimination keeps getting blurred and screwed with. Not hiring someone on their merits and ability to do the job based on something totally unrelated like gender or age or disability or sexual preference or whether or not they like the color yellow? That’s obviously discrimination.

But when and how did the idea of discrimination get automatically linked to not allowing whoever says they are whatever to use whatever bathroom in public they want to?

The vote in Houston just proves that for most people, the line on this issue clearly gets drawn at the bathroom door.

A bathroom is not discriminatory. A bathroom cannot judge you. A bathroom is not about someone’s brain or how they perceive themselves in society. It is about someone’s excretory system and how it works.

Quite simply, it goes back to the beginning of this article: people born with girl parts should use a female restroom, and people born with male parts should use a male restroom.

The truth is, fewer people are as concerned about how “stigmatized” some middle-aged guy in a wig with gender issues feels when he’s not allowed into the girl’s bathroom, because most people are far more concerned about how traumatized, say, a six-year-old little girl might be if she runs into a grown man in a wig in the bathroom.

(Sorry, guess that wasn’t very politically correct, was it?)

And that’s before you even get to the part the cop mentioned about the potential for pedophiles to dress as women in order to gain easier access to victims in public restrooms. Pedophiles have preyed on victims in bathrooms. That is a thing that has happened in this society. What makes anyone think a pedophile wouldn’t use this law to their advantage? No one can say with certainty it wouldn’t go down just like the cop said it might.

Proponents thought focusing on the bathroom part of the law was ridiculous according to Buzzfeed. The Executive Director of the Texas ACLU was quoted as saying they weren’t going to “waste our precious dollars on talking about friggin’ bathrooms”…

Maybe they should take people’s bathrooms a little more seriously next time.

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  • BigGaySteve

    Stupid dikes like her make all the rest of GLBT look bad. She even suppenoed churches sermons before

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  • jim_robert

    The biggest oppressors today, by far, are the radical gay Nazis

    As evem ultraliberal Bill Maher said on Real Time, “I think there is a gay mafia. I think if you cross them, you do get whacked.”

  • whiteberry

    Put them all on an island and give them one bathroom!

  • Bubba T

    There is no “transgender.” There is only mental illness or ruse. The rats that push this bs want anarchy. What they don’t realize is they can’t hide once that anarchy has started. They have been labeled and will be dealt with accordingly.

  • Douglas Daniels

    The LGBT crowd are nothing but arrogant, flippant, self-absorbed, whinny, sniveling, intolerant chumps, that want to FORCE their ideas on the other 99% of us out here that are perfectly happy being men and women. Don’t congratulate each other too much, for the Federal Government is bout to step in through the bogus Supreme Court and make it the law of the land to be gay. Amazing how much the Supremes make law, a job not delegated to them by the Constitution. a

  • Albert Griggs

    When “alternative lifestyles” overtake the host culture, the host will die and take the “alternative” culture with it. Attempting to “equalize” these subcultures simply because MOMMY DEMANDS her little ….. CREATION …. be “accepted” does not change the fact they are non-viable SUB-cultures

    Where is the TOLERANCE for the belief systems that built the Civilization upon which you feed?.Show me the homosexual civilization. When the “alternate” lifestyle becomes mainstream,civilization DIES. The parasite cannot live without it’s healthy host body.

    homosexual TOLERANCE on parade:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1JQUG7doCE Prominent feminist and journalist Julie Bindel has openly called for putting all men in concentration camps and eradicating heterosexuality.
    They try and excuse their bigotry and frothing at the mouth hatred and hostility by chanting the bumper sticker slogan “We don’t have to tolerate intolerance”. So in one bumper sticker slogan they have claimed they can be as bigoted, hateful and intolerant as they like as long as they can label you the “bigot” which as leftists is easy to do since according to their ideology anyone who isn’t a leftist like them is automatically a “bigot”.

  • RobertFl

    The law should be simple, your physical identity determines where you whizz. I’d like to think any court would use that as the litmus test.

  • Phar Ma Doc

    Federal Department of Education just decided that a “transgendered” male student, who dresses and looks female, should be allowed to use the girl’s locker room to dress and shower, even though the school provided “her” with a private, separate changing and shower room just for “her” use, which was rejected because it made “her” feel “different and unaccepted.” If the school district refuses to comply they will lose funding.

    As a urologist I have been trained in gender-reassignment surgery (usually in babies with genetic abnormalities) so this issue is a simple matter to define – as stated in the article if you have boy genitals you are a boy and girl genitals you are a girl. In the past, anyone transgendered (“Sex-changed” in the old non-PC lingo) got mutilating surgery which was an irreversible and obvious statement as to which sex you appeared to be. Now, any confused kid can call themselves “transgendered”, have all their original plumbing and want to be considered as the opposite sex in all ways.

    Even the poster children of the movement, “Caitlyn” Jenner and “Chas” Bono have all their original plumbing. IF they are so serious, why would not a penis on a “woman” be so distressing that they would not immediately want it removed as the first step? Likewise for females – with implant procedures a functioning penis is not as difficult as in the past.

    As in Houston the public needs to rise up and state “Enough!!!” If I had a daughter in school in Chicago I would organize a mass boycott of all activities that require a locker room and showers, or even pull them all out of school. Hit them in the pocketbook is the only thing that will work.

  • Jolly Roger

    Listen to ME, you queer bastards; I was always tolerant of gays, but NOT ANYMORE, because this isn’t about “tolerance” of your sexual choices; now you’re ramming your twisted sexuality down my throat, and telling me that I have to live with it. Guess again.

    The next fag that talks to me is getting the living shit beaten out of him, and I’m going to claim in court that he grabbed my balls.

    And THAT is the only way to deal with this problem because they refuse to listen to anything else.

    • huntress

      Agreed! Enough is enough of this bs. Go to phucking shrink if you can’t figure out your d@mn gender and leave the rest of us alone. Psycho dimwits

    • sunshine

      Also agreed. I never hated them but I surely do now.

  • huntress

    Agree. Who the h*ll are the 39% whack jobs that didn’t vote for repeal?

  • D.Moore

    NO, that’s a big NO, they are simply promoting more sexual abuse. If feel different then go piss in the wind pervert’s. “We” as a collective need to say no to protect our youth

  • Jackal

    Let some Guy walk in on my wife he will get a beat down.
    start beating all GLBT down kick there ass they will go hide back in the closet