Head of Fusion Center and Two Others Commit Suicide over Ashley Madison Hack

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At least three people have reportedly committed suicide now after being outed as cheaters from the Ashley Madison extramarital affair website hack and subsequent leak of some 37 million email addresses worldwide.

Michael Gorhum, a police captain from San Antonio, Texas who oversaw the San Antonio Regional Intelligence Center Unit better known as the Southwest Texas Fusion Center, shot himself to death on Thursday.

Gorhum was apparently easily outed because he used his work email which was easily recognizable. Another San Antonio detective was also on the site. As Photography Is Not a Crime pointed out, “We can expect many more government officials to be exposed who did not have the foresight to use an anonymous email.”

Two more people in Canada have also committed suicide because of the hack, but Toronto police have not released any further details according to BBC.

The website’s slogan is, lovingly, “Life is short. Have an affair.” They forgot, “… that everyone will find out about” on that second sentence.

CNN is reporting that the hack is “ripping marriages apart”… although, wouldn’t it ultimately be the CHEATING that’s doing that?

Not that suicide is the answer, but it’s kinda hard to keep reading these whiny media stories sympathizing with cheaters about how sad it is for them they might lose their job because they signed a morality clause or that some guy’s wife is leaving him and taking half because she can prove he was cheating on her left and right. Didn’t your parents teach you how to take some responsibility for your own behavior? It’s not the hacker’s fault you cheated in the first place.

Again, suicide is not the answer, but the fact that 37 million people… that’s million… got outed in this cheating hack is a pretty sad statement about society in general.

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  • arahn

    “Life is short. Have an affair.” what irony — just got a lot shorter for them and I doubt they even got any of what they signed-up for anyway. Such fools, first for signing-up for such an obvious trap and second for killing themselves for the ‘shame’. They couldn’t have been so happily married anyway but I suppose at least now they don’t have to pay the divorce lawyers and alimony.

    • brutus

      I guess he forgot to take his happy pill!

  • Gearmoe

    Lots of men on site are single posing as married. Works pretty good, so I hear.

    • Ken, Megapolis

      Thanks for the tip off mate. One in return:- play female characters on Facebook. That way you get 2 or 3 times as many likes and (positive) comments (even if you are talking crap LOL).
      A drinking buddy of mine never leaves home without his ‘wedding’ ring LOL. Now I know why.

      • sunshine

        Yep. Takes two to cheat, one to cheat and one to cheat with and I’ve heard that about women liking married men. Hopefully those women get back exactly what they put out there.

      • David Mowers

        If one thinks you are marriage material they all think you are a catch. Women spend all of their time searching for a fantasy that doesn’t exist.

  • Daddyotis

    DEFINITELY makes a perfect statement about the state of morality in America today. 37 million people. Wow

    • Well, the 37 million is a bit dubious, as AM never deleted people’s accounts or validated emails. So there are fakes, plus people like me, who back when this first started and heard about it were shocked and curious what would be there. At the time I lived near a military base, and a lot of females referencing their military husbands. I suspect, especially in the early days when this a unique, a lot signed up to see if these were really real.

    • Reverend Draco

      37 million worldwide.

    • B000000000000000000000000

      37 million immoral. Seems you need to be held accountable to those that trusted you. PUNK A$$ immoral. Stand for your punishment for violating that trust LOL.

  • If you are so stupid to use your work email you deserve to get caught.

    • EgbertThrockmorton1

      I have ZERO empathy for anyone “caught” in this hack as well. This is about sheer stupidity. IN the state in which I reside, there are at least 20 state government emails “exposed” in this hack. Morons deserve what is coming for using their WORK email. I don’t think “stupidity” is kind enough of a term to use.

      • arahn

        but it is no surprise that our bureaucrat ‘rulers’ are so stupid, plus they always think they are above the rules

  • ccambridge

    Imagine if all the corrupt politicians and out of control greedy government and business leaders were outed and did themselves in. We could start our government from scratch.

    • They have but only the NSA has the info for blackmailing purposes.

      • I’d prefer to call the DOD has access, as the NSA is their little component. It would also explain how Dempsey can correct Obama about what US strategy will be, ignore Congressional laws for audits, and actually increase military spending without any legitimate threats.

    • Ed

      “We could start our government from scratch” = Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result = insanity.

  • Idahocntryboy!

    Be sure your sins will find you out!

    • You put bad out, you get bad back. Tried, tested, and true.

      • arahn

        but sometimes bad things do happen to good people — not in this case of course. In fact, one of the problems I have with ‘karma’ is that most of the people who are well off are usually more evil than the homeless guy.

