Hidden Dispensary Raid Video Shows Cops Eating Pot-Laced Baked Goods, Joking About Assaulting Amputee

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Check out the hidden camera video below of Santa Ana police raiding what they claim is an unlicensed marijuana dispensary.

The team of officers broke in the door, cleared the place out, and removed all the surveillance cameras first thing, or so they thought…

Via Mediaite:

The footage shows that eight officers had masks on and their guns drawn when they entered Sky High Holistic, shouting “everybody on the ground” to customers and workers. After clearing the building of everyone present, the police began to remove the store’s mounted surveillance cameras, though they did not get the ones hidden by the owners when they heard about the upcoming raid.

Marla James, the amputee seen in the footage, intends to sue the city for allegations of police misconduct. Her reasons stem from a part of the video showing that as soon as she left the building, the cops started to crack jokes about her condition. One cop even said, “I was about to kick her in her f—ing nub.”

“They intimidated me. They threatened me,” James said, who is considered legally blind. “What they did, it was like shooting fish in a barrel.”

The rest of the video appears to show at least two different officers sniff, then eat, the store’s pot edibles, while the other officers sought out the rest of the store’s surveillance devices. Matt Pappas, the attorney who edited the video to cut out dead air, plans to bring a suit against the city on behalf of James and the store. “I’d like to see the police officers disciplined for the behavior that goes on here. I’d like to see the city stop engaging in illegal conduct.”

What a pathetic goon squad on parade. Little better than a bunch of middle school bullies. And for what? A medicinal marijuana dispensary? Ooooh. So many “victims” for that “crime”.

An internal affairs investigation is ongoing according to Police Chief Carlos Rojas. A spokesman for the department claims that because the footage is edited down just to show the parts where things are happening, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Really? Did the store owner edit the footage to show the cops making jokes about assaulting a wheelchair-bound amputee? How about editing it to make it appear like the police are playing darts and eating pot brownies in front of the camera?

These cops were having a blast being little more than bullies. This is what they are really like when they think the public isn’t watching them.

How is anyone supposed to take those in authority seriously? And every time a video like this comes out, people are quick to rush to the defense of cops and claim this is a just rare occurrence. Oh really?

How’s that exactly? Stories like this are in the news every day. It’s beyond common. In fact, if something like this doesn’t happen for one whole day in this country, people start to wonder if the Earth has sudden shifted dimensions or there’s been a tear in the space-time continuum.

This behavior isn’t rare. It’s expected now. We just know more than we used to about police behavior these days because we have more hidden cameras that garner footage like this. Sad we have to sacrifice our own privacy and put ourselves under constant surveillance just to protect ourselves from the people that are supposed to be “protecting and serving” us.

Hey guys… way to “protect and serve” there.


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  • All law enforcement officials should be subject to the random drug screens that are required of truck drivers and other “sensitive” workers. If they were, those acting like those on the video would be flipping hamburgers, as they should be.

    • Infidel51

      When i was a LEO we got drug tested at random all the time. I just assumed everyone did. Guess not.

      • bill lopez

        Yeah – at the school where my wife works they randomly search kids – the kids picked for the random searches just happen to be the kids suspected of having something they want to find. Random never turns out to be random.

      • Why aren’t you still a LEO?

        • Infidel51

          Went back to college and changed careers mid life. For money mostly but also because being LEO for a long time is very frustrating. Like digging a hole in the sand.

          • I can identify. I was made redundant by regulation changes at the FCC that moved the legal responsibility for broadcasting technical compliance from the chief operator (engineer) to the station licensee, as it should always have been. No license is required of the people who keep the station on the air, so they can be replaced by whoever can do the job, however poorly. While that made me redundant, it also made my skills worth about the same as a fast food burger flipper. After a decade as a radio station engineer and two-way radio technician, I found myself in food service until I tired enough of that to look for something else. I’m just now passing a quarter century as a truck driver, and hitting a new wall where they’d rather hire rookie drivers than those with 40 year clear driving records, like mine.

          • Infidel51

            That sucks brother. I went with health care. I drove a truck for a couple of years. Good times.

