House Passes Amendment to Limit Display of Confederate Flags at Cemeteries to Two Days a Year

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In the first time they made their official opinion known on the matter, the House of Representatives just passed an amendment started by California Democratic Congressman Rep. Jared Huffman that would restrict the displaying of confederate flags at cemeteries nationwide to just two days a year.

Via The Hill:

Shortly after midnight on Thursday, Huffman offered his amendment to prohibit the large-scale display of the Confederate flag in cemeteries run by the VA, such as flying the banner over mass graves. It would, however, still allow families to place small Confederate flags on individual graves on Memorial Day and Confederate Memorial Day.

“Over 150 years ago, slavery was abolished. Why in the year 2016 are we still condoning displays of this hateful symbol on our sacred national cemeteries?” Huffman asked while unveiling his amendment.

No one spoke in opposition to Huffman’s amendment during floor debate.

Every Democrat but one voted for the amendment, as did 84 Republicans. It passed, and will now make it’s way to the Senate.

The following thirdhand Tweet about an email sent to The Hill by Rep. Westmoreland’s legislative director Pete Sanborn is the closest thing to any public opposition anywhere that came out of House Republicans on this, just by the way.

Rep. Westmoreland’s office later apologized for the “unprofessional language” about the likening of rewriting history to being like ISIL.

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  • Mike

    Huffman you need to go read a history book. There is nothing hateful about the confederate flag and never has been. You see, the traitor lincoln used slavery as an excuse to go to war with the south because he was all about tyranny over the states, and states wanted to control themselves.

    • Paulafjohnson2

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    • ganjatutu
  • doucyet

    Soon Thomas Jefferson and the signers of the Constitution……..along with the Constitution itself will be erased from US history……………….

    • There is no need to erase that which the millennials were not taught about and don’t care about.

  • Herman Nelson

    Whoops! There goes another freedom! Thanks congress!

    • All the more reason for the continual flying of it by those who support the spirit of the movement that created it.

      • Herman Nelson

        And yet another reason to buy guns and ammo. The first only works if you have the second to back it up with.

        • Since they are mutually dependent upon the ability to effectively utilize them, and that is like riding a bicycle for me, there is little point in my being concerned with buying what has the highest ownership in the country in the county in which I reside.

          • Herman Nelson

            So you are simply relying on the mainstream media to maintain your false paradigm?

            (I figured I return the reply back from another comment you replied to)

          • It is hard to rely on television news when I haven’t owned a television since 1987. Radio news has been a joke since television reduced it to an entertainment medium.

  • How about the hateful and continual violation of the Constitution by those who took oaths to protect and defend it against themselves, as domestic enemies thereof?

  • tinhat auag

    “Just after midnight” . Just like in 1913 with the creation of the fed. Sneaky Ba$$tards

  • Helluva3ngineer

    Yep. So go fuck yourselves. Save your Confederate money. The South shall rise again.

    • Gil G

      . . . and finally topple the North? Yeah right.

  • StevetheHun

    They can’t do that! Federal land and the constitution says they can’t make such a law restricting the right to free speech! And certainly not on government land!

    Bwaaaph!! I kill myself! Gotta admit, that was funny, saying that the constitution puts a limit on government tyranny.

    Seriously, the Civil war wasn’t fought over slavery, it was fought over… Tariffs. The Yankees wanted their industry protected from cheap European made products and the South wanted free trade so they could sell cotton. The Europeans retaliated against the tariffs against their manufacturing goods by putting a tariff against our cotton.

    Which is funny as hell, since the Dixie flag really was about free trade like what these government goobers are for today. The Civil war was about who’s going to be rich – the Northern industrialist robber barons who used sweatshop labor, and the Southern Cotton plantation owners who used slave labor. Little people did all the fighting and dying, tho. As usual.

  • Original Anna

    My understanding is the Confederate Flag is part of our history and should be flown below the U.S.Flag as proof of just who won and that both sides came together to fight two WWs under the U.S. Flag. And before the House kills part of our history they had better get rid of the LGBT flag which represents perverted sex and is flown in replacement of the U.S. Flag by a bunch of perverts in parades and other situations the LGBT are involved with and its colors put up at the Whitehouse by a pervert. I mean Obama and the House have to be a bunch of perverts to allow and not say anything about that little happening at the Whitehouse and then have the gall to complain about the Confederate Flag, a representation of half of our citizens over what they politically believed in at that time of our history and that flag has never been about perverted sex or how two men do the sexual act. And of course it is a CA democrat wanting this, being from the homosexual capital of this country with its Hollywood TV media pushing the homosexual agenda and trying to change our history to make our history all about them and starting by killing one flag. Which flag is next, the U.S. Flag and than the Constitution with the U.S. Flag replaced by the LGBT flag and the mission statement of LGBT replacing our constitution.

  • Infidel51

    Progressives are incapable of leaving people the hell alone. Divide divide divide…..conflict conflict conflict…’s all they know.