        • Yes well off but maybe lonely, can’t trust anyone, unhappy, jealous of that other guy that is richer, feeling like they deserve more, can’t find true love as any potential mate is only interested in what you have not who you are. I “had it all” for a while in a poor person’s sense of what it would feel like and I really wasn’t happy even though I had women, drugs, designer clothes, money, popularity, contacts, etc…
          Meanwhile that bum you are speaking of may understand life more than you or I, knows how to make themselves happy, and generally has found peace with themselves and do not mind their situation. There is this dichotomy, this balance to life that exists in all areas IMO.

  • Just Me

    I have no sympathy for any of these people. You play, you pay.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    You will not stop affairs from happening. They predated AM and will continue till the end of time. But yes, I have NEVER used a work email address to even set up a Facebook account. Gmail and Hotmail are free to set up and unlike FB they never ask for your passport.
    I have about a dozen unused email addresses linked to locked FB accounts set up for ‘research purposes’ LOL.
    I would freely give them away to the thrill seekers LOL.
    So help both me and them God.

  • Reverend Draco

    Yes, the world is doomed because a maximum of 0.52857142857143% of the world population was outed for improper dick wetting. . .

  • RomeoOscOscSierraTangoEchoRome

    I feel like a Yellow Lab after reading this story……!

  • B00000000000000000000000000000

    Mmmmmm if you can’t do the time don’t do the crime. I have no sympathy for all you godless sex junkies! Go ahead and shot your self.
    You made a willing mistake. No stand and be corrected.

    • sunshine

      It would be nice, but people really don’t care. They’ll do it again, their evil souls are pretty much toast and they are irredeemable (99% of the time).

  • sunshine

    Meh, men cheat. ALL men cheat. It’s just stupid that people break up families over it nowadays. But it is pretty shitty to be so stupid that you get caught out because you don’t have the sense to use a fake email and get one of those cash credit cards.

    • I used to cheat but I don’t anymore, I am happy.

      • sunshine

        You’re rarer than a unicorn, my good man!

        • Smarty

          I cheated on my unicorn…. and now it wants half of everything I own…

          • sunshine

            Hahaha see, there ya go! Was it worth it??

    • TickTock

      Plenty of women cheat too, I promise you that.

      • sunshine

        Agreed! All those men have to be cheating with someone….

    • Ed

      Your definition of a man is different then mine.

      • sunshine

        Well, I’m a woman and it’s just what I’ve seen. It would be foolish to look for the needle in the haystack, the rare man that doesn’t cheat, don’t you think? And generally, men are only as faithful as their options. I’m not even hating on them, just stating what I’ve seen.

        • Ed

          I think your kids deserve the “needle in the haystack”.

          • sunshine

            You are probably right, yet…if I waited for that man, I’d never have kids or a family. Besides, if I don’t know for certain, I don’t really care. All I ask is the respect to not flaunt it or throw it in my face.

          • Ed

            If he respects you he won’t do it in the first place.
            I think you have been associating with trash. There are men who are so dedicated to their family and doing what’s best for them that the idea of having sex with another woman is laughable. If I were you I would try making yourself worthy of dedication.

          • sunshine

            It’s never worked. Besides, I’m married with a lot of kids already so no matter what, here I am. Depends what you consider “worthy of dedication”. All I really care about is that he takes care of his kids and puts on a happy face at home. If he’s balls deep in whores…meh, whatever. Just don’t give me a disease! Yes, that’s probably cynical and depressing but that’s modern life! At least I’m not a single mom, thank God.

          • Geez sunshine, that sucks. I COULD cheat on my girl and I WOULD get away with it but she is my other half and I would never do anything to hurt her. She is my best friend, the only one who never stabbed me in the back or screwed me over.. considering that I could NEVER do that to her no matter how attractive the woman. Women love to try though, I don’t get it, maybe they are unhappy in their own relationships so they set out to ruin others, I don’t know. The last one was married and would have cheated in a second given the chance. She was a very attractive woman and knew it and was probably used to getting whoever she wanted. I was always nice to her but that is it + my girl knew about her, I told her.

          • sunshine

            Oh yes, there are tons of women like that out there and I think that’s part of the reason but the real reason is…women are catty, hateful and evil and cannot stand to see another woman happy. My husband always tells me about the women at his job like that, seems like there’s always one. I don’t know why he tells me, lol he’s probably sleeping with her so you’d think he would keep his mouth shut as I have never been to his current office (and have no interest in going)! Men…lol who can figure them out?

            But you sound like a rare decent guy…I knew I liked talking to you for a reason 😀

          • If you are tolerating being cheating on and lied to just so your kids have a family then you are an outstanding person. I hope that when your kids are grown you will then seek true happiness/love. Someone who does that to you doesn’t truly love you and the fact that you hang around just for the benefit of others tells me that you deserve so much better. You have to look in selfless places to find selfless people. I would say church but that would be a very inaccurate lie. I would say people who volunteer to help others would be a good place to look but then again I met my girl on AOL instant messenger in like 2001/2002, lol, so ya never know. I talked to her for years before I met her though, when we finally met we had already known each other so it seemed seamless and life has been good every since(well, not always good, we went through a lot but we went through it together, my drug addiction, her disease, my parents, etc..). She got diagnosed with MS a year into our relationship, she thought I would leave her over it which I did not, instead I figured out how to beat it for her and got her some real medicine that works. If she was with anyone else she would probably be in a wheelchair by now and she realizes that.

