High School Student Destroys Common Core: “Somewhere founding fathers are turning in their graves”

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A Tennessee high school student has turned the Common Core curriculum on its ear in only 5 minutes.

Ethan Young addressed the Knox County School Board at its regular meeting on November 6, 2013. His rousing speech should be viral.

Teaching is never quantifiable. If everything I learned in high school was a measurable I haven’t learned anything.

I’d like to repeat that : if everything I learned in high school is a measurable objective, I have not learned anything.

Creativity. Appreciation. Inquisitiveness. These are impossible to scale but they’re the purpose of education – why teachers teach – why I choose to learn.

Today we find ourselves in a nation that produces workers. Everything is career in college preparation.

Somewhere founding fathers are turning in their graves, pleading, screaming, and trying to say, “Is that we teach to free minds?”

The Common Core curriculum has come under fire for its standardized approach to education, as well as its Orwellian framework subtly directing students towards socialism. Assignments like “rewriting the outdated Bill of Rights” undermine the principals of liberty that this country was built on.

Common Core will turn out little worker bees who don’t question authority. As Young put it in his speech, “Why don’t we just manufacture robots instead of students? They last longer and they always do as they’re told.”

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  • rossco peco

    What happened I thought the Grid was supposed to collapse this week……now Im sitting on 10000 packs of ramon noodles and bottles water…..I gues I know what my families having for supper the next couple months.

    • Pity

      You must be a product of the common core being discussed in this article *wink wink* believing everything you are told. Just kidding there rossco, enjoy them noodles.

    • SKIP

      If you mix peas, onions and corn in now and then the stuff ain’t half bad and when opportunity presents itself, even a piece of meat helps.

    • Wilma

      It was a simulated drill and not an actual outage. But, save the Ramon, you might need them sooner than you think.

  • rizzo

    that kid ain’t from tennessee. he talks like a yankee or a left coast liberal. plus, i don’t think they make em that smart in the bible belt.

    • FreedomLover

      Hey Rizzo, you should come visit here in the South sometime. We’re good folks that are as intelligent and can articulate as well as any “yankee or left coast liberal”, we just look way cooler doing.

  • rockelle

    Get down with your bad self son! POWER TO THE PEOPLE…….DOWN WITH THE OPPRESSORS!

  • To rizzo (sic):

    Bigot! Prejudiced, biased, stereotyping bigot! What a hackneyed, uneducated statement! You are profiling and slurring “Bible Belt” residents and speaking of what you are ignorant! There is no difference between racial profiling and slurring and other ilks. One must feel sorry for you.

  • CommonSheeple

    This kid really better watch out. In America today the sheeple don’t understand or like anybody intelligent who actually has the guts to speak his/her mind. There is no room for creativy or free thought unless it is owned and patented by a corporation and government really hates anybody outside the norm. Just be a good little sheep and bow down to the powers that be and do as you’re told…baaahhh….bahhhaaahh!

  • rossco peco

    This on time at Band Camp I said Conspiracy ….and they locked me away…I want some Ramon right now….that’s all I got CupONoodles.

  • rossco peco

    When are the sheeple going to learn even the shepard is out to kill them…eventually…..he isnt like the wolf….the wolf kills you when you confront him….the shepard leads you until you are no longer needed…..then you are dinner

  • Mark

    American public schools are second-rate compared to the other first world nations and the amount of money spent per student is not the problem. Kids are not even learning the basics that are necessary to be successful in the world. Many graduate from high school but they hardly can read or write or even fill out a job application. Many accepted for colleges have to take remedial courses because they have not learned the basics in high school. Then when they graduate from college there are no jobs available because there is no demand in the soft academic fields that they are most likely to choose. Hardly any learn how to critically think for themselves in our education system. Public schools are mainly indoctrination centers for leftist humanistic propaganda.

  • Matt

    •Every year we spend more and more money per student hour, and the result just keep declining. On the surface you would think that this is just mismanagement, but in reality it has been designed to fail. The people in charge of the schools are following a plan of dumbing down the American public through the children, why? This is an agenda that the elite are following to make the sheep more manageable. Do your research. Read, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt.

    •Why do they do this through Schools? Because Marxists, socialists and fascists are all such master manipulators of human nature and understood that a child’s mind is essentially a tabula rasa (blank slate) whereby the State can purge their minds of any and all remnants of God, tradition, truth, liberty and rewrite their perverse Marxist and socialist worldview of history onto these impressionable young minds.

    •The people in the State and Federal departments of education are the ones responsible.

    •Just how did education in America turn from being a system that imparts knowledge to one that uses behavior modification techniques to influence the attitudes and beliefs of those passing through it?

    •So what was/is the real meaning of President George W. Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” to those who pull the strings behind the scenes? The real meaning is this: They cannot afford to allow any child to “slip through the cracks” and actually become fully educated! If such a child were to really excel beyond the low level thinking skills that they really want to see developed, then that child could pose a problem to them in the future, and expose their huge monstrous scam for what it really is.

  • I don’t think the people that were sitting behind those chamber desks even have the ability to understand what he was saying.You see,if they did their careers would be over in a flash.They to are going to do what they are told to do and what the common citizens think don’t even mean a thing.What they are really is experts at double talk and lip service,that all!look at all the real criminals that are exposed all the time at the leadership positions in government and then look at what happens then,not much.That young man was brilliant at any rate.

  • CM

    We need Ethan Young and people like him to run our country.

  • h5mind

    Common Core used to refer to the knowledge and skills required to be considered “cultured”. To be classically educated. It included all the hard sciences- geography, chemistry, geology, astronomy; US and world history; math; writing, diction, poetry, great literature, and music (as in singing and the ability to play several instruments). Finally, an educated young person could read Homer’s works in the original Greek; medical journals in Latin, and converse freely in French.

    So the government slapped the ‘Common Core’ label onto their mishmash of social and political programming and figured we would be too dumb to notice. It consists of a watery gruel of just enough literacy to read instructions and follow orders. Obedience in fact, is key to the Core– and students are regularly drilled on the importance of ratting out any peers who fail to tow the company line.

    The best teachers are unhappy with their new role as political propagandists and prison wardens, but they’re part of the Old Guard. There are plenty of indoctrinated replacements coming up through the ranks winning key posts as principals or superintendents to make sure new hires display the correct allegiance to the State and not the student. This year’s mandatory roll-out of the Core for all US public schools indicates their methods are working.

    We can resist by becoming more involved in knowing what our kids are learning, and work to refute the more egregious crap and disinformation. If their grades are high, we can apply for private schooling, which doesn’t have to follow the Core. The best schools offer full tuition for families unable to pony up $40-50K a year. Or we can set aside 2-3 hours a day and homeschool them (the amount of time required to meet and exceed the public curriculum).

    The US educational level, which used to be ranked 1st or 2nd, is now 17th. The elite know our kids don’t need a great education to flip burgers or man a tower at a FEMA camp. They just have to follow orders.

    • Jean

      We can resist by killing those who are in the way.
      Turn the enemy’s methods (alinsky, for example) on them – and ultimately, their big approach is violence.
      And they have to sleep somewhere….

  • REB

    Smart young man…hope for America future!