Here’s How the Mexican Government Treats Its Illegal Immigrants

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The Left loves to claim that the way America treats illegal immigrants proves that we’re a nation of xenophobes. To them, if you’re not letting every poor person in the world come here, and if you’re not giving them welfare, you must be a racist scumbag. If only they knew how other countries treat their illegal immigrants.

A recent report has revealed that Mexico’s National Immigration Institute has been torturing Central American migrants that have entered Mexico illegally. According to the victims, this torture includes beatings and electric shocks, and it isn’t limited to migrants. Mexican citizens have been scooped up by security forces and accused of being illegals. According to human rights activists:

“The order appears to be to detain Central Americans at any cost, even if that means violating the constitution, picking up people based on racist criteria and detaining and deporting Mexican indigenous youth along the way…They can get away with it because it impacts highly vulnerable populations who may not speak Spanish, don’t know their rights, and are unlikely to complain.”

These actions are partly being blamed on pressure and foreign aid from the United States. The implication is that Mexican officials are getting money for every migrant they send back, so now they’re taking drastic measures to find and deport these people.

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  • If you don’t have any means of support if jailed in Mexico, your support will be to carry you to the poor grave. If you can’t feed yourself, no one else is going to.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Quite clearly, these brutal behaviors are migrating north…

  • Reverend Draco

    I remember reading more than twenty years ago, illegal immigrants in Mexico were routinely beaten, robbed, and raped – because they can’t go to the authorities without getting arrested for being an illegal.

  • MW Hohimer

    We should do the same to ALL illegals!

    • Boogeyman

      Now that’s a damn good idea!

      • Elizabeth Greene

        Do you trust your government with this power? I don’t. The line between “citizen” and “illegal” gets really fuzzy if a police officer pockets your wallet and says “This person has no ID and tried to run, so I detained them as an illegal immigrant.”

        • Boogeyman

          Good point.

  • Tatiana Covington

    No one is anyone’s anything.

  • kpsmith

    I am waiting for someone to post the brilliant idea this is evidence we need to make it easier to get into the USA.

    • eggman2

      Hillary Clinton probably will. I think Bernie Sanders already did.

  • eggman2

    If you are in a country that has Napoleonic law ( You are guilty until proven innocent. ) that is what happens.

    It should come as no surprise that the Mexican government is hypocritical about illegal immigration. They want their people to come here because that is a source of income for their country when they send all the money that they send over there. It should come as no surprise that our own government is hypocritical about illigal immigration, too. Our government kisses the rear of our corporations by allowing illegal immigration into this country –and legal immigration, too. The more immigrants that get into the country, the cheaper labor gets because of the law of supply and demand: the more supply of workers there are, with the availability of work remaining constant, the cheaper the workers become in value.

    Also , the Napoleonic law thing is very important because we are indiscriminately letting into this country people that don’t share our democratic values. Meaning soon this will be like Mexico, or many other third world countries, if what I call PREDATORY-EMPLOYMENT AND OTHER-FOREIGNERS’-ECONOMIC-ADVANTAGES IMMIGRATION isn’t stopped. They bring their values with them. I have heard them expressing the way they think. And it is not the same to bring someone in that is married to an American, at least that person wants to become and think like an American because of his/her partner. ( Although I believe that they should be sent back if they divorce. ) But to bring whole families of immigrants to take jobs away from Americans and impose their beliefs on Americans (eventually) is utterly stupid.

  • eggman2

    Wasn’t Islam the religion of peace and love, as some say ?

    • Boogeyman

      Yesssiree, you betcha! And there’s Prime Oceanfront property in Arizona. lol

      • eggman2

        We will send all of the people that vote for Hillary and Bernie there.

        • Boogeyman

          That’s an even better idea.

          • eggman2

            They can enjoy their ocean front property in Arizona.


    For an example, just remember how they treated our Marine who was kept there for almost two years.

    • eggman2

      When I came to San Diego , California , there was a case of female, a sweet looking young California student, that was left to die by the Mexican government in the dungeons of Tijuana. As I learned she had done nothing much that would have been considered but a misdemeanor, if anything , in the USA.

      I had to go once to one of their judicial system facilities. And it surprised me so much to hear someone groaning from a telephone booth size metallic enclosure. That reminded me of a movie with Leonardo De Caprio that had the French king with his head imprisoned in a metallic head restraint. Yes indeed, some of their things, look like medieval torture.


        It never fails to astound me to hear what people can do to other people in the name of justice. There is so much brutality in this world. God must be so disappointed in mankind in general with all the horrible things we do to each other.

  • 1in7billion

    This is the border fence between Mexico and Guatemala. Mexico is serious about keeping illegals out.

  • eggman2


    The historic record is impressive. China built the wall thousands of years ago. China is still a nation today. China built that wall to protect its citizens from invasions from the West.

    Rome , didn’t believe in walls, it believed in open borders and military adventurism. Also the Roman chronicles speak of the ” peaceful invasion of slaves looking for a better life” ( That is how they called refugee, guest worker, and illegal immigration in those days. ) going into Roman territory. That peaceful invasion went on while Roman citizens went more and more unemployed and homeless.( That reminds me of modern day LA and San Diego, California ,where the number of refugees, working visa-ers, and illegal aliens grows everyday along with the number of homeless Americans.) Well Rome doesn’t exist anymore due to the Roman stupidity. The same ” peaceful ” slaves destroyed Rome and killed many Romans. It took Italians many centuries to regain their composure, when the forces of Garibaldi won Italy’s independence in the 19th century. That is what happens when leaders ignore the needs of their country and their people.

  • eggman2

    1) A refugee immigrant asked me : Why there are so many homeless on the street of this country ? They don’t help them like they help refugees ? ” I said to him , ” No, because this country doesn’t believe in helping its own people that much. In the future when you and your people become part of this country , they will do the same to you. ”
    2) A couple in their twenties , came from Tennessee to visit San Diego. The guy stopped me on the street to ask me , ” I see a lot of homeless in this city. Why is that ? ” I said , ” Because of the influx of foreign workers in this city. The same thing is going to happen in all of the country if a wall isn’t build and immigration laws aren’t made tougher ( Illegal immigration should be a felony, among many things. ) ” Everyone should remember that everything starts in California, and then spreads all over the country: the hippies, gay marriage, and so on.

    I know a couple in a Northern state, probably as much a sanctuary state as California, they are illegal aliens. They have brought family members and friends, and own houses. They are all supervisors in their jobs with barely a high school diploma and not much English. All that while American citizens go homeless and jobless in that state , too. So it seems as it is already going on in other states.

    A coworker asked me , ” I know this man in our ( sanctuary state ) city that makes $26 dollars an hour as a cook, but he is an illegal alien. How could that be possible ? ” I said, ” And I know an American who worked a day free in a restaurant in this city to prove to the employer that he could do the job. Yet if hired ( and that is a big if ) he is not going to get paid half of that. ”
    Employers prefer illegal aliens and are willing to pay them way higher than American citizens because of the rights that American citizens have. If the illegal alien gets injured on the job, he gets fired with no compensation. If the American ,that is getting that much money, gets injured , he wil get paid disability according to how much he made while working.