Hollywood Celebrities Urge Electoral College Not To Vote For Trump in New Propaganda Video

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Editor’s Note: This is unprecedented. According to the description of this celebrity video to the Electoral College, “Only 37 Electors are needed to change the course of history” and they’re pushing for more. Guess that’s what they think they’re trying to do? Change history? Are they saying the country would somehow be less fascist with Hillary in charge??? No wait, they claim they aren’t asking for the EC to vote Hillary… They just want Congress to put someone else (a dark horse?) into the White House. People are obviously tired of this played out formula; the video’s comments have been disabled, and it has over 17,400 thumbs down to only 1,900 thumbs up at the time of posting this.


The push to pressure and overturn the Electoral College vote on December 19 escalated last night, when a group of celebrities created a video to urge Electoral College members to cast their votes for someone other than President-elect Donald Trump on Monday.  “You have the position, the authority, and the opportunity to go down in the books as an American hero who changed the course of history,” several celebrities say in turn.

The group, which calls itself Unite for America and was formed to try to prevent Trump from becoming president, created the video published Wednesday, which features actors Martin Sheen, Debra Messing and Bob Odenkrik, among others.

Their mission statement is presented below:


Curiously the video doesn’t give a name of a preferred alternate candidate, and insists that they aren’t calling on electors to go for Hillary Clinton, which could lead to confusion, as the only other candidate whose name has been brought up as a replacement, John Kasich, has already said he is not interested.

Still, that does not stop the “celebrities” from arguing that Trump is unfit and not competent for the presidency.

Unite for America is just one of several groups formed with the long-shot goal of killing an imminent Trump presidency.

As we have covered extensively in the past three weeks, the 538 electors will convene around the country on Monday to vote for the next president. On Election Day, Trump surpassed the necessary 270 votes to win with a total of 306. They have been under extensive pressure from both politicians and academics, and now, Hollywood actors to change their vote away from Trump.

However, for Trump to not get elected, thirty-seven GOP electors would have to switch their votes to someone other than Trump to delay making his election official, which as most admit is a highly unlikely feat.

Also, despite media coverage, chatter and protests from a handful of electors, only one GOP elector – the formerly disgraced Chris Suprun – has publicly vowed not to vote for Trump. Virtually every other Republican elector has said they will vote enthusiastically for the president-elect, which suggests that this final distraction before Trump is officially voted in, will soon go the way of the Jill Stein recount snafu.

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