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What if I were to tell you that some of the “facts” that you, I, and every member of the last couple of generations took as truth were, in fact, false? Let’s take something as monumental as how one of the greatest tyrants in the past century died. Now, we have all been taught that Adolf Hitler took his own life, along with the life of his wife, Eva Braun, on April 30th, 1945 as the Allied Forces marched toward victory and Berlin. Accounts vary as to whether he was killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound, or by ingesting cyanide. But, all “historical” accounts claim that Adolf and Eva died together In Hitler’s Berlin Bunker. What if I were to tell you that there has been substantial evidence found to prove that this is absolutely false, and nothing more than propaganda? The real evidence shows that:

At Midnight on April 27th 1945 Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, and her brother in-law SS General Hermann Fegelein slipped away from the hell of the Führerbunker through a secret tunnel in Hitler’s personal quarters in the devastated Reich Chancellory to the Berlin Underground. They were replaced by doubles chosen by Reichsfuhrer Martin Bormann and his close associate SS-General Heinrich “Gestapo” Mueller.
Hitler and his party walked through the Underground tunnels to the exit at Fehrbelliner Strasse. Waiting for them on the cleared roadway of the Hohenzollerndamm was a Ju52 transport aircraft piloted by SS Captain Peter Baumgart of the secretive Luftwaffe Unit KG 200. The group flew to Tonder in Denmark, where the party took a second JU52 to the Luftwaffe base at Travemunde.

Changing planes again the party boarded a long-range JU 252 and flew to the Spanish Military base at Reus, 80 kms south of Barcelona, in Spain.

General Franco supplied a further aircraft, in Spanish markings, to fly the party to Fuerteventura on the Canary Islands, where 24 hours later they boarded U-518 under the command of Oberleutnant zur See Hans Werner Offermann.

A signal was sent to Berlin from the island’s base at Villa Winter, and on the instructions of Reichsleiter Bormann, Hitler’s double, Gustav Weber, and the unknown actress, who had played his wife for just two days, were executed by SS General Mueller.

The bodies were carried out of the bunker and under Russian shellfire were incinerated in the garden. The greatest sleight of hand in history was complete.

Fifty-three days later on the Argentine coast at Necochea south of Mar Del Plata, General Fegelein – who had arrived three days earlier on U-880 – welcomed his Führer and sister-in law to the safety of fascist-dominated Argentina.

Hitler would live there for the next 17 years, initially raising his two daughters and planning the re-birth of the worst regime in history. The couple separated in 1953, Eva sick of her lost-life in the foothills of the Andes taking the girls to live in the small town of Neuquen. In the early 2000’s the women were still alive.

Adolf Hitler finally died on February 13th 1962 at 3pm in the afternoon, demented, tormented and betrayed by Martin Bormann, attended only by his personal physician Dr. Otto Lehmann, and his faithful aide, former Graf Spee crewman, Heinrich Berthe.

Martin Bormann, with the help of Colonel Juan Peron and his wife Evita, in the pay of the Nazis since 1941, had carried out the biggest theft in world history, transferring Billions of dollars in gold, patents, bearer bonds, shares and art works to safe havens around the world, especially in Argentina, Switzerland and Turkey.

He was helped in his plan to save himself and the Führer by senior US Intelligence officers, they receiving in turn, plundered Art and treasures, the Nazi’s huge technology advances in Rocketry, weaponry – including atomics – and technology. It was a pact with the devil that would shape the world post-1945.

After five years of research, Journalist, writer and film Director Gerrard Williams, along with Military Historian Simon Dunstan, have finally pieced together the real story of the death of Adolf Hitler.

Previously unpublished Intensive field research in Argentina, including interviews with many eyewitnesses to his presence there, new findings that prove the “Hitler” skull fragments held by the Russians are actually that of a woman, and previously unpublished scientific evidence proving Hitler had a double being used in public in Berlin as late as March 1945 make the story compelling.*

The implications of this story run so much deeper than just the shocking truth that Hitler lived , until 1962, in South America. They lead us to question what other “historical events” that we have been taught to be the TRUTH are nothing more than lies, half-truths, and straight out propaganda. Questions such as: Why did we really enter the Vietnam War and Who really killed JFK and why? And, What circumstances are behind 9/11? These and other questions immediately spring to mind. If we find that there is compelling evidence to reshape our view of how, and when, Adolf Hitler died, then we must ask ourselves, “What else have we been lied to about?”

In this captivating interview with co-author Gerrard Williams, The Liberty Brothers discuss these perception-shattering implications and much, much more.

*reprinted from Streling Publishers Grey Wolf – The Escape of Adolf Hitler by Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams

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  • Vas ist los? Das ist nicht gudt mein Commandante. Ver ist zee Sgt. Schultz? Undt Colonel Hogan?

    • Ken, Megapolis

      Danke schön mein Herr Braun. Wie geht es?

  • not in fiction. all gov’t is a fiction. all their ‘laws’ are fiction. look up : Legal fiction, it’s in the ‘law’ dictionaries.

    for fun:

    Federal statutes show how and why U.S. law encourages prosecutorial and judicial conflicts of interest, nonneutrality, non-impartiality and corruption of justice in the federal courts. (See 5 USC 4502 through 4504 from the United States Code.)

    How can the federal judiciary be independent and impartial when the law permits the federal government to secretly award judges up to $25,000 in undisclosed secret “cash awards,” and to privately, secretly and “erroneously” overpay them up to $10,000, and “waive” these erroneous overpayments?

    How can any defendant be found innocent or “guilty beyond a reasonable doubt” when such statutory “cash award” provisions on their face create an irrefutable, behind-the-scenes incentive for the prosecution?

  • Cracker122049

    Like gold stealing murdering Spanish conquistadors not really being government pirates,or paid government cavalry killing Indians for the railroad to steal their land and anyone else that got in the way for that matter.Or us going to foreign shores to steal their wealth as we are currently doing. All the while they have built a rabid police state around the very country that we live in while telling us its for our protection which is a load of BS,its to protect them from us.Law enforcement should really think about what they are doing but you know they are not because they love the militant BS they get away with today.The good cops that have woke up are getting out and being replace with ones that have the mindset of a mercenary as the out of control growth of the SWAT teams have proven. Anyone that still believes that their vote is ever going to turn this around is beyond a fool and past history proves this to be true too! Prepare as best you can for what coming because it is coming this government could care less what you think about is as long as you COMPLY! One other thing too,that same government is the ones that have armed the police state too, all done with your tax dollar so in essence we are paying for our own demise.

    • Ken, Megapolis

      Hello Cracker. I come in Peace. Why? I think honest trade is a richer pursuit than what is clear to me, evil conquest. The Native Americans own America not Obama and I am a simple man knowing he’s been accepted as a GUEST. My ideas are not radical Sir. They are the blinking obvious my friend.
      I have 3 Shamanic names yet to appear online but for now the UK friend, Megapolis, Somerset, suits me.

      • scook

        If all history as written is BS, then how can you say that the Native Americans were here first? You are still just believing what you read.

    • Rascalhorse57

      Why make something or build something when its easier to steal it.

  • GeorgeW

    All the ones missed by paperclip….

  • conservative lady

    I had heard rumors of this years ago.

  • Hal

    Complete crap.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    This is still an insensitive subject and I have late Grandfathers who fought in the War. I suggest 100 years must go by because these conspiracy theories upset many.
    Fact:- Hitler was a PSYCOPATH. Read the book by Jon Ronson. I trust Modern Society has stricter CONTROLS to prevent such men attaining positions of power.
    Fact:- We all dislike the Zionist Banksters. But anti semitism is a failed plot as clearly demonstrated by Herr Fuhrer and his madness.
    Listen to any of his political rants. Shame on the Germans for not seeing the obvious. Many did and yes there were attempts on his life. Only serving to anger the Fuhrer even further and his insane rage grew only stronger.
    Europe is still recovering from this madman. Print not this filth.
    You are appearing as a Dictator yourself.
    Help me mein Gott

    • John Cook

      Sadly the biggest lie is that “We” were the good guys in ww2.

      • Mr Rabbit

        ‘WE’ Went to war over the annexation of Poland and at the the end of WWII we left the Poles annexed to the USSR

        • Partition of Poland you mean. War with the one side and ally with the other. Hmmm… I am thinking this is not the real reason for the war.

          • Событие

            Oh this is awkward. Lucky with the timing though. I just finished posting a comment to you when I saw ‘One new comment above’ clicked to see and it was from her. She’s been watching this entire time. Should I delete this account entirely? Make a new one?

          • I knew she’d find it eventually.

          • Событие

            Pride and self-complacency will get her nowhere. Nobody is above doing or being done wrong. If my curiosity has been touched and teased, sustained and fed, it’s because of what she chooses to leak about the relationship. This guardedness of mine, this desire for perfect, clear consciousness of your defects, wants reassurance. You’re waiting for me to suggest we take this somewhere more private. I’m waiting to feel that would be the right and safe thing to do. How I know this to be true: A Russian is self-assured just because he knows nothing and does not want to know anything, since he does not believe that anything can be known.
            Shake it off. No one wants to harm her. She’s punching air. I won’t mock you for anything you reveal to me like before with the nudes.

          • Событие

            I vas takzhe. Vsego samogo luchshego v Novom godu.
            In Commemorating Pushkin: Russia’s Myth of a National Poet Stephanie Sandler writes of the way Akhmatova situates her feast among the dead in her “New Years’s Ballad” which draws on Pushkin’s Feast in Time of Plague with its image of a toast in dreadful times.

            And the moon, feeling bored in its cloudy haze,
            Cast a dim gaze into the chamber.
            There are six places set at the table,
            And only one is empty.

            My husband, my friends, and I
            Await the New Year.
            Why do my fingers seem bloody,
            And does the wine, like poison, burn?

            The host, raising a full glass,
            Was serious and still:
            “I drink to the earth of our natives glades,
            In which we all lie!”

            And a friend who looked into my face,
            Remembering God knows what,
            Exclaimed: “And I drink to her songs
            In which we all live!”

            But the third person, who knew nothing
            When he had left this world,
            Murmured in answer to my own thoughts:
            “We are obliged to drink to him
            Who is not here among us.”

