Happy Nondescript, Inoffensive, Microaggression-Free Ambiguous Winter Holiday!

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From our safe space to yours, we hope you have the happiest, most politically correct time of year that doesn’t hurt anyone else’s feelings or offend anyone which you possibly can.

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  • Mike

    Merry Christmas everyone. And if anyone is offended, screw you.

    • Jim

      Yep. Merry Christmas to everyone, and if it offends all you politically correct dicks, so what. Get over it.

  • Gil G

    Christians can’t imagine having Christian displays on private Christian properties.

    • Mike

      and moronic atheists and muslims can’t stand not finding a way to destroy American traditions.

      • Gil G

        Such as . . .? The assumption that the U.S. is a Christian nation in spite of the 1A?

        • BW83

          Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…

          There’s no “in spite of”. The amendment protects the government from establishing a set religion AND meddling with the practice of one. Quit twisting the words. Freedom of religion and freedom FROM religion are two different things. Don’t believe? Simple, don’t practice. Don’t practice? Don’t complain about those that do “offending” you.

          • Gil G

            You’re free to practice your religion but not to impose it on others.

          • Mike

            try telling that to islam. They want to impose their anti-religion on everyone or kill them or both. But you atheist types REFUSE TO SHARE YOUR HATE WITH THEM because you are cowards that just want to go after those that don’t fight back.

          • Gil G

            Actually Muslims never claimed to own society the way Christians do.

          • StevetheHun

            The data says otherwise. Most Moslems want Sharia law, and they want to impose it on everyone. So, again, you defame the Christians and spread pro-Moslem propaganda. What’s up with that? Do you hate gays and rape victims or something?

          • Mike

            Really? Then why do they want to conquer all in the name of islam. Islam by the way was responsible for the crusades.

          • jaguar

            Wow!!! Even a 5 year old knows better than that !!! Fruit Loops!!

          • doucyet

            Nor you…………..So take your liberal bulls h i t and run on back to sites like Huff Po that will tolerate your stupid a s s. Freekin troll……..

          • sunshine

            Bullshit and you wouldn’t go to ANY other nation on Earth with a majority of any religion and talk that shit to them, because they’d tell you to fuck off, and rightfully so. The Founders didn’t establish a STATE religion, meaning they didn’t choose Protestantism, or Catholicism, but they did establish this as a Christian nation.

            Nobody is trying to prevent any non-Christian from practicing their religion, nor are they being persecuted…BUT they do not have the right to come into this nation and demand that we stop celebrating our Christian holidays, praying, and even mentioning Jesus and Christian beliefs. Nobody HAS to do it, but nobody has the right to prevent others from doing it.

            You know the difference and you are of the type that wants to pretend you’re so tolerant and accepting, until you remove Ten Commandment statues and force high school football teams to stop praying. People like you will never be satisfied until you’ve stripped the last bit of heritage, tradition and history from this nation, and that’s a shame. If you want to play “New Soviet (American) Man”, great. Just don’t force it onto the rest of us.

          • “The Founders didn’t establish a STATE religion, meaning they didn’t choose Protestantism, or Catholicism, but they did establish this as a Christian nation.” So, Christianity is not a religion?

          • sunshine

            It is, I mean the founders didn’t choose one denomination over another as our official religion. They wanted people to be free to be whatever type of Christian they wanted to be here in the US. I admittedly don’t know much about other religions and their histories here in the US but I don’t think there would’ve been much persecution as long as people didn’t try and usurp the dominant Christian identity of the nation.

          • archer

            exactly, what ever happened to “when in rome do as the romans do”, muslims or any other religions should adapt to our society, or they can go home, we don’t need them anyway. you don’t see different christian faith’s hacking each other to death like muslim sunni, shia, etc. they don’t belong here.

          • BW83

            Who’s imposing anything on anyone? Practicing a religion doesn’t force you to convert anymore than a practicing atheism lessens my belief in my faith.

            The only people really imposing anything are the ones that insist holidays (especially Christian holidays like Christmas) should be faith neutral. Say whatever you want about the pagan roots of the holiday, fact remains it was adopted in this country as a Christian holiday. It’s a national holiday due to the fact it represented the majority of voters at the time it became such…..ya know, the way our government was built to run, representative of the people it governs.