          • sunshine

            Haha yeah you are a good guy, MS is awful. My stepdad had it and I took care of him until he had to go in the nursing home. I wish I had known what I know now, then. Maybe he would’ve lived. I miss him every day though, he was my best friend. Can I ask what you were addicted to?

            Honestly, this sounds weird but I am not unhappy. In fact, I am oddly relieved that the pressure of “finding true love” is off. He can’t be my everything and that makes me not obsess over it. If that makes any sense! And I don’t know for sure if he cheats, he is an extremely smart man and if he didn’t want to be caught, he wouldn’t be. Not that I ever go looking…ya know “Look not at keyholes lest ye be vexed” and all that! Oh and “better the devil you know” is another good one. With my luck I’d end up on an episode of Dateline…aka the show where women are killed by their significant others. But thank you kindly for your nice words…and as the child of divorced parents I think I would tolerate almost anything to spare my kids that misery!

          • I used to do A LOT of drugs. When I say a lot I mean it, they were free for me as I was a dealer and I did not hold back when I set out to party. I almost died on many occasions. I would be at places where people were known to be on a lot of drugs and I almost got kicked out of those for being too fucked up, lol, quite a feat!

            I used to mess with the undercover cops in those places too. I was bold, I would mock them right to their faces but they were too stupid to realize I as mocking them, lol! I was a mess, I had some kind of invincibility belief or death wish, I dunno, I had lots of fun though! I would eat 20-30 ecstasy pills in a night where as my friends were only eating 1-2. I would snort so much ketamine that I would fall into a “K-hole” for 45minutes at a time and wake up not knowing where I was. I remember snorting so much that it caked the walls of my nose and I couldn’t do it anymore, I was pissed! One time I remember my friend asking me to follow him out of the backroom of a nightclub… I started following him but I knew something wasn’t right and people were staring at me and my friend was embarrassed so I turned around and went back to my seat… it turns out I never got up, lol, I stayed in a seated position but started walking like that without ever standing up, lol, he said to follow him so I did but I was clearly in no condition to do so.

            When my crew threw a party there was no alcohol at all, it was all drugs. Usually we would get either a 3ft nitrous oxide tank or a 5ft tank, depending on the size of the party. Instead of plastic cups everyone walked around holding balloons, lol. Much easier to clean up after one of those parties though… no stained carpet and smell of beer or any of that disgusting crap that involves alcohol, just a bunch of broken balloons and cigarette boxes, things like that.

            It all started when I got my body. I learned how to get into top shape, I learned the diets of pro bodybuilders and was able to get myself into contest shape although I never entered a contest(I am NOT doing that much drugs to win so I don’t enter). Because of the way I looked I started to get invited to these places were the ugly people weren’t allowed, lol! I had no idea these places existed but my mind was blown… inside was like the best party ever, the highest energy I have ever experienced to date. Everybody was in shape, everybody looked good and wore the top designer’s clothes and your ugly/fat friends got left at the door or had to go home, we skipped that part and just didn’t bring them in the first place. I remember feeling the evil in those places, it was surreal. It was hot, very hot and the women wore barely any clothes, some topless, the men wore no shirts, that was a given. The bathrooms were unisex and were used for doing drugs in the stalls. You would see used syringes and condoms just laying on the floor, it was nasty. If you died in one of these places those people would just walk right over you, nobody cared, the party is all that mattered. My friend was a famous DJ so I got preferred access in those clubs, it was cool, especially looking out from the DJ booth at the dance floor with thousands of people on it. The party would go on till noon but sometimes we would leave early depending on the drive… we partied in many states and sometimes ran drugs through the clubs. One time I just got out… it was like 10am on Sunday morning, I was dressed in all black.. the standard “uniform” of the “vampires,” the sun was piercing because when you are on ecstacy the worst thing is the sun, it ruins the high and generally makes you just hate sunlight… anyway, as I am walking down the street I can hear church bells and the church people singing and I just thought to myself.. “I can hear the good people singing, they have all eaten and slept and now they are worshiping their god while I am here covered in sweat, no sleep, no food, and on drugs” I couldn’t help but feel that I just got out of a very different type of church, lol. I was definitely one of the “beautiful people” and we were a distinctly evil bunch. I experienced true, supernatural evil on a couple of occasions during that time so I know this spiritual war that is going on is real… If I have seen/experienced evil then there must be an opposing good.