            She couples New Year’s celebrations with spectral intrusions. Like Dostoevsky’s story “Bobok”, “New Years Ballad” takes place below the earth, where the dead speak as if alive, even as they separate themselves from the living. The poet whose fingers are covered with blood in this poem bears the mark of some unmentionable sin, and when she drinks down the wine that ought to drive out such terrible thoughts, it burns its way down as if in punishment. The mention of wine sets up the poem’s three toasts: to the earth, to the poet, and finally, to one who has yet to die.
            Comment on an artist’s work invoking both the banality and the profundity of the passing of each day. Talk of the way it invites reflection on how moments of clarity are usually followed by a cold plunge back into the delusion of daily life.

          • Событие

            My brother lost a dear friend recently. His friend was supposed to be getting engaged today. I’ve never met him. Never even seen him. When I first heard of him it was on the day he died. As you can imagine, my brother isn’t much of a talker. He crosses my mind when I find myself noting the beauty of nature. when I’m out admiring the look of the sky, the feel of the wind, the sounds the trees make. He’ll never know winter again. Someone I don’t know. I feel pain.
            One of my favourites, Murakami writes,
            What I learned from Naoko’s death was this: no truth can cure the sadness we feel from losing a loved one. No truth, no sincerity, no strength, no kindness, can cure that sorrow. All we can do is see that sadness through to the end and learn something from it, but what we learn will be of no help in facing the next sadness that comes to us without warning.

          • Событие

            Alright. I’m over this. She’s wishing me a happy new year, upvoting my posts, and now I have 9+ notifications from PurpleCrab. Thinking of deleting this account. Remaking. Thinking of taking this somewhere private. May I please have your email, sir?

          • I’m sorry. Yeah, she thinks everything I said about you, about Sophia, I was really meaning her. She’s so obsessed, so desperate, it’s pathetic. Don’t delete your account please. It’s our history, our echoes. But I don’t want to use disqus anymore. Or yeah, if I do, under a new account. She’ll find this place too, maybe already. I do want to know where to go. She is a bitter old crane. You are noble at heart, pure in ways she can’t fathom. It was over two years ago. I said I’d never speak a word to her again. You’ve said how I’m like her, perfect match, it’s not true. Worlds apart.
            The loss of a loved one is indeed not to compare. In that homily I spoke of, “To love another is to say ‘You shall never die’” of course if there is indeed a loving God these words would be His.
            Just this last April. A good friend of mine was driving his pregnant wife to the hospital and the car in the other lane hit a deer and it flew into his windshield and killed him. She managed to bring the car to a stop, had the baby that day. Awful mixture of joy and tragedy.

          • Событие

            These tragedies have a way of leaving us speechless. I don’t know what to say. The powerful words from your priest’s homily are indeed God’s own. We need to talk about why you hesitate to believe. Not now.
            Whenever I begin to feel sorry for her she reveals more of her rottenness. I wasn’t prepared to leave you to suffer her abuses all on your own. I used to think what you needed was someone to stand up to her. I realise now that would do no good. She’s incurable.
            I meant similar in some of your views. It was the wrong thing to say. I forget I was Schlomo for a while too. Because I can talk like you.
            This comforts and costs business is funny. If you want use my bosom as a pillow to cry into you’ll have to buy me new bras with your own pocket money.
            Will you give me your email?

          • Событие

            Women self-destruct without masculine guidance. This obsession with ruling over the opposite sex is self-serving. Whoever gives reverence receives reverence. The way you make love is the way God will be with you.

          • Forgive me for giving you such a stupid email. But schlomoweinberger in the gmail domain is where she wrote and I never want to sign into it again. My own is my full name in the yandex domain which I prefer but is blocked where I work bc it’s “Russian”.
            yakov.sverdlov3 in the gmail domain is the only other I have.

          • Событие

            Don’t worry about it. I know you’re after protecting your identity, your personal life. In your position I would be extremely cautious too. Swear off contact with the opposite sex entirely. Whenever I’m with male company I feel slightly anxious about the male’s behaviour/body language implying we have some kind of a sexual relationship to onlookers. Of course, I don’t let on. Recently I bumped into someone who wouldn’t look away from my face the entire duration of our conversation. I was hyper-aware of the eyes on us. I’d turn away to look at the people. His eyes never moved from my face. I tell him I need to text my friend and ask her how much longer until she gets here. In a bid to get him to stop looking at me. He watched me text her. Unwavering gaze. He wasn’t even aware he was doing it. She invited him to our dinner date. Because he’s hot. He invited two of his friends. Now we’re a party of five. The boys start talking sex. He asks me where the weirdest place I’ve had sex is. These are guys who are used to getting away with this kind of thing.

          • You must be very beautiful.
            I’d prefer to just make new disqus accounts, take up residence in some quiet corner. The instant notifications are nice. Convenient.

          • Событие

            Instant for a reason. I’ve taken a screenshot. I’d prefer a new account in a quiet corner of Diqsus too. You can edit your comments.
            Forget about beauty. Can you imagine what kind of girls a guy must be used to if he’s able to ask a question like that in front of his boys. I flirted with his friend to piss him off. He did get pissed off. I wasn’t about to reveal I’m a virgin to a table of guys. My friend tried changing the topic. Nice move inviting him along.

          • Yes you can edit comments, which it seems you just prefer to delete. Wearisome. There were things I wished to return to, things said to me that were uplifting that I wanted to reread. But it’s worth it. And yeah I’m preparing to ditch Schlomo permanently.
            We should talk about the ways of Millenials too.

          • Событие

            I’ve blocked her. So if she finds this place too you’ll just have to notify me, as I won’t know. Screenshot of your email.
            You take the deletion of comments very seriously.

          • I just value yours. So naturally feel something when deprived of them.

          • Событие

            You value the discussions you have here. I don’t think it’s about me or my comments specifically. We are weird. Too many peculiarities to count. I confuse myself. Others confuse me. I confuse them. We’re all social loners. I remember, being at this party, talking to this gorgeous girl early in September. She confessed to me that if she talks at all, to anyone, it’s not much more than an attempt at avoiding appearing anti-social. I shy away from expanding my circle. Guys bring drama. Because guys come with girls. This American tells me he’s stopped talking to [insert rude epithet here] “I have a headache today for some reason so I’ll explain it briefly; she’s threatened by you. She wanted to be the only one I talked to, and knowing I talk to you makes her skin crawl. Like some women, she wants the entirety of a man’s attention and affection. Maybe you’re just not acquainted with a girl like her, but I’ve come across many in my time. Don’t let it get to you, take it as a compliment like you did with…” He tells me he wants me to meet his dad and little sister. I tell him, nothing will come of this! Don’t get your hopes up, PLEASE. I’m begging you. He swears at me and says I’m using this chick as my way out. “Please don’t think I’ve been masturbating to your text and pics and not f*cking other girls because I’ve fallen in love with you, that’s not what’s happening, I feel like you’re looking into this too much. This would just be something cool to reflect upon, and is somewhat adventurous, and I thought you had an adventurous spirit. Anyway, I’m not trying to beg, I’m just trying to assuage whatever you’ve built this up to be (relax…breathe…take a deep breathe in…and say…”
            He says he knows this and that. But he asked me if I have a thing going on with another guy. Says he knows this other guy doesn’t believe men and women can be friends, so he’s just making sure he isn’t stepping on anyone’s toes. Why even would that even be an issue even if you just want to me fwend? He’s really cool though. He was telling me this is his fourth day sober and he spent the last three hours lying on his couch reading Sexual Personae by Camille Paglia without a computer or phone anywhere near him. His words: It was so peaceful. Time stands still more than it used to. Paglia actually claims that women are more grounded in nature, pulled towards it every month and reminded of their biological imperative and adorned with bosomy features that resemble the roundness of earth, and because of this they’re more serene and complete, so despite my post near-death disaffection I’m jealous that I’ll never attain that female self-assurance, but that’s a longer conversation.

          • No really, it’s you, your words are you. And they’re impressive. This is really a fine way to fall in love, versus the usual laws of attraction (pretty faces, gazes, etc) exterior beauty. Inner beauty shines forth in our words, is truer to Form. Eternal.
            Text on screens is so impersonal we tend to forget there is a soul behind the vale.

          • Событие

            We have a lot to talk about. I have a lot to respond to. Revisit. Questions to ask. I found these quotes by Jung on astrology.
            “At the moment I am looking into astrology, which seems indispensable for a proper understanding of mythology. There are strange and wondrous things in these lands of darkness. Please, don’t worry about my wanderings in these infinitudes. I shall return laden with rich booty for our knowledge of the human psyche. – C.G. Jung in a letter to Sigmund Freud, May 8, 1911”
            Our modern science begins with astronomy. Instead of saying that man was led by psychological motives, they formerly said he was led by his stars. … The puzzling thing is that there is really a curious coincidence between astrological and psychological facts, so that one can isolate time from the characteristics of an individual, and also, one can deduce characteristics from a certain time.
            Synchronicity does not admit causality in the analogy between terrestrial events and astrological constellations … What astrology can establish are the analogous events, but not that either series is the cause or the effect of the other. (For instance, the same constellation may at one time signify a catastrophe and at another time, in the same case, a cold in the head.) … In any case, astrology occupies a unique and special position among the intuitive methods… I have observed many cases where a well-defined psychological phase, or an analogous event, was accompanied by a transit (particularly when Saturn and Uranus were affected). – C. G. Jung
            Obviously astrology has much to offer psychology, but what the latter can offer its elder sister is less evident. So far as I judge, it would seem to me advantageous for astrology to take the existence of psychology into account, above all the psychology of the personality and of the unconscious. – C.G. Jung
            Astrology is knocking at the gates of our universities: A Tübingen professor has switched over to astrology and a course on astrology was given at Cardiff University last year. Astrology is not mere superstition but contains some psychological facts (like theosophy) which are of considerable importance. Astrology has actually nothing to do with the stars but is the 5000-year-old psychology of antiquity and the Middle Ages. – C.G. Jung in a letter to L. Oswald on December 8, 1928, in C.G. Jung, Letters, vol. 1, 1973
            A Frenchman, Paul Flambart, made an attempt to verify certain irrational statements. He has done some scientific research work in connection with the so-called aerial trigone: If the whole zodiac is designed in sections of a circle, then the three points, the months represented by Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, form the aerial trigon. These are air-signs, and air means mind or spirit. The old saying was that one born under these signs was apt to be spiritual or intellectual; that quality was given him at birth. So Flambart took one hundred nativities of men remarkable for their intelligence, and he found that, though the birth-dates were everywhere on the circle, there was an extraordinary accumulation on each point of the trigon, so one could say that the majority of such nativities were associated with the corners of the aerial trigon, with intelligence. This is of the nature of a scientific truth, but astrologers are proverbially reluctant to make such researches. They prefer to swim in intuition. To work scientifically is too much trouble. … – C.G. Jung on 20 November 1929
            In astrology we have another consideration, a bit uncanny and therefore particularly hated by scientists. You remember my telling you that birthdates of important men tended to accumulate around the three points of the aerial trigon. If this were confirmed, we might go further and make statistics about suicides, lunacy, epilepsy, etc. That might lead to tangible results, and then astrology would be a very serious consideration. I have suggested to astrologers that we should have more scientific statements. – C.G. Jung

            The world and everything in it starts to become so much more interesting once you believe in the knowledge you’re seeking after. There are signs everywhere for those who reflect. Love and physical attraction go hand in hand. For men, at least. For me, it’s mental, emotional, sexual attraction. Friends, guys, they ask me, how do you know if you’re sexually compatible with someone you’ve never been intimate with? There are ways to find out. I like being complimented on my non-physical attributes. Girls have a way of telling you to come down from the high a guy might have you feeding on by suggesting it’s all about looks. Oh he’s just trying to score. Guys aren’t all that easy to please actually. You can’t form and maintain a connection with your looks alone. Especially when there is no physical contact involved.