          • SP_88

            Practice what you preach. Taking down or banning Christian decorations or religious items is imposing. It’s imposing the non-religion or freedom from religion beliefs of left wing extremists who wish to remove the cultural and traditional American values that have been here for over 200 years since America was founded so it can be replaced with their generic pseudo-holidays.
            Here is a question for you. How can you people claim to be so tolerant of others, yet you are all so easily offended by our cultures and traditions? You people want to remove Christmas decorations, Easter decorations, flags, monuments and all sorts of historical items because they might offend someone. But then you preach tolerance for other cultures and traditions and religions. So which is it, are you going to tolerate other cultures and traditions, or be offended by them?
            And keep in mind that tolerate means to allow the beliefs and behaviors of others, and that includes our Christmas decorations and other holiday decorations and the traditions that go with it. It’s kind of hard to preach tolerance without having any actual tolerance for anyone without looking like a bunch of hypocrites.

          • Gil G

            No it’s about Christian imposing such religion in public. If Muslims were to put some scene similar to the Nativity in a public building you’d have no problem understanding the problem.

          • SP_88

            What do you mean by “public building”? If it’s the town hall then I don’t understand why we can’t have both of those holidays represented. Why can’t we decorate the town hall with Islamic decorations during their holidays and put up traditional Christmas decorations like we always have. Why do we have to get rid of holidays and the decorations? Why do we feed into this “offensive” meme? It’s ridiculous. Nobody has a right to not be offended. And it’s pointless anyway because these people are going to drive through neighborhoods and see a lot of Christmas decorations and every other holiday as well. And how is putting up decorations imposing religion on people? Christmas decorations have been put up in America since the country was founded. How is it that all of a sudden a small minority is claiming to be offended? Why now? What changed?
            It is so hypocritical to claim to be tolerant and offended by the traditions of others at the same time. Either you tolerate everything or you’re a bigot.
            And as far as shops and stores, they are privately owned and they can put up whatever decorations they want. If they chose to give in and cave to the pressure of a small minority of customers, that’s their problem. But most of their customers celebrate Christmas, whether they are Christians or not.
            Anyone who is offended by the holiday decorations of another culture should be treated like a bigot. Everyone should be able to hang up their decorations. These holidays are not all on the same day, so it’s not like there is a conflict over which decorations to put up on a given holiday. Every holiday can be celebrated without interfering with any other holiday.
            The problem is that these people aren’t really offended by holiday decorations. That’s ridiculous. It’s that they want to get rid of Christian cultures and traditions and replace them with Islamic culture and traditions. That’s what this is about.

          • StevetheHun

            So, what is your position on teaching evolution in elementary schools, where they lack the prerequisite knowledge of population statistics, chemistry, biology, and genetics to understand it? And by the way, they’re taught a very wrong but very PC version of evolution…

            The purpose of this “teaching” is to indoctrinate and to denounce religion. What’s worse, it’s taught as junk science.

        • Mike

          The US was founded and its laws based on the judeo christian philosophy, so christ is already there.

          • StevetheHun

            Well, based on Christian philosophy, really. There were only about 1000 Jews in the US in 1776 out of 2.5 million people, or 0.04%. Founding Fathers such as Thomas Jefferson wasn’t big on the bankers.

            Now I wonder how Christian became “Judeo-Christian”?

          • gato felix

            Good question!

          • Gil G

            That term only appeared after WW2 when the details of the Holocaust came out. Namely only after WW2 did anti-Semitism become uncool.

          • StevetheHun

            Which is why we tell the holocaust story. To make the world safe for the super-Elite bankers.

          • Jefferson was not a Christian.

          • KIndly cite the biblical basis in any law passed by Congress.

          • Mike

            thou shall not kill
            thou shall not steal

            thou shall not bare false witness

            Those are just a few to start. There are laws against murder, theft and perjury at the federal level. Morality laws used to be on the books in most states where marriage and adultery or concerned so thou shall not commit adultery.

            There are many other ones as well that come from the bible. look those up yourself.

        • doucyet

          Liberal trolls that pop up on known conservative sites and try to tell us how to think and act are pimples on the ass of humanity.

          • StevetheHun

            There are a number of possibilities when a troll shows up.

