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Incrementalism has proved depressingly effective as a tool for getting most people to quietly surrender their rights piecemeal. For gradually habituating them to an ever-diminishing circle of liberty. When the circle finally closes and their rights no longer exist at all, they hardly notice – because by that time, most of their rights have already been taken.

The final surrender is met with a shrug rather than a scream of outrage.

Think how Americans have been habituated to arbitrary search and seizure. Something like the TSA would simply not have been tolerated if it came out of the blue sky circa 1980. And no, the terrr attacks of nineleven did not “change everything.” Getting people to accept “sobriety checkpoints” beginning around 1980 changed everything. Accept that – and something like Gate Rape is inevitable.

The same process works just as well when it comes to dismantling due process – and removing limits on what the government may not do to us. We didn’t get to legal strip searches for jaywalking or littering in one fell swoop. Nor rendition, torture as policy – and presidential kill lists. It is a matter of getting them – getting us – to  tolerate “A” so that “B” will be accepted in turn.

This is how the citizens of the United States will be disarmed.

No sudden, mass ban or attempt at confiscation – because that would probably lead to open violence on a large scale and they – people like Dear Leader Obama and his Vyshinsky, AG Eric Holder, know this.

So, instead, they will first pass “reasonable”restrictions.

They will target not guns – just dangerousguns. So easy to demagogue anything with, say, a high-capacity magazine. Or which looks “military.” Think how the ground has already been ceded by mainstream “gun rights” groups like the NRA – which invariably talk about “sportsmen” and “hunting.” Who needs an AR-15 (or Sig 220) to hunt?

Open carry will be next. How many millions of Clovers would support a ban?

Next, they’ll lobby for a new law (or just issue a fatwa) that makes it much harder to get a CC permit. Such as at a judge’s discretion. And only if you have a “legitimate” purpose. Self-defense will not be considered a legitimate purpose.

But the big one – tied to Obamacare – will be the transformation of gun ownership into a public healthissue.

The assault on smoking (and lately, soft drinks) should have alerted people – but as with “sobriety checkpoints,” most people readily supported the imposition of massive taxes on smokers because, after all, it is unhealthy to smoke. And of course, they didn’t smoke. So their rights were not on the table (foolish them). They – most people – never see that an attack on anyone’s rights is an attack on theirrights.They are easily gulled by their moralistic fetishes – their disapproval of some concrete thing other people do which they don’t like. Not seeing that if the government can ban (or control or regulate) thisthan it certainly can ban, control or regulate that. The particulars don’t matter. The principle is everything.

Thus, smoking has been anathematized – and rendered exorbitantly expensive to partake of. Not an outright ban – not yet. But ever closer, every year.

And guns? It will be argued it is unhealthy to have a gun in the house. There will be talk of all the suicides and domestic violence (red herrings, these – but exceptionally effective tools of emotional manipulation).

Inevitably, the children will come into play.

It will be argued that anyone who possesses a gun must also possess insurance. Just as car owners are required to buy insurance; just as we are soon to be forced to buy health insurance. The same arguments will be used – because they’ve already been accepted. Thus, just as it is not illegal to have a car – so long as you buy insurance for it – it will not be illegal (yet) to own a gun. So long as you are “properly insured.”

That will be the first step.

The second step ought to be obvious. Legal gun ownership will rendered increasingly unaffordable.

As with collectivized car and health insurance, the insurance you will be forced to buy in order to keep a gun will be based on the costs imposed by the collective. It will not matter that you handle your gun safely. Because others have not, you will be made to pay.

People can afford to buy a $500 rifle or pistol. How many will be able to afford paying $500 a year to lawfully keep that rifle or pistol? How many will be able to afford keeping more than one rifle or pistol? Can you see where this is headed? Is it not brilliant in its subtlety?

Insurance costs have already proved their effectiveness at limiting the number of vehicles the average person can afford to keep. I’ve written before about the effect mandatory insurance has had on hobbyists. It used to be easy (and legal) to keep a “parts car” or “project car” because other than the costs of buying it and fixing it up, there were no other costs. So long as you didn’t put it on the road, you didn’t have to insure it. In numerous areas around the country, you must now keep valid tags – and insurance – on every single vehicle, even those kept in a garage or in your back yard. If not, the vehicle is subject to confiscation.

Exactly the same tactics will be deployed against firearms. And it will be impossible to fight – because the fight over the principle was lost long ago. How will anyone argue against mandatory gun insurance when they have already accepted mandatory car insurance and now mandatory health insurance?

In a very short time, the government will have effectively disarmed most people without ever having had to push for an outright ban. The small handful of people who still possess arms will only be able to possess a few types and be very limited in what they can (legally) do with them.

Dealing with them will easy. Because there will be so few.

And because they will have already conceded the point anyhow.

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Contributed by Eric Peters of Eric Peters Autos.

