Handicapped Woman Calls 911 During Brutal Beating by Cops

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megan graham

Megan Graham, a Federal Way, Washington woman, called 911 to attempt to save herself from the cops who were beating her. Straight from the Bully’s Playbook, the partially deaf and cognitively disabled woman has been charged with felony assault on an officer.

Graham said that she had stopped at a friend’s apartment building when a police officer pulled up behind her. She says that she responded politely but never heard the officer order her, from his running vehicle, to get back into her car. That’s the point at which things got ugly, as the officer reportedly grabbed her roughly. She called 911 in hopes of getting other officers there to de-escalate the situation.

Two police officers brutally beat the woman as she pleaded with the 911 dispatcher for help.

Luckily for Graham, the attack on her was caught on the 911 recording.

I told the officer I had mental and hearing disabilities, and didn’t understand why he was trying to hurt me.”

“I was hoping other officers would show up to listen and deescalate the situation,” Graham said.

In the 911 recording, Graham shouts at the officer: “You attacked me before you said anything! There is no point whatsoever for you to touch me like that, especially with my condition, so how dare you even touch me?”

The officer is clearly heard repeating “You are under arrest.”

During the 911 call, another responding officer punched Graham several times in the face, and is heard loudly ordering her repeatedly to stop resisting.

“I am not resisting,” replied Graham. Graham says when an officer put his weight on her hip, which she says was previously injured, she reacted by trying to flip over. Federal Way police said she assaulted an officer during that struggle. (source)

Deborah Fenwick was an eyewitness to the assault-by-cop. “That woman was not resisting, I saw it. That woman doesn’t have a violent bone in her body. She’s got a heart of gold. If she would have understood the officer’s commands in the first place, she would have absolutely complied with him.”

The officer’s report places the blame firmly on Graham. “As the officer approached, Graham squared off against him in a fighter’s stance and attempted to strike him with closed fists. (The officer) responded with closed fist strikes to Graham’s face which brought her to the ground where she was handcuffed.”

Most would expect the police to protect a defenseless woman from being beaten black and blue by two men, but after this shocking display of police brutality, perhaps the Federal Way Police Department needs to change their slogan from “To Protect and Serve” to “To Punch and Subjugate”.

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  • tward3

    Here is the mayor’s phone number: 253.835.2400

  • Larry

    Buissness as usual

  • Reciprocate their actions in kind. Semper Fi. III

    • Heyoka


      Catch them outside their local watering hole and Hank Arron their asses

      • Jean

        Catch their families while they are at the watering hole… Make the point they are vulnerable…

        • MegaYacht

          Agreed! When their families begin to suffer they will QUIT and find honest work.

  • RickE.

    It is time to hurt those that hurt we subjects. Their violence is escalating, the only way to meet violence is to also use violence.

    Unless you totally submit like a puppy by laying on your back with its paws up in the air, you are resisting arrest and will be beaten and/or terminated.

    • ENFP

      She has a witness and needs to take this to court first. Only if no results there do you take the next step.

  • RickE.

    Talking is resisting arrest. Breathing loudly is resisting arrest.
    And, just doing the very human putting your arm up defensively while they’re beating you, is resisting arrest.

    • copsuck

      you gotta love it when one badge wearing thug yells FREEZE and the other yells GET DOWN ON THE GROUND. No matter what you do you are gonna get beat for doing the wrong thing.

      The simple act of being alive is cause for claiming resisting or assault to alot of cops.

      • big reb

        hey knuckle dragger are you talking from experience lmao


    Hopefully these cops will be brutally killed in the line of duty….soon. Enough already.

    • hiway280z

      your as bad as they are . I would want the whole story before I believe what is written. Not many officers go out beating the hell out of people for fun. People are to quick to judge the police as bad. A few are and are weeded out. as they should be. Normally if one gets out of hand one of the others would stop it. There could be more to this story.if not then they should be dealt with by law not hoping they are”brutally killed in the line of duty” which by the way a criminal would be doing that.

      • hiway280z

        I also noticed no one said why they stopped her in the first place. would like to know that too.

        • Anonymous

          Says here (in the article) she was PARKED at a friends appartment, read much?..

