Hard to Watch: Dad “Sick to his Stomach” after 10-Year-Old Daughter’s “Invasive” TSA Pat Down

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Father Kevin Payne is outraged after what he has deemed as a line-crossing two-minute pat down of  his 10-year-old daughter Vendela by TSA at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport. The additional security was triggered by a juice pouch Vendela accidentally left in her carry-on bag.

“It was excessive, it was invasive, I was pretty much boiling in my head,” he told ABC News. (source)

Payne recorded the pat down on his phone and uploaded the video to YouTube despite the fact that the TSA agent lied and told him that filming was not allowed (it absolutely is).

“While there was a SHOE BOMBER, Agent completely ignores shoes & quickly focuses on my 10 yr old child’s buttox, thighs & pelvic areas,” Payne wrote in the YouTube video of the incident he uploaded to YouTube.

It’s tough to watch the part where it appears the agent is going to lift the girl’s shirt. The girl reaches for the hem immediately, a pained look on her face at potentially being undressed in public. The agent pats down her thighs front and back multiple times and around the little girl’s breasts.

It really is hard to watch. Her father wrote that he felt like he was watching his 5th grade daughter get assaulted.

And yet, he stood by filming it and watching it happen…

It’s a wonder if Americans will ever rise up in mass and simply stop allowing themselves to be subjected to this guilty-until-proven-not-a-terrorist behavior. If everyone across the country simply refused fly for even one whole day to boycott this, it would stop. Instead, our nation’s citizens continue to diligently trudge through the airports and subject themselves and their children to be groped and in some cases sexually assaulted by government goons day in and day out.

It’s ridiculous, especially considering the TSA has already been found to completely fail at doing its job 95% of the time

“When government fears the people there is liberty When the people fear the government there is tyranny.”
 John Basil Barnhill, 1914

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  • Guillotine_ready

    As I have said over and over, millions of guns, billions of rounds of ammunition and americans are still some of the least free people in the advanced nations. There is no will, no strength and soon many millions will die at the hands of an out of control gov. Sad.

    • If the government is foolish enough to begin a outright battle where it is massively out-numbered by people and small arms, it will be suffer more than those who will be simply defending themselves from a government insurrection.

      • Keysbum

        if it’s just the police, then perhaps. but if the military joins in, and there is little doubt that they will, the people have no chance.

        • No chance to what, decimate that which won’t defect to the side of the righteous which outnumber and outgun them?

        • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

          That’s my concern as well.

        • It was in the news today that an ISIS member executed his own mother. I don’t think the American military is made from the same stuff.

          • Keysbum

            well american cops seem to have no problem murdering americans, do I don’t think soldiers would either. especially since so many ex-military turn into cops.

        • The Army has been demonstrating since Vietnam again and again that it cannot win against insurgency.

  • Dorothy Hoyt Daltorio

    This is disgusting….I will never fly again…haven’t for years…the stress is NOT worth it to me….You wait…..pat downs will be in our schools before you know it. It is NOT going to get better or safer = just more controlled – in other words WE THE PEOPLE being controlled…….I mean aren’t we already…..most people panic when tax return time comes….we all are ohhhh so careful in what we say and do with our children in fear of losing them to the state who claim to want to keep the children safe while usually placing them in worse situations….guns, mandatory vaccinations, spraying /geo engineering our skies and big companies all owned by the richest of the rich laughing while they sell us LIFE IS GOOD shirts……just my opinion……and yet, I wake up, brush my hair and teeth and do my day just like the rest of the herded sheep…..although this here sheep has removed her wool…..this sheep is awake – just helpless…

    • TheCountess

      If money talks, then money walks. Bye, bye airlines.

      • Cara

        Yes. I refuse to fly because of the TSA pat downs and porno screens. I have nothing to hide but in principle I object to being treated that way. The law calls this an enhanced pat down and requires to police to have a very clear reason to do one so why does TSA do them? Because people allow it.
        Stop flying and tell the airlines why. Stop or they will bring them to schools, malls, theaters etc. It is their plan to have them everywhere. So stand up and stop flying or you are telling them it is ok to treat you and your family this way.
        Why did they dad film this? Why did he not stop it? They could have stepped out of the line and left the airport but he wanted to fly and his child paid the price.