Eric Peters is an automotive columnist and author who has written for the Detroit News and Free PressInvestors Business DailyThe American SpectatorNational Review, The Chicago Tribune and Wall Street Journal. His books include Road Hogs (2011) and  Automotive Atrocities (2004). His next book, “The Politics of Driving,” is scheduled for release in 2012. Visit his web site at Eric Peters Autos.

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  • Mark

    Come and collect your Gun Insurance…Might prove fatal… Hope you have your life Insurance paid and your funeral expenses. The majority of our rights taken away has happened because people are willing to let them go for a free meal, cell phone, you name it. This is no longer home of the free. This will not be stopped without a major confrontation. I fear much blood to be spilled.
    Better to die a free man than to be a slave to all these PIGS!!!

    • MARK,ever seen a dog and pony show,THIS whole thing is to piss off america so they’ll fight,the goal here is population reduction,and its going to work,TPTB,are decieved there all going to die too,there like the sheep in america,to stupid to realize there opening a can of woop-ass and they lose there life too,45,000,000 trained combat troops in america will kick ass on 8 different NATO countries at the same time,the TRAITORS and COMMIES who run america aren’t trained to do anything but suck off each other,when the SHTF they realize they made a mistake,we’ll hangem anyway……………

  • superdave:-)

    Trust me…Americans will submit without any fuss at all…I offer as proof the TSA. But if Americans were ever capable of free thought and action, it’s back in the distant colonial past. The existence of the Federal Reserve is proof positive that the flock actually enjoys lining up for a good shearing. But the sheep do like to wave flags and sing songs about freedom and free rights and all the stuff they’re afraid to exercise.

    Secession of a handful of States is what it will take to restart to journey towards freedom and liberty.

    • 41MagMan

      Stuff the TSA. Boycott flying on commercial aircraft and let those in charge of the airlines know why you are doing it. Numbers matter to these guys. Trick is to have enough of them to get their attention.

    • Anonymous

      Right on Superdave!!

      • HEY man, I always love hearing people talk about shit they know nothing OF,YOU BETTER WORRY about your self,cause 45,000,000 combat trained troops in america will not go down without a fight,will it be a bloodbath,YES,most americans are cowards and won’t fight,IT won’t take every one to kick NATO’S ass,but the ones who fight will survive,and the ones who don’t value their families and children,will see them die because they were cowards and girlymen….GO BUY some GUNS and get ready,your help will be welcomed…..

    • diana

      When it unfolds, it won’t matter whether they go quietly into the night or not. I’m amazed at the Americans who insist, “This would never happen in America!”
      Maybe some testimony from the bones of the Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, Rwandans, Serbs, Afghans, Iraqis, Palestinians, Somalis, Nigerians, Algerians, and many others have died because the peaceful majority did not speak up until it was too late. As for us who watch it all unfold, we must pay attention to the only group that counts–the fanatics who threaten our way of life.
      Now it’s the fanatics who threaten us. The so called peaceful portion of the Muslims have been made irrelevant by their silence as well.

  • stock

    Great article, sad but true, got my CCW, that will make it harder to take away, however, permit only lasts for 5 years….so everything can change at that time.

    • wolf

      2nd Amendment is my gun permit. Im not paying for a right.

      • hey WOLF,MY family has been in every war america has ever fought in,THE US CONSTITUTION and OUR rights were PAID for in BLOOD,IF the COMMIES and TRAITORS want to try to take our rights,FINE,when its over,ALL YOU COMMIES and TRAITORS “KNOW THIS” THERE are 45,000,000 guys like ME AND WOLF who are going to EAT YOUR ASS for dinner……………

        • wolf

          Well said, friend

  • akvalmet30

    Let the Fed Gov fire one deliberate shot in anger and you will see the sheep run, no matter what bold talk was made. This go around it will be just like the first American Revolution or quite possibly worse, with only a fraction….maybe less than 1% doing anything about our country’s ills. God help us.

  • brandon

    Great article and generally depressing. The mindset is absolutely spot on. People don’t realize we’ve already lost our guns, much like many of our constitutional rights. They’re simply waiting for someone to officially tell them your rights are gone and it’s illegal to own a firearm.

    I know many proud, aware gun owners will say they’ll die before that happens, and maybe so. But in the face of absolute force it’s much harder to resist than you may think. While you may believe you’ll die a martyr, 15 men in full combat gear kicking down your door praying you’re holding a gun so they can end you will only make you an eternal antagonist until history becomes re-written to say otherwise. In that moment where you make the decision to stand and die or shrug it off, you might see it all as pointless even if you took out a few thugs.

    That’s the reality of what will happen if push comes to shove. Some will stand, others will falter.

    • LegionFoxtrot5Niner

      brandon says “15 men in full combat gear kicking down your door praying you’re holding a gun so they can end you”

      A stupid way to resist. 2 man shoot & scoot teams manning temporary posts w a 500 yd reach to the road, will make it very unhealthy for the gangsters w badges to move about when general confiscation of firearms becomes common.

