Hawaii Elections Official Signed Sworn Affidavit That Obama Long Form Birth Certificate Doesn’t Exist

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Tim Adams, former Hawaii Senior Elections Clerk, signed a sworn affidavit back in 2011 that no long-form Hawaii Birth Certificate exists for Barack Obama and no proof exists that he was born in a Hawaiian hospital. Adams was employed at the City and County of Honolulu Elections Division from May 2008 through September 2008.

In a sworn affidavit dated and witnessed on January 20, 2011 Adams states, “Senior officers in the City and County of Honolulu Elections Division told me on multiple occasions that no Hawaii long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate existed for Senator Obama in the Hawaii Department of Health and there was no record that any such document had ever been on file in the Hawaii Department of Health or any other branch or department of the Hawaii government.”

In addition to the lack of a genuine Hawaii long-form birth certificate Adams notes that there was no evidence that Obama was born at any Hawaiian hospital.

Senior officers in the City and County of Honolulu Elections Division further told me on multiple occasions that Hawaii State government officials had made inquiries about Sen. Obama’s birth records to officials at Queens Medical Center and Kapi’olani Medical Center in Honolulu and that neither hospital had any record of Senator Obama having been bom there, even though Governor Abercrombie is now asserting and various Hawaii government officials continue to assert Barack Obama, Jr. was born at Kapi’olani Medical Center on Aug. 4, 1961.

Adams swore in his statement that the corruption ran deep and Hawaiian officials were working with Obama for purely political reasons. He stated, “During the course of my employment, I came to understand that for political reasons, various officials in the government of Hawaii, including then-Governor Linda Lingle and various officials of the Hawaii Department of Health, including Dr. Chiyome Fukino, the director of the Hawaii Department of Health, were making representations that Senator Obama was born in Hawaii, even though no government official in Hawaii could find a long-form birth certificate for Senator Obama that had been issued by a Hawaii hospital at the time of his birth.”

Again, all of this transpired back in 2011, almost two years before the November 2012 elections and my bet is that 80% of our readers have never heard this story.

Tim Adams is just one man and it is his word against many who would dispute his claims. There is a major difference between Adams side of the story and those who would refute it. Adams has more proof on his side than those who would support the validity of the White House provided birth certificate.

Barack Obama’s Hawaii birth certificate has proven to be a fraud by forensic examiners. No one has been able to provide a real birth certificate and it’s been nearly 5 years since Barack took office. This is the perhaps the greatest travesty in American History.

To see the two page sworn affidavit of Tim Adams click here and here.

Dean Garrison is editor and writer at DCClothesline.com. He is a conservative independent who seeks only to recover the truth. Follow Dean on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • RickE.

    The illegal alien in chief, has a nice ring to it.
    He cannot obscure his past forever, someone WILL hack it and spill the beans!

    Obama’s first duty as president was not to his country, but to sign an executive order obscuring his past. That was done for a good reason!

    • RickE.

      Oh, and the reason I’m sure, is NOT because he’s proud of his past. OBVIOUSLY. One hides what one is ashamed of.

  • Row Weil

    I’m curious about this:

    – Person non-complies with a Federal order.
    – Obama is the head of the Federal Government.
    – Any agents enforcing a Order under his jurisdiction are acting as his proxy.
    – Therefore noncompliance with an Agent/Order is noncompliance against the President.
    – Person is taken to Court for said act of noncompliance.
    – Person argues that President is Not of This Country.
    – Court investigates.
    – Court has no choice but to find that president is illegal Alien.
    – Therefore, any Order from President / Agent dispatched on His behalf does not have to be complied with.
    – Obama administration comes crashing down.

    Am i missing something? No?

    So, let’s get the ball rolling!

    The moment Obama produces a legitimate, historically-verifiable Birth Certificate, I’ll recant my statement.

  • Lutz

    I’d check the pits of hell if possible. There, you may find his birth certificate.