        • Street Detective

          I don’t think he’s actually allowed to “step out of the line.” I think you get “detained” for that…not sure.

    • There are none so helpless as those who will not venture their “Lives, Fortunes and sacred Honor,” in defense of their liberty.
      “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin

  • hadabellyfull

    sheeboon rubbinz and sheitzz…

  • Anothereno

    and my wife asks me why I won’t go to the US…. Disgusting! Why do something like that when we have infrax?

  • doucyet

    Save the US billions each year by dissolving the TSA and simply training and arming the crew………..done.

    • csbubba

      Problem is “THAT’S TO SIMPLE” gooberment likes it HARD!

      • It is all for appearances.

    • BigGaySteve

      Even better put a picture of Mohammad kissing the back side of a pig at every airport and moslems will trigger themselves.

  • EnemyOfTheState

    I had the pat down many times. My usual attire is more concealing than her light sun dress. It never takes that long; of course I never had a chimp pat me down either. I’ve never had a good experience with tsa. Haven’t flown since ’12; won’t ever fly again.

    • TheCountess

      If money talks, then money walks. When they go out of business or need to merge to stay alive, send them your condolences and the reasons why.

  • Joe sChmoe

    That TSA agent looks to be really enjoying fondling the girl.

    With all the hundreds of sex crimes against children that hundreds of TSA pedophiles have been collectively convicted of–child pornography, rape, molestation…I would say this woman is part of the governments institutionalized molestation of children. TSA attracts a disproportionate number of criminals and pedophiles, just as Disneyland does.

    “Wherever you find children, you’ll find sexual predators that want to be there,” Sheriff Grady Judd.

    Master List of TSA Scandals

    TSA Crimes and Abuse

    TSA Screeners Conspired To Grope Travelershttp://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/crime/tsa-denver-fondle-report-675421

    For TSA pedophiles, torment of 3 year olds is entertainment.

    Another TSA woman child molester

    Even more mind-numbing is the legions of people that endorse this TSA assault on Americans.

    • buttercup

      Superb post. Thank you.

  • csbubba

    I betcha the little girl was carrying a Ma deuce in her cooch, along with a 1000 rounds! Plus a case of grenades tween her breasteses.

    • Reverend Draco

      She’s only 10 – her breasteses couldn’t hide more than a half-a-case of grenades. . .

  • TheCountess

    After my last recent travel experience within a major airport, I have vowed to never fly again, or go to an airport with much less restrictions, and there are ones. This ridiculous new ‘job’ field is maddening and I just won’t give the airlines my money anymore. I will find alternative travel means.

  • This kind of outrage will continue until our rights get more important than getting on a airplane. When that changes, the airlines will call the TSA dogs back onto the porch.

  • frankw

    Sick to his stomach, but stood there and did nothing about it. I’m beginning to believe there aren’t a pair of gonads left among Amrican males, especially the ones that use airports.

    • Reverend Draco

      After 50 years of systemic emasculation, it’s no wonder that there are so few men in possession of actual gonads.

    • jaguar

      So you think the father should have screamed at the TSA agent? So he could get hauled off and put in handcuffs in front of his daughter?! Then been put on a no fly list ???!!!!!

      • No Dough

        well that would be worse if he got hauled off then she would really be vulnerable. Should have just took his daughter and left wtf people boycott ,

  • Mike

    drive to where you need to be.

  • Roger

    He should have requested a lawyer and/or the local police on the spot, that would at least delay the “invasion” and then call a news crew.

  • Hellhound

    That TSA b!tch is a f#cking child molester !

  • WakeUp

    Oooooooo boy does that get me effing heated. I hope that animal gets —–

  • bill lopez

    I don’t approve of this nonsense, security theatre. it doesn’t make me feel any safer then when we used to be able to walk all the way to the gate to see a loved one off or greet them when they arrived. The TSA hasn’t caught or stopped a single terrorist. Their function is completely useless in my opinion.