            When I met my girl I was just getting out of that life and I wanted a more stable, good life with someone I can trust. I did mess up and had a threesome shortly after we started going out but I was really messed up on G at the time and girls would just show up at my house back then and I didn’t turn them down when/if I was on G. GHB makes you extremely horny no matter male or female.. both get the same effect from it…porn stars use it because you can go for much longer.She was forced to go on vacation with her g-parents that weekend so I would have been with her otherwise… I wanted her, not the other girls but she wasn’t around and I gave in.. it’s a G thang. I told her shortly afterwards and she forgave me, I lived a pretty wild life so turning that off like a switch is not easy to do and I suffered some bumps along the way before I fully calmed down. This happened in the first few weeks of our relationship… we still lived far apart at the time. I never did anything like that since BUT I also have a new phone number and don’t live where I used to.. all that helps too.

            So, I’ve done all the main drugs: coke, heroin, dust, crack, meth.. you name it but I mostly was into the party drugs: ecstasy, ketamine(special K), mushrooms, cannabis and nitrous oxide but the GHB was the one that hooked me. These are the different analogues I was addicted to:

            1,4 butanediol
            2(3H)-Furanone, dihydro
            gamma butyrolactone
            gamma hydroxybutyrate – this one is actual GHB – tastes like salt water and will put you on your ass if you drink even a soda cap full.

            I got sent to a drug rehab for my case I told you about previously, you should have seen the look on the counselors face, lol. I was doing drugs that he never heard about. I only did that for my court case and under the advice of my attorney, it didn’t work. I was selling drugs in the parking lot, yes, I was an asshole. I quit that extremely addictive drug on my own, just like with cigarettes. Nobody can “help” me and nothing they say will change my mind. When I am ready to give something up I do it with no help needed, I have all of the power needed right within myself but I can’t just flip a switch… I have to think about why I want to be sober and the bad things that happen from my addiction… it may take months before I can make a move but it is all about the mental self-talk inside that ensures my success and after an unknown amount of time pondering about it I feel that I am mentally ready to take it on and it works!

          • sunshine

            That is an insanely fascinating story and I am SO glad you got your life turned around! It’s scary about the “beautiful people”, but not at all surprising. It’s actually good to get confirmation in a weird way. Do you go to church now, are you “religious” (for lack of a better word..maybe spiritual is the right word)?

            If you have any more about those beautiful people I am all ears!!

          • Okay, you asked. I’ll tell you some more… I have to link to it though, it would be too long for here. Some natural and some supernatural stuff too.

          • sunshine


          • Here you go: freetexthost.com/mhmjuaocn5

          • arahn

            Just something to note: 5-htp in high doses can be taxing on the liver. There are variables including how healthy your liver is and such but the liver tries to remove excess hormones/serotonin from the body. Too much can cause the liver/gall bladder to ‘back-up’. Just be mindful of that.

          • Thanks man, I never knew that and I looked for negative effects too. I am now only on 600mg/day taken all at once so I should be okay. If I ever have any suspected liver problems I will immediately take high doses of milk thistle seed extract. An interesting fact: your live replaces itself in about a month so and it is replaced with what you eat so the people who eat GMOs are now replacing cells that make up organs with genetically modified “building blocks,” not good.

          • arahn

            One of my favorite foods/supplements for the liver was wasabi but since fuku I don’t touch it ’cause it’s originally from Japan and that’s likely where any that you buy came from. From ’96 to ’03 the docs had me on a bunch of prescriptions. Ended-up wrecking my liver with them. It’s gotten better since though. If I were you I’d use milk thistle as preventive. You know: an ounce of prevention…works on 2 levels 😉

          • Yes but did you know how amazingly effective milk thistle is? It is soo good at coating the liver that if you are taking supplements/drugs/steroids etc.. they will be far less effective or not work at all, that stuff is amazing for liver protection/regeneration! There are reports of people with jaundice on their deathbeds that were given milk thistle and they were back to their normal lives within a week! You are absolutely correct about the prevention thing but I did find the cure for my condition… bodybuilding. I don’t know why at all but when I start my rigorous bodybuilding routine my mood problems vanish and I no longer need 5htp at all, conversely, if I stop working out after a few months this whatever it is comes back…. HARD! I will start gaining fat fast and my moods take a plunge so a change happens I just don’t know what it is and I was always wise enough to stay away from the medical industry even before I learned how corrupt it is… I guess I was following my gut. I don’t understand why or how it works and I found out about it not even looking for it… I just realized the correlation one day and I have tested it repeatedly since and although I don’t understand it I now know what causes it, how to treat it with supplements, and how to get rid of it.