            If he is a well spoken troll he could be trying to reason… ah frack, there are no well spoken liberals.

            He could be a Alinskyite, trying to get clips from irate patriots that he’s angered.

            He could be (not in this case) a government stooge trying to see who has what politics, for his FEMA camp list.

            In this case, probably a liberal with a damaged ego trying to boost his sense of self worth by insulting people who disagree with his strange way of thinking.

        • StevetheHun

          Actually, the 1st Amendment forbids congress, not the states, from establishing or limiting free speech and religion.

          Ergo, by the 10th, it is a state power, as nothing forbids the states from doing such.

          If a state wants to ban flag burning, they can. If a state wants to ban Islam, they can. If Utah wants to be Mormon, or Maryland Catholic, or California Satanic, they can.

          The idea that the Supreme Court can assume the power to adjudicate state’s powers only comes from the Supreme Court. Nothing in the document gives the Supreme court that power.

          Yeah… What do you do when the courts act unconstitutionally?

        • More importantly the Treaty of Tripoli…

        • jaguar

          Oh blow it out your butt !!

      • Mr Reynard

        Moronic atheist, I buy that, but muslims ? Only the
        judeo-muslims, the judeo pretend zionist stian…..
        Are offended by Chistmas .. Ohh & the Joos as well…

    • gdnctr

      Crawl back into your sewer, porkchop boy.

    • doucyet

      A lot of Christians pay taxes for the use and upkeep on “public property” just like you do. Try thinking before you comment moron.

    • StevetheHun

      {Looks at the Church.}

      Well, you’re obviously wrong, Gil.

      You mustn’t lie.

  • chefshitpiece

    Happy Generic Festive Occasion everybody! Let’s break out the non-traditional milk-solids!
    2 + 2 = Offensive!

    • Reverend Draco

      2 + 2 = Chair in Commie Core. . .

  • Frank Energy

    Some fresh lies of nuke:

    High frequency high power radar arrays are more globally harmful than man-made radioactive nuclear ionizing toxic chemical waste? (Lie maker, Dark Energy)
    Because PV panels get weaker and weaker each year, you don’t have to worry about someone prying them out of your cold clammy hands, they self pry to nothing…..debunk–
    Yeah, about .25% per year.So if you have a 20 panel system, say 300W each = 6000 W and that’s 15W lost per year. Over 20 years, that’s 300W, so you effectively loss the output equal to one panel. Efficiency on equipment and lighting is increasing faster than .25% per year, so unless you increase your load, you will never have a problem.
    And the system is warranted for 25 years, and will probably last 40, there are no moving parts.
    Fukushima was preventable, therefore don’t worry the new nuclear will be totally safe, even fail safe.
    “Fear does 10 to 100 times more damage than radiation” (Lie maker Michael Mann https://disqus.com/home/discussion/thehill-v4/why_are_we_so_afraid_of_nuclear/#comment-2197018339)

    – See more at: http://nukeprofessional.blogspot.com/2014/02/classic-one-liner-lies-of-nuke.html#sthash.QbdLlaSW.dpuf

    • This post should get an award for being so far off-topic.

      • Frank Energy

        LOL Merry Christmas!

      • Frank Energy


  • Dan Morgan

    If Peace on earth and good will towards man, for just one day, is some how offensive too you, YOU should really get a life.

  • John

    Merry Christmas…

  • John

    Go ahead and practice the religion of atheism if you so choose.

    • Most atheists are statists in disguise.

      • Reverend Draco

        Not true.

        Most Atheists look at State-theism as just another religion, to be avoided by all thinking beings. . .

  • Reverend Draco

    The white screen with the specks all over it?

    I’m a pasty white guy with freckles – I find your appropriation of my identity offensive.

  • jaguar

    Please everyone go to allnewspipeline… I got blocked for calling a guy an idiot because HE WAS saying Christians shouldn’t try to defend themselves against criminals trying to harm you or breaking and entering your home…(ROB) thinks you should just let yourself be killed instead of fighting off a thug!!! I called him an idiot and got blocked!! Please go offend those idiots.. Oh and Merry Christmas!!! It’s the article about Illinois trying to take away your guns!!!

    • Reverend Draco

      What part of “turn the other cheek” is so offensive to you?