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Hooray! The ObamaCare Website is Fixed…Just Kidding…It Still Sucks

Kimberly Paxton
November 30th, 2013


The Obamacare website ( was taken down for maintenance in order to meet the government’s promised deadline of having it running properly. It’s back up and running now. Sort of.

And apparently, it still sucks.

Despite the victorious announcement by the Washington Post that the site is fixed and the deadline of November 30th has been met, we are officially calling “BS” on that announcement.

Among the failures, as enumerated on

  • It can only handle 50,000 users at a time
  • It loads incredibly slowly
  • Small businesses still cannot sign up online (and won’t be able to until the middle of 2014)
  • Technical problems still make it impossible to verify customers’ identities
  • Technical problems are also limiting the transmission of accurate enrollment data to insurance providers
  • The part that pays the “subsidies” to the providers isn’t even built yet

Well played, ObamaCare. Well played.

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  • Eric Swan

    The administration has the means to hire the best programers money can buy. The failure of this site therefor has to be by design. Why?

  • Alex

    Obama said my insurance would go down $2,500.00…

  • Mel

    Best. Title. Ever.

    • rockelle

      Took the words right out of my mouth!

  • Sonokar

    It can handle only 50,000 users at a time because they hired 150,000 temporary workers (3 8 hour shifts per day) to act as computer applications. When you log on, you are actually interacting with a live person pretending to be a computer program to save ObamaFace.

    ‘Tis true. I’m one of them!

  • Lutz

    I order you to keep your mind on the website’s functuality, and not the corrupt state of Obamacare.

  • O!Bummer!

    I am a loving and caring husband and father and I have a dog as seen recently during my interview with Babwa Walda – the will help to make the Sheeple love me again. If I can not make the people love me with my socialist agenda then I will try to force them to love me with a staged interview that will appeal to their emotions. Come one sheeple follow me! Luv ya – The Prez

  • MTravion

    It sucks. It said it would only take me 15 minutes to do each part. It is taking over three hours about 10 minutes for each page to load with a very good custom built computer. When I finished the initial enrollment, the page froze for like 15 minutes then loaded and the site changed my income to some ridiculously high number. So now I have to try and get customer service on the phone in order to have them manually change my income number which I have the feeling they are going to tell me needs to have a paper appeal sent in. The site is just really bad and whoever was in charge of it should be terminated and whoever designed it needs to give back whatever money they were paid because they didn’t do a good job.

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