          • arahn

            makes sense really, strenuous lifting/body building will ’cause the endorphins to rise along with testosterone and so on. I wish I had figured-out the medical system was corrupt before. I always had suspicions but I let the programming over-ride my gut instincts. A big wake-up for me was that when I went to school for med-lab and then they made us get vaccines as a requirement. I got so sick from the Hep-b vaccine. Somewhere I knew the system was flawed but yet I was going back to that system to fix me after the fact — DOH! I don’t work in med-lab because I decided I can’t work for such a corrupt industry. Since 2003 I’ve been using almost all natural remedies but even that has been long learning process — still learning! I told you some of the Indian reservations have legalized cannabis and outlawed alcohol on the Res (smart move, they finally stopped letting BIA tell them what to do). It’s tempting to take a drive (about 6hrs for me) to pay a visit but I’m sure highway patrol will be sitting right outside the res in wait for ‘tourists’.

          • Damn, that sucks about the hep B vaccine, hopefully it didn’t do any permanent damage. Any company that requires you to get vaccinated is corrupt but you know that now. I let my mother give me the H1N1 but it had no effect, probably from the cannabinoids stamping that poison out on contact, I don’t know but I had no adverse reaction, no reaction at all. She brought them home from work… I should have put my thinking cap on and realized that something was up if they were letting employees take these drugs home and inject them into their family members but that was before I was awake. It was probably 2008/2009. Good for you for standing up for yourself and refusing to work for a corrupt industry. I wouldn’t risk driving hours with drugs in the car, especially with out of state tags… I am all to familiar with this stuff, lol. There are much less risky ways to do it, I’ll get that mailpile set up and then can explain a few things. On that note, if you were ever to go ahead and make such a trip it would be wise to go here and learn everything they have first: nevergetbusted.com – this guy was a former narcotics highway patrol officer that flipped and now helps victims of the terrible drug war. He was ran out of the USA for doing this. I have all of his DVDs, they are awesome! Once I get the FTP server set up they are on there so you could just download and watch.

          • Wags71

            Sounds like that’s what I need since I’ve treated my body like crap for most of my life and even though I’ve quit all the hard drugs and smoking cigs, am still quite the functioning alcoholic. I can tell when my liver hates me when I start getting hives on my wrists.

          • Milk thistle seed extract is so good that if I am doing steroids I can’t take it till I am off because they won’t really work if I am using it. Ibogaine will cure alcohol addiction as well as heroin addiction often in only one dose.

          • Wags71

            I drink because I’m bored. Even if I were cured, I’d have to find something else to do. Maybe I’m not a real alcoholic I dunno.

          • Vape more, drink less. At least you will be healthier, lol!

          • Wags71

            lol yeah. That was part of my justification for buying all that. Problem is that I’m older now and have a hard time finding what I need. But I’m pretty sure that’s going to change today. It’s been over a freaking month now.

          • Well you can always go here: medicineman.is – the great thing about vaping IMO is abundance. If you have good product you can just vape away, all day, and not kill your supply fast. Both of us vaping for a few hours equals out to only about a half a gram!

          • Wags71

            Wow, has that place been around long? How are they not taken offline?

          • Yep, he’s been around for like 3 years now I think, maybe 4. He started out on TOR but that alienates most of the population because they don’t know how to get to it. He has been clearnet for close to three years I think. There are still hosts that respect privacy in other countries, they are working on crushing that though with trade agreements but for now he’s up & running! If you check that site you will see changes often, this is what this guy solely does for a living, you can tell. I’ll put an anon site up also, getting stuff together for it now, just info though, not selling anything. If you use medicine man just use a vpn with like a yandex email that you create while logged into the vpn. Vpnbook.com is a free vpn, use the opnen vpn protocol and the euro packages, they connect to Romania. Right now I am Romania ->Netherlands -> Netherlands -> internet. Private internet access is a good paid for service just pay with bitcoin. I’ll help you if you need it. Also getting a dd-wrt compatible router is a good idea. I use a linksys e2500, they are like $70. dd-wrt is free, and it has the ability to send your whole house connection through another country, you can turn it on and off. It is highly technical but easy with screen shots I could send you… just copy the pictures and you’re good! VPNs are a good practice though, especially in these times with freedom evaporating.

          • Wags71

            I haven’t gotten around to getting a vpn yet, though I should. Been researching them for a year and just haven’t bitten. I’m an IT guy so none of that’s an issue for me figuring it out. I actually have two dd-wrt routers setup in a bridge already. I’d probably run a local client instead of putting it on the router.

            What do you recommend for a bitcoin wallet? Another thing I’ve been researching too long and haven’t gotten involved in. I found that local bitcoin website which is what I’ll probably end up doing because I don’t even have a bank account. 100% cash here.

          • 100% cash? You’re awesome! I’ll get there some day. That’s great that you are an IT guy, that”ll make things simpler. For bitcoin wallets it depends on your usage. For large amounts of money stored for the long haul I would use bitcoinarmory, for every day stuff and short term storage(less than a year) I’d go with electrum. Three is a reason to use dd-wrt vpns, only in certain instances. I’ll explain through the mail pile encrypted setup. Got some things to take care of around the house + 6 new laptops to downgrade back to windows 7 but after that I plan on getting the test setup running with the encrypted email.

