Homeland Security Head: The Terrorist Threat Has “Shifted” to “Lone Wolf” Attackers

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No longer do we need to worry about Al Queda, who has most recently been recruited to do our bidding in the Libyan no-fly-zone peace keeping mission as an apparent ally of Western efforts to depose mid-east dictators. With Osama Bin Laden dead and U.S. troops pulling out of Iraq by the end of the year, the Department of Homeland Security has shifted its focus to domestic terror threats.

U.S. Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano said Friday that the risk of “lone wolf” attackers, with no ties to known extremist networks or grand conspiracies, is on the rise as the global terrorist threat has shifted.

Such risks, Napolitano said in an interview in Paris, heighten the need to keep dangerous travelers from reaching the United States, and she urged European partners to finalize a deal on sharing passenger data that has met resistance over privacy concerns.

Napolitano acknowledged shifts in the terror threat this year, but said the changes had little to do with the uprisings that have overturned the old order in countries around the Arab world and opened up new opportunities for extremist groups.

Asked about the greatest current threats to the United States, she said one from al-Qaida has morphed. “From a U.S. perspective, over the last several years we have had more attacks emanating from AQAP (al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula) than from core al-Qaida,” she told The Associated Press.

“There’s been a lot of evolution over the past three years,” she said. “The thing that’s most noticeable to me is the growth of the lone wolf,” the single attacker who lives in the United States or elsewhere who is not part of a larger global conspiracy or network, she said.

She named no examples, but it’s a phenomenon that is increasingly the focus of international anti-terror operations.

Source: Associated Press via Lubbock Online

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  • Bruno

    Sounds like Mz Napolitano is laying the groundwork to start accusing returning veterans ans churchgoers of being domestic terrorists again. These quiet, unassuming folks can very easily portrayed as “lone wolves”, by this over-reaching, left-leaning idiot.

  • Mike_Travis

    I am so relieved. NOT! What a lying traitor she is.

    The truth is far worse than we even suspected. I just found a document from the U.S. State Dept. that openly discusses plans to steal all guns, ban their manufacture, destroy our Constitution, surrender our sovereignty to the thugs in the UN, then bring on the NWO. The document was released in 1961 by JFK which means that every
    administration (except Reagan) and every congress has been plotting TREASON against the US for over 50 years. Here is undeniable proof:


    People have a choice which is to wake up and execute the traitors for treason, after a lawful trial, or become slaves. There are no other options, unless you call dying an option.

  • thetruthmaster1

    Coincidently DHS has classified that there are as many as 300 Million Lone Wolfs in America, The other 30 Million are either handicapped or under the age of 3. Therefore 2 Billion Bullets are justified to take care of this problem. On a positive note, Studies have shown that the re-introduction of the Wolves in Yellowstone National Park has dramatically increased the sustainability of the park, by keeping the Deer herd mentality in check from overgrazing from the socialist feedbag grasses near the riverbeds. The wolves have drove the herd mentality to higher ground, seeking refuge near the mountainous FEMA Camps. . GOT WOLF??