          • I was taking a mail order course to become a medical transcriptionist when they started feeding me things to transcribe, before giving me the promised software and pedal to control my computer. When I asked about this poorly planned curriculum, they suggested that I practice doing it longhand. I suggested they cancel my course, and told them that they had gotten the last money out of me that they were going to, and ditto their collection agency, which has calling me from every day to every couple of weeks. When I called them back the first time, they mumbled something about what they were, but I figured it out and added them to my contacts as “Spam”. I have learned through 30 years of vandwelling that it is much easier to lower my cost of living than to increase, or with continuing inflation, maintain my income. I’m 16 months away from social insecurity eligibility, and if I can live on that, I’m going to become a professional bum:-)

  • Guillotine_ready

    What we have in the US is a uniformed armed gang which is protected by a corrupt justice system that serves only a small percentage of americans. The only way to rid ourselves of this plague is to disband and disarm all of them.
    There is no argument that there are a few good ones out there because a good one would work to get rid of all these morons with guns.
    In cities where the police are disbanded crime goes down think about that.
    We can protect ourselves we do not need an armed gang that is considered above the law going around killing and robbing people to feed their bureaucrat cohorts.
    The gang in uniform is a line of defense to keep us from hanging criminals further up the food chain and it supports itself by extorting us, prove it wrong if you can.

    • ZipADee

      Just like weeds (not weed!), the corruption grows quickly and multiples. Tough for one or a few people to keep a lid on it. Like the show ‘Person of Interest’ and how Carter (honest cop – forced to take matters into her own hands because there’s corruption in the force and the judicial / political) goes about trying to bring down the snake head and the den. Just more proof that we live in a fallen world where weeds grow better than quality plants, which require our TLC. Always having to de-weed the grounds – a constant chore to rid the undesirables out.

      • ZipADee

        Yep, lousy WEEDS (the pricker kind that lodge in the base of your shoe). I like that show, along w/ Blacklist [look forward to them coming back on!]- both have some one-liner’s or two that speak to the facts. The non-emotional – just the FACTS. Even in the old West there were corrupt Sheriffs and Marshall’s. And, those who are paid to be rabble-rousers – like some of the comments on this posting (‘they hiss and gnash the teeth’) . The undesirables. Those of reprobate minds who are blind to their sickness – attacking and defrauding all who don’t agree w/ their ‘imaginative twisted truths’ [lies]. Same goes w/ those ‘rulers’ of the world system (the occultist – Nimrod mentality, the Serpent servants).

  • MrAnthill

    This is exactly how MANY if not most cops act when they feel safe and unwatched, relaxed into their group dynamics-they act like they are, their true natures. They are humans, not gods, and thus can be corrupt, violent, disrespectful, arrogant, dirty, childish, bullies, and lawless.
    Playing darts? They enjoy this, it’s their job. I agree with the author, “This behavior isn’t rare.” -not only expected by some, but accepted by many more.

    The undercover cops, like the one unmasked in the b/w shirt, are the worst. They are endowed with “freedom to be corrupt” allowances by their superiors, They are often the predators; brutal, thuggish, lawless, and violent. They are generally narcissistically arrogant from their special powers given, they operate with a sense of impunity, and believe that they are on a special and righteous mission, they believe they are venerated. And they are. They are respected, even reluctantly, and envied by their uniformed “comrades.” They are tyrants.

    Notice the police violence and terrorism tactics, masks and all, compared with the gentle but scared docile nature of the customers hurting no one. Even you against marijuana, is this what you want?

    They thrive on the adrenalin rush of excitement. It a party for them, from the anticipation, to execution, and final post exhilaration, a bravado dance. What you see in the video is the dance of the bravado…very common.

    You can blame the feds for this example of their insane circular reefer-madness and anti-hemp violent stance and assaults.
    “It is illegal because it is the law, it is the law because it is illegal.”
    These are federal lackeys and this is their propaganda:
    Reefer Madness


  • PlowsIntoSwords

    For a person to be secure in their property and papers is so absolutely fundamental to have a prosperous, truly civil society.

  • Centurion53

    I would guess that all or most of these cops are also
    corrupt and some are probably working with the Mexican cartels.
    This IS Santa Ana, California, after all. What a bunch of
    unprofessional A HOLES!!!