          • Wags71

            Well, my gf does have a bank account so I just give her cash for things that we need to pay with a debit card or check. I’ll check out he wallets, thanks. This site seems pretty legit for buying local bitcoins with cash. https://localbitcoins.com/ There’s a guy right down the street from me with over 1000 feedbacks at 100%.

          • That is one of the best ways to go. All your purchases will be between you and the vendor, not 100% private but much better than being in a visa or mastercard/amazon/CIA database.

          • VPN Book is free, fast, based in romania(the euro packages). it works with open vpn software, dd-wrt compatible too. I use it locally and through the router, it depends.

          • Wags71

            Doubt it’ll work for torrents though. I’ll probably do a pay one like TorGuard or PIA. But I’ll still check it out, thanks.

          • The euro packages do work for torrents… and they are FAST!

          • Check this out, just eat well and your liver should be fine: 8minuteabsworkout.net/wp-content/gallery/inspiration/580097_4030018065946_1758843738_n.jpeg

          • arahn

            I actually do most of this. My job is quite labor intensive so that’s my work-out and I eat as much organic as I can. the problem is I live in Monsatano central. Even if you ate 100% organic their chemicals and GMO pollens are in the air and water. I literally drink the stuff. I do have RO filtration but round-up isn’t 100% removed by RO. In fact glyphosate will even steam distill so (it’s a chemical and chemicals can distill just like water — I’ve ran into so many people who don’t get that — it’s minerals/metals that don’t transfer in the distillation process. I tried years ago to get my wife to move out of the farm-belt but she was very stuck in the TV and believed that if there were any problems with the farm chemicals the TV would tell her so. I so regret not making the move. I really tried but she sabotaged my efforts — why I warned you about that TV becoming a ‘demon’.

          • Distillation won’t remove it? It has to bind to something, we just gotta find the binder… doesn’t it bind to heavy metals and minerals? If so then if your water was put into something that DID have heavy metals in it on purpose the glyphosate would bind to that and THEN you distill it… just a thought. I did not realize that chemicals can also distill so thanks for that.. makes sense too.

            My girl doesn’t actually watch tv and that may be partially because of me. I was relentless because I hated it so much, I started to go upstairs or downstairs, wherever she wasn’t so I didn’t have to listen to it and she did not like that so she started using netflix and now that is all she watches… her shows on netflix… no cable television. I watch good morning america for 20minutes every morning while I have coffee… that’s it. I think she watches kelly & michael and rachael ray but after those shows she turns cable off and prefers it this way now. She does not believe any of the propaganda, I’ve gotten her to watch quite a few documentaries and because of that she is somewhat informed, she is one of the most informed on her facebook account… what a sorry lot those people are. Is your wife more receptive these days after being around you? She should be.
            You need cannabis, IMO, for protection. It is the only thing I know of that can help with and protect from so many things, black seed oil is very good also… a cousin of the cannabis plant! Cannabis will sabotage their NWO plans so you see how this legalization process is barely moving even though the public has largely woken up about it. With cannabis at least your body has a fighting chance, without it, it would take copious amounts of truly nutritious foods to combat such an affront to your general, overall health BUT black seed oil would be one of the best options besides cannabis IMO.

          • arahn

            I don’t know about using binding agents — never thought of that. As far as the chemical distillation here’s how that works (you’ve hear of things like petroleum distillates etc. to establish that chemicals do distill): when distilling water if the chemical has a higher boiling temp than water it will be left behind in the pot. If the chemical is lighter than water when distilled then water distillers have a vapor escape that lets those chemicals evaporate. But some chemicals like glyphosate are close enough to the same boiling point of water that it evaporates and condenses right along with water — it’s sick… like satan made it 🙁 Plants have there own filtration systems, really good ones actually, but glyphosate is able to get through the plants filtration system because of it’s ability to stay with the water. And then Monsatano lied when they said it only lasted for like 48 hours in the environment — the French proved that wrong by like 6 months or more. The only that breaks it down in the environment is oxidation — like ozone. So and ozone water treatment system would help to eliminate it from the water — something the feds deter the municipals from doing. I used RO anyway to remove the damn fluoride. Anyway, my water is probably some of the cleanest in the area but it’s still ubiquitous where I live so… I hope I don’t take-up too much of you time with this but it’s good to share so we learn from each other.
            As to the vaccines: the vaccines were just a major event on a string of events. Only now do I understand how it works. But at that time I ate pretty much just junk — even worse than average American diet. Drank soda all the time and etc. But after a while you bodies detox systems become overloaded. Ad the vaccines and after enough of them you can “burst the dam” in terms of what your body can handle — and some vaccines are worse than others and even so to the batch the manufacturers use different sub-manufacturers that can make their own batch changes (like some manufacturers would use peanut oil where most didn’t and the explosion of peanut allergies begins). So having been sickened by many vaccines and all the other shit before that I was having chronic health problems. The doctors happily were prescribing me shit for that but over time kept making me worse and worse. In hindsight, if I just started doing proper health care instead of taking all the prescriptions I would be sooo much better off now. So now it wasn’t just the vaccines but the many prescriptions that I took after to alleviate different symptoms — and living in the chemical onslaught of the farm-belt hasn’t helped anything either. Anyway, that’s the bigger picture so maybe that wisdom learned can help someone else out there.