    I HAVE to fly for work. I don’t have a choice – can’t drive take a bus or train from Los Angeles to get to Boston, not going to happen. And I’ve been through a LOT of TSA checkpoints at airports all over the country. In the last two years I have had ZERO physical searches (and I’m not on the TSA express BS). Most TSA people are fairly fine folks – the place where you find them to be the biggest dicks are places like Charlotte Douglas, Logon and Dulles, the bigger airports where you also find the general public travelling to have the highest concentration of dicks as well. And I can’t really blame them for being dicks for having to deal with people who are dicks. Places where the TSA is fairly people friendly – Long Beach, Phoenix, Tucson, Jackson Miss, St Pete, I’d even put Los Angeles on the list – those people are pretty nice and friendly.

    But – this is not “disgusting” behavior, I don’t see the woman doing this “enjoying” what she is doing, nor do I feel like its “violating” or ” fondling” it is what it is – a physical pat down. My wife who is a dean of discipline has cops patting down 11 year olds suspected of concealing things at her school – and yes, kids bring knifes and guns to school at 11.

    • Fred Bastiat

      It is security theatre.

      It is also disgusting behavior though, it doesn’t really matter whether to TSA agent is enjoying the act or doing the act for pay. The reason people commit acts, does not change the act itself. If the girls buttocks is rubbed because she was coerced to accept the rubbing, and the person rubbing wouldn’t normally do so, but was getting paid – how does this doesn’t really change the fact the girl was coerced into having a body part rubbed that she would not otherwise choose?

      Someone paid to rape doesn’t make them not a rapist. What matters is whether or not the both people volunteer without coercive threat to the act.

  • Fred Bastiat

    Look how well trained both parent and child are too comply with the assault. I understand, I’m also equally compliant toward the state Most of us live our lives like a man being attacked by a bear, curling up, and simply preying the bear loses interest. This girl is an example of a victim of violent coercion.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    The British have a word for such child molesters:- nonces. They should be in prison not an airport.
    Thankyou for reminding me to cross America off my list of holiday options for this forthcoming summer Daily Sheeple??

  • Doom On You

    If I was the father and the TSA agent did that to my daughter I would end up on the no fly list.

  • jaguar

    That was ridiculous, she purposely felt her in the same places several times!! That’s way more than I have been as a grown woman during a pat down!! That’s disgusting and way over the line! She got way up in her crouch!!!

  • BigGaySteve

    Black lesbian affirmative action hire. Lena Dunham will be applying after seeing this video

  • frankw

    To answer your question, jag…yes! Screw their lists. At least his daughter would know he was willing to fight for her.

  • Kim Real

    Use the freedom of information act request TSA to provide the names of all employees If they don’t, take the badge information. Their public services they have to compile . if they show up on the public list as Sexual felons. Sue the TSA for putting us in harms way. This nonsense has to end .

  • stk33

    It looks like the father had quite a change of heart: this same video published at youtube ends with him thanking TSA “for doing the job”.

  • Antranik Miranjian

    Solution is very simple, sheeple – just boycott the airline industry. Take a bus or a train instead, or save your money and don’t travel.

  • Antranik Miranjian

    The outlaw criminal US regime knows it can get away with this because the sheeple will not take up arms to fight because they worship the cops, and they will not boycott the products of evil corporations.

  • Gordon Klock

    Reminds me of that other little girl the TSA fondled on her family trip a few years back screaming in tears: “I don’t want to go to Disneyland!!!” as the experience was changing her mind…..
    The weirdest part is how so many are o.k. with this sort of thing….

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      So many are ok with it because they’re dumb enough to believe the government is actually trying to protect them. They can’t comprehend that they’ve become the cattle on the elites Animal Farm.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    I propose a new movement in which peaceable, law abiding, freedom minded citizens procure photos of Mussolini’s corpse-and that of his lover as well-and send them en masse to every federal representative. A not so subtle reminder of what happens to despots who betray their people.