          • Событие

            Psychoanalysis is simply a game of hide and seek, in which you continue to relinquish responsibility for your actions and reality and assign the basic cause to some part of the psyche, hidden, dark forest of the past. Then you give yourself the task of finding this secret. In doing so you never think of looking for it in your conscious mind, since you are convinced that all deep answers lie far beneath. The Nature of Personal Reality: Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know (A Seth Book).

            The starting point of all learning is Truth. Belief in truth. Truth isn’t something we arrive at upon searching. It’s where the journey begins. What do you find peculiar about Millennials? The veil makes it easier for cowards to be cruel. Online it’s easier for people to advocate a high tone of sentiment; even when they do not know the sensations of sympathy and pity; tenderness and truth are not in them. Easy to give undue vent to whatever spiteful antipathy they’ve conceived against those they don’t know. All behind a screen. Online interactions are very much an outlet for most. They behave in ways they wouldn’t, couldn’t, in person. Type out words they couldn’t say to someone’s face. I wonder at some people. Have they always been this way? Or did they just lose their mind along the way?

          • Well sure. I believe in Truth. But that’s where my apprehension comes from. Is it isn’t something I’ve figured out, or searched out. It’s the quintessential unattainable.

          • Событие

            What is belief in truth? You think it’s something unknowable. Unattainable. You’re wrong. What are the peculiarities of Millennials?

          • Millennials live in the moment, typified by this ‘YOLO’ attitude, that prevents attaining long-term goals or anything that really is going to require sacrifice and suffering to attain. The market’s bottomed out on starter homes, bc they’re the homes Millenials would be buying but don’t want to own anything would rather just rent all their lives. It’s all about ‘experiences’ so they spend their money on trips and vacations and travel and luxury items. It’s the reason for the debt-load. It’s the reason for the non-fidelity. Around here you can pick up starter homes for $20k. Basically they’re just all becoming rentals. I was helping to re-side a house in the fall and the quote was $20k. So basically the price of a home is now equivalent to what it would cost to put vinyl siding on it. It’s bizarre. My friend in Hong Kong I spoke with over the holiday break (were technically Millenials, barely) just quite his fancy job. Apparently he mines cryptocurrencies and is making bank. For my part I feel like I straddle two worlds, the old and the new. The one of tangibles, legacy, long-term patience and discipline… and the newfangled, addiction-to-experience, the Now, no sense of ownership or even desire for it. I guess that’s the origin of my feel for nationalism, an outdated sense of ownership. And the Authority that comes with it.

          • Событие

            Your reply demands I give it a slow and steady treatment. There’s much to work with here. One reply on its own won’t suffice.
            Yeah. I’ve wondered what draws people to nationalism. Nationalists aren’t traditional. It must be a sense of ownership. Wanting to own. Claim back. Exercise authority over.
            nationalism is about self-ownership on a popular scale. Nationalism was a product of the Enlightenment. Way back in what they call the olden days , everyone belonged to the sovereign. Your heart belonged to God, and your ass to your King.
            A lot of the people who are nationalists aren’t traditional. Nationalism is saying I like to learn. To accumulate knowledge. I like learning about my country’s culture, art, history, literature, music. It says I am proud of the achievements my race have made in these various fields. But, there’s no the link between all this and being traditional. Spiritual. Hitler wasn’t traditional because he loved Germany. Or hated Jews. He was traditional because of the principles he fought the war on. Principles we can’t even fathom. Have no concept of. Couldn’t grasp if our lives depended on it. What were those principles though? I’m genuinely curious. We’re living in this age where no one has a sense of duty. We rent. We don’t own anything. The way we don’t commit anymore. Or if we do, it’s in name only. Like places to live, we rent people out for a specific amount of time until it’s time to move on. Experience is a funny one. Touches a nerve. What the hell has visiting 30 countries ever given anyone besides a good time, some pictures of this and that place, acquaintances overseas. I’m dead serious. What’s this fascination with having experience? They talk about why it’s important to move beyond the newbie level and into I know what a handjob and blowjob is and I’m acquainted with the pill taking that comes after penetration. Or is it before? I’m taking guesses here. Why is this even a requirement? Or sexy? Trying Chad is like someone suggesting the New Mexican restaurant that opened down the street.
            And yeah it’s at like $12,000 each. Nerds becoming millionaires overnight. It is “money” only in an encrypted format that can be “mined” by have a computer decrypt a “block chain”. This is all peer to peer like torrent files. Hard to explain to anyone who doesn’t get the lingo. But it’s all virtual money.

          • Событие

            I’ve trivialised nationalism. It’s said the French Revolution gave birth to nationalism. I like the approach Islam takes. When they declare they’re big enough to rise above this kind of a social, political, ideological school of thought, they are essentially shoving nationalism aside. It’s dismissed as too trivial, as well as dangerous for the way it interferes with the higher conviction of Man. Maybe the reason why I can’t subscribe has much to do with the way nationalism is based on rationalism. It seems to be missing a spiritual element that nationalist types try to fill/make up for with a neo-religion of “race is my religion” and so on. I’ve known guys who, in group settings, showed themselves to be these hard-core patriots. Almost like they were trying to prove a point to their comrades. Saying I belong. Or I want to belong. Our one to one discussions would have them reveal a more nuanced approach. Nationalists take race to be this binding agent which initiates unity, solidarity and encourages group spirit of the masses. Jean-Jacques Rousseau elevated love for fatherland to a sacred religious duty. Race takes the place of God. Nationalism its religion. It’s great for those who haven’t found their real purpose in life. Islam is a little severe in its critique but not inaccurate. Will share my findings on the bond between nationalism and capitalism. The alternative to the nation state would be the supranational state and from what I’ve seen of that it’s no better and contains the potential for internal strife and even war as the nation state struggles to re-emerge. Sovereignty is the object of nationalism, yes. Since WWII Britain has been little more than an American satellite , a proxy for American interests in the Council of Europe, a member state of the EU and Blair’s “bridge” between the US and EU. I believe we can be more than that. We have a unique history via the Empire and the Commonwealth. Unfettered by foreign powers, I believe we can become a force for good in the world and become more prosperous ourselves in the process. Obviously, there are those who take a wholly ethnocentric view of nationalism and what it means to them is not what it means to me but then they are right wing (and or delusional) and I’m not.
            Home ownership is low in Germany, with most Germans preferring to rent. It’s not necessarily a bad choice, providing the rents are reasonable. Americans might be wary of taking on a mortgage following the crash of 2008.
            Infidelity is a result of ease of access. I have to tell you what my friend was complaining about the other day. It’s something a lot of people my age can relate to. Anyway, these days people can just go on websites dedicated to infidelity and get what they want a-la-carte. Tradition, the transcendent, these two things are the fabric of society. The things demand we fulfil our duty. As human beings. As children to our parents, as partners to our spouses, as creation to God, we have a duty to take care of our health and well-being- physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual. Traditional people don’t drink, they don’t have sex before marriage, they don’t have extra-marital affairs, they don’t take drugs, and they don’t smoke. Because they have this sense of duty instilled in them. Something only genuine belief in a God can bring about. Virtue. If your cares are worldly and superficial then sure filling your country with folks belonging to the same race as you will solve all your petty little problems like having to see a Black man on your way to work or something.

          • Yeah, I don’t know how I came to sympathize with nationalism. I also wrote essays in school trivializing it as anachronistic or narrow or how little sense it made to subscribe to (bc of the subjection of self-interest). It’s strange how I find myself now here the object of my youthful criticisms. I’m sure part of it had to do with the discovery of revisionist literature in university; I re-evaluated many things. I know nationalism comes out of the Enlightenment and finished off a great many noble things like Monarchy. Not everything that came out of the Enlightenment was necessarily bad. And nationalism itself gets this bad rap for being the cause of wars. But if you were to assess today’s situation you’d have to conclude that multicult-Liberal-Democracy is the world’s war-starter. And besides, people are figuring out most wars are bankers’ wars.
            I see the disassociation of spirit from organic community as separate issues, correlated but not inevitable. The race or the state need not become ‘god’. In fact I see people as historically determined or defined or ‘set’. Which even mathematics itself wasn’t spared rationalism’s redefinition of otherwise straightforward concepts. Terms had to be defined or it was meaningless. Set Theory, which defines whether an object belongs or doesn’t belong, into well-defined collections. With all the deconstructionist nonsense, I see the future as pretty bland. The path through the Enlightenment and Modernity up to today has been a continuous defining until this moment of most confusion where we’ve been dissolved altogether. There is no ‘us’ there’s just ‘you’ and lots of other ‘you’s. The End of History. And if there’s a god it’s the Economy. That people have no business being grouped into sets, and to do so is a sin. And the people responsible for defining this sin say it’s to end inequality or some high-minded thing. But people only really have strength in sets. On their own, helpless. The true unforgiveable sin of Monarchs was that they were spiritual leaders. And there’s a new world being built, devoid of spirit. And it cares nothing about people, not as defined in the new system as consumers or units of labour or whatever.