          • arahn

            My wife has actually come to realize that it was a mistake but she’s not one to admit she was wrong. She has come a long way on accepting what I was telling her years ago but she’s still years behind on her understand — and always want to rebel against whatever I have to say and be in charge — oh, what TV has done to her.
            I’m 100% with you on the cannabis oil cure. I’m trying to educate as many as I can about that. It’s amazing how indoctrinated so many people are. The anti-cannabis propaganda has worked so well — they really are good at propagandizing us.

          • Wags71

            Hey, I take 5HTP too, along with valerian root and melatonin. I think we probably have quite a bit in common, though my previous existence was not as glamorous. AT ALL. lol BTW, vaping is awesome. Really appreciate the help.

          • Glad to hear that, man! Vaping should cure your asthma, take note of the last time you had an attack to see how effective it is. If you are taking all those things your pineal is probably not functioning correctly either, I am going to use boron to try and help with that. DMT is the strongest pineal gland decalcifier, you can get it from plants but it is highly illegal(for no good reason). The strongest 5htp I have found to date is the NOW brand, I buy the 100mg veggie caps, 120count bottle – $16-$17 each. I order it from bodybuilding.com because I get it in 2 days which is much faster than anywhere else and it is also the cheapest I can find usually. I have found it a dollar cheaper per bottle one time but I would have to wait + I never heard of the company before so I just stick with bodybuilding.com – their search feature sucks but they have tons of supplements for cheap + the fast service + all kinds of free samples with each order. If you are over like $75 they give you a free gift which is cool because some of those gifts are nice. I usually order over $200 at a time now so I can get the better gifts. I got a fitted hat last time, it’s really nice! I also got a shaker cup, t-shirt, grip pads for the gym and other stuff I can’t think of. I am wowed every time I order and that means a very smart business machine behind it which earns my respect. I heard a lot of good things about vita-cost also but I will go to bodybuilding.com first to see if they have it because of the treatment I get from them. Good businesses deserve to be promoted so I don’t mind telling others when I find one. I am glad vaping is helping, it changed our lives drastically for the better so hopefully it will do the same for you.

          • Wags71

            I get everything from Vitacost, they’re good. Make sure you refresh that above reply to see my edit. 🙂

            Between valerian and melatonin, I have crazy, crazy dreams. Also, have you read about potassium iodide (I think) to decalcify? I’ll find it later, have to run now.

          • No I haven’t but if you have any info on it that sounds very interesting. Here is some borax info: health-science-spirit.com/borax.htm

          • arahn

            Just so I’m clear I’m not against 5-htp — actually all for it — just cautioning about the possibility of over-use. I do actually have 5-htp but I only use sublingual — http://www.superiorsourcevitamins.com — and taken apart from B-6 by at least 2 hrs. Doing it this way you can get more benefits with less 5-htp reducing the risk serotonin syndrome. I listed one of the few sources of 5-htp that doesn’t’ include B6. This is important because B6 converts the 5-htp into serotonin but you DO NOT want the conversion to take place until after the 5-htp has crossed the brain barrier. Once converted to serotonin, it doesn’t cross the brain barrier well so you have to have a lot of serotonin in the blood to get the same effect but that means too much serotonin in the blood which can lead to serotonin syndrome. As long as we are on the subject of B6 the absolute best form of B6 our friends at the FDA made illegal to sell in the USA at the request of a pharmaceutical company — it’s called pyrodoxamine (note the amine — like amino acid where the name is derived — is what makes it different). Luckily, it’s still legal in other countries so with some searching you can order it. I’ve been buying it off ebay in the Life Link brand.

          • Yes I’ve read about that form of B6 and forgot about it. Now that you mention it I am going to get some, it is obviously very effective if the pharma companies have it banned. Thanks so much for that info, you have a lot of good info. I thought the serotonin conversion takes place in the gut hence the extreme stomach discomfort at high doses, am I wrong?
            I am probably going to alter how I am doing this for the first time ever now that you just taught me this. I knew b6 was effective but I didn’t know it was THAT effective.

          • arahn

            No, you’re not wrong about a lot of it converting in the gut and also a lot gut distress/rumbling bowels is a symptom of serotonin syndrome; in fact, the discomfort you are describing may be the liver toxicity that I started out with. By taking the sublingual you bypass the gut reducing this. also, you can get the 5-htp (later converted to serotonin after taking B6) level up in the brain while not producing so much serotonin in total. Glad if I helped.
            As an additional note: that form of B6 is reputed for increasing dreams so it must help the pineal gland.

