Hillary Clinton Just Threw Pizzagate Snark at Disgraced Former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn on Twitter… Was It a Message?

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Some people are gleefully, openly rejoicing at Mike Flynn’s resignation as National Security Advisor, but probably not for the reasons you would think.

Some of those people include Hillary Clinton and the guy who used to be her Senior Advisor at the State Department, Philippe Reines.

First a little backstory.

It was widely known that during the election, Flynn Tweeted and then deleted links to websites reporting on Pizzagate.


Now, after he has been forced to step down amid a scandal involving undisclosed diplomatic talks he had with the Russian Ambassador during the election, it is Hillary and her pal who are gleefully Tweeting references to Pizzagate at Flynn.

First, Reines Tweeted this:


“Dear Mike Flynn & Mike Flynn Jr.,
What goes around COMETS around.
And given your pizza obsession…,”
complete with a link to getting a job at Domino’s Pizza,
signed “XO, Philippe”.

Hillary quickly reTweeted Reines’ Pizzagate sentiment, adding:


Touché, right?

Well… here’s where it gets interesting.

Reines had predicted several days ago — before the story broke about Flynn’s indiscretion — that Flynn would have one of the shortest stints as National Security Advisor.

And Reines, who actually sent out many a Tweet personally rejoicing over Flynn’s departure —

— isn’t just any old former Hillary State Dept. chum.

For starters, the description he put up for himself on Twitter is a John Podesta quote, “Phillipe [sic] is the only person about whom you’re torn between patting him on the back and trying to get him committed to Bellevue.”

Reines also happens to be Managing Director at DC-based strategic advisory firm Beacon Global Strategies.

A little description:

A September 2013 article, “Clinton Allies Join Bush Alum To Form New Consulting Group” in Defense News (which has since been taken down, even from the Internet Archive), describes Beacon Global Strategies as unique for a Washington consulting firm because of its partners’ intent to eventually return to government. The article noted that “Consulting groups are routinely a place where former public servants are put out to pasture, a last stop to conclude careers built on senior government positions. But a group of former senior officials is building a new firm, Beacon Global Strategies, while retaining an additional goal. They all want to go back into government. Part of the confidence in future public service may stem from a combination of significant titles and relative youth, paired with the fact that most of the founders of the firm have ties to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who may be a presidential favorite heading into the 2016 election if she decides to run. Clinton’s longtime spokesman Philippe Reines and one-time national security adviser turned Assistant Secretary of State Andrew Shapiro are teaming with Jeremy Bash and Michael Allen to launch the group.” (stub source)

The firm claims to specialize in foreign affairs, national defense, cybersecurity, intelligence, and homeland security, in addition to foreign policy. What they call “strategic consulting,” sounds a like a private CIA wing. The firm has also been called a DC “revolving door on steroids”.

Also on board as a Senior Counselor at Beacon are former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell, who infamously went on PBS’ Charlie Rose Show last August saying he wanted to make the Russians and Iranians “pay a price” in Syria, which Rose clarified by asking, “We make them pay the price by killing Russians? And killing Iranians?” to which Morell responded, “Yes, covertly”.

In short, these people don’t play around. Reines isn’t just some guy making an offhand remark.

One has to wonder… was the coordinated Tweet and Retweet (which has now been widely publicized in the mainstream media as Hillary just being snarky) really a message to Flynn and the Trump administration about who was really behind Flynn’s ousting?

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  • Larry

    I think it’s too bad Flynn conked out, but who could blame him in the gutter ridden environs of the US political arena. The solution remains the same…. exterminate all liberals from the earth !

    • Debradwatt

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    • He was setup from within our own government and in fact did nothing worth his resignation. But he fell on his own sword to avoid any negativity for President Trump and the new admin. This was a 100% Democrat orchestrated hit job to try and undermine the new admin. He made a mistake, but broke no laws and the mistake was miniscule compared to what Hillary did with her emails and walked away ! This was a travesty

      Realize somebody released national security communications deliberately to harm DT and Flynn. so a much grander crime was committed. And there are many leaks happening right now and they should be prosecuted.

  • Disarmed in CA

    Don’t fight the paedos unless you are willing to go all the way, they have sick friends in the highest of places, and they will defend their perversion up to and including removing ‘threats’ from office, or land of the living.

    • DixieAngel_76

      One day they will answer to the King of kings. There will be no deals made then.

      • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ


  • CCblogging

    President Trump had to fire Flynn. He was a liar and he just had too much baggage. Besides that, Flynn is a Democrat to boot.

  • soluna1969

    Flynn is responsible for his own actions, pitiful that Hillary brings that up. Just goes to show you that the Globalists have their own private CIA and Trump has his hands full dealing with Domestic insurgents.

  • myworld5

    And what did her ‘ innocent’ remark about ‘Pizza’ mean ? Did it have something to do with Clinton’s pedophile group?? WHY DOES NOTHING SURPRISE ME !!!


    Me thinks the lady doth protesteth to much. And this Reines guy is crusin for a brusin

  • DixieAngel_76

    They are legends in their own minds.

  • barbarakelly


  • marlio

    Lol she is calling the kettle black!!! She visited jerry epsteims sex village six times I read, and bill visited it 25 times or more. They Offer children for services who are 18 or younger!!! I think Hillary and bill are a disgrace to themselves as well as America and should Both be in jail for a long, long time. It may involve, pizza gate leaders of both parties and possibly obama and others!!!

  • Ken

    Be nice to see her tweets when the DOJ comes knocking.

  • K. Weber
  • Gary Von Neida

    The Clinton’s “made off with” over 900 F.B.I. Files; they stole them when leaving Our White House (along with other things, some returned later–like furniture) and have used the RAW F.B.I. Files to blackmail many before and since leaving D.C.–AWAKE!

  • tscull

    Flynn isn’t “disgraced”. He resigned because of an “appearance of impropriety”, so as not to bring doubt or dishonor upon his president. In other words, he did the honorable thing, something the Obamas or Clintons would NEVER do! He was the victim of a behind the scenes political payback campaign by Obama appointed holdovers within our intelligence system that need to be rooted out and gotten rid of by the Trump administration. The real crime here is the monitoring and leaking of private conversations of the Trump appointees’ by unelected intelligence people that are entrenched socialists put into place by the Obama administration to do just what they are doing, sabotaging a conservative administration from within their hidden compartments!

  • TrevorD

    This US `internal war` is getting very dirty. And once again in the middle of it pipes up our lovely Hillary. She and her psychotic cohorts are `chomping at the bit` to destroy Trump and his team. Love him and his picks or not these actions are treason and should be dealt with as such.

  • Undercover Angel

    Clinton is the epitome of “fake” because she isn’t human.

    • These are some serious sick bitchez. We will see much of the democrat corruption unfold going forward.The Pizzagate thing is real and will be exposed, the investigation has never stopped at both fed and state level. It would NOT be ongoing if there was nothing there. NYC police and FBI have the goods on them as well as other feds and there is shuffling going on right now politically within those agencies. There are a lot of irons in the fire right now on many fronts. We will see massive exposing of democrat corruption in Oregon and Washington state, and that will start a snowball rolling toward DC. It is all far worse and much more deeply endemic than most people can fathom