      • ftp

        You are OBVIOUSLY not paying attention

      • Anonymous

        Your a fucking idiot you need to open your eyes more then. This shit happens every day.

      • LIam L

        Oh. You’re one of those “Police can do no wrong” types, aren’t you. Look up homosexual assaults, you’ll see an assload of cops caught on tape. That proof enough for you? You say “not many”, but there’s a flood of “proof” that you need just at your finger tips. There are plenty of good cops out there, and just like Christians, the crazy ones give them a really bad reputation. But regardless, it’s not okay to be -that- blind to the truth. If you don’t like what’s written here, then just find something with video. It’ll take you 30 seconds to start on your way to “not that many”.

        • Jean

          Yes, it’s the 99% of cops that give the other 1% such a bad reputation…

      • Yes officers do beat the hell of people for fun. Then they charge u with felonies to cover there a$$. This is from personal experience.

      • EndCorruptCorporatocracy

        Go back to sleep, clown. The rest of us will fight this war for liberty. And it is a war. The time for vigilante justice against police has arrived.

      • granny mae

        I don’t agree with them being killed but do agree with them being Hank Aaroned! By the way you say you want to hear the whole story, but then which side would you choose to believe and how would you decide who was lying? The one who said I didn’t hear him and had a witness or the cop that said she took a fight stance so he beat the crap out of her.? Who is lying, the woman alone or two cops against one! By the way I didn’t hear that the first cop called for help so what made the second cop step in against this woman? Sorry, call the Mayor- 253-835-2400

    • Heyoka

      Nooo we don’t want them getting a retirement for evil. Hope it comes to them in a manner befitting their evil asses.

  • copsuck

    I am surprised big reb is not here spouting off about knuckle draggers and other bullshit like cops are good and have a hard job and other such crap.

    If I had a spare wish it would be to guide all these “good” cops to people like big reb. Maybe the education they would get would make a difference but I doubt you can beat the stupid out of anybody.

    As for cops … I can defend myself assholes. I dont need your “protection”. You badge and uniform will not mean shit soon enuff and then you will reap what you have sown.

    And big reb, learn to swallow cause you have mastered copsucking but the drooling is getting messy.

    • desert11

      I would like to know why a woman that can not here something as simple as ” get back in your vehicle” and is mentally impaired to top it off, is doing driving a vehicle in the first place, there is clearly alot more to this story, I will wait for all facts to come out.

      • grandma judi

        Hearing is not a requirement for a drivers license in most of the states I have lived in. Both of my husbands cousins were completely deaf and drove in CA. Also just because some one is not quite as mentally capable as the next person it also isn’t a reason to deny drivers license in most states any more than someone who is physically challenged – you know some drive with hand controls.
        Also would like to know why she was stopped in first place.

        • granny mae

          I agree with you. Over the years I have known of many people that have been brutilized by the cops and it needs to stop.

        • ENFP

          She is in Washington State and deaf people can drive here.

      • hsabin

        Good for you but I want to see what happens to the police in this matter. This seems extreme.

      • I know this might sting since it’s probably your greatest accomplishment in life, but you don’t have to be a genius to drive a motor vehicle.

    • big reb

      man you have a thing for me huh? she is probably a knuckle dragger lover and the cops do not like knuckle dragger lovers lol

      • copsuck

        Dont project your homosexual fantasies back at me manwhore. I merely enjoy poking the dumb kid on the site and watching him spit and sputter weak and pathetic drival in response. I know its unfair to have a battle of words with an unarmed opponent but hey you been spouting off uneducated comments for awhile now and sometimes its just fun to fuck with the stupid amoung us.

    • big reb

      im white ok with my own house and a great job. white folk don’t go to jail knuckle draggers and beaners go to jail go pimp your momma and yo sista out lmao

      • copsuck

        Here again you amaze me with the way your foot fits in your mouth. I can tell you have alot of practice lil reb. Are you related to encjoe by chance? It seems your family tree failed to branch and there are many similarities. if not look him up, I am sure you two will get along well have have lots of fun in your own house when you get off from your “great” job. “go pimp your momma and yo sista out lmao” come on dude is that the best you got? Damn you are getting owned here. Step it up or step off sunshine.

