“He Will Die in Jail”: Intelligence Apparatus Admits It Is ‘Going Nuclear’ on Trump

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Editor’s Note: Schindler refers to himself as a “provocateur” on his Twitter account description.


A former National Security Agency analyst and counterintelligence officer tweeted on Wednesday that the intelligence community will now be “going nuclear” against Trump.

John Schindler, a national security columnist for the Observer and former NSA analyst, published an article on Sunday titled “The Spy Revolt Against Trump Begins,” which asserts that the Intelligence Community is rebelling against Trump over some of his senior officials having alleged ties to the Kremlin. The situation is so bad, according to Schindler, that they are now beginning to withhold intelligence from the White House.

Echoing this “blame the Russians” narrative the New York Times on Tuesday night published a story, accusing Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort of ties to Russian intelligence officials. Mr. Manafort’s business ties with Ukrainian politicians as their political consultant never were a secret, and the FBI has yet to accuse him of any wrongdoing. Even the article itself states that “it’s not unusual for American businessmen to come in contact with foreign intelligence officials, sometimes unwittingly,” and that “it is also unclear whether the conversations had anything to do with Mr. Trump himself.” Nevertheless, the piece under catchy headline “Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence” was used by mainstream outlets as new line of attack on Trump’s alleged Kremlin connections.

After President Trump angrily denounced the New York Times reporting, blaming the intelligence apparatus for illegal leaks, Schindler took his attacks to a whole new level.

On Wednesday, he was asked on Twitter, “what do you think is going on inside NatSec right now after Trump’s ‘intelligence’ tweet this morning?”

He responded saying that a “senior Intelligence Community friend” had messaged him promising to retaliate against the president.

“Now we go nuclear. IC war going to new levels. Just got an EM fm senior IC friend, it began: ‘He will die in jail,’” Schindler tweeted.

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  • Uncle Sham

    These Alinsky leftists love to accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of. I’d say it’s more likely that the leakers are the ones that wind up in jail

    • Deborahjcarroll

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    • tnetcenter

      IF they don’t, we will HAVE TO FIGHT A CIVIL WAR with them! I don’t want to go to war, but I WOULD WELCOME the opportunity to blow LIEBERALS AWAY FOR MY COUNTRY!


      • Tiger

        There is a serious Coup going on, outside the government and inside. O wrote an EO 17 days before leaving office allowing NSA to share information it has gathered with 16 other agencies. Spooks everywhere. Looking for that Russian Connection and a way to take Trump down.

        Trump is right to jump on it and to prosecute those involved and to prosecute them.

    • Tiger

      Yesterday it was discovered that Obama, 17 days before leaving office put out an EO that NSA could share information with 16 other agencies. There is a Coup going on and we know why. Trump not One World Order, Bilderberg or anything else that had to do with Deep State, which by the way this term never been out there like it is now.

      Trump no fool, these people will be found and prosecuted. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain by exposing this to the American people. He is alone in this fight. He has to fight the media, he has to go to the people because even FOX is filled with the likes of Juan Williams, Bob Beckle, Wallace and others flaming liberals. When they are on the others just sit there and allow them to say Trump will have to prove he is keeping his promises.

      It is disgusting and to the extent never seen in this country which proves Trump is out and is going after Deep State. They almost had us.

    • Tiger

      Here is the article. Discussed yesterday on Hannity radio show and with X CIA and NSA officials.


  • casimcea

    Beyond mines in Kazakhstan that are among the most lucrative in the
    world, the sale gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium
    production capacity in the United States. Since uranium is considered a
    strategic asset, with implications for national security, the deal had
    to be approved by a committee composed of representatives from a number
    of United States government agencies. Among the agencies that eventually
    signed off was the State Department, then headed by Mr. Clinton’s wife,
    Hillary Rodham Clinton.
    No treason here……but Trump wants to talk with the Russians. Now THAT is a mortal sin.

    • Bob Russell

      yes, one more example of treasonous actions by politicians and bureaukrats!!!!!

    • tnetcenter


  • endofwatchersbegan1/28/2011

    The Jesuit satanist CIA, NSA, and the rest of your little Intel Community that has betrayed the American People, will meet Mussolini before it is done. God no longer bleeds. Our God is coming for you, and you will be put into OUR hands. You will see the same fate as Mussolini, at the hands of the People, for your subversion, robbery and murder of them. Your final hour began over the Temple Mount on 1-28-2011. It will not end well for you at all.

  • dav1bg

    This is a coup against our country. Just like all the other countries that George Soros was in. Send him to Russia, they have a firing squad waiting for him.

    • James Elsea

      I like the way you think.! I wish there were more people like you and I.


        I bet the ground will be wet underneath them. I want to watch.

      • dav1bg

        I think there are, they just don’t let them on TV.

  • Bob Russell

    typical of leftist traitors, their “leaders” lose an election and it is time to use their positions to totally and openly betray the nation in hopes their treasonous acts will be rewarded by their fellow traitors in political office. Time for the hangings to begin, starting with fuhrer Obama and his top minions!!!!!