  • Pist-Off

    That whole damn department needs a major overhaul.

    • No, it needs to be abolished and replaced by the well-regulated militia that it should never have replaced.

  • SKIP

    Do we all recall the episode of “Son’s of Anarchy” where the prison officer responsible for the beating death of Opie gets paid back? I support LEO doing their job as professionals but these men are not that.

    • Assuming, as I must, that “Son’s of Anarchy” is a television show, why would it be representative of anything in the real world?

      • SKIP

        The truth is out now, clearly you are not a White American. I suspect some sort of “other” color in or from Englandistan.

        • I’m at least as white as you are, judging by the racist comments that are your stock in trade.

          • SKIP

            To be sure I am a racist and I make no excuses for it. Association with and being forced to work with the worthless apes made me that way.

  • Mike

    Every cop should have an armed citizen ride along every where they go. The armed citizen needs to have a camera and a gun. And the citizen needs to be rotated to other cops so no friendships cause issues. The armed citizens can then act as instant judges on cops gone wild.

    • Yeims

      Not a bad idea. Either that, or have a dog with each cop, the dog being in charge, and the cop’s main responsibility being to properly collect the doggy doo doo. But the idea is the same: the cops nowadays have such low IQ’s that they MUST be closely supervised.

  • Mike

    Every cop should have an armed citizen ride along every where they go. The armed citizen needs to have a camera and a gun. And the citizen needs to be rotated to other cops so no friendships cause issues. The armed citizens can then act as instant judges on cops gone wild.

  • stephen joseph

    The inmates are in charge of the asylum.

  • Infidel51

    Ugh. I am glad I am no longer and LEO and I am glad that when I served it wasn’t like this (at least not where I worked). What the heck is going on with the cops in this country? Just embarrassing.

  • Gearmoe

    So they all were fired without severance or pensions, right? For the good of our Nation this crap needs to be hit and hit hard. It appears there is no one in charge anywhere.

  • OldPoorRichard

    ISIL uniforms are nicely appropriate.

  • Uneyedentified Human

    I still can’t fathom for the life of me why or how I’m even on a planet where we have such controversial dispute surrounding a medically usable plant, heaven forbid anyone gets high or cures cancer. If they can make certain plants illegal why not choose trees and open up shop selling air, keep chasing the profit dragon all you want – it ain’t worth shit living in a planet where the “intelligent life” makes it’s own nature and wildlife illegal. Laws protect profit and profit is the new progress as opposed to each individual collectively working to support the Earths natural Utopia. Let Earth and nature set us free, we should sacrifice our non-consensual masters to the various volcanoes around Earth and let our planet remain as a token of peace to all.

  • MrAnthill

    [UPDATE]: Santa Ana Cop In Raid Footage Recalls Party Time W/Judge Who Signed Search Warrant
    (last entry June 12)

    The Weekly has obtained footage from the raid containing what seems to be a surprising anecdote from one of the officers onscreen regarding the judge who signed the search warrant. Hon. Jonathan Fish has been an Orange County Superior Court Judge since 2008, but before that he was a prosecutor with the district attorney’s office who specialized in narcotics cases.

    In the footage, an unidentified Santa Ana Police officer is talking
    to another cop as they wrap up their raid on the marijuana dispensary.
    “You ever work with John Fish, the DA?” the officer asks.
    “He was just in when I got there,” his partner responds.
    “He’s the judge that signed our warrant,” the first officer
    continues, adding that he had just spoken with Judge Fish and had
    enjoyed a good laugh with him about their old times together. “He’s the fucker that pulled into a gas station on our way to the Staples Center and goes, “Let’s buy some beers and drink ’em out of a red cup.’ I go, ‘That’s not going to be obvious.’ There we are at an am/pm getting styrofoam cups and pouring our beers into them. That fucking blew me away.”

  • whodowetrust

    I have to wonder just how many officers who be comfortable having their conduct on camera .All their conduct.
    What a sad lot many of our police have become.

  • Kim Chul Soo

    Burn their asses.

  • willi

    What scrimmage,this is still America scrum is what they are making fun of a Disabled person how low can they get ,they should be kicked off the force,these are the kind that gives the Department a bad Name,
    And yes they are SCUM