    • Ken, your UK friend

      Big Reb who is probably a corrupt cop himself suffers the indignity of having adverse reactions to the drugs he confiscated off dealers. First rule of drugtaking:- explore cautiously as you would an undiscovered jungle. Malaria and Cholera are risks here so drugs must be treated with equal respect. Am I right?

      • big reb

        you just might be right muhaaahaaa

        • copsuck

          Shit Ken he would have to be more than a ticket bitch at the MTA to confiscate anything more than a cup of cold coffee. The stupid you politely refer to is a result of inbreeding. It happens alot in closed minded communities in our inner cities and trailer parks. lil reb is a prime example of the pink slime that claims to be real beef.

          • big reb

            im a diesel mechanic you tool. I have more skills in my poop then you will ever have son aight. my family owned your family son and i owns y’all lmao

          • copsuck

            I am LMAO at you for continuing to be owned by a total stranger online. When you are a real man and not a posser you NEVER have to defend yourself on a message board. You lose AGAIN.

            As a mechanic you should know what a tool is. If not look in the mirror.

  • UncleMeat

    There are tremendous grounds for a lawsuit here and money in the bank. Cops are now the most hated they have ever been. There are no good ones left because this stuff continues to happen. If there were more good cops than bad we wouldn’t be seeing an increase in stories like this. Cops should be ashamed of themselves. I have lost all respect for them.

    • ENFP

      Some cops in Turkey refused to pepper spray protesters and resigned instead. How many American cops do this?

  • TNEW

    My husband who’s in the military police…said that state police are taught this tactic of punching/hitting you first and say, “stop resisting!” even when they’re the ones doing the assault…especially when they want to exercise their muscles and are in this ego-adrenaline rush! Thugs! Criminals!

  • There has been an increase in police brutality since Dumb-ya Bush-league gave the police extra powers and they became a Gestapo.

  • hsabin

    This is a shocking case of police brutality. IN the teaching of concealed carry, the law states that disparity of force is two men on one woman. This gal doesn’t look like she could take down a police officer – much less two of them. These are officers that need to go in for training! She should sue them for battery!

  • rich

    isn’t this called “GANG VIOLENCE” ?

  • Crrrock

    Thugs !
    that is all.
    as you were.

  • if this was my family member, the pigs would be bacon before cracking the eggs for the omelet. this kind of bullshit is beyond outrageous and frankly intolerable, they need to be resisted and put down like dogs

  • seeingred

    Most cops just want to go home at the end of their shift, but with all the crap they put up with and all the lowlife people they deal with Most are wound pretty tight these days, I know an LAPD officer and have gotten the story from him about it all. that said their is NO reason to have to beat anyone , as there are rubber bullets, bean bag rounds in almost all calibers , plus tasers that Most cops carry now!!!

    • Jean

      1. Tasers can be fatal, too.
      2. non-lethal rounds CAN kill, surpirisingly – but the point of guns is to shoot people with enough force to NOT have them continue attacking you. This means disable or kill. Changing the load from rubber bullets or beanbags to lethal ammo might be the reason you end up dead.
      I can understand a cop keeping his gun fully loaded. Should be FMJ, too – cleanest wound. Also greatest penetration – which is why they DON’T use FMJ, but hollow-points and (don’t knwo the name, actually) high-lead, low-casing bullets – IE, the copper or brass gets worn off shooting the gun, and only the deforming lead actually hits the target. That’s how the gun does damage – impact on target. FMJ penetrates without deforming, might go out the other side. And hit someone else beyond…
      However, it’s gotten obvious to all but the most devoted authoritarians and statists that the police are uniformed criminals, now – and as bad or worse than the Brownshirts of Nazi Germany. Makes you wonder.

      • granny mae

        Hollow points are banned from cops in most states. They are a brutile killer so mostly are not used.

        • Jean

          Where you think the DHS intends to use all the hollow-points they bought?
          Also, they’re banned from war via conventions (not Geneva, was WW1. Forget the treaty though.)

          there are other versions, too, though – which are almost dum-dum bullets any more.

