Here’s How Much Hillary Clinton And The DNC Paid For The Trump Dossier

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Last week we learned the Hillary’s law firm, Pekins Coie, was paid a total of roughly $12 million in fees by Hillary’s campaign and the DNC. And while Hillary’s General Counsel, Marc Elias, admitted that some portion of that $12 million went to fund the now infamous Trump Dossier, what we didn’t know, until now, was precisely how much.

Now, according to Reuterswe learn that a total of just over $1 million was paid to Fusion GPS for their “opposition research,” of which $168,000 was sent to British spy Christopher Steele.

A Washington research firm paid a former British spy’s company $168,000 for work on a dossier outlining Russian financial and personal links to Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign, the U.S. firm said in a statement on Wednesday.

Although it was public knowledge that Fusion GPS paid for the work, the amount had not been disclosed. Fusion GPS hired former MI6 officer Christopher Steele to collect information about Trump and his advisers.

Fusion GPS’ statement said it had told Congress about how $168,000 was paid last year to Orbis Business Intelligence, Steele’s company.

The money paid to Orbis was taken from $1.02 million it received in fees and expenses from the Perkins Coie law firm, the statement said. The law firm represented the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, although initial research by Fusion into Trump and other Republican primary candidates was commissioned by a conservative website.

Of course, while this incremental information is interesting, the far more important question is how much of the $1.02 million made it’s way into the hand of various Russian operatives on which Steele admittedly relied to collect facts for his salacious report? 

As we’ve noted before, most of the sources listed in the dossier were based in Russia and include a “senior Kremlin official” as well as other “close associates of Vladimir Putin.” Moreover, as CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell noted recently, it’s highly likely that some portion of the funds paid to Perkins Coie by the DNC and Hillary campaign made it’s way into the pockets of those “senior Kremlin officials” as compensation for their services.

In the dossier, Steele cites numerous anonymous sources, many of which work in the upper echelons of the Russian government.

The first two sources cited in the dossier’s first memo, dated June 20, 2016, are “a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure” and “a former top level Russian intelligence officer still active inside the Kremlin.”

A third source is referred to as “a senior Russian financial official.” Other sources in the dossier are described as “a senior Kremlin official” and sources close to Igor Sechin, the head of Russian oil giant Rosneft and a close associate of Vladimir Putin’s.

As we also pointed out last week, Hillary’s efforts to hide the payments to Fusion GPS by routing them through her law firm, prompted the Campaign Legal Center (CLC) to file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) alleging the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign committee violated campaign finance law by failing to accurately disclose the purpose and recipient of payments for the dossier of research alleging connections between then-candidate Donald Trump and Russia. The CLC’s complaint asserted that by effectively hiding these payments from public scrutiny the DNC and Clinton “undermined the vital public information role of campaign disclosures.”

On October 24, The Washington Post revealed that the DNC and Hillary for America paid opposition research firm Fusion GPS to dig into Trump’s Russia ties, but routed the money through the law firm Perkins Coie and described the purpose as “legal services” on their FEC reports rather than research. By law, campaign and party committees must disclose the reason money is spent and its recipient.

“By filing misleading reports, the DNC and Clinton campaign undermined the vital public information role of campaign disclosures,” said Adav Noti, senior director, trial litigation and strategy at CLC, who previously served as the FEC’s Associate General Counsel for Policy. “Voters need campaign disclosure laws to be enforced so they can hold candidates accountable for how they raise and spend money. The FEC must investigate this apparent violation and take appropriate action.”

“Questions about who paid for this dossier are the subject of intense public interest, and this is precisely the information that FEC reports are supposed to provide,” said Brendan Fischer, director, federal and FEC reform at CLC. “Payments by a campaign or party committee to an opposition research firm are legal, as long as those payments are accurately disclosed. But describing payments for opposition research as ‘legal services’ is entirely misleading and subverts the reporting requirements.”

After a full year of mainstream media hysteria over alleged Trump-Russia collusion, wouldn’t it be supremely ironic if the Hillary campaign were the only one ultimately found to have funneled some portion of $1 million in cash to “Kremlin operatives” in return for political dirt…

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  • Did Christopher Steele work for MI5 or MI6, or both?

    • BTeboe

      My understanding is he worked the Russia desk at MI6(cointerintelligence).

      • I’ve seen allusions to both MIs and anyone who has played both is about as reliable as someone who drifts among the 17 American spook farms.

    • dino m.

      Well, James Bond always worked alone so, he must have been the ever-faithful sidekick of…….Austin Powers!

      • The only person in an Austin Powers movie that should have been thawed is Vanessa Kensington. I can’t imagine Elizabeth Hurley with frost. She would have been a Bond girl in a Bond movie.

        • dino m.

          Unfortunately, someone(Tony Podesta, maybe?) decided it was best to thaw the goof out & pay him about 130 big ones for throwing together an at-best 2nd grade scrapbook that probably had all of the pictures Elmers’ white-glued to the(probably not) corresponding pages. Sorry, but this whole “episode” smells like a Japanese fishing boat……….that was missing at sea for a year(or two, or three).

          • With all the first hand information that you are inferring that you have, why aren’t you the independent prosecutor?

          • dino m.

            As far as I know, there probably won’t be one unless someone in Robert Mueller’s gang somehow “leaks” something out which cannot be ignored, which I seriously doubt will ever happen. That’s D.C. for ya.

          • They have already appointed one if they have begun questioning anyone, to avoid the appearance of partisan politics being involved.

          • dino m.

            Then I guess I’m not invited to the party. Oh well!

          • If you can prove what you claim to know and you aren’t invited to the party, you are likely to become the guest of honor at a funeral.

  • barbarakelly

    This was the normal of Hillary using the hotel and hookers with the bed thing. She will use anything she can get away with to win the sit of the Pres. she will sink that low. What ever it takes BS. I want to know more of the connection with the JFK Jr. plane crash—– just because she wanted to stay in DC and not go back to Ark. She is a criminal big time. Nothing like the modern Bonnie and Clyde.

  • SP_88

    Yes, supremely ironic. Even if the Trump campaign did collude with Russians, it’s obvious that Hillary and the democrats are guilty of:
    Breaking campaign finance laws
    Colluding with the Russians
    Rigging the nomination so Bernie Sanders would lose
    Collusion between the PACS and her campaign
    Violating laws regarding classified information on her unprotected private e-mail server
    Lying about her mishandling of classified information under oath

    It is also quite likely that she is guilty of:
    Breaking laws regarding the sale of Uranium One
    Receiving bribes and kickbacks
    Selling her political position to the highest bidder in a “Pay to Play” scheme
    Having political enemies and whistleblowers killed by hired hit men

    She is also a corrupt and incompetent politician because:
    She let good American military personnel die because she abandoned them in Benghazi
    She lied to people so she could smuggle weapons into Libya and sell them to terrorists to facilitate the overthrow of their government
    Covering up her husband’s sexual assaults by threatening the victims

    This woman is a disgrace to America, and we really dodged a bullet by not electing her as president. The Clintons are among the most, if not ‘the’ most corrupt politicians in America.
    And even though so many people are brainwashed by the mainstream media, I’m still surprised that more people don’t see them as the corrupt politicians they are.
    If not for the rest of the corrupt government, these two crooked politicians would have been put in jail long ago.