Hillary’s New 2016 Strategy: “Vote for Me if You Want a Third Obama Term!”

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Not that we didn’t already know we’d be getting even more tyrannical oligarchical collectivism with a Hillary presidency, but it’s just weird to see her blatantly promoting the idea that a vote for her is a vote for more Obama politics as if there are just hoardes of people running around the streets of America beside themselves that Obama’s presidency isn’t going to last forever.

Via Salon, who loves her, and call refers to this strategy as “wise”:

After Thursday’s debate it’s clear what Hillary Clinton’s closing message is: “Vote for me if you want a third Obama term.” Clinton mentioned Obama 21 times during the debate, and almost every time it was to imply that she’s a stronger supporter of the president and, more important, better prepared to continue his legacy. She even dodged questions about her financial ties to Wall Street by noting that Obama accepted more donations from bankers than any Democratic candidate in history. The point wasn’t to bash Obama but rather to reject the idea that “if you take donations from Wall Street, you can’t be independent.”

The point, in any case, is that Clinton and Obama are very much alike. They may hold progressive principles (although Clinton’s record invites skepticism), but they govern like calculating centrists…

Then again, the Establishment wants to ensure Obama’s country destroying policies are continued, so why not.

So all those people who are “Ready for Hillary” are basically saying they are “Ready for more Obama”… in a pantsuit. Actually it was Mark Levin who called Hillary “Barack Obama in a dress,” but there really aren’t that many dresses getting worn by Hillary lately unless you count this yellow jacket bag thing which she wore at the last debate and also to her meeting with the CEO of Goldman Sachs. Sending a message?





Difference? None. She reeks of corporatocracy. How does anyone who supports her not at least get that very basic fact?

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