Homicide Statistics And Gun Control: Obama And The New World Order

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The department of justice has said that firearm homicides are down by 38% and that non-fatal firearm incidents are down 69% which is great news. It does make you wonder however, why there are such loud screams from the government for tighter gun control laws.

When firearms related incidents drop from 1,500,000 to 467,300 you would think that the government would throw a party in sheer delight…or at least mention the fact so they can pat themselves on the back.

Looking at Department of Justice records going back 61 years, you can see the trends of firearms incidents, both fatal and non-fatal rise and fall.  The latest figures included in this report are for 2011 as the 2012 figures are not yet confirmed and I wanted to be definite on the numbers.

In 1950 the United states had a population of 150,697,361 according to official figures. 7,942 homicides were recorded that year. Records detailing the method of murder, the race of the offender and victim, etc., started in the late 1960’s so it’s impossible to say how many of those deaths were from firearms. The homicide rate, the number of persons per 100,000 of the population murdered was 4.6.

In 2011 the United States had a population of 308,745,538, more than double the 1950 population. According to official figures, 12,664 homicides were recorded that year. Firearms were the cause of death in 8,583 of those cases. The homicide rate in 2011 was 4.7, and the provisional figures for 2012 looks like that may be pushed even lower.

As I said previously, the homicide rate has moved up and down through the 61 years of records. 1980, 1991 and 1993 are the three worst years of those six decades. 1991 had the highest murder rate since records began. A total of 24,703 homicides were committed in 1991, and 18,253 of those were committed with a firearm.

From 1993 the figures for homicide with a firearm in the United States has been dropping steadily. 2011 saw firearms homicides at just under half the level of 1993. A 50% decrease in 20 years. Yet still the call goes out for tighter controls.

People have assumed that Sandy Hook, be it a real event or a contrived one, was the catalyst for the introduction of stricter controls but I disagree. Gun control was always going to happen under Obama. All Sandy Hook did was give him a convenient excuse to implement the plans he’d already made.

Obama knows that the people are restless. He knows that the population of the United States is being pushed and squeezed and eventually something is going to go pop.

The last thing he wants is millions of armed people running around refusing to do as they are told. It is far more difficult to get a person with a gun to capitulate than it is an unarmed individual.

You also have to consider values. He is a husband, he is a father, and he blatantly values himself and his family above all the other husbands, fathers and families out there. He feels Michelle is more important than all the other wives and mothers, that the Obama kids are more important than all the other kids in the United States. This is what husbands and fathers feel, it’s normal.

What’s not normal is the arrogance with which he shows it. It’s that arrogance that irritates me. That he is willing to let dozens of armed security personnel carry guns and to shoot to kill anyone who may pose a threat to his family, but at the same time he is willing to deny other parents the chance of protecting themselves and their children. Surely if he really believes that firearms are bad and that they generally make society a less safe place, he should not have his family surrounded by them day and night.

“Ah but he’s the President…he needs protecting from the crazy people” some will say. Well let me tell you it’s not just the crazies that would be a danger to him.

Obama and his administration have ridden roughshod over the rights and freedoms that the United States were built on. He has sullied the Constitution as surely as if he spat upon it.

His aspirations are not to make America a better place for her citizens to live in. His aspirations are like the majority of politicians, to make life better for himself. Step by step Obama is moving towards the New World Order. He sees himself as ‘the one’. The President who delivered the greatest country on Earth to United Nations in order that the NWO and the crime families who support it will give him a slice of the pie when it’s time to divide up the assets.

The more lands he conquers, the bigger the slice of the pie he will get. The more malleable the people are, the bigger the slice of the pie he will get. The more information he has about where they go, who they speak with and what their fears are, the bigger the slice of the pie he will get.

No true American, no president with his nations best interests at heart would behave as Obama has.  His feelings for the United States are clear:

  • Not routinely pledging allegiance when the national anthem is played
  • Repeatedly not returning the salute of servicemen and women who would lay down their life protecting him, and fighting for their country
  • Continually condemning a generation of military personnel to fight for causes nothing to do with the United States
  • Allowing a government body to spy on private citizens
  • Attempting to disarm United States citizens
  • Executing executive orders that go against the will of the people
  • Spending obscene amounts of money on vacations when everyone else is belt-tightening
  • Buying votes by giving illegals citizenship
  • Running the national debt up to impossibly high levels
  • Failing to tackle unemployment
  • Dumbing down of the education system
  • Lying every time he opens his mouth

The list goes on and on and none of it is good.

I will finish with the words of George Washington (1732-1799):












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