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It’s true. A case of Ebola has been confirmed in the United States. And this could just be the beginning, because it looks like there may already be a second case in Dallas right now.

Those of us in the preparedness community know exactly how serious this could be. We’ve read about pandemics and civil unrest and all sorts of Armageddon scenarios. With that much unsettling information in our mental reserves, the diagnosis of that man in Texas took on a different meaning to us than it did to the Americans who may have vaguely heard something about it while flipping channels on the television, between MTV and Dancing with the Stars.

We in the preparedness community know that an Ebola pandemic is the stuff of nightmares. It’s a gruesome way to go, with violent bleeding from every orifice. The horror of those images makes quite an impression, particularly when you imagine Americans dying in the streets like that.

We know enough that we realize we need a plan. We need a step-by-step course of action to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

So here it is. Your first step. Here’s the first thing you need to do:

Calm down.

Yeah, I know. Telling a person who’s upset to calm down is like waving a big red cape in front of a charging bull. It often has the completely opposite effect.

But please listen to me, because I’m right about this. Panic may very well ensue, but it’s an indulgence you can’t afford when you have a limited window to acquire the things you may need. So take a deep breath, get a pen and paper, and prepare to be methodical about this. While things could get bad, they aren’t bad right now.

Pandemic storm warning

Consider this to be a warning, like you get when a hurricane is potentially headed to your area. Usually a week or so before the storm makes landfall, newscasters begin mentioning Tropical Storm Murgatroyd in the middle of the ocean. They hint that Murgatroyd may be headed your way. A smart prepper knows that now is the time to replenish any supplies that might be running low, well before the rest of the people in the area go to the store and swipe the entire contents of the shelves into their cart before rushing off to the next display.

The discussion of Ebola when it was safely behind the moat of an ocean in Liberia was the equivalent of this. An alert that a storm was brewing.

Now, with the diagnosis of the person in Texas, the warning has been upgraded. Going back to the tropical storm analogy, we now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this storm will hit. What we don’t know, and can’t yet predict at this point, is the intensity of the storm. That’s okay. We know it’s coming, so if we didn’t go ahead and get things in order back when the storm was just a strong wind in the middle of the ocean, we still have time.

At this point, the first things you should acquire are medical supplies. Here’s a great article on preparing for a possible quarantine. They’re running out fast. Some of the things I recommended in my article yesterday are already sold out on Amazon. Here are the top things you’ll want to stock up on, with several options in case one is out:

N95 masks:  here, here, and here

N100 masks here, here, and here

Nitrile gloves here, here, and here

Tyvex suits here, here, and here

Safety goggles here, here, and here

If you’re like me, some of these are items you really didn’t foresee needing until Ebola happened along. Go ahead and get these ordered, because if things get bad, this will allow you a measure of protection if for some reason you must leave the safety of your home. These will be the first things that run out in the event of a pandemic event.

As the storm gains power, swirling over the ocean, it gets upgraded. It’s no longer a tropical storm, far from our horizon. Now, it’s a hurricane. Now everyone with half a brain is paying attention. You really want to be a step ahead of those with half a brain. And you want to be leaps and bounds of the ones who are even further behind in comprehension of the situation. The danger past this point is not just exposure to a virus. It’s exposure to a stampede of panicked individuals who don’t have the same grasp on the situation that you do, as a prepper.

When it becomes a full blown hurricane warning, that’s when the panic will ensue. Remember the long lines of vehicles evacuating when Katrina or Ike bore down on coastal areas? Remember the day before Superstorm Sandy hit New York City? You do NOT want to be out in that hysteria. You want to calmly prepare now, while others are still trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

It’s also important at this point to get hard copies of vital information. If for some reason, you can’t access the internet during the crisis, you don’t want to be trying in vain to remember the instructions that you read on some website, that one day, when it told you to do something…but…ummm.

No. That’s the last thing you want.

Here are some books with valuable information. You can buy them, or you can go on an internet scavenger hunt and print off the information. It honestly doesn’t matter how you get your hard copy. Just get the information you need in a format you’re guaranteed to have access to, regardless of the power grid, the state of the internet, or some kind of crazy censorship.

Ebola Survival Handbook: A Collection of Tips, Strategies, and Supply Lists From Some of the World’s Best Preparedness Professionals

The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Through Any Disaster

The Pantry Primer: How to Build a One Year Food Supply in Three Months

Sealing Yourself In: Prepping for Bioterrorism, Chemical Disasters, and Pandemics (The NEW Survival Prepper Guides Book 3)

Some items you may wish to stock up on, should the need arise to seal yourself into your home for the duration, are:

  • Duct tape
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Quarantine signs

If you don’t already have them, acquire these things before they are no longer available.

