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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suffered a foot injury during her book promotion tour in England, forcing the former Democratic presidential candidate to cancel and reschedule a number of interviews.

“Looks like Hillary Clinton hurt her foot in the UK and has had to cancel/reschedule a bunch of interviews,” CNN correspondent Hadas Gold tweeted Monday.

Clinton reportedly got her heel caught on some steps and twisted her ankle early Monday morning. The former secretary is now in a boot.

The former presidential hopeful failed to show up to a BBC interview Monday morning, which was scheduled to promote her new book, “What Happened” The book is her personal account of how she lost to President Donald Trump in 2016.

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  • YeahRightOkay

    …that boot would look better on that tumor on the top of her shoulders…

  • freeinpa

    A boot?? They should outfit her with a rubber room


    Too bad she didn’t break her neck

  • NonYo Business

    Feeble, unhealthy, haggard… looks like Karma is catching up and hopefully she will be burning in hell shortly.

    • Phil_Ossifer

      Yeah, I hope so, too, but you know what they say…the good die young. She’s almost 70 and in poor health but she refuses to improve the world by leaving it.

  • One Ring or Two

    So it’s not just her story she has twisted???

  • Phil_Ossifer

    Well, Trump already put a boot in her fat ass back in November so I guess this is poetic justice of a sort.

  • Rich Hillegass

    That worthless skank should be in a body bag like the Americans she got killed in Benghazi!

  • dav1bg

    Maybe she should stay there and hang out with her other British Royalty. Next stop Puerto Rico, i’m sure they would be very interested in finding out where all their aid money went. “What Happened” wonder if that will be in there. LOL.

    • Kimberly

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  • Milly Vanilly

    Actually she just slipped in all the $hyte that she has been shoveling out to everyone.

  • ArtBell

    Her foot actually got stuck in her mouth.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    She probably hurt her ankle chasing one of Bill’s floozy’s out of the hotel.

    • Rick E.

      More than likely she hurt her ankle by chasing one of Bill’s side chicks back INTO the hotel! It’s my understanding that she likes females much better. 🙂

  • R. Shultz

    I don’t mean the one on her foot either…

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    This is just a pathetic attempt of a ruse to deflect the fact that the ‘itlery Clittin’ lackeys, toadies and buttlickers discovered NO ONE WILL SHOW UP.

  • SP_88

    Wouldn’t it be nice if she was in the boot of a car headed for the compactor?

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Sorry, but ‘itlery Clittin’ is a HINO: HUMAN In Name Only…..

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Give Satan’s Personal Buttplug a PAIR of boots: concrete galoshes, then dump IT into the East River….