Health Ranger Will ‘Water Down’ Political Videos To Avoid YouTube Censorship

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It’s nothing new – another YouTuber has been threatened with a ban for saying things that YouTube dislikes. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has recently released an alarming video declaring he’s going to “water down” his political commentary to avoid being silenced.

Adams runs the website and has often been critical of the government and the pharmaceutical industry, prompting YouTube to threaten to silence him. In his video, titled Sobering Health Ranger ANNOUNCEMENT For YouTube Fans, Adams details just how bad censorship in America has become.

Adams’ video comes on the heels of Twitter’s “purge” of non-leftist accounts, leading many to believe social media is intentionally silencing dissenting views. The death of free speech is imminent.

“Ok, major announcement for the YouTube channel,” Adams says to begin his video. “The Health Ranger YouTube channel will no longer be able to post many politically oriented commentary podcasts because YouTube threatened to shut down the channel if we continue to expose FBI corruption, the fake science lab of the FBI, fake race crime hoaxes, or any other content that the fragile snowflake leftists do no like.”

This should concern everyone, regardless of political affiliation. Free speech shouldn’t be up for debate, and humans should be willing to hear an opposing point of view. Being offended isn’t an option.  You either use your free speech to say something back or ignore the speech you dislike (like you do with government corruption and democrats killing kids overseas).

“It’s pretty obvious at this point that YouTube censors or moderators are very very biased people and very psychologically fragile people, beause they openly allow death threats against President Trump, right? They openly allow death threats against the FCC Commissioner; Pai is his name. They openly allow all kinds of death threats or bullying aginst Christians or against heterosexuals or against white males in particular.  This is openly allowed all over YouTube. But if you’re a conservative speaker you’re going to be censored.”

Adams also clearly states he isn’t just conservative. He considers himself a “free thinker.” He says he often holds views that are libertarian, progressive, and conservative.

“As a result [of censorship by YouTube] the Health Ranger channel will have to be, sadly, watered down on YouTube to be just the positive commentary…if that’s what you wanna hear, if that’s your life, that, you don’t want reality, you don’t want intelligent commentary…except Trump; Trump is horrible [sarcasm can be heard in the video], than that’s YouTube.”

But Adams does have some good news amidst YouTube’s threats of censorship.

“We are very close now to finishing our own new video system or video hosting system, which will be open to other voices that are being censored including conservative voices, and progressive voices, and libertarian voices. It is in essence competeing with YouTube, but of course, more from an independent media point of view. And we’re close to launching this.”

Although Adams doesn’t have a domain name for the new site yet, he says anyone can go there to hear criticism of the government that is often shut down. Plus he plans on posting more “natural health” and nutrition videos which could be a huge benefit to others.

YouTube can have whatever policy they want, the problem is that they are not applying their rules equally across the board.

Censorship is the antithesis of freedom.

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  • idontknow

    So first he moderates every single post on his forum, even when he is writing about free speech.

    Now he is going to water down his opinions to keep them market worthy to globalists.

    Like Alex Jones before him, another shill has been exposed by his own greed and actions…

    • Large McBighuge

      He banned me a couple years ago because I changed him on a couple things. Didn’t even reply once.. and I was very nice in my questioning.

      • I have to keep track of my fake email addresses I use on there because so many have been banned, lol

    • Smarty

      I have to agree. I don’t trust him as much anymore. I have taken some of his holistic advice and applied it, with good results. But… I think there is a darker side to him as he’s sounding more and more like AJ jr. every day…

      • lilred

        I couldn’t agree more. I started noticing it about a year ago,and called him out for fear mongering.

    • darkhorse

      never trusted him because he was always on IW

      • idontknow

        Exactly. You can judge a man by the Strafor company they keep…

    • Yep, funny you mention him along side alex jones because I’ve always looked at them both the same way. Greedy cucks

    • Wags71

      I like how the original purpose of Natural News was to expose how harmful all of the harmful chemicals, GMOs, vaccines, etc. are, but then you wonder which Republicans are against any of those things. I don’t see a single one including Trump, same with Democrats. Point that out, and your post gets removed every single time.

  • john

    I liked a lot of his information, however he would also censor your ideas. Don’t really know why. Seemed weird because he would get political then keep you from expressing your thoughts.

  • It is not Paranoia

    This is sad. We need something new, youtube is dead.

    • darkhorse

      yes…we need to purge our country of the cancer that has overtaken it…

    • and

  • gazoo3

    An alternative to YouTube is long overdue.

    • darkhorse

      you create one for us, gaz…you can do it!

      • gazoo3

        I’m highly gifted at coming up with great ideas but so much on the follow through.

        • darkhorse

          we all need to pitch in….

  • lilred

    I’ve quit going to his site because he has censored me on quite a few occasions. The last ome was when i said he was jumping to conclusiins saying antifa had something to do with the train crash near me in olympia, wa. Just another infowars type shill. I go here, blacklisted news, and the red flag. If anyone else can give me more ideas for independent media, I’d really appreciate it.

    • 8chan /pol/ – the best

    • Wags71

      I read Jon Rappoport’s blog daily.

      At least 50% of my posts on NN get removed.

      • lilred

        Thank you for the tip. I like the articles he puts out on nn.

  • Enough is enough

    Nothing new. News channels are all the same. No matter what side your on. Infowars is the worst. They go as far as to chop up the comment section to fit their interpretation of a story.

  • Scott Braveheart

    I never could stand this guy along with AJ. It’s people like them that makes alternative media look like a joke. In my opinion there all out about selling products and deceiving there gullible followers. Actions speak loader than words and from what I’ve seen they treat people like garbage who don’t agree with them.

  • SP_88

    Fuck YouTube. Bunch of commie snowflakes who are blatantly censoring anyone who doesn’t fit their narrative. And it’s being done under the guise of getting rid of “fake news”. Unfortunately the only news YouTube doesn’t censor is the actual fake news, because it jibes with their agenda.
    Many people already know that YouTube is doing this. Hopefully people will come up with a viable alternative to them that puts the snowflakes at YouTube in the unemployment line.