          • Событие

            Deep thinkers are deep feelers. Deep feelers meaning deep feelers; I’m not talking about crazies who are at the mercy of their emotions. I don’t think nationalism the cause of all wars. Can be though. Has caused war before. It need not become ‘god’ but in place of an actual God people with no belief in one will use race and nationalism as substitute. An alternative. It makes them feel better about themselves. Like they’re doing something important with themselves and their lives. Gives them a sense of purpose. That’s cool. I just don’t think it the reason why Life on earth exists. In the grand scheme of things it’s so petty. This isn’t about equality. That’s not what this is about. I’ll explain another time. I believe in sets and community. They work well. Religion demands belief in a God and obeying his laws. Work for it. I just find the nationalist criteria is bland in comparison. It’s boring. It doesn’t push people to be and do good. There’s no discipline. No duty. No self-sacrifice. It’s not about being of useful service. If they talk about it it’s just talk. No action. If you want to join you don’t gotta be nothing special. Just bring your skin and fanatical attitude along with an unhealthy sprinkling of disgust for all other races. You don’t have to earn anything on your own merit. You get a pass for what you were born with. “Woke” people in my generation don’t become wise to JQ by wading through racial/nationalist waters. It’s limiting. It’s lacking in ambition. In spirit. Nationalists can and will and do and have fought wars on the basis of self-interest. God fearing men don’t. Remember the Montesquieu quote. I am necessarily a man, and only accidentally am I French. I have more to say.
            Ugh.. Stefan was like “Saints from the East” or something really sarcastically. Then “what do Russian girls call their men?” I rolled my eyes and fell asleep.

          • Well you’ll have to spell out for me your vision of hereditary monarchy and the way to revive self-sacrifice and discipline. And I agree- nationalism is not ambitious, tends towards the base material. That’s what drew me more to NS. It was deeply religious, not in the traditional sense of church-going but in the sense of divine Purpose. Beyond the self.
            I was going to get some sleep. You’re up later than usual aren’t you? Oh and I had never heard of Kokayna, Queen of Ice or any of these songs. You expanded my horizon.

          • Событие

            I’m drawn to NS. I’ll spell it out for you. Nice and slow. Over and over and over again if I have to. If one of Hitler’s men wanted something to do with me I’d give myself up to him.
            I like religious men. But, I don’t think I’m sexually compatible with them.

          • You said you’d never give yourself up willingly.

          • Событие

            To you.

          • Well that doesn’t impress me as much, as I thought your original meaning. To Hitler’s men then!

          • Событие

            I cringe! No. Men. Plural. No. If one of Hitler’s men, Peter. ONE. If you’re going to be a sexual being in this life do so with one man. It’s hard to put into words how special his Germans were. How special he was. I have to see my personal trainer in a bit.

          • When you find time, I’d like to hear about this special.

          • Событие

            I say that but I doubt I would do anything other than fall in love. I’ve been in love. Not with Dom in case you need to be reminded. Uhgen. I miss him. The one I love. He never even so much as touched me. No one has. I don’t know that I would let one of Hitler’s men. I’ve been talking to my trainer about the not very special unimpressive types. Not to mention any names!

          • Событие
          • Событие

            He’d say to me “you’re something else” and I said to him, once, that I ignore all and everyone who wants my attention. Look. See for yourself. We never acknowledged anything. It was left unspoken. Certain words of his stick out in my memory. You won’t be the first, and you won’t be the last, but you will be the best. He says he’s not easy to please. Nah, I’m not thirsty like you. No, you’re not, you’re hungry. And it’s not for food. This girl sent him nudes. Look what leaked of me. I tell him looked what leaked of ME. Send over a monkey of sorts sitting in an exposed position. Tells me he knows I’m not that kind of girl. You’re right. I’m not. I want you at sunrise. Beatles song. Sings I want you. I want you so bad. It’s driving me mad, it’s driving me mad.

          • Событие

            When we first met. He told me blinking was wasting seconds that could be spent looking at me. Asked me out. On the spot. It happened backwards. I gave him a no. I don’t know you. But any girl would be lucky to have you. I realised how true those words of mine were much later. If I didn’t mean it then. I mean it now.

          • Событие

            This is nasty. I wasn’t wanting replies. I’ll hit you up with an email then. Is she throwing a pity party over on her channel again?

          • Событие

            What did you say to Boris?

          • It was simple, brief. Called him a Catholic gentleman. That if anything he should tell her to go home and cherish her husband. That the pity parties just boost her self righteousness. Told him he’s not a duck, the true reason she’s disappointed

          • Событие

            Good. Mine something similar. Go home. Get on your knees. Beg your husband for his forgiveness. An old White man could and would never say such a thing to a cheating White woman. Joseph didn’t. Boris won’t. It comes with being White. No more time on her. I will remind you. She digs her own grave throwing these pity parties. Sooner or later will have to stop.

          • Событие

            “This shouldn’t be my business. Just like it shouldn’t have anything to do with you, or any of the people on this site. The only person who has a right to know the truth about this mess is Dora the Explorer’s husband. Now I doubt she’s gone and told her husband how losing a parent made her cheat on him.”
            They all know it’s petty. Too p*ssy to say anything.

          • I meant it when I said I wish I could talk to the man.

          • Событие

            Boris is witty. Facetious. He can’t outwit me though. I sincerely hope he reads my post and lets the matter alone. Any cleverness with me will force him to summon his Guardian Angel, not for protection, for christening. I’ll have the honour. Drama is not worth any time and attention. I can’t be bothered. There is no way he doesn’t know. He’s an attorney. I like to think he’s not a moron. She’s obsessed with you. I’m sure she must’ve moaned your name accidentally during intercourse with him. He would have noticed she doesn’t take much interest in blowing him like before. He really must not care. So must be a bona fide cuck. I still wonder at how you could fancy to develop an attraction for her. How it didn’t put you off. What your reaction was when she told you she was married.

          • It didn’t phase me. I was not on disqus to pick up women. If I recall, I dropped a compliment, said something about liking the man, even though I don’t know him, for having such a wife. We never ever talked about sex. Not once. The whole idea outside the realm of possibility for me. I know it was naive.

          • Событие

            But you did pick her up. You guys have talked about sex. Your sex lives. You did kiss her. She did send nudes over. As for talking about sex. Not a big deal. Sexting? Okay. Wrong. I talk about sex. I love talking about sex. With any and everyone? No. But I have talked to certain boys and men about girls and women and sex. It’s interesting. Much I’m curious about. She knows stuff. That’s it. You’re easy to please. But then, so is she. I wish we could have an honest conversation about this. Why? I’m curious why men are attracted to married women. Why they fail to be disturbed the woman is cheating on her husband. How any man could like a woman like that. She said you swore fealty to her, for life. I know that’s not a lie. It’s irony gold. Swearing fealty to an adulteress. Don’t take offence. I’m not attacking you. It’s just strange.
            Anyway, Boris wished me a sound sleep. I’m in a better mood.

          • My actual words were “you have a friend for life, if you’ll keep me.” I have it still bc I think it was said in email. I’ve saved them all just in case I need them. So yeah, that’s my swearing fealty for life.

          • Событие

            I hope you’ll remember, next time you come across a married woman that a husband who has a wife worth having is never unaware of what she gets up to. This is a fact all men who have a good woman know. It’s not possible. No matter how sly or sneaky one is. You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbour.

          • I didn’t, I’m not sure where the exchange took place. Yeah we had a conversation about mistresses, she brought up, tried to convince me that all good gentlemen had one. I don’t recall ever using the word as a title for her- I called her fuhrerin.

          • Событие

            I am distracted. Go on his profile. I ask because I feel satisfied that I did my part in helping you out. I like to think she’ll have trouble interesting any others in her “I’m horny but let’s pretend this is about a psycho who found out my parent died and decided to force me into cheating on my husband” predicament.
            You’re married? All good men have one. All good men have a married mistress. She must suck in bed. Her man is getting dessert elsewhere.

          • Yeah, well done, well said. But more need to see it.
            Thank you my friend.

          • Событие

            You know you’re kinda robotic. Don’t worry. It’s getting copied and pasted to anyone who attends the next pity party. I just want you to continue being able to post like before. At the very least, make it easier for you. Why did you edit out friend? Are you married?

          • bc i called her friend. somehow, it just seemed inappropriate.

          • Событие

            Eh. I don’t care. Use whatever you feel comfortable with. Hope I managed to make you feel better. Your priest isn’t giving you a hard time, is he? Sweet dreams.

          • Событие

            Eh. I don’t care. Use whatever you feel comfortable with. I don’t care anymore. You can screw her. Dump her. Get back with her. Have a threesome with her husband. Fap to her nudes. Ask for new ones. I don’t care. Do whatever. Hope I managed to make you feel better.
            I wasn’t angry. You don’t even believe in God. Thank you anyway.

          • Why are you talking this way? I feel a special connection with you, gratitude. It’s incredible how you were there, just watching from afar. A kind of Guardian Angel. You’re a remarkable young woman.
            I am married, a good country woman, Canadian. 4 young children. 3 sons. I hope this doesn’t change anything. I asked her permission to go and meet Dora – it was never secret. I even called home while there. My intentions were not the same as Dora’s.

          • Событие

            Not at all. Why would it change anything? My intentions are not the same as hers. Does your wife know about this fiasco? You did say there was some kissing. I’ve never understood how one woman can even think of doing such a thing to another woman. Men are pigs. Not surprised there. You expect better from women though. I wanted to ask you, last night, how your priest is reacting. I doubt he’s giving you a hard time for it. I don’t want to give you a hard time for it. It’s why I’m saying I just don’t care to know anymore. Is your little girl called Sophia? I would love to talk more about your wife and family. Is she the one you fell in love with at 26?
            I’ve been following you since I found you. When you were private for those 7-8 months I knew something had to be horribly wrong. I did not know about Dora. She involved herself in a discussion I was having with Joseph. He asked me if I would like him to introduce us. Went from there. You know about the hissy fit she threw over us talking about the JQ. I’m highly intuitive. It was so obvious she was evil. Remarkable that no one, not even you, saw it, or if you guys did, didn’t care. You would flirt with her. She thanked you for a flower. Leo-like showiness.

          • The flower was just a stupid icon, an image sent, not actual.
            Yes fell in love at 26. For my wife’s peace of mind I spare her all the stupid drama still going on. I told her I would never speak to Dora again, yeah almost 2 yrs ago or whatever it was. I didn’t mention that she’s been sending emails to our priest. But Dora called here hundreds of times. I thought about blocking her number. Wife knew how important disqusing was for me, how I read and share these things and it’s intellectual nourishment. She doesn’t understand my fixation on the Reich or JQ and is embarrassed by books I leave about the house. If ever you marry, make sure he’s cool with your politics/philosophy.

