Hillary Gives Climate Speech, Boards Private Jet That Burns 347 Gallons Per Hour

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Des Moines, Iowa — It’s that time again, folks—the season when America’s megalomaniacs glut the airwaves with nationalist pomp vying for your worthless vote in the race to buy the title of 2016’s Corporate Oligarch-in-Chief©. This year’s election competition is replete with hypocritical antics befitting our politicians—but Hillary Clinton truly stepped it up a notch on Monday evening.

After unveiling her sweeping vision to install a half billion solar panels and cut carbon emissions in order to fight climate change, Clinton could have crossed the Democratic platform’s obligatory “say something about the environment” off her list.

Could have.

Until she was spotted and filmed at a terminal in Des Moines boarding a $5,580 an hour, 19 seat, 347-gallons-of-fuel-per-hour guzzling Dassault model Falcon 900B private jet.

You know, just like the one in your garage.

Because Hillary is down-to-earth, environmentally conscious, so in touch with the American people plutocracy.

Let’s just cut to the chase. Hillary’s Do As I Say, Not As I Do hypocrisy—flagrant though it may be—in no way distinguishes her from any other politician in the U.S. Inc. Delivering impassioned speeches to convince the populace that [insert plan, vision, law, rule, lifestyle here] is a worthy cause we all need to [strive for, advocate, follow], is a politician’s way to soften the blow of new revenue-generation. Stealing our income? “Defense Budget”!! taxes.

Ultimately, such hypocrisy is only a shock to those who still have faith in the political process that guy over there in the corner. To the rest of us, Hillary’s giving a speech about the importance of curbing climate change and proceeding to board what’s likely the exact most hypocritical means of transportation just a few hours later, is simply American Politics As Usual.

There is no surprise here. Only entertainment.

Don’t forget to vote.

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  • breakawaymotorsports .

    I don’t know how anyone with more than one ounce of brain matter could vote for this lying sack of manure..oh wait..we are talking about the American sheeple, who are more interested in entertainment value over character value.

  • I just had the pleasure of watching the movie that bitch had banned from theaters last night. It is now available for all to see on youtube and yes, that is one evil bitch: youtube.com/watch?v=1mYW5nmS9ps

  • Observing All

    She like Bush are total frauds on all fronts. Lyndsey Graham?
    Please be serious…..

  • Bubba T

    Why can’t this evil bitch just have an aneurysm already?

  • Richard_Throbbin

    Now that’s a hippocrite, spelling intended

  • skillet

    Hillary’s a piece of crap !

  • Not too worried- You have the 13 IllumiNAZI families that think they are chosen bloodlines from a higher realm, you have their Promethean Lords of Fire the fallen ones or ELOHIM that preside over them in the heavenly realms..then there is another group that owns it all. They don’t move too fast because they got it all covered and are not worried. Generally they wait til the self serving wicked and cruel ones almost get to the finish line and deny them at the cusp. They tend to never learn because this is not the first time. Fun Saturn Day Facts for you.

    • It doesn’t matter what they think they are if they are credible to the majority of the electorate. It especially doesn’t matter what you might believe about them if you have totally failed to bring that information to the public’s, or better, the court’s attention through all of the available mechanisms that exist for the purpose.

  • Ken5745

    Will the 2106 presidential elections be postponed? Yes, according to Mena Lee Grebin.

  • clarioncaller

    Hillary’s senior college thesis was based on Saul Alinsky’s book, “Rule For Radicals”, a marxist blueprint for fomenting revolution. Post graduation, Hillary maintained a close relationship with Alinsky. This book, in it’s credits, is dedicated to satan. What more needs to be said?


    Doesn’t everybody know the left & politicians, left or right, means “DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO”
    I don’t think I need to expand further on this comment.