          Beginning the think we need to be massively pre-emptive. Mostly in cities. Burn them out en masse, while they sleep, including families. See how the PoPo like it when First Shift doesn’t show up.

    • Heimdall

      The lowlifes and a whole bunch of regular, descent people like this woman are tired and just want to go home but the cops are lowlifes too and sometimes they don’t let honest, descent people go home at all, ever! They also circumvent the justice system and dispense their own “justice.” In other words, the penalty for the crime might be much less thant that imposed by the cops, like death. Even a beating and an undeserved charge of “assault on an officer” is very severe.

      They are lowlifes. All cops who allow it in their department are lowlifes, too.

      Personality tests have shown a remarkable correlation between the scores of cops and violent felons in the penitentiary.

      • Heimdall

        In fact, there is no penalty of extrajudicial (or judicial for that matter) beating in the USA.

        • Heimdall

          Also,if they are wound pretty tight these days and it adversely affects their job, the only honest and descent thing for them to do is to retire from police work. If they refuse, the only honest descent thing to do is rescind their certification as a peace officer.

          • Heimdall

            What is more important, the druthers of the very powerful and usually corrupt police unions, or avoiding a bloody civil war?

  • Moose

    How does a cognitively disabled woman even come close ti understanding the concept of “deescalation,” and why was a mentally handicapped individual driving a car to begin with. Sounds a lot like right wing scare tactics

    • Jean

      “Disabled” will include things like being a math genius as well as functionally schizophrenic or autistic. One could apply similar reasoning to homosexuality (I’ve read arguments that being gay reflects an inability “grow up” and think of others. In other words, eternal adolescence, free from the weighty issues of family life. As far as it goes, it has merit, but the author discarded a lot of other evidence to the contrary. Anyway, Offtopic.)
      Someone can be “mentally handicapped” due to a speech impediment; due to injury (cognition includes vision and hearing); and includes high-IQ types who could be math or science geniuses – yet lack morality, or social graces. The reason why is irrelevant – those who understand and don’t give a crap are lumped in with those who would manipulate for fun and those who are incapable of understanding human emotion. All the same thing. Social disorders. 😛
      It’s stupid – it’s like saying a cannibalistic pedophile rapist is the same thing as a woman who has a leather fetish. One is skydiving, one is fencing, but they’re both sports… 😛

      • granny mae

        I’d like to know the mental capabilities of the two cops to see if either one or both of them should even be cops! My guess is no!

      • ENFP

        Sounds like the cops are mentally handicapped. Don’t we have hiring standards that include mental abilities?

        • Heimdall

          Google: “court oks barring high IQ for cops” That will give you your answer.

        • Jean

          Heimdell is correct – Above a 90 IQ is an officer; above 100 IQ is unfit for command.
          Military and cops both.
          You want slaves, make sure they’re too dumb to know they’re slaves. The rest takes care of itself.

      • Anonymous

        Good comment.

    • Sounds like you are completely unfamiliar with the broad spectrum that the term “mental handicap” consists of. They beat the shit out of a deaf, non-violent woman. What more do you need to know?

    • Anonymous

      Hey Douche Bag, I’m a disabled person, and i drive motorcycle. i bet you like to torture animals.

  • dadwasright

    When are the rest of you going to WAKE UP ?

  • Cops are worthless. They have ALWAYS created more crime than they have stopped, because they almost NEVER stop crime. They show up after the fact to collect non-violent bodies and tax dollars for their masters’ private prisons.

    • granny mae

      Having lived down the street from a cop for years I can tell you that he kept himself stocked in illeagal drugs by pulling over the locals he knew dealt in them and then kept their stash and turned them loose as a favor to them. Trouble is they all knew what he was doing and one day spilled the beans. Not to the cops superiors but to the druggy’s superiors. You see they got tired of being ripped off so they took care of it their way! No more problem! It is sad and too bad but it is stuff like this that is the reason why we can’t stop the drug crime in the US. Lots of cops are dirty and no it isn’t just a few it is most in one way or another! The good cop is rare now days.