          • Событие

            The point of the flower was to say I could tell there was a romantic/flirtatious element to the relationship. Not altogether innocent. Where I’m from, on both the English and Russian side, married people aren’t so carefree with their interactions with the opposite sex. The English are too proper for any such thing as overt displays of appreciation for other men’s wives or other women’s husbands. Some call it repressed. Russian men too proud and jealous to grow lenient to their wives flirting with other men. He might hit you. He might hit you even if he’s cheating himself. My mother’s older brother is an attractive man. He’s always had plenty of young female admirers. Is unfaithful. Not sexually. Kinda like you. Petty jealousy had him slap his wife once. Over the smallest thing. Men! Sandy is a good woman. Explorer tried interesting Sandy in the JQ drama. Omitting her own part in causing it. Playing the victim. The doctor knows. Had to tell him from beginning to end. He would say no one on that site deserves your time or attention. His younger brother took another wife. Behind his first wife’s back. Never ending drama. I am sympathetic.
            Will you teach your children what you know?
            I like having an intellectual superior. I’ve had guys who were not cool with my politics/philosophy turn around one day and be like “you know I’m kinda starting to see what you were getting at.” If I marry he has to be wise to all this. Teach me. Someone I can learn from and about.

          • Where do you get the idea that I don’t believe in God? Bc I would never say that. I know that I don’t know, much the way you describe the Russian Man. Revere whats Mysterious.
            The wife is gradually ‘kinda starting to see what I was getting at’ but Canadians pride themselves on niceness and tolerance and as a foundation it’s difficult to contend with. She is at least anti-Zionist from a SJW slant. The children on the other hand I think will have my explanations as foundation, and will of course hear also everything else people tell them, but I hope to instill in them some measure of this knowledge so to counter the spirit of the Age. We’ll see. I look forward to many good conversations with them, but first they have to learn their ABCs.

          • Событие

            Better the nice anti-Zionist SJW than the ridiculous role playing Natzee. No amount of knowledge can make up for bad character. You can be nice and tolerant and still know the truth. If you’re coming at it from the small pea brained DEPORT THEM! stance no one is going to care to listen what comes after that sentence. It’s why they’re failing to hammer the message home. It’s a process. I lack the patience to convert anyone. Children are surprisingly easy to teach though. The world has moved on from the old vision of nation state.
            Good you told me about your wife and children. It’s going to be so much easier defending you against her tirades now.
            A man, husband or father, has to be feared to some extent. Fear is important. Machiavelli knew.
            If my husband wanted to meet some lady friend for tea and talks I wouldn’t hesitate to ask him tell me more about her. Let’s all be friends! No? Cool. Have fun. Leave a note in the hallway. By the time he reads it I’ll be far away. You don’t believe in God. You don’t know what it means to believe. Instead of wishing to shun believers long only to dare- to divine it; look into the abyss at their leisure, explore its secrets and analyse their nature. Revere the Mysterious. You can’t fully know God. To call it completely unknowable is lazy. Easy escape. That’s no belief at all.

          • Tell me then please, muster the patience, teach me. God. And possession. I’ve asked if you were religious and you said no.

          • Событие

            It went something like this:

            Schlomo asked “Are you religious scrip?”

            I answered “You are. Look what all you did do, so no, I guess I am not.”

            Fearing God is important. You have to believe to fear. I was telling Joseph ages ago nothing on this earth greater than a God fearing man. Nothing greater than a man of Faith in more than words alone.Willing to die for Jesus found the comment somehow and upvoted it.

          • Yeah he’s a good guy, WTDFJ, I’ve corresponded a bit with him via email. Same age as I am, a lawyer if I recall.

          • Событие

            He’s a virgin. I loved him so much for this one comment he made.
            1. Europe belongs to European people and they have the right to preserve their culture… there is nothing racist about that. Europe has the right to be European and despite what people think, European people are not a majority in the world.

            2. Millions of Muslims did not suddenly decide to leave their homeland one day to take over Europe. they have
            literally been left without a choice. Its not their fault or agenda. it is completely wrong to vilify them, dehumanize them or to treat them with any less dignity than you would your neighbor.

            You have to know what it means to fear God in the first place. Looks like you don’t know. Nothing to do with intellect, infallible powers of Reason. You require a lot of work.

          • Work on me then.
            Trouble is men are not feared anymore, but ridiculed, blamed for all the problems of the world. Even the women close to them that are supposed to be their strength cut them down. No allowance for is made for men to be men. The message is crystal clear; we’re not really even necessary anymore. Only in a Reformed manner. Everything that it used to entail must be suppressed.

          • Событие

            I’ll let you talk.
            Men are to blame for most of the problems of the world. It is White man’s fault White women are so hopelessly degenerate. How can any woman fear a man who has low standards? Who doesn’t demand respect. Submission. Who lets her get away with any and everything. White men are cool with sluts. White men are cool with adulteresses. Time for intolerance to make a reappearance. Forget the gimmicky take your hat off call her lady pretend her shock at Rammstein means she’s virginal and pure. Revise what it means to respect a woman. It does not mean excusing bad behaviour. More when I’m not distracted.
            What do you mean necessary in a Reformed manner? What did it used to entail? What does being a man mean to you?

          • Событие

            It’s too cold to step outside. I’ve never been in a relationship. I’ve never been with a man. I might be unrealistic in my idea of how an intimate relationship between man and woman works. I still think my thoughts count for something though. I speak from experience. My experience isn’t romantic or sexual. I don’t think it needs to be either to know what I know. Men have so much power. To be born a man is to be born powerful. You have the power to guide. To influence. To lead. To control. It’s a huge responsibility. White men have caved under the weight of that responsibility. They handed the reins over to women. I’ve had awkward moments with the doctor. He told me enough was enough. Put his foot down. We’re good. What I meant by robotic. You’re a man easily controlled. Impressionable. You let sh*t fly. Easy. My impressions so far. Whatever society says about what’s allowed and what isn’t modernity’s rules can’t trump nature. Men being men will always be attractive. Virginity will always be the ideal. No matter how lax the attitude toward sexual morality becomes. Face facts. Instincts win.

          • You bring a unique and interesting perspective. Too much ‘experience’ can ruin. Men do have power. But true strength is found in restraint. Can seem like weakness. You ask a question not easily answered, what does it mean to be a man? Probably has to be defined by what it is not, its antonym a woman. Where Otto delves. I bought a book on counter-currents “The Way of Men” by Donovan (it was a bit of a disappointment) that explores what it means and he comes to many of the same conclusions that I think are at the heart of Fight Club. Men form ‘gangs’ is the idea. But I think something’s missing.
            Back to ownership. There’s a line from Downton Abbey, “My fortune is the work of others who laboured to build a
            great dynasty. Do I have the right to destroy their work or impoverish
            that dynasty? I am a custodian, my dear, not an owner.” Custodian includes a sense of temporality, of responsibility, of being a part of something beyond the self. I like that. The older generation did indeed leave a mess.

          • Событие

            Put simply I think being a man is something all men can be. They need only demand more from themselves. More from women. Being a man allows for nuances of character. Nothing to do with sex. I’m not mistaking restraint for weakness. Weakness is lack of restraint. Men who don’t know reverence. I don’t like gimmicky behaviour. I don’t care for frills. Pretensions. Authenticity matters. It’s about not falling prey to our lower desires. Connecting to our higher purpose. I like flaws. Sinister traits don’t always repel. I’m concerned with minutiae. Without going into what I like personally. Too much experience does ruin. It ruins both men and women. Male virgins are tricky. Otto says women don’t care for virtue in men. They all want Don Juan. Hmm. Not the right women, my friend. As for being a female virgin. I help my experienced friends with guys. They come to me for advice. How to seduce. Create the chemistry that makes obsession. Am I scared I won’t be able to satisfy? No. I’m scared I’ll succumb to childlike mirth. I think people should stop trying to chip away at what nature made superior. It’s futile.
            I’ll have to go into self-sacrifice. Discipline. Self-abnegation. Servicing others. The Reich.
            Have a lovely day.

          • Событие

            The foregoing involves the proposition that woman cannot love. Women have made no ideal of man to correspond with the male conception of the Madonna. What woman requires from man is not purity, chastity, morality, but something else. Woman is incapable of desiring virtue in a man.
            A man’s interest in his fellow men, who are problems for him, may extend to their sexual affairs; but the curiosity which is specially for these things is peculiar to woman, whether with regard to men or women. It is the love affairs of a man which, from first to last, interest women; and a man is only intellectually mysterious and charming to a woman so long as she is not clear as to these.
            It is only when man is sexual that woman has existence and meaning.
            Her existence is bound up with the Phallus, and so that is her supreme lord and welcome master.
            Sex, in the form of man, is woman’s fate; the Don Juan is the only type of man who has complete power over her.
            The curse, which was said to be heavy on woman, is the evil will of man: nothing is only a tool in the hand of the will for nothing. The early Fathers expressed it pathetically when they called woman the handmaid of the devil. For matter in itself is nothing, it can only obtain existence through form. The fall of “form” is the corruption that takes place when form endeavours to relapse into the formless. When man became sexual he formed woman. That woman is at all has happened simply because man has accepted his sexuality. Woman is merely the result of this affirmation; she is sexuality itself. Woman’s existence is dependent on man; when man, as man, in contradistinction to woman, is sexual, he is giving woman form, calling her into existence. Therefore woman’s one object must be to keep man sexual. She desires man as Phallus, and for this she is the advocate of pairing. She is incapable of making use of any creature except as a means to an end, the end being pairing; and she has but one purpose, that of continuing the guilt of man, for she would disappear the moment man had overcome his sexuality.
            Man created woman, and will always create her afresh, as long as he is sexual. Just as he gives woman consciousness, so he gives her existence. Woman is the sin of man.

          • Sorry for taking a day to respond. And for comprehending precious little.
            Yeah the idea that Woman has no subjectivity of her own- of her infinite impressionability by Man- as the old myth goes that woman was created from man. Otto’s is a neo-Kantian critique of pure reason in a way that “lets being be” (Gelassenheit), also reflects a Dionysian element, that our problems are not merely intellectual but require a conversion. Frames the crisis of modernity in a dimension of battle-of-the-sexes. Understands the origin of the Family as the foundation of the state. In the war against patriarchy, women trying to gain ascendance over men, only attained by destroying man’s faith in himself. Which the war on patriarchy was always a Marxist project (women being enlisted or appropriated for the purpose) had as its end goal the dissolution of the state, but in terms of infinite impressionability it would seem there’s a new patriarchy to replace the old one: mass advertising. It’s merely a transference. And we’d all be becoming Woman. Malleable. Superficial. Except for the collapse of Forms altogether. The two conceptions hinge one upon the other.
            Relevant here also the Lamarckian sense of organic memory, originally scoffed at, but essentially the same idea of Heidegger.