Lockdown in 3, 2, 1…

Now that you have those high-demand items like medical supplies stashed away, you need to take a look at your everyday prepper stockpile. In reality, if you’ve taken precautions to avoid travel, to limit exposure, and to watch for cases in your vicinity, you and you’re family are probably NOT going to get Ebola.

However, to keep yourselves healthy, you may have to practice social isolation. And to practice social isolation, you’ll need to stay home. You’ll need to go into lockdown mode, with no one coming in, and no one going out.

First of all, you need to establish a geographical danger zone. For me, if there is a case within a hundred miles, we’ll strongly consider that it may be time to go into lockdown mode. If you live in a city with an international airport, your personal guidelines may be different. You need to make a decision now based on the factors in your environment. Lockdown isn’t something to be taken lightly: it means you aren’t going to work, you aren’t going to school, and you aren’t going to the store. You are at home for the duration, however long that may be.

To prep for lockdown, you need to do an inventory. Imagine that you had to stay home for 60 days Imagine that you don’t have power or running water. In this situation, you probably WILL have power and water, but just in case things really go sideways, you should prepare for that possibility.

Most likely, you are already prepared for all of this. You’re a prepper, right? You’ve got this handled. So, just run a quick inventory of the following, fill any gaps, and consider yourself as pandemic-ready as  person can be.

  • Food supply (Learn more from this series or this book)
  • Drinking water supply (1 gallon per person per day)
  • Sanitation supplies (Learn more here)
  • First aid supplies (Learn more here)
  • Power outage supplies (Learn more here)
  • Entertainment (Learn more here)
  • Home defense (Learn more here)

You may find that you have a number of purchases to make, but you may alternatively be pleasantly surprised. Either way, taking stock of your position will provide you with a starting point and, I hope, some peace of mind.

Now, watch and wait.

Okay, you’ve compiled your lists, you’ve performed your inventory, and you have made your last-minute purchases. You have the information you may need at your fingertips, in a hard copy format. There’s nothing left to do but watch and wait.

There are a few things that you should remain particularly alert to:

  • Cases or suspected cases within a hundred mile radius
  • An uptick in cases overseas
  • Changes in the way the disease spreads – for instance, if it becomes airborne, this is a whole new ballgame
  • Executive orders related to a pandemic
  • Increasing civil unrest

Any of these things indicates that the time to escalate your protocols may be rapidly approaching. But even if these things do occur, you’ve got this handled, because you prepared ahead of time. Although this situation is one of the most alarming to threaten our country in a long time, don’t succumb to panic, because that state clouds your judgement and makes you ineffective.

In cases like this, knowledge can work either way. It can fuel your anxiety and sent you into a loop of panic. But if you get a handle on that, your knowledge can help see you through even the most desperate scenario. Keep calm. Prep on. You’ve got this.

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Contributed by Daisy Luther of The Daily Sheeple.

Daisy Luther is a staff writer for The Daily Sheeple. She lives on a small organic farm in the Pacific Northwestern area of the United States. Daisy is the creator of The Organic Prepper where she writes about healthy prepping, homesteading adventures, and the pursuit of liberty and food freedom. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. She can be contacted at Wake the flock up!

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  • Chantal_Designer

    No interest in living like a mummy.. It’s a bunch of BS to scare the populous to get another war going.. When, oh WHEN will people realize that..??
    BTW, do like posts by Daisy Luther, so, nothing against her..

    • Nichole Koonce

      WAR? Guess I read a different article as the above article refers to a pandemic, in this case Ebola.
      “Scare the populous” I can stir that pudding quite well.
      The “flu”, all of them, are just one mutation away from lethal pandemic status next flu season. Annually the flu virus mutate and it is always a dice roll. Just like flu shots are a 50/50 crap shot.
      As a prepper it is not about prepping for just Ebola, you have to consider the zombies too. So if you are prepping for zombies you might as well prep for a Pandemic cause the next flu season may just kill ya, that is of course Ebola does not get you first or maybe the big space rock that has “Hello Terra Firma” on it or that alien armada or just the NWO.

      • Chantal_Designer

        Yes, I have a bit different slant on the story.. They push the Ebola virus which is nothing more than propaganda to get the masses stirred up..

        • Nichole Koonce

          So, according to this line of thinking no one has Ebola, H1N1 is just a silly letter-number combination, and birds don’t have flu?
          Right! How could I have been so blind? It is all a conspiracy to pump the oh mighty fiat currency into the Military Industrial Complex. OMG! The chem-trails!

          (Loony tunes music plays in the background)

  • tophand62

    Thanks Daisy…

  • 1johnconnor1

    I continue to be on defcon2, monitoring the news. Any hint of a pandemic will result in a upgrade. Morale to the story, remain vigilant all

  • NS

    You post scare stories in ALL CAPS about Ebola and how to survive the coming apocalypse. Then tell people not to panic?

