Hillary Clinton Receives the American Patriot Award…No, Really

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In a move that could only be topped in irony by President Barack “Drone-the-Children” Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, Hillary Rodham Clinton has been honored with the American Patriot Award from the National Defense University Foundation. Lest you think that this is a joke, please check your calendars and note that the date is NOT April 1. This is for real.

Clinton was chosen…take a deep breath… for her defense of our nation.

The former Secretary of State, who resigned in a flurry of scandal after her alleged involvement in the massacre at the American Embassy in Benghazi, managed to dodge her appearance at a Congressional hearing to answer for her part in the death of four Americans by a rather conveniently timed illness, immediately followed by a fall that resulted in a concussion.

Warning: if you have a weak stomach, reader discretion is advised. Clinton was lauded in a press release:

“As First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton tirelessly worked to support and defend our nation and our allies around the world,” said Al Zimmerman, chairman of the NDU Foundation Board of Directors, in the release.

“Secretary Clinton will be the first woman to receive this award and in doing so joins an outstanding group of Americans who have been honored with the American Patriot Award, our very highest recognition,” Zimmerman continued in the release. “By honoring Secretary Clinton’s exemplary career in public service the NDU Foundation celebrates not only the American spirit of patriotism, but the leadership qualities necessary to preserve and protect that spirit.” (source)

Just so we are on the same page, this is the same Hillary Clinton who…

…asked the grieving families of the Benghazi victims “What difference does it make?” why they were killed

…commented “we think it’s worth it” when asked about the half million children who died in response to the sanctions against Iran

…was investigated for abusing off-shore tax shelters to the tune of millions of dollars

…recommended that Europeans “never waste a good crisis” in response to the economic collapse there

…is a member of the one-world government organizations such as the Trilateral Group, the Bilderberg Group, and the Council on Foreign Relations

The list could go on and on.

Of course, there is an old saying that “You are judged by the company you keep.” If you consider previous stellar recipients of this American Patriot Award, you’ll see that the character of former recipients is just as loathsome as Clinton’s. Most would not consider it an honor to be added to a group whose members include:

  • George H.W. Bush
  • Henry Kissinger
  • David Patraeus
  • John McCain  
  • Caspar Weinberger
  • Joe Lieberman
  • Colin Powell
  • Robert M. Gates

In this case, it looks like Clinton is definitely the right person for this dubious award.


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  • Smarty

    Had the people (not the ass holes) been allowed to choose the recipient for this award, it would have gone to Bradley Manning or Ed Snowden….

  • foresaken MARINE

    ugly old fat cfr corupted narciccitic cunt, please go away. Your kuntry has no respect for you!!

  • Anonymous

    Right in line with the propoganda. Up is down, patriots are terrorists….

  • JX

    Award presented by the Cattle Futures Scam Artists Assoc

  • agmand

    The blood of the Benghazi victims is crying to high heaven …

  • Wardogzzz

    All hail the next Queen of the Ununited States of America. May she rot in hell.

  • I went to The National Defense University Foundation’s website and from what I have read… I consider this place to be a danger to the USA, it looks as if they want an One World Government, even though they do not say this outright. If the give Clinton an award that is total bullshit, then you know this place in a front for the destruction of the USA.

  • Ed Swezey

    I think this award was well deserved and the “company she keeps” also deserved the award, as American patriots.

    Your attempt to highlight the downside of Hillary Clinton is vacuous and slanted. She isn’t perfect, but she’s done a lot more for the country than motormouths like you.

  • tayronachan

    Wow, these oligarchs sure love to stroke themselves, don’t they?

  • THE AMERICAN CHICKENSHIT is so easy to manipulate the jews can’t stop laughing. They’re pushing us into a WW3 just like they did WW2. Because the jewish moneychangers make billions financing these conflicts.

    Plus, it’s Gentiles murdering Gentiles, jews love that. The jews’ entire life’s purpose is to destroy all Gentiles in the world (including you supposed “christians”). They think if they mimick what the Real Jews did in Canaan we’ll all believe they ARE God’s Chosen.


    You can see this anti-Gentile, anti-Christian agenda in their “holy book”, the talmud: http://talmudunmasked.com. It’s also apparent in their playbook: http://100777.com/protocols