Healthcare CEO Told Nurses to Fatally Overdose Patients to Increase Profit

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By Josh Mur

After an ongoing FBI investigation revealed incriminating information, Brad Harris, CEO of Novus Health Care Services, is being accused of ordering nurses to hasten the deaths of patients.

Novus Health Care Service is a company based in Frisco, Texas that provides in-house care for terminally ill and elderly patients. The company’s website indicates clearly that Novus prides itself on the quality of care and “improved patient outcomes” as a result of the services its employees provide. However, an affidavit released by the FBI suggests Brad Harris has failed to comply with the principles of his own company.

The investigation began in 2014, when Novus was facing allegations of offering services to patients who did not apply for them. Novus was also accused of collecting funds for “unnecessary” services and procedures. During the investigation, Harris’ underlying scheme was discovered. Text messages the CEO sent to employees revealed he regularly instructed nurses to overdose patients with medication, often morphine, to hasten people’s deaths.

“You need to make this patient go bye-bye,” read one text from the executive. “Find patients who would die within 24 hours,” Harris reportedly told other healthcare executives, according to the FBI’s affidavit.

The FBI alleges Harris “instructed a nurse to administer overdoses to three patients and directed another employee to increase a patient’s medication to four-times the maximum allowed.” Both the nurse and the other employee refused to carry out the orders.

Harris’ text messages and conversations with other executives do not reflect the language or attitude an average medical patient might want or expect from the company providing their care. But what could inspire such a cynical and negligent approach to his vision of “improving patient outcomes?”

Simply put: profit. Like other care providers, Novus is subject to an “aggregator cap,” which prevents companies from earning higher revenues from hospice stays. In other words, prolonged treatment and care do not necessarily mean a larger check for hospice providers. In fact, with payments through Medicare and Medicaid, providers can actually be forced to pay back a portion of their fee if a patient lives too long.

Currently, no charges have been filed against Harris or his company. The FBI declined to comment on the investigation.

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  • doucyet

    More than likely the orders he was giving to his nurses came down from the top…….meaning the government handlers.

    • By passing them on, he became as much a perp as they are. Those who refused to obey them should be given permanent vesting in a retirement program at least equal to the one he was enrolled in, so that they won’t suffer from their humanitarianism.

  • Brad Harris should be placed in a nice secure cell on death row in a Texas prison until we can be rid of his sorry presence.

    • digriff

      You mean he should be there until someone can give him an overdose of meds……LOL….ironic.

      • That could be easily arranged during his next corporate physical, but it wouldn’t make as much of an impression on him or his employer.

        • Rebel

          Yes that is true of prisons in America, but we could ship them to Korea, or a Mexican facility.

          • It would be more efficacious to send them to China, where they provide excellence life support to those whose organs they will eventually sell and harvest without anesthetic.

    • Rebel

      Why waste the resources of housing and feeding the jerk. Put him on starvation row.

      • That will never happen in a corporately-operated penal facility that gets paid based on the number of beds they keep occupied and the number of mouths they feed.

  • John Francis

    He is a murderer and should be charged.

  • Stevesean

    This is why nurse’s, in general, are well respected by patients.

  • DivaEl

    At first I though this must be an April Fool’s Day joke, but now I see it’s real. What a sad commentary on the state of healthcare in America!

    • sunshine ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

      No they’ve been doing this in the UK for a while…called the Liverpool Pathway or something similar. They just kill old people many of them not even terminal. Just to save money!

  • cynic

    It’s not only politicians who should be in jail.

  • Major

    The providers have to pay back Medicaid/Medicare if the patient lives too long? Well, what policies did the govt. expect to come from such ACA laws? Oh yeah, the very policy of eliminating the patient. ACA is death care. Add that to the other lies: you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan, it will be “affordable,” there won’t be death panels…