      You want to be a dead hero? Make your stand at your door. You want to be effective? Hide your firearms (or rather the ones that are worth anything) outside your home. cooperate at your door and then go out and be effective.

      ~My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us.~

      • sixpack


    • wolf

      Prepare your property. Those 15 men will burn to death before they reach my door.

    • RegT

      You are right about our loss of rights, and how our belief in the Second Amendment has actually helped it along. I am not against the Second Amendment, I am just saying it isn’t enough by itself, the mindset to fight for _all_ of our rights just didn’t exist.

      Read “Walter Mitty’s Second Amendment” written by Jeff Snyder back in 2004:

  • wolf

    Of course we can fight. I will blow anyone’s brains out all over my front lawn that attempts to fuck with me.

  • talk is cheap going to be interesting if people back up there mouth with action,im afraid not enough people will make a stand is my opion,prove me wrong i hope but in a short amount of time we will see because they already have there plans in motion and few if any have much of a plan when they come knocking on there door

    • wolf

      They wont knock. Early detection is key. They have nice gadgets, so do we. Just a few mins warning means everything.

    • 41MagMan

      King George III had plans too.

    • GO to the intel hub or other web sites,read george washingtons vision in the winter of 1777,he saw the war thats coming and we won,the powers in control know they can’t take america down,ITS going to be a population reduction thing,and all the stupid sheep will be eaten by the wolves in the fema camps,EVEN the police gang will fall,there no smarter then the rest of the sheep,when its over the strong will survive,and the stupid sheep will have parished,only a few are aware and ready,the LORD says 3% will survive and restart america,97% will go down without even a fight,and the LORD is broken hearted over how america has been decived by the anti-christ obama…..and the demoncrates………..

  • KorHi

    Better to Die on your feet then on your knee’s!

  • bill

    i see the opposite happening, there will be no gun bans and the people wont dhere to them, people are getting smarter to the black ops operations and a system of alarms are being put into motion so wwhen these loons pull up in the middle of the night in their black cars people wll be notified and help arrivves to sorround them and lay waste to them, this will be the only way, people must have plans in place to deal with this evil.

  • Anonymous

    I believe when dear leader puts another “justice” on the Supreme Court, it will be the death blow to the 2nd Amendment.

    • YOUR WRONG,the LORD sent me a vision a while back,and what we’re going to see is a replay of RED DAWN,NO warning,JUST a sudden invasion of foreign troops,driving into towns and opening fire on everyone ..the SAD thing is, the POLICE GANG are so sure the invaders win that there escorting them and firing on the people who are running for their lives,BUT when you see the way the police gang have been VIOLATING THEIR OATH,whats new HUH………………

    • sixpack

      That may very well be Obummer’s ONLY reason for being reinstalled a second time.

  • Xerocky

    “41MagMan says:
    November 25, 2012 at 10:48 pm Stuff the TSA. Boycott flying on commercial aircraft and let those in charge of the airlines know why you are doing it. Numbers matter to these guys. Trick is to have enough of them to get their attention.”

    But if we don’t travel freely, don’t they win? Is giving up a liberty because another liberty being attacked along with it really the answer? Isn’t that like saying ‘fine, ban bullets, I don’t need a gun anyhow!”?

  • Xerocky

    And also, they’ll go after bullets too. Big taxes, just like on smoking.

  • Recon

    Want to know the gear and tactics of the enemy? Sign up for Law Enforcement Technology magazine and any others that contain advertisements on the tools of the Nazi state. ” Know Thy Enemy” – Sun Tzu

  • Oath Keeper



  • SonOfTexas

    Legion, you got it right. Wolf, you will be an asset for all of us.
    The American revolution started after many, many instances of nibbling away at citizens rights. It came to a head at Lexington and Concord only because of shared “intelligence” gathered and sent to the citizens about a plan to arrest some leaders on trumped up charges and to confiscate personal weapons of the citizens. Without the advance warning, that whole scenario would have ended very differently.

    Also, as a Texan with family roots here since before the Republic was founded I have two pearls to offer you. (1) It was the creeping violations of Mexico’s laws by the Leaders of that government that incited the Texas Revolution. (2) Texans learned a bitter lesson in dealing with the “powers that be” in the Massacre of Goliad. The battle cries in the final Battle at San Jacinto were both “Remember the Alamo” and “Remember Goliad”.

  • Teri

    Give me liberty or give me death. I am so thankful that this earth is my temporary home.

  • Heretic

    I’ve been watching both sides of this thing for a long time, longer than most. I’ve seen the things the gov. has been doing, and I see the things the people have been doing. If the gov. thinks they can move against the people and win, they are sorely mistaken. We the people have been building some very nice guns from scratch. I know some working on powder and primers from scratch. I know of some who have built their own drones using smart phones. The gov doesn’t have a monopoly on creativity. Food for thought.