    Journalism at its finest *rolls eyes*

    • Hal

      Hey, man, this is the Daily Scheeple, a no journalism zone.

  • markww

    Here’s something to think about as to Ebola.
    1. Anything they touch has the disease for days from a pen to a ATM,.
    2. Taxi’s over seas had Ebola where the person was sitting. Someone needs to check it out I read it during the last couple days trying to absorb much about Ebola.
    3. Too many people on both sides saying different stories as to air borne, some yes some no . Lets get on the same page.
    4. Since there is no cure now no medications the only thing is that the Virus can spread due to Mistakes like the hospital. Did they open the flood gate.

    Pray today.

  • Kendra Krebs

    I’m prepped and ready, but when should you quarantine, when there’s one confirmed case in your area, or more??

  • whiteaglesoaring

    The original Ebola symptoms were truly hemorrhagic, which means there was a lot of blood leaking out of eyes, nose, mouth, all orifices, and even through the skin. Have you seen any images of these symptoms on the Internet? 70% of Liberians have cellphones with camera and access to the Internet. Not ONE photo of legitimate Ebola symptoms? Oh, just weeks ago, the WHO changed the description of Ebola, claiming that hemorrhaging was rare for this hemorrhagic fever. Does that tell you something about Ebola or about the World Health Organization?

    Ebola had been described as genetically stable. Now we have reports about mutations, hundreds of them…that’s not normal for a stable genetic system. IF this is anything, it is NOT the original Ebola, it’s something engineered.

    The hospital in Dallas that sent the sick man home with antibiotics were NOT following protocol. The government employees in customs let the doctor flying in from Guatemala with a hazmat suit, goggles, face mask, with “The CDC is Lying” emblazoned across his suit back was asked only was whether or not he had any tobacco or alcohol on him. Are THEY taking this panic seriously? Obama is sending 3,000 of our troops into the epidemic zone…of course, there will be another ooops when they come back sick or in body bags.

    How did could several African women with Ebola be cured in 2 days and walk out of the hospital healthy? Are you getting what is wrong with this picture?

  • Scot Fourowls

    Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy Director Michael T. Osterholm recently stated that virologists are “loathe to discuss openly but are definitely considering in private, the possibility that Ebola has gone airborne.” (source: Ebola goes dormant in carrier animals like bats, pigs, monkeys, birds in between times of human outbreak. Once there’s a human population
    contagion spread as likely in Dallas, Ebola can then go dormant in lower carrier animals for months to years. Nobody knows all the animals outside Africa that might be possible carriers. (Google confirms.)

    Crowded industrial pig-farming is common in the U.S., making the “reservoir” of Ebola in pigs (already studied in Canada) as feasible a scenario as the reservoir in bats, which live all over the U.S. as well. Once Ebola is released to a country and in its geographic DNA, the horror show is staged to happen. This is why most countries (but not the U.S. in 2014) sanely and safely block travelers from Ebola-infected countries during human outbreaks.

    Before August 2014 Canada Public Health website had stated: “…
    airborne spread among humans is strongly suspected, although it has not yet been conclusively demonstrated.”
    Now Canada’s website states: “In laboratory settings,
    non-human primates exposed to aerosolized ebolavirus from pigs have become infected, however, airborne transmission has not been demonstrated between non-human primates.” Yet virologists strongly suspect …

  • JustSayin’

    Truth be told, the only folks who will panic will be the ones who DIDN’T prepare. People have been warned for several years now of what’s going on, whether it be pandemic, financial crisis, etc.. If you didn’t take it seriously, then you may pay the price. Start prepping now, and don’t delay another day!

  • jim_robert

    Yup.. “just” three months too late to implement the flying restrictions. Nice work, Obungler. Hope this didn’t interrupt Obama’s tee off time at his zillion and one golf games since this issue first broke in the summer. If you were this incompetent at your job, you would be fired in a day.

    The issue is not that this is out of hand yet – that is still TBD. Rather, it is that the feckless, incompetents in the Obungler administration let it get to this point. People screamed about Hurricane Katrina. This could be a million times worse, but whether it is or not, the utter ncompetence and disregard for human life – while putting on the 16th green took priority – is utterly staggering. But, that shouldn’t stop the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters from still
    voting leftist in a month.

  • Herman Nelson

    Ahhh.. I love the company I work for.. We stock all of these items. Along with the water barrels, freeze dried foods, guns, ammunition, camping gear. I go to work with a smile on my face and a song in my heart everyday! 🙂

  • Falcon195

    EBOLA PANIC is the new media catchphrase. Presumably we Americans are over concerned with Ebola and should knock it off. Who’s panicking? A handful of parents have removed their children from schools and that’s about it. No substantial runs on supermarkets or numbers of people afraid to work or public protest.