          • Событие

            You embarrass me when you apologise. Everything okay? There are many demands on my time. One of them can be a most annoying Dora-like specimen; thankfully he is not completely out of his mind. People have lives. There’s such a thing as priorities. Pissed at what is unrequited so he takes his frustration out in the dumbest of ways. We’re cool one day, he seems to brood over whatever the next, so that on the third there’s a bipolar like change in his mood and as a result his speech and behaviour. I’ve got his balls in a blender. He’s been warned. Try me, just one more time, and I’m putting the lid on this machine and whirring away.
            Assassin’s Creed is all about Lamarckian memory. Explores the possibility of accessing the memories of our ancestors through a virtual stimulation machine called the Animus. Epigenetics is fascinating. Brand new: 20-30 years old. A foetus. For now, I’ll share the following. Otto is just so damn impressive. I’m crushing on a dead guy.
            What sets Weininger apart from his volkische ¨ contemporaries is that he rejects any such
            idealization of the concrete and “natural.” In Weininger’s world, there is no romanticized Volk
            or race, no refuge in an unspoiled form of community and no certainty to be had from the eternal
            laws of the blood and the continuities of descent. He shares Nietzsche’s aristocratic rebellion
            against mass society, scientism, and metaphysical deracination.83 Nevertheless, it is clear
            that Dionysos, for Weininger, would be associated with the terrors of femininity. Weininger’s
            “genius” is hyper-moral rather than amoral, logical rather than instinctual, represents ratio
            instead of will, and is obsessed with boundaries rather than reveling in their dissolution.
            For similar reasons, there is nothing ambivalent about Weininger’s image of femininity.
            For Weininger, Woman does not represent nature as the “Other” of modernity in any positive
            sense. She is neither associated with sexuality as a raw and untamed life force that could
            break open the suffocating grip of bourgeois conventions like Wedekind’s Lulu, nor is she
            fashioned according to late eighteenth and nineteenth century images of bourgeois femininity
            that arose from the gendered separation between the domestic sphere and the public world
            of work and politics—images of woman as caring, nurturing, sensitive, innocent, endowed
            with a fine aesthetic sensibility, and associated with all that is beautiful and harmonious, and
            thus representing a possible counterbalance to the cutthroat world of work and business.84
            She is only whore, not Madonna, and even the image of the mother is almost entirely
            devoid of any association with positive values like nurture and care. Femininity is associated
            with nature—not with nature as a romantic counter-principle to a destructive social world,
            however, but with nature as blind process, as unformed matter, as the churnings of capital
            There is, thus, nothing “unspoiled” in the outside world for Weininger that could serve
            as a haven from, or counter-principle to, the ravages of modernity. Unlike the liberals, he
            does not have recourse to the universal, critical dimension of abstract reason against the
            barbarism of the concrete; unlike the romantics, he does not turn to the concrete against the
            inhuman depredations of the abstract. Rather, Weininger rejects both, reified as the Jew and
            the Woman.85 The only space not yet conquered and formed by a society that he detests
            is internal, the only thing that is not subject either to the universal reign of instrumental
            reason or the siren song of irrationality, is the strong individual, the genius, imagined as the
            last bastion of the particular and authentic. It is this that makes Weininger’s text particularly
            interesting for an analysis of the dialectic of Enlightenment. He is not a romantic anti-liberal,
            nor a reactionary critic of modernity in the name of some glorified past.86 Rather, his work
            is a desperate reaction to the antinomies of capitalist modernity itself. Unable to imagine
            anything beyond them, Weininger has recourse to a vanishing point. In his attempt to purge
            the Aryan male of the Jew and the Woman, he tries to save the bourgeois subject from
            bourgeois society and its own embodied existence. Geschlecht und Charakter thus reveals
            hyper-rationalism and irrationalism as two sides of the same coin.

          • Событие

            Embarrassed because it’s not right for you to be apologising to me. Comprehending precious little not a problem. It would be quite the thing to pride myself on if I ever manage to offer something of value to you. I hope all is well. If not, don’t hesitate to tell me.
            Can I delete some posts? Can I ask you a random question?

          • Событие

            My question. If your wife asked you for permission to see a dude friend from the interweb or whatever, what would you say to her?
            The other day I told the doctor to do something to Sophie. Go *beep* her *beep* the *beep*
            Doctor: Ooof. I should at least buy her dinner first.

          • Honestly, I wouldn’t like it. It’s a testament to her trust, ultimately her love of me. She knew how important it was to me. And so she allowed it. She has male friends from college she still keeps in touch with. But it was a mistake. It hurt.

          • Событие

            My own jealousy was never from lack of trust. Had nothing to do with insecurity. It was something else. You can trust someone and still feel jelly in your belly. The doctor says things like my future wife doesn’t need male friends, not when she has me. I get it. I just find relationships can be stifling. My father and brothers are intensely jealous. My mother’s only brother was sweet talking me in an avancular way. My father’s only brother called me over to sit by him. Called me his girl. My father decided it was his turn to call me over. I was little. Looking back now I don’t know how I survived that awkward ordeal.
            I want to babysit your children.

          • That’s unreal you say that. Actually, so the reason it took me so long to reply, Sunday we hired a live-in nanny, moved her in.

          • Событие

            What did I say about being psychic! Do you believe me now?
            We have a live-in housekeeper. Is the nanny old? There’s this show, American Horror Story. Family hires hot redhead maid. She appears as a young, seductive woman to men, an old lady to females. So when the wife is eager to take on her services her husband chokes on his own spit. Like, really? Have you seen her? Look at her! Not knowing that to his wife the maid is in grandma form.

          • Yes I’m beginning to believe you possess unnatural powers of perception. The maid is young, but not attractive, at all. It’s the 1st time we’ve hired one so not sure what to make of it yet. We have a big house and she has the entire second storey all to herself, which incidentally includes my library.And she’s a reader. It’s only a matter of time till shefigures it out. Wish I had a proper study to keep my stuff.

          • Событие

            Psychics exist. One read my palm in Russia.
            How old is the maid? Do you have a hire White help only policy? I’m beginning to feel jealous of you. I think I have penis envy. I’m also jealous she gets to invade your library. You remember I said I wanted unrestricted access to it.
            I don’t like people who make running errands harder than it needs to be. I think I accidentally ignored someone’s offer of a smile.
            So yeah, I either topic hop or take a week or so to reply properly to posts; the Scriptorium way.

          • I’m an opportunity-responder as well. I’m the busiest I’ve ever been. Get these little moments randomly is all. I do remember your saying about the library. The thing is… I wish I had access to it! I seldom have the time to read anymore, when I do it’s while watching children. I buy books now with the intention of reading them,but they just sit. The nanny is 21. Seems to have trouble breathing. Whites only need not be a policy. Where I live it’s homogenous. The noticeable ‘other’ is Native American and it is small. The area is dotted with reservations, their income from casinos (by law can only operate on the reservations, effective monopoly) which is substantial, and they have distributive programs that dole out the proceeds among anyone with native blood registered with the tribe (no matter whether they live on the res or not). Exempt from state or federal taxes, their stores get inordinate business especially in those heavily taxed items. The end result is a kind of socialism, but they’re in rough shape. Depression and addiction. I was friends with a Chippewa family growing up, still keep in contact.

          • Событие

            Well the nanny should be able to help you make time for your books. Just don’t do anything that might stop her breathing altogether. How old are your babies? I suppose you don’t believe in contraception. Good Catholic that you are.
            ‘Other’ isn’t as bad as you NS folks make it out to be. I can’t imagine how anyone lives as long as these people have done without having formed a connection with someone not of the same race as them. Different can be good. It’s interesting. Some have qualities missing in Whites.

          • 6, 4, 2, and newborn. Daughter is the oldest, reads, rides horses. Smart cookie. As you said, I have no idea why anyone would bother with marriage and not want kids.
            “You NS folks.” I didn’t say other was bad. In fact, NS was about other being good. This was recently on my mind. My Chippewa friend was in the Dakotas recently protesting this pipeline being built. Travels with her kind, to organize in their interests, set up teepees and put on the feather headdress, and smokes whatever it is they smoke and camp out in the planned path of construction. Looks like fun (but it’s cold). I notice though she’s always posting things about evil WhiteSupremacists (especially in the aftermath of the Charlottesville thing) as though they’re coming for her. She’s as opposed to White activism as she is for Native American. I see the two as correlated, essentially the same. Both People are feeling the pinch of cultural genocide, the destructive effects of consumer capitalism and attendant loss of Identity. Both are attempting to assert themselves according to the old rights. But the one is applauded, and the other spit upon. Everyone loves to spit on NS. The kosher whipping boy. But no one thought it evil when it existed. Many allied with or worked with it: Japanese, Arabs, Indians, Finns, Cossacks, etc. etc. The program was antidote to the new dissolution, medicine for nihilism. I think it had the power to arrest the slide into oblivion. The new ideology is about everything needing to be made the same. A totalitarian leveling. And yes it’s good to have friends of different races, but I think people can live well in homogenous societies, there’s plenty of interesting variation and character traits. A Homer or a Shakespeare or a Virgil, not produced by multikult. I realise Whites are plagued by their own deficiencies. But I know these deficiencies are being promoted, they sow cockle in the fields. I’ve always liked this video. Here

