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Seton Motley
January 16th, 2013


In their latest rush to further emasculate the Second Amendment, many on the Left areĀ takingĀ aimĀ at the Internet.

Of course,Ā illegalĀ online sales of weapons and ammunition should be stopped–though the practiceĀ isnā€™t nearly as prevalentĀ as the left would have you believe.

But progressives are also looking to banĀ legalĀ online sales through a bevy of new gun control resolutions, includingĀ H.R. 142, whichĀ “would ban Internet or mail order ammunition purchases.”

Meanwhile, the state of New York just passed a ban on InternetĀ ā€œassault weaponā€Ā sales.

Progressives act as though the move to end all online weapons transactions is just that simple–wave a gavel, pass a law, and itā€™s done.Ā Just like with guns themselves–declare a gun-free school zone, and all schools will be gun-free.

But they are not always such regulatory optimists.

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  • The Arizona Patriot

    This crap sure does not suprise. The imposter gov’t will keep taking our God given rights one or twenty-three at a time until we say no more. Remember what once made America great and get back to basics, the constitution is our way of life, period. Please stand up before there is nothing left.

    • SKIP

      First we will have to get back to the basic concept of an armed and violent revolution before the current regime will listed and then the last thing they listen to will hopefully be the floor dropping from under them as we hang the damn traitors.

      • Cnsay

        Skip, I agree. Until these traitors see their own blood leaking out from underneath themselves will this all stop.

        • johnd23

          I hope many of you stand up behind your words. If you have a governor or senate corrupted. My suggestion is find out their locations where their going to be at next. And its not a bad Idea to use their relatives against them. There’s already a few of us started on this. Talking about it online isn’t going to resolve the problem. Understand?

          • dave


          • SKIP

            Right, get all the ducks lined up and then get all of them at once, going at it piecemeal will only get a lot of patriots killed by TPTB for no mission success.

  • johnd23

    Me and my friends already are saving money with my job I can save $700 easy. Next month we are going out of state to pick up large amounts on ammo. A website seems to always have them in stock. I expect the rest of you are going to have no choice to drive a weekends worth out of your state to stock up on ammo. From locations you purchase from.

  • BubbaT

    The rat bastards have already banned all internet sales. They’ve banned all ammunition same, damn difference. It’s high time to ban this admin.

  • tayronachan

    I’m going to buy a copy of the US Constitution….and more ammo….if I can find any to buy!

    • SKIP

      of the two, I believe the ammo will prove to be the most useful and valuable in the near future.

  • Timothy McVeigh

    Continue buying ammo and learn to make zip guns for the resistance. Many will need a gun later who didn’t prepare.
    All american homes are potential arms factories.

    Supply new team members with zips and tell them to harvest better weapons from the thugs.

    A .410 shotgun zip to the face will take down the bastard ,then strip him of weapons and gear.

    Instruct your team to pass on the zips and keep building up your weapons cache.

  • Timothy McVeigh

    Learn to make landmines from 12 gauge shotgun shells.
    They can be fired horizontally or verically.
    Trip wires will do it.

  • dave

    buy it while you can… i have never see an outright assault on american liberties like this, they are not going to stop. they do not know what is good for the american people. hell obama has already helped plenty of americans die, and doesnt give a rats ass about it. he protects those who have done it in his cabinet. all i can say red dawn look out… prepare yourselves. better to be safe than sorry.

    • SKIP

      Obama is also helping a huge number of blacks and muslims come to America to help change the U.S. into an islamic republic.

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