High Cholesterol Does Not Cause Heart Disease, Medical Study Finds (Video)

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A review of research involving nearly 70,000 people found there was no link between what has traditionally been considered “bad” cholesterol and the premature deaths of people over the age of 60 from cardiovascular disease.

Published in the BMJ Open journal, the study also found that 92 percent of people with a high cholesterol level lived longer. They also found that the benefits from statin drug treatment have been “greatly exaggerated.”

Go figure.

In this News Shot, Joe Joseph discusses the study.

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  • John C Carleton

    Seems all the time, things that have been told the public for decades by the inapt AMA, turns out to be either a bald faced lie, or the opposite of what Americans have been told was bad or good for them.

    Remember, these are the same bunch telling you vaccines are good for you and do not kill and harm children.

  • straight shooter

    Well, Pharma’s had a fifty-year run with this lie, dating back to when “medical experts” treated retired former president Eisenhower in the mid 1960s. It was decided that his cholesterol was the culprit. They began their “treatment,” and Ike promptly had several more heart attacks.

    Of course that didn’t contraindicate anything, and so the high cholesterol boogeyman was born.

    This appears to be finally going the way of the low-fat, fake-food diet, and must mean they have an even bigger lie–and the drug to “solve” it–all queued up.

    • Czajk

      The sugar industry had a lot to do with it!

      • Robindventers

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        • Ken, Megapolis

          You forgot to mention the Land Rover you jerk. See, I know your script better than you now ha ha ha.
          BTW your IP address suggests being nearer to Nigeria than New York.
          BTW I had far more fun winding up this so called Crown Prince on a dating site. I think I will return to him and his gang of buffoons. They are far funnier PMSFL.

  • TrevorD

    Who knows what to believe anymore. We live in a world full of scripted lies, deceipt, confusion, hypocricy and huge mind control. And once we get rid of the utter parasites sucking the life blood from Humanity, then we may finally see some truths about the world and ourselves. I hope to be here when it happens as it will be the finest and bravest step Humanity has ever undertaken.

    • vinnyz

      I feel if it don’t happen soon it may never happen, unless you count in some apocalyptic future after they destroy everything.
      Seeing Trump elected, even if only just more smoke and mirrors, shows they may still fear a possible uprising at least enough to throw us a bone. It does seem more people are opening their eyes to the bullshit and finally taking a stand and saying enough is enough.
      If anything good came out of eight years of that monkey puppet and the fear of being called a racist because you disagreed with his policies it was it seemed to empower all the losers to come out of the woodwork pushing their own bullshit using the same tactics.
      It appears to have lead to a major enough backlash that they knew if the shoved Hillery down our throats on election day as planned it would have lead to a second civil war and the elite being removed from power.
      But the majority of people that see through the bullshit appear to be too afraid to lose just how easy life has become for them and fell right back into being happy gnawing on table scraps instead of fighting for freedom.

      • TrevorD

        Agree totally. The point really is that most of us know that things are going to get challenging and those that refuse to wake up and stay inside their little bubbles are the ones that will suffer most. There is an awakening process within Humanity but it gets countered by TPTB at every step. However thats a good thing as these Psycho Lunatics are really showing their true colors increasingly each day. Lets hope more and more see it and soon and the “knawing on the table scraps” will revert to the much more tasty “fighting for freedom.”