Health Ranger: The Republican Establishment Is A Total Disgrace For Blocking Cannabis Medicine For Wounded Veterans

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The Republican establishment recently blocked veterans’ access to medical marijuana, making sure our veterans remain addicted to dangerous, deadly opioids.

The Veterans Equal Access amendment was blocked by the Republican-led U.S. House, ensuring that Big Pharma continues to cash in on the biological destruction of returning veterans.

The very political party that claims to be pro-military, in other words, has just thrown veterans to the pharma dogs. This, coupled with the routine prescribing of mind-altering psychiatric drugs to veterans after near-instant “PTSD” diagnoses means that our brave men and women in uniform have in many cases been turned into pharmaceutical receptables for the profit interests of the drug industry.

It is an absolute disgrace that our veterans are being denied access to medical marijuana / cannabis medicine. In making this decision, the GOP establishment has become a shameful embarrassment to this nation, routinely putting the profit interests of their big corporate donors over the humanitarian protection of America’s soldiers and veterans.

My message to the Republican establishment? You should all resign in disgrace. You are hurting America and bringing harm to our veterans. America has no need for your pathetic, corrupt, globalist agendas.

The GOP establishment will lose every election from here forward because Democrats hate you and rural Americans are tired of your elitist corruption and collusion with corporate monstrosities like Big Pharma.

And to Sen. John McCain, you are a horrifying disgrace to this nation, our flag, our liberties and all the men and women in uniform. If you wanted to get rid of your own brain tumor, cannabis could help you do it, but you’re too corrupt, stubborn and evil to even consider legalizing this powerful medicine to save your own life.

So you allow others to suffer and die just as you commit the same condemnation upon yourself in the name of protecting Big Pharma’s profits. You are an insult to the uniform and a traitor to all those who wear it, and you represent the very worst of the GOP establishment that clearly hates this nation and everything our veterans fought and died for.

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  • rouge1

    Repub party is for big government and they are progressives.

  • stan

    What did you expect, Mike? Republicans work for Big Pharma and they vote that way too. Alas, so do the Democrats.

  • Cynical Old Bastard

    Natural News also heavily censors its comments. Be wary of any person trying to “brand” himself as a “Health Ranger” and selling health products. This guy is as much a scam artist as Alex Jones or the ‘google gal’ who bought the range rover last week… three years ago.

  • rouge1

    The poor stupid dumb asses who rely on the va should go buy their own weed and not be as dependent as a baby on the evil government.

  • straight shooter

    Nice to hear Mikey calling out Republicans for a change. Although I give him a lot of credit for his broad and deep knowledge of natural health solutions, it’s so tiring to read his constant diatribes against “The Left” as if they’re the cause of every single ill in society.

    Cynical Old Bastard is absolutely correct about Natural News heavily censoring their comments. I know because I called Mike out about his partisan myopia–and it appears I can no longer comment on the site, period.

    • Fearthenut

      Well most of the ills in our society involve the left. Own It. You sky screamers are shameless brazen liars. I hate sharing a planet with you let alone a country. We would be so better off without you!!

      • straight shooter

        No, the ills in our society involve the top 1% of the power structure who use BOTH the Left and Right as ideological constructs to attempt to control all systems as they see fit, including making sure those of lesser intelligence are so busy fighting a false ideological war that they have no idea they’re being played from the top, and instead they blame everything on their perceived enemy–the “other party.”

        Sound familiar? It should. Your rant makes you a textbook case in point. By the way, I am neither left nor right. May you get a clue one day.

  • Fearthenut