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Hillary email

Talk about a minefield….

Federal prosecutors reportedly are expected to try to interview Hillary Clinton and already have started reaching out for interviews with top aides as part of the FBI probe into her personal email use, a sign the investigation is moving into a new and potentially final phase.

The Los Angeles Times reported on the efforts to seek interviews with Clinton and others, while noting this process and the final review could take several more weeks.

If I was Hillary this would be a monstrously-complicated decision – but only because she’s trying to get a “clear” statement from someone that she’s not going to prison. Unfortunately I just don’t see how she evades what, from my understanding, look to be clear requirements of the law that it certainly appears she violated not only repeatedly but intentionally as well.

We now know (because it’s in the public) that Hillary knew her personal handset was insecure and yet she fought to bring it into secure, classified facilities.

In addition others “accommodated” her desire to use her personal account while ignoring repeated security warnings.

The problem with this set of revelations is that you can’t evade responsibility for a breach of classified data handling protocol by claiming someone else knew about it. The obligation is both joint and severable for everyone involved.

The fact that there were apparently repeated spats over her use of her personal email account and insecure devices removes any possibility that she believed she was conforming with any sort of accepted procedure; she knew damn well she was not but “decided” that since she was “Herress Clinton” she could do as she pleased, protocol and law be damned.

The law says otherwise; an individual recipient, no matter who it is, cannot turn around and deem a classified piece of information “not subject to protection” on their own.

I don’t know how Clinton manages to evade what looks to me like a slam-dunk conviction in this case, simply on the basis of what is known to the public at this point, and quite-clearly, there is much more we don’t know.

We’ll see if she “cooperates” with said “requests”…. or if she takes the 5th, which is what I’d expect.

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  • Broos

    ‘Hillary knew her personal handset was insecure and yet she FOUGHT (to) BRINGING it into secure, classified facilities.’ Remember when even Nixon had The DECENCY (at Long LAST) TO RESIGN?!

  • YeahRightOkay

    …move along folks…nothing will happen here…especially since Gen Petraus set the precedence for the oligarchs to ignore the law…and allow only a hand slap as punishment…move along folks…move along…

    • jim_robert

      Exactly. She could do ANYTHING, and nothing would ever happen.

  • James Bennett

    The FBI’s effectiveness in this investigation could change the World Order.

    This is the most significant time in history.

    I hope history judges us as people of…


    • Cracker122049

      Hope springs eternal!

    • Ellen Bell

      Well, we are either a nation of laws, or we are not. Other people have gone to jail for doing MUCH less than she has. When the Roman Republic (which had elected representatives and the rule of law) was changing from the Republic to the Roman Empire, one thing that happened was increasing law breaking with little to no notice at the upper levels of the Roman government. And then the Empire rotted from within to the point where it was easily overrun by “barbarians”. We need to enforce the rule of law for ALL. There is a reason why the statues of “Justice” wear a blindfold. Justice is SUPPOSED to be blind to wealth and privilege when it comes to dispensing justice. Otherwise, we may as well kiss our Republic goodbye.

      • Meltonmark

        Do you not think this is why empires eventually crumble? The ruling elite, safe and secure behind their massive armies, begin to corrupt. Precisely because they are the ruling elite, and untouchable, the corruption grows, and spreads. In time, even the peasant class accept corruption as a way of life [can’t beat them, so join them]. Eventually, the society no longer functions and gets taken over.

        • Ellen Bell

          Exactly. The Roman Empire essentially bankrupted itself by two broad continuous actions. The first was sending the Roman Army to all the known world and conquering everything they saw. Building and maintaining the Empire became outrageously expensive. The Empire essentially began with Julius Caesar who famously declared “Veni, vidi, vici” (I came, I saw, I conquered). Students of history should have had a chill go down their spines when Hillary Clinton (a Neocon in disguise) crowed, “We came, we saw, he died” speaking of the extremely brutal death of Libyan dictator, Gaddafi. The Neocon policy of conquest and perpetual war suits their vision of the American Empire but it does not suit the vision of the vast majority of Americans.

          The second way that the Roman Empire bankrupted itself was their program of “bread and circuses” to keep the people fed and entertained at home so that they wouldn’t rise up against their extremely wealthy overlords. But once the Empire ran out of funds, the peasants and hordes of slaves helped the “barbarians” to destroy the Empire.

          This is somewhat simplified but it is essentially what happened. Decadence is what ultimately destroyed the Romans.

  • AipacsZioVibe

    The Abominable Dr. Phibes?

  • none

    I think the FBI knows what happens to people that might say something bad about the Clintons.
    The list is about 40? People by now.
    They usually die in airplane crashes, or shoot themselves in the back of the head.
    I wonder, if they will end up like that guy, in the movie The devil’s advocate.
    The guy walked in to a church during service,then stuck his finger into a pool of holy water. The water began to boil. And then someone got ran over with a car.

  • timu2cool

    Hillary will never be convicted for these crimes. The defense team of lawyers will make sure there are a couple of loyal Democrats on the jury…She will probably never be indicated. .sad,but true..