  • NO! YOU bastards are going to “Die in Jail” !
    Or in the streets.

    Dennis Morrisseau
    US Army Officer [Vietnam era] ANTI-WAR
    Lieutenant Morrisseau’s Rebellion
    Second Vermont Republic
    POB 177, W. Pawlet, VT USA 05775
    802 645 9727

  • pappy450

    This type of “talk” is NOT “free speech” It is TREASON. This person and any others that are “plotting” this should be arrested, tried and HANGED like traitors should be.

    • tnetcenter


  • Lonni Clarke
  • andrew domenitz

    Trump has barely started to do housekeeping. Just wait.

    • CCblogging

      Pray for Trump to succeed.

      • bob cratchette

        Amen pray at least daily or a couple of times daily for trump. GOD can do way more for us than we are able to accomplish without him.

  • CCblogging

    Have all the IC agencies gone renegade? Is there no one in the IC who opposes this treason against our republic?

    • Stronghorse

      They have been for many years. Do you not know that the CIA was started by former Nazi people?

      • CCblogging

        I didn’t know that at all.

    • tnetcenter


      • CCblogging

        Yes, they should be brought and now.

  • In support of President Donald J. Trump draining the WDCSocialist Swamp, We, the Sovereigns must do our share and sanitize the USA Judicial Thundermug – and put a complete STOP to legislating from the Bench!

    And here is why:

    The greatest collection of MARXhu Akbar on US Government payroll are the ‘intelligence’ agencies ….

    President Donald J. Trump must not only drain the WDCSocialist Swamp, he must clean the out-of-control ‘intelligence’ communities sewers !!!

    And THAT puts him in more grave danger than even the Kommrade Klinton’s Krime Organizations …

    • James Elsea

      Oh my God,,,. You sure hit the nail on the head with that one.!

      • THANKS! When any government ‘agency’ has its own Globalist agenda – We, the Sovereigns must REMOVE them at whatever the cost!

  • rocquedog

    The CIA/NSA are all globalist backed and driven. They have their orders to defy Pres. Trump from their masters the elites.

    • tnetcenter



    This secret gov’t is so corrupt & disgusting. They will be our & their own undoing. Watch & see. And they will be killed when they are done using whomever assists them. Our country has gone to hell.

  • Klaus Krauthammer

    All of our intelligence agencies were infiltrated with NWO communists a long time ago. I hope Trump starts talking about it soon. The private vampires who own the Federal Reserve Bank control everything. The vampires do not want anyone in government who will pay down the debt. That is their control and gravy train for world gangsterment control. Our people are dirt ignorant about such things.

  • myworld5

    how about substituting HILLARY CLINTON’S name in place of Trump’s for dying in prison umm?

  • Kraut9

    Send in the army and clean out These liberal NWO infested Intelligence sheisters for good !!!

  • Tiger

    1.) The Russians did not tell Hillary to lie about Benghazi. Send an email to her daughter telling her that very day the embassy had been attacked by terrorists.
    2.) The Russians didn’t tell Hillary to ACID WASH emails.
    3.) The Russians didn’t tell Hillary to loose 33,000 emails, AFTER congress asked for them.
    4.) The Russians didn’t tell Hillary to hammer and destroy cell phones.
    5.) The Russians didn’t tell Hillary to us a server and take it with her around the world that was not secure.
    6.) The Russians didn’t tell Hillary to send Classified and Top Secret over her server and cell phones.
    7.) The Russians didn’t tell Billy to meet with Lynch on the Tarmac.
    8.) The Russians were not the ones embedded in the DNC that took 4 video showing Election Rigging, Clinton Inciting riots, etc. This caused major problems and got people fired. The embedded were American.
    9.) The Russians didn’t tell Comey to send a letter to Congress telling them the case open again new emails found, right before voting time.
    10.) The FBI said no Russian involvement. Then forced to agree with the FAKE news.
    11.) Clapper told Congress any Russian involvement had NO AFFECT on voting, counting voted or voting machines.

    Did Comey have connections with the FBI to make Hillary loose? Because these are the things Trump brought up and it was the head of the FBI who said she did these things.

    They lost, PERIOD and now there is a Coup going on headed by Spooks who stayed behind and by RINO because Trump is MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN he is alone, nobody standing up for him, the Main Media dogs of war set loose on him and the RINO and the Spooks, but it won’t be Trump who dies in Jail. He has his Justice Department to find the culprits and the laws governing this are huge and many and they will be punished to the full extent of the LAW.

    Take a look at the site I am posting, Obama 17 days before leaving expanded the surveillance of NSA to include 16 other agencies. Trump is no fool this order will be rescinded, there will be some heads to roll but won’t be Trump’s.

  • dino m.

    Paul Manafort might have had ties to Ukrainian officials but who exactly has been funding the separatist rebels? hint-Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary is shutting down all NGO’s that are funded by this globalist. his name-George Soros. Obama signed an E.O. to shut down the bank accounts of said individuals for funding exactly what is going on over there and yet, nothing’s been done about it. our intel knows all about this, as well as congress. can’t these people dot i’s an cross t’s? this is nothing short of a Coup.