          • Okay, that’s it, I am getting it! You also mentioned a good GABA supplement before, can you remind me? I will probably get that also. Thanks!

          • arahn

            Kavinace but that is superior version of Phenibut which is fairly inexpensive — I actually use both. That same supplier of 5-htp also has a sublingual GABA — lot’s of GABA for tranquility — I also take the sublingual GABA. I work with what ‘they’ allow but I do study-up

          • Okay, cool, thanks! Sublingual is great. It is the same as when I use steroids I go for the injectables over the pills because of the liver damage you skip, same concept.

          • Wags71


            I just googled that. Doesn’t really talk about all the benefits of decalcifying the pineal gland, but it tells you how to do it with potassium iodide. Have to be very careful not to take too much. I haven’t started it yet. After reading a bit today, it sounds like boron and iodine are two elements missing from our diets today and are quite related. Iodine is even mentioned in that article you posted.

            I originally learned about it from this really interesting guy on lunatic outpost. Everyone thought/thinks he is insane, but I always think that insanity might be backwards. Google “777 is the number of god because i am god” to find him.

          • Great stuff, thanks! Much appreciated!

          • Also, sulfur is another one they are withholding from us. Here is a clean source but I have not bought any yet and my knowledge is limited: healthtalkhawaii.com/products.html

          • Wags71

            Yet another thing to put on my research list! lol

            This is the potassium iodide/iodine solution I’m going to buy:


          • Great, thanks! My girl has ovarian cysts and fibro-cystic breast tissue… this will solve BOTH issues among the myriad of other health benefits like pineal gland decalcification. I love learning about this stuff and then putting the knowledge to work.

          • Wags71

            Awesome! I hope it works well and expect it to. I can’t get my girl to get into all the stuff I’m into, even though she’s 1000 times more open minded than most. She wouldn’t even try my sage/bentonite clay tooth powder. LOL We should put all this stuff in one place.

          • I am thinking about putting up a website where we can do just that! there is no search feature in disqus so all this great knowledge is really tough to find.

          • Cool, so you have had some “run-ins” also. Yeah, not too many people you can talk about that stuff to.. most are unaware and don’t believe it anyway. My ex was evil, very evil. Very pretty and very evil, they often go hand in hand or so I’ve noticed. My ex read me some stuff from some book that nobody on the “outside” was ever supposed to hear. It was about how you can easily manipulate people and read them… it was sinister but also spot on info. IRL I don’t tell anyone about this, they are too low on info to get it so it is just not worth it IMO.

          • arahn

            I like your pragmatic stand on this. Put the emotions aside for the childrens’ sakes. Couldn’t agree more that in a perfect world cheating wouldn’t happen but if it does why drag the kids through hell over it. Truth is, if you know he’s cheating you can just say ‘no’ to him and still stay married. On the other hand I’ve known too many women who after marriage lose interest in sex with their man and are always too tired or busy for marritals but then get outraged if he’s looking for it elsewhere.

          • sunshine

            Thanks! In modern society people are so focused on themselves and what they think they “need” or “deserve”. In reality, the honeymoon ALWAYS ends. There are good and bad periods of marriage and I’m not willing to divorce and screw up my children’s lives like mine was by my selfish parents who only wanted to be “happy”.

            I tend to take the French/Spanish view on things, and they seem to be doing OK, certainly better than we do with the sad fantasies of “twoo wuv” forever.

  • SovereignPatriot88

    These people don’t feel bad for what they did. They feel bad for getting caught doing it.
    And what kind of moron uses a company computer and company e-mail to do this shit. Boy, are they dumb.
    I’ve never cheated on my wife, but I can understand the temptation. Sometimes I wonder if people are meant to be monogamous. It seems to go against some primal urge to plant your seed in as many gardens as possible, perhaps to ensure a large crop. Of course in this day and age a large crop ensures a large garnishment of your paycheck. But most people are just doing it for the pleasure of it.
    The desire to cheat suggests that monogamy is not natural, but the feeling of being cheated on suggests that it is. So, I don’t know.

    • Ed

      This should help explain.

      • SovereignPatriot88

        Wow, very eye opening. I will never look at people and the world the same way again. I’ve watched Stephan before, he has some interesting videos and I like the way he thinks. I’ve heard about this r/K gene strategy before, but I’ve never seen it applied to humans this way. It makes so many other things make sense in ways I’ve never thought about. Thanks.

        • Ed

          You’re very welcome. Thanks for taking the time.

  • sunshine

    No, most women are not different. Maybe it’s not a sex thing but a people thing. I tend to think most people are bad but that’s just been my experiences.

  • Tatiana Covington

    It’s all just plain old human nature. What’s the deal? It’s only fucking, not something important like the International Space Station.

  • CT Perry.

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