  • Kyke Hunter

    Just rememeber this…those TSA agents are Americunts and 80 percent of Americunts are SCUM. Why do you think they are so hated around the world? They never saved ANYONE .its pure bullshit LIES

  • J. P.

    The agent that did this should be brought up on charges. It’s looks quite obvious to me that she was enjoying what she was doing, not because she was looking for anything, she wanted to feel this girl up. She should be thrown in jail and loose the key.

    Every time something like this happens it’s one more step to no more. The room for steps is getting ever smaller.

    • Mary Banks

      Yes, I hope this video goes viral. That father should take it and consult a lawyer — the dyke should lose her job over that one. There was little justification for any of the pat down, much less when she’s going back over the same places again and again. That is sexual assault by anybody’s standards. Disgusting.

  • ccambridge

    This is a racist sexual assault. I would’ve told that rapist to stop and rented a car. I hope the dad sues, I’d love to see a tsa agent do that to someone in a burqa.

  • chip griffin

    what you should worry about but you wont. that an average american pulled off the streets done this! doing as she is told because she wants the government job to pay for the over priced house she lives in as she runs with the jones’s. most jobs today were created by our government as the final act of this country’s last stand. i thought america would stand and say no when asked to do something any da knows is wrong. THE BAD GUYS ARE THE GOVERNMENT, BUT NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING, BECAUSE THEN THEY WOULD HAVE TO DO SOMETHING and that ant going to happen, is it? i told the angels our people are the best in the world and they said oh really, what happened in Vietnam? what do you mean? well replied the angel, they took average everyday people off the street in everyday america and they went and killed any one who stood in front of them, because they were told too, not only did they kill women and children, they killed the old as well, and cut off their ears as proof to be given a leave after collecting the amount re queried to get such. so the moral to this story is, when the collaespe gets here, don’t fear the government, they did their part already, fear your neighbor, he/she can and will kill you, the worse is yet to come. the end or the start of it, 2016. obama was hired by the devil himself, same goes with the rest of those in office, and the actors, and movies stars on your TV and the pop stars, right down to the local CEO and everyone in between. you are known and so are your actions. you should have wanted to please GOD more than that new house or car. the children were the real things of value but you sat them down for all the dead things you could collect and collect them you did, over the years you couldn’t stand to look at yourself for what you hoped was not true, what you have become is a monster and monsters need to be killed, which bring us to the last page of this book, goodbye monsters…the mark will be a chip to be forced under your skin, with or without your consent. if you get this mark you will go to hell no matter how it gets inside you. stand now and refuse because GOD said to and talk about what you did in the past as you wait. take a good look at what you once thought was important, and tell GOD now. “why” and “how” it is worthless. this is your hail mary pass as you hope he will understand why you didn’t! talk to him daily, you will stand in front of him just after you leave here. GOD please have mercy on us all…

  • buttercup

    This was done to my then dying from cancer and in a wheelchair 86 year old very white mother who was made to get out of her wheel chair and stand while the dyke black freak groped her. Mother nearly passed out she was so ill and I was nearly yelling, “Stop, she is ill as you can see and she is a veteran from WWII US Marine!”. Mother started falling and the freak inspector pushed her up to finish this outrage. Mother died weeks later. This happened in the Jacksonville Florida airport, 2008.

    • buttercup

      P.S. I have flown only once since and that was to take her body back out west to be buried by my father, her husband of near 50 years, to the veteran cemetery. He too was a proud US Marine from WWII. If he was here today he would surely be that one good Marine we need to take care of business; he and all his WWII fellow soldiers would clean house in Congress and elsewhere, as needed. It is coming folks. It really is coming.

      • Antranik Miranjian

        Why don’t you track down all these TSA agents to their homes and pay them a visit with a sawed off shotgun at 3:00 in the morning.

        • Antranik Miranjian

          A 9 mm pistol fired through a pillow into their forehead will work too. Carry a knife too just in case.

        • buttercup

          Thanks for the sentiment. I don’t have a sawed-off shotgun. Maybe you know someone? (-: However, my RAGE to this day is unfixable, unless we can kick every sob out of Congress and other places of high treason. Stop all influx of foreigners and ship out every muslim, and remove every tsa agent of communism.

