Hillary’s Health Decline: How Can She Be President if She Can Barely Climb a Few Stairs?

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It’s all over Drudge (at least at the moment):

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 2.59.46 AM

On top of all the other potential health problems, including socially awkward moments that some have said are actually seizures and others have said are proof of demon possession:

To that weird spot on her tongue that people have speculated could be everything from syphilis chancre to oral cancer:

To the coughing fits:

Now she can’t even climb the stairs without multiple staffers helping her.


Aside from her being shoved down the throats of the country as she cheats, steals, and claws her way into the Oval Office, is something really, really wrong with her?

We all know she’s psychotic, but on top of that, is she physically unfit to actually be president?

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  • j.hendricks

    NO comment required.

  • jaguar

    She’s a Demon possessed narcissistic sorry excuse for a human being, she deserves every physical impairment that happens to her…..

  • SexualMustard

    The moment I hear about that crazy biitc dying I’m throwing a huge azz party. Can American be so lucky that the witch just falls over dead?

  • Jonn

    B-b-but…she’s a woman! Certainly that…TRUMPS…everything else, right?

  • Trevski

    Ah… whats the fuss. She is a perfect candidate. Psychotic, sick, corrupt and clueless. The perfect western political leader. God bless them all. At least there is consistancy in the process

  • Frank

    Personally, I’d like to see her die from Lead Poisoning – and let it be a lesson to the other corrupt Washington aristocrats that their time of living large at expense of the tax payers will be coming to an abrupt end.

  • NonYo Business

    please… just keel over and rot in hell