          • Событие

            Most people don’t absolutely hate capitalism, they’re of the opinion that it just needs to be properly regulated. Communism is fine in theory, it just doesn’t work in practice, and Hitler’s “third way” (he never used that term) is Imperialism to most and no one wants that. A lot like the way Islam’s conquests are studied with harsh judgment.
            Most Brits want a more equal distribution of global wealth with power being diffused in a multi-multi polar world. This because it would stop any one country becoming a global superpower and throwing its weight around. Free trade is the tool to do that and a multi polar world together with strong border controls would be the “final solution” to the economic migrant problem along with restricting arms sales and improving conflict resolution through dialogue. It’s really not asking for too much if you think about it. Except it is. As far as government is concerned, in most circumstances, people prefer weak government to strong because when governments have dealt with issues that might actually need attending to, they start looking around for things to do and they usually make things worse for the majority. Brexit voters think that at the moment, we need strong government to negotiate with the EU but, of course we don’t have that and the fault lies with the electorate etc. etc.
            If people spit on NS it’s out of ignorance. And because it’s too intense. Too hardcore. They’re weak and prefer lukewarm living. It’s the same fear the religious inspire in people. Eat, drink, be merry folks think the passionate types fanatic madmen. These deficiencies are being promoted sure. But it’s also something very wrong with Whites themselves. I know this because it’s not just the spit on NS whip the Kosher boy’s ass types who lack spirit and strength of character. The people wise to the JQ, the fans of NS, all lack something vital. They latch onto Hitler and his socialism from the Whites are the best, f*ck the rest! standpoint. It’s not deep. It’s why I said in one of our earliest exchanges, most of these fanboys and girls couldn’t possibly live up to Hitler’s standards. What they’re looking for is a Whites only country. Everyone else has to move out. Never happening. Unrealistic. Your friend isn’t completely wrong for thinking they are coming for her and her people. What do you think a “White ethnostate” means? It means Whites only. The Alt-Right are scathing in their opinion of the Native Americans. NS has little political utility in Europe. The only reason these people are even fans is because of the racial side of the coin. Other races are allowed to look out for their interests. Whites try to and it’s an abomination. Why? I think firstly it’s because Whites have played oppressor well all these many years. The Jew gets to hide behind its goy slaves. Our leaders and soldiers cause much harm to ‘others’ around the world, even today. Concerning yourself with this, issues affecting mankind, makes you an SJW. Secondly, people have a hard time hearing Whites talk about being victims of this and that because despite claims to the contrary we aren’t in such bad shape in their eyes. What do the regular people look at? Wealth, looks, status. On all these fronts Whites hold an esteemed position. To these people Whites not as worse off as certain minorities. They don’t care for nihilism. Modernity’s various spirit killing failings. These things aren’t even on their minds. So they use what society places the most importance on to judge how bad Whitey has it. We need to take responsibility. Hardly anyone here cares about the more profound issues affecting our race. How can you expect normies to who aren’t even aware of what they don’t know?
            I like the vid too. One of my faves.

          • There’s so much to respond to, and it’s spread out between multiple posts, so I’m just going to quick give this a go.
            It comes down to the new nomos of the earth, where now all adversaries are degraded as criminal and subhuman. Carl Schmitt’s Theory of the Partisan actually predicted the age of the terrorist; also the transformation of the enemy concept from limited warfare between states, into the present dogma of political foe requiring complete annihilation. It’s this concept of the “enemy of humanity” an enmity which in itself is meaningless, in fact worse, this concept of ‘Humanity’ is an especially useful ideological instrument for imperial expansions. One side is prosecutor, judge and executioner, whereas the other side is criminal, vermin, etc. Schmitt was fond of quoting Proudhon who said “Whoever invokes humanity wants to cheat.”
            NS Germany wasn’t about Imperialism. Foreswore all claims to its colonies. It never had the aims nor even the capacities to be a global power. No large high seas fleet, neither the large strategic bomber fleet. It only ever aspired to be a regional power. To be Germans in Germany. In fact by its very nature it could not effectively rule over anyone except its own kind.
            I’ve heard it said we don’t even have any longer in the West a political elite, they are in fact a commercial elite. We mentioned metalanguage- language that says something about itself. Well metapolitics is politics that says something about itself. Why do we even have politics? In an age when statecraft is consigned to oblivion? The war was to affect an uprooting radicalization, overturning of the Jus Publicum Europaeum in a way not yet fully sprung upon its unsuspecting accomplices. We all lost the war. As Europeans anyway. We’ve been abolished, pushed beyond the Pale. Maybe the age of states is over, but we do not any longer have the say over what will replace it. Now just one, final Imperialism.

          • Событие

            I wrote you a reply on this. I get to see the difference between the Russian and German mentality first hand thanks to my brothers. My eldest is the most stereotypically Russian. Orthodox. Back when he lived at home and his friends would come over I was ordered to stay out of sight. His friends fear him. I think fear and respect are synonymous. Your friend’s sister is off limits. Don’t look at her. Don’t speak to her. See her out by chance? Inform her brother, your friend. They do this still. I don’t see the point. It’s not like they’re going to catch me on a street corner selling drugs. One of his mates texted me once. Asked me if my brother was home. I thought nothing of it. Informed my brother once he got home his friend was asking after him. He was pissed. How and why does he have your number?! Says he’s going to have a word with him. No sooner is the day over and I get a text from the friend apologising for getting me into trouble. Called me sis. My friends admit it’s strange. But apparently strangely attractive. They sent to be fiercely looked out for by the men in their lives.
            My half German half brother has my preferred approach. He’s not too heavy handed. Not completely laid back either. He’ll tell my brothers to go easy on me.

          • Событие

            You know what I find intensely interesting? Every man has my eldest brother’s characteristics. The difference is they choose to suppress, and no one has told my brothers they must. Not even my mother. The reasons for suppressing vary. That kind of thing comes naturally to men I believe. A Millennial who sleeps around and even dates promiscuous girls will have these very strict standards for his sisters. For any future wife. HE slept around. Complained I act like there’s no such thing as showers. Friend zoned a cute virgin because he didn’t want to be her first. I had to be careful not to come off as a moralising prude. Yet. And yet. I must’ve said something to one of his English friends. This was in front of him. I can’t remember what exactly. It was playful I know because his friend burst out laughing. He wasn’t impressed. Said I sound like a slut. It wasn’t even sexual. Silence now. His friend steps in to defend me against the slur. I knew he was acting out because he was jealous. But it was shocking how low tolerance he was when it came to me. I have countless examples like this from other guys. You’re right. About the promoting.

          • Событие

            I’m not surprised they are depressed and addicted, given their history of dispossession and genocide together with the ongoing defilement of their sacred spaces by the oil industry amongst others.
            Bet you didn’t watch the documentary on Ukraine? I think I linked it to you. It must have been someone else. The amazing thing is that they found inscriptions to Inanna dating from 22,000 years ago. Inanna was always believed to be a Sumerian goddess, the Sumerians having founded the “first civilisation” about 15,000 years after these inscriptions and the associated burial chambers etc in the Ukraine.

          • Событие

            One of the reasons why I’m so attracted to Islam is for the way it serves as a door to understanding the heart and soul of socialism. As Hitler intended it to be. Not the White Nationalist’s subject to interpretation version. Why did Jung liken it to Islam of all things? Interesting question. I want to know its essence. I like the European mind. I like the Arab heart and soul. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8ff53c79a796a418127c62199a9d6115ef51329a594a0a1df2fa05f4bac0d4f6.jpg

          • You should read Israel Shamir. If ever you babysit, I’ll loan you copies.

          • Событие

            Babysitting your kids might make me want some of my own.
            I should say ‘Islamic spirit’
            I might tell you about my Muslim friend from the political/military family.
            Last one! I’m not one for male ‘beauty’ but, I do love the ‘big’ has an appetite look. Not fat. Enjoys food look. Someone to feed. Amer needs to stop it.

          • Kids have their own way of expressing themselves, sometimes really get you. My daughter was coming to grips with mortality, a ways back now, and we were sitting together and she’s feeling affectionate, says “Dede?”
            I answer, “Yes Greta?”
            “I wish that you didn’t have to die.”
            “Oh… thanks sweetie. Me too. “

          • Событие

            Dede 😭😭
            Oh I now realise how awkward the daddy thing must have been for you. Other than for the reason that you think it originated in the ghetto. Can you imagine your wife calling you it suggestively without cringing now you have children. I’ve sometimes wished I was born as his mother. I just want to take care of him. Be there for him. Nurture him. Ease his burdens. Cure his loneliness. Other times, it’s more a feeling of wanting to be babied by the one you love. This’ll sound wrong but play the mother-daughter role.
            Is your newborn a girl? Greta needs a playmate. My older brothers are my sons. My little sister my daughter. My baby brother is my baby. I cried so much when he was born. I don’t want to rush this. But I’m eager to know about your sons too. You should be overprotective. It’ll do your little girl a lot of good growing up.

          • Событие

            Why don’t you like girls? The American guy I told you about (how I look for him in Yanks) said he wants kids some day, maybe like three of them, preferably all boys because he can live vicariously through their athletics. “I like girls, too, so i wouldn’t be mad, I just think girls are a little complicated for a man to raise. My little sister is a saint, though. If they were like her I’d be fine with it.”
            He also sent me this:
            Your dad (sorry for that awkward transition) is being reasonable in my opinion. My little sister is 15 and she’s very pretty but a sweetheart all the same, and one time my dad was doing the laundry and kind of flipped out that she had that lacy underwear, my mom just laughed, I groaned and looked away, it’s just gross to think about but imagine you’re the dad, knowing how guys are and knowing they’re mostly complete degenerates at that age. Thankfully she goes to church. Honestly, I think about church in terms of Pascal’s Wager at this point, I’d rather she had some sort of faith to validate her morality than whatever the fuck the Kardashians are spewing. I also routinely tell her what a disgusting slut Miley Cyrus is so I’m hoping that helps. The other day I told her if she became a feminist I wouldn’t ever talk to her again, I’m the best brother there is.
            Speaking of dads (now a more appropriate transition) does it not feel weird to you when you call other guys ‘daddy’? I had a talk about that with someone over New Years, and I’m just now remembering you use that ‘term of endearment’ with guys. Are you using it ironically? As a joke? I get that it ties into the whole dominant/submissive thing but…’daddy’? I think I’d freak out if a girl said that, then again I didn’t get introduced to erotic asphyxiation until I was 23 so I have no idea how far that rabbit hole goes.
            Don’t you hate when people overanalyse things.

          • Событие

            Yes I know it’s Dora the Explorer’s ‘papi’ you’re a big fan of. Get it? Dora, speaks Spanish, papi is the equivalent of daddy. I’m so funny where’s my standing ovation 😎
            On the subject of God this quote is the most sensible one you’ve shared. I just remembered the one by your priest. That was the best you’ve offered. I expected something like this from you: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6961c043a05ef884a4aeea486c4cf4755eaf0f8ec1282a8305ce0c170992a0ce.jpg

          • Really? The best thus far? Better than Homer, Rumi? Because Dershowitz is here being hyper-rational, calculating in the same way as Pascal, but betting on his splendidly vocal agnosticism. You said there’s nothing greater on this earth than a God-fearing man. Well how does it help to defeat this in your brothers? Disbelieving in God is one thing, personal, but becoming a vocal critic of belief is to say “You shouldn’t believe either.” You discovered this correlation between the way we love and belief in God, so you could say that a Heideggerian sense of ‘let being be’ or ‘let loving be’ or ‘let belief be’ runs contrary to the Dersh approach. As Zarathustra’s question, “What have you done to overcome him?”