  • Little Bright Feather

    That was absolutely sexual – once an area is patted down it does not need 10 more times ! That SLOW rub down (not a pat down for sure) was a seduction, not a search ! This is totally not necessary !

  • SleepleSheeple

    Well I wouldn’t expect anything else from these nazi dirtbags, the TSA (Tolerating Sexual Assault) even hires registered sex offenders. Oh you don’t believe me well here’s a link for you libtard douche bags.


  • YeahRightOkay

    …dad was just jealous…TSA can legally grope his 10 year old daughter…but he can’t…that green monster will get you every time…//sarc off…

    …sorry if he was so pissed off he should have stopped it…but since the ‘dad’ knows nothing of the US Constitution or Bill of Rights…this will happen every time his daughter forgets her juice bag in her pack…

  • Antranik Miranjian

    You are a slave to your belly. You cannot endure any kind of hardship and need to have your instant gratification. Just go right ahead through a security check and demand they respect your rights to privacy and human dignity and see how far that gets you. What, you think you are Obe Wan Kenobi or something and you the TSA goons will just obey you? Ok, big man, if you are such a valorous courageous knight, why are you not going to the airport with an AK-47 or something and wiping out all the TSA goons? After all, freedom is not for free, but it has to be paid for – in blood, sweat and tears. Boycotts also, just like embargoes, have always been considered acts of war, just like labor strikes have always been considered acts of rebellion and insurrection.

  • Just_me_and_God

    (Q) What was the original main reason for the TSA and ‘people searches’ in the first place?
    (A) Muslim terrorists boarding airplanes.

    (Q) What happens with the TSA, when a Muslim in a Burka (Could possibly be a male Muslim in disguise) attempts to board an airplane? A Burka can be used to hide large objects.
    (A) ONLY the area ABOVE the NECK is “searched”!

    What could possibly go wrong?

  • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

    Now I have heard that the reason for thorough pat down was that the juice pouch was tested for an explosive resin, and it came up as a false positive. The TSA agent in this video didn’t seem like a pervert to me; it seemed she was trying to reassure the little girl by explaining what she was doing. She’s probably a mom. And she was just doing her job. Does that make this okay? NO!!! But Americans are going to have to decide that we want our dignity and our freedoms back before this changes. But too many are addicted to government reassurances to keep them safe, even if they and their children have to endure public humiliation instigated by something as harmless as a pouch of Capri Sun.

  • Alice

    I’ve had pelvic/breast exams with pap smears included done by my doctor that were less invasive and took less time to complete than the 3 minutes and 13 seconds that it took to violate this young girl.

  • Street Detective

    And this “dad” voted for….?

  • Phil Rou

    In Switzerland I was arrested on trumped up murder charges, and the police stripped me naked and photographed me in a room full of people of mixed gender, then brought a woman in specially to inspect and take samples from my penis. I don’t know what’s going wrong with the world, but it would appear that the perverts are being put into positions of authority. While stricter and stricter rules are being implemented, people live in constant fear of accidentally falling foul of one, thereby suffering a disproportionately traumatic experience at the hands of these sadistic, depraved perverts. How can anyone feel up a child like that? Read more about my story of sexual abuse by the police here http://www.areyouseriouslyinsane.com/swiss_torture

  • Helix Powers

    The best way to deal with this type of tyranny is to stop flying! Show them who really possess the power. Everything is centered around money, the more people feel powerless the more shit like this persists. Your typical response from most Americans would be…… I cant afford it.

    No one really believes in change. All it would take is enough people to say, you know what F your airlines, F your sexual assault, F your agenda. But to do this it would mean everyday Americans would have to sacrifice modern convienences…….will it happen HELL NO!

    We got em…..their still asleep……. over and OUT!

  • $10 an hour and all the people you want to bully.

    • xenonman

      I’m sure that they must make more than that if they are feds!

  • xenonman

    Next time she’ll leave that inflammable fruit juice at home. She might have been planning to use it to make pruno/hooch!