    MANY AMERICANS have common sense concerning the Ebola virus and are conversant regarding the related health and social issues. Rather than panicking, we send our cogent and respectful concerns to the media and our representatives and our president. After all, we have broad access to knowledge and people thanks to the Internet.

    OUR MOST IMPORTANT PRIORITY is preventing Ebola from gaining a foothold in America. We must lock down our borders and test or quarantine high-risk people who enter the country. Cursory screening that does not detect asymptomatic Ebola infected people is unacceptable. Those are strong measures and are an abundance of caution, but entirely fitting given our nations vulnerabilities.

    THE UNPRECEDENTED OUTBREAK of Ebola in Africa, the war with ISIL, open borders, unrestricted travel, and the upcoming flu season present serious problems. While our law enforcement officers canvas our nation continually for terrorists, our health care providers must rule out Ebola in each and every flu-like case. Each of thousands of patients must be tested or quarantined, and aggressively treated if they are infected with Ebola.

    OUR HIGHLY LEVERAGED INFRASTRUCTURE is also vulnerable. Not so much from terrorist attack or from millions of people being sickened or dying from Ebola, but from the impacts of a sizable number of people choosing not to work to avoid infection. The resulting shortages and economic decline could be substantial. Even direct government intervention is possible should our healthcare system, basic necessities infrastructure, or financial services be seriously degraded. Of course, Such interventions would need to pass the litmus tests of scope and necessity.

    CLOSING OUR BORDERS and restricting travel is a small price to pay to insure against an easily foreseen potential for a national calamity. Many Americans understand this and would gladly endure the associated hardships of finite duration to defend our nation against Ebola.

  • WMC

    __War on Ebola or War for Oil?____

    by F. William Engdahl

    “One striking aspect of this new concern of the US President for the situation in Liberia and other west African states where alleged surges of Ebola are being claimed is the presence of oil, huge volumes of untapped oil.

    The offshore coast of Liberia and east African ‘Ebola zones’ conveniently map with the presence of vast untapped oil and gas resources shown here

    The issue of oil in west Africa, notably in the waters of the Gulf of Guinea have become increasingly strategic both to China who is roaming the world in search of future secure oil import sources, and the United States, whose oil geo-politics was summed up in a quip by then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in the 1970’s: ‘If you control the oil, you control entire nations.’

    The Obama Administration and Pentagon policy has continued that of George W. Bush who in 2008 created the US military Africa Command or AFRICOM, to battle the rapidly-growing Chinese economic presence in Africa’s potential oil-rich countries. West Africa is a rapidly-emerging oil treasure, barely tapped to date. A US Department of Energy study projected that African oil production would rise 91 percent between 2002 and 2025, much from the region of the present Ebola alarm.

    Chinese oil companies are all over Africa and increasingly active in west Africa, especially Angola, Sudan and Guinea, the later in the epicenter of Obama’s new War on Ebola troop deployment.

    If the US President were genuine about his concern to contain a public health emergency, he could look at the example of that US-declared pariah Caribbean nation, Cuba. Reuters reports that the Cuban government, a small financially distressed, economically sanctioned island nation of 11 million people, with a national budget of $50 billion, Gross Domestic Product of 121 billion and per capita GDP of just over $10,000, is dispatching 165 medical personnel to Africa to regions where there are Ebola outbreaks. Washington sends 3,000 combat troops. Something smells very rotten around the entire Ebola scare.”

    F. William Engdahl is strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”

  • Caitlin

    Personally, I am looking at this ebola thing as an opportunity as a prepper. Like you, I’m realizing I haven’t really prepared for this type of senario in any specific way. Of course food, water and other emg supplies and precautions I’ve taken would be vital, but if it isn’t an ebola pandemic it could certainly be some other disease at some other point. I’m glad to have my eyes opened to the possibility and have the opportunity to fill some gaps to feel more secure.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    You’re being systematically lied to every step of the way, by a compliant mainstream media and government that has become a tool of corporations and banksters, government in the shadows.

    A pandemic has obvious political uses such as forced immunization, quarantine, martial law, thereby controlling people using biological means.

    The story about the man from Ghana who sent word that the people in West Africa have recognized that the people who have “gotten Ebola” were those who went to the Red Cross for immunization, has been attacked online by DDOS and shills. Forums have been compromised and taken down by cyberattack and compliance by ISPs. The carrier for Ebola is the “vaccination”. Not that the Red Cross workers are at fault, just that “someone” has supplied them with Ebola carrying “vaccines”.

    Ebola was considered a very stable genetic system…until the current “outbreak”. That’s not how mutations normally run their course.

  • whiteaglesoaring

    The issue is not whether or not the government, national or international, is unable….it is not their agenda to provide effective protocols to contain the “outbreak”.