          • Событие

            Daddy is not the big deal he’s making it out to be. When I first heard of it, then started using it in jest to poke fun, I did not know it would become this ‘thing’ guys would gradually start to like hearing. The way he used that word “guys” would have you think I go around calling every boy I meet ‘daddy’. I’m annoyed he feels the need to pick apart these silly things with others. I don’t talk about him. Not with anyone he knows. Why does he care so much. It’s stupid. School is about to start and I want him to stop caring ugh I’m I be weird mood whatever good night.

          • Событие

            In the West we’re taught to control our jealousy. Even when it’s justified. Can’t make a point of showing it. The Arabs take a different approach. It’s called protective jealousy. The mark of a man. They find our men unmanly for the way they suppress or lack this emotion. Of course, nothing in excess.

          • Событие

            Jessica’s nudes were what caused things to end the way they did with him. His telling Jessica what he wanted to do to her. Her saying mmmf I can’t stop reading it! in response. We weren’t even in a relationship. We hadn’t even acknowledged we liked each other. I was calm about it. On the outside. Inside something had died. I couldn’t go back to being my normal self with him. I couldn’t talk to him properly. You know how I showed my jealousy? The pic of the monkey. Playful. Then giving him a long drawn out hmmmmmmmm when he tried to rub it in about her body being beautiful. If Dora was really all or nothing she couldn’t want you knowing you have a wife and family. If she was all or nothing her suspicions that you have a thing for me couldn’t have allowed her to continue to covet your presence.

          • You’re all or nothing. So that’s the secret. An all or nothing approach to Life?

          • Событие

            When it comes to relationships I’m scared of all so I stick to what I know, which is nothing. He was on my mind all those times I brought him up. Once what we had between us began to gradually deepen even something like mere flirtation with him became too intense a thing to dabble in. Energy can be anything from recuperative to deadly. Only fools are satisfied.

          • I’d say we’re becoming less apt towards love. As you said it’s often just another form of self-Love. Our rationalism tells us we shouldn’t love too much, too intensely, that we should always have our finger on the ejection seat. I wouldn’t dream of arguing with you, but everyone I know thinks they were in love at 16 and just thanks their lucky stars that they didn’t marry them, then found their present spouses. Likely part of the difficulty stems from English just having this one word for Love made to cover all instances. As we get older love becomes less the storybook variety, matures, you share in suffering more than anything else, patient forebearance of faults, more practical in a way.
            Yeah the whole tabula rasa idea wasn’t something observed by science, or demonstrable in fact; it was wishful thinking by social engineer types who toy with us. A soulless approach to Man that treats him like a vehicle in a shop needing repair.

          • Событие

            The führer would be proud to have both of you in his Germany. It’s confirmed. Her man is having sex with other women. Or he has a mistress. I sympathise with polygamy. So long as the women involved consent to sharing the man. Men are biologically hard wired for it. It’s so bizarre. You know there’s something seriously wrong when a man is married to a woman he has no desire to impregnate. She doesn’t want children. He doesn’t want children with her. It’s a basic human drive. To not have it and be married to someone who doesn’t make you feel the urge to procreate. Sad. Whites are doomed. I still like White men. Just picky about which ones.

          • And my husband will sue your sorry fcking ass for internet fraud, sexual assault by deception, etc. Discovery process alone will require taking apart your employer’s hard drives. Adultery is a Class I felony in your state. Why don’t you cut out this shit of hiding behind women’s skirts. You’re such a fraud, Peter. It’s all about salving your ego. Nothing matters but your self-gratification and your stinking vanity. People are going to court. And you’re here circle-jerking in a closet.

          • Christina Maria

            BUNNY BOILER

          • Событие

            Your cuck of a husband will do no such thing. Give over with the threats. Schlomo has an employer, does he? So do you. Playing victim won’t help. You can fool the retards on this website by picking and choosing what to share and what not to share; you can’t fool a court of law. Don’t dig your own grave. You know you’ll be showing yourself up as the psychopathic stalker that you are. It is clear you wanted some dick action and are now pissed you didn’t get any. Your behaviour reeks of lustful obsession. Quit wondering why he is no longer worshipping you. You’re wasting your life.
            You are clearly too unhinged to feel any shame. People are going to jail and to court. And you’re here, a married woman, crawling and begging for Schlomo’s balls.
            Why don’t you cut out sniffing and searching him out? It’s pathetic what you’re doing. Are you that lonely and desperate? If he’s hiding it’s because every post is a chance for you to bark at him. He has a family. Small children. A newborn. Why are you so sick? I know none of this can mean anything to a heartless woman like you. You can only care that you get your ego stroked and your pussy stuffed. Go get help.

          • Yes, and you know Schlomo has a family because I told you. I’m sure he had no intention of doing so. But, who cares …. I hope you have an amazing friendship. Mazel Tov!

          • Событие

            Said this to the good Boris:

            I was going to threaten that any cleverness with me will force you to summon your Guardian Angel. Not for protection, for christening. I’ll have the honour. But, no. Let him remain nameless. Let me wish you a good evening good sir. Goodbye!

            He upvoted. Phew! Time to get back to work.

          • Jack

            All my posts go to spam and now the account it seems has been marked. IP banned. Would you email me?

          • Событие

            Email you my condolence message for your banned IP? Only if you’re sufficiently grieved about your account being newly a marked target. I see the Universe is plotting in your favour. I’ll tell you what I thought. I thought as I lay in bed, that you have reason to cling to revisionism as a matter of preserving your identity. It’s colossal guilt trip either way, because our emotions are directly tied to our identities, whether we acknowledge it or not. It was half-educated and wrongheaded of me to suggest the two needn’t be inextricably linked, when they are in several respects.
            I hope I’m not frustrating you. It’s the second-to-last thing I want to do.
            Older version of me reading a book I stole from your library titled ‘How to Avoid Being Picked Up by a German Man’ to my yet to be picked up sister-friends https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1260ec5557bb4af0471c83b9f0220b62266ffec40120b8c0c72b941a2a65160b.jpg

          • Jack
          • Событие

            Did you get anything from me in your notification these past two hours? Why, I posted a reply just now, and it’s nowhere to be seen in my comment history. I’m so frustrated I could scream.

          • Событие

            …and the newfangled, addiction-to-experience, the Now, no sense of ownership or even desire for it.
            I feel you. Someone I used to know would tease for it. Called my many (I can’t call them love or romantic because that’s not what men are for me) interests Flavour of the Week.

          • That’s from a punk song. I remember. Sometime around the turn of the Millennium.

          • Событие

            Friend said he had a quiet chuckle at these lyrics:

            I’M THE QUEEN OF ICE
            QUEEN OF ICE
            QUEEN OF ICE
            QUEEN OF ICE

            I’M THE QUEEN OF ICE
            ‘COS I’M THE ONE THEY LIKE

            I’M THE ONE THEY LIKE
            THEY WANNA RIDE

            I’m the Queen of Ice
            I make the boys feel nice
            They wanna sacrifice
            Their money and their time

            ‘Cos I’m the one they like
            They wanna ride my bike
            Most of them never try
            They can’t afford the price

            And when they pass me by
            They look away and sigh
            They know they’ll get denied
            They’re just a waste of time

            My standards are so high
            That they think it’s a crime
            For all I care they can cry
            And kill themselves tonight!

            I am a b*tch stone-cold
            and I don’t care who knows
            Enjoy your life in the friend zone
            You’re gonna die alone

            Too ignorant to know
            That when a b*tch this cold
            Say “no means no,”
            She doesn’t f around

            Even though I’m the best,
            you couldn’t get the rest
            You’ll have to rape your pets
            to finally have sex

            Now.. Had I been born a man these lyrics would’ve properly summed me up

            I like girls, they like me
            They look so good in their seven jeans
            Want you to be the one and my only
            I wanna be faithful but I can’t keep my hands out the cookie jar

            You see I got this problem I need help trying to solve it
            Because meeting after meeting and I’m still a cookie-holic
            You can hide ‘Em I’m gonna find ‘Em on the counter in the closet
            And I’ll say I ain’t do it with my face covered in chocolate
            My girl keeps setting boobie traps
            To catch me eating scooby snacks
            I left crumbs in the bed once but I told her I was through with that
            She still don’t be believing me but then guess that I’m cool with that
            But I gotta sweet tooth
            That will never come loose
            And the truth of the matter is

            I gotta thing for Milano, Biscotti, Italiano
            And I never turn down some Oreo’s if you got those
            Butter Pecan, Puerto Ricans, or them Oatmeal Raisin Asians, Hazelnut Brazilians, Macedamia
            Double stuff or thin mint
            It don’t matter you getting it
            Cause I gotta sweet tooth
            That will never come loose
            And the fact of the matter is

            I’m a monster for these cookies
            I’m a beast for they treats
            An animal for they cracker
            Head to feet they so damn sweet
            Can’t keep my hands, my hands, my ha uh
            My, can’t keep my hands, my hands out the cookie jar
            I know you had it (I’ll always be)
            I tried my best (always be)
            I went to Cookie Anonymous (always, I’ll always, I’ll always be a freak)
            I guess I’m a failure (I’ll always be, I’ll always be)
            I can’t seem to keep my damn hands out the cookie jar but it is what it is
            (I’ll always be a freak)

          • Just this last April. No, it wasn’t. Do you lie about everything?

  • Barn Cat

    I don’t believe that crap. It really shows how easy it is to get stupid people to believe anything. Like the idea that nobody died at Sandy Hook.

  • gato felix

    Remember it’s always the “big fish” that get away, it’s the small players that get the shaft in any politics, banking, anything!!!

  • JohnAmery

    Watch The Greatest Story Never Told, Adolf Hitler


  • Overall an interesting article. It was Napoleon who said “What is History but a story agreed upon?” Unfortunately few realize just how true these words are in the age of propaganda.

  • Zolicon

    History is like Shittt through a Canada Goose.
    What goes into it from the future is good but what comes out the other end is pure Shittt.

  • Zolicon

    Yes there is a reality but People choose to live in fiction.

  • oplix

    AT Fomenko has great work on chronology where he puts into detail many contradictions of history and moves many timelines close to 1000 years later.