  • Wayne

    Isn’t it wonderful, the new public-interaction training being provided to local police departments by Homeland Security?

    Does anyone notice how much more of this sort of thing we are seeing now that DHS is providing all of these new “resources” to local public security organizations? Do you all feel safer now?

  • Evie

    I guess many will not have to worry about healthcare or other costs as these lawsuits keep mounting up.
    I do not see how they can argue this, lots may be settled out of court.
    I certainly hope she can read and will not take a low settlement.
    The elite are wrong if they believe people will accept the bullying. There are more of the 99% than there are of them.

    • Jean

      Dead “criminals” cost less.
      And then when we dispense real justice, well – dead cops don’t cost much, either.

      Revolutions always go 360 degrees.

  • Joe Jackson

    the same bullies who mock and beat deaf children up as kids are the ones who become police officers

  • Heimdall

    All police departments need to be closed down in favor of elected sheriff’s departments.

    The rise of police departments, based on the company town enforcers originally, are one of the methods by which representative government has been diminished. You can vote a sheriff into or out of office, assuming there is no vote fraud of any sort.

    Another example is the city manager. The city manager is not accountable to you like a mayor is. Therefore, city managers tend to force unwelcome policies, like Agenda 21, on their victims.

  • Dave Wilson

    Now I understand why it’s called “The Daily Sheeple”. No one thinks, they just react.

    • Heimdall

      Great argument Dave. I guess that we should resign ourselves to abuse and happily bleat away while geniuses like you pick us off.

    • Heimdall

      Where is your reasoned argument to demonstrate that we have got it all wrong for whatever reason?

      Are you arguing that:

      -she deserved it
      -the officers didn’t really beat her senseless
      -that is the lawful punishment for her crime (what crime?)
      -police are kind-hearted angels
      -police are smarter than the rest of us and shouln’t be second-guessed
      -it is unpatriotic to question police
      -police departments are democratic institutions who are answerable to the citizens just as a sheriff is answerable (at voting time)
      -citizens are not to question police

      What is your argument Mr. rational?

      • copsuck

        Get him Heimdall !!! I agree 1000%

        • copsuck

          These mental giants have a right to their opinion BUT if we keep the pressure on maybe they will have to rub those 3 brain cells together and think about the basic problems and solutions that alot of cops have trouble with as well.

          I dont have much hope but I refuse to quit trying. More wake up everyday.

  • Heimdall

    Unfortunately, news pieces exposing felonies committed by cops seem to bring out more trolls, paid shills, and traitor scum apologist subhumans working for the enemy than any other type of news story. Cop apologists are the worst of slimy, subhuman, traitor scum. Making excuses for brutalizing citizens is beneath contempt and those of you who condone it by defending it do not even qualify as human.

    I look forward to the day when we debate this in person!

    • Heimdall

      Police union shills are not respected here.

      • Heimdall

        Anyone who would condemn the condemnation of this atrocity is a subhuman piece of garbage!

  • Heimdall

    I think that if people reacted as they should to massive widespread horrendous abuse and atrocities at the hands of criminal felons acting under color of law to commit horrendous acts on citizens, we would not be treated like sheep!

    A cop committing such crimes and abusing their authority, given to them by the citizens, is not committing a crime of lesser severity than some ghetto thug. The cop is far, far worse and should be punished in a far, far more severe way.

    All you pigs are getting is a verbal dressing down. The colonial era real men would have had your heads on a pike! So get over it, Mary!

  • Heimdall

    Dave Wilson doesn’t think we are rational. Apparently Dave believes that absolute acquiescence is rational.

    Is it rational for police departments to pursue a campaign of murder, beatings, harassment and intimidation of citizens when polls show the frame of mind of the citizens quite clearly?


    If cops were rational there would be no campaign of murder and abuse.

  • Anonymous

    As I always say, give a man a badge and he thinks he’s God. And of course, in the eyes of a judge, being a cop makes it alright. And people wonder why I hate cops. Take away their badges and guns and give me 5 minutes with them. I guarantee they will NEVER do anything like that again, if they live to tell about it.

  • Anonymous

    Like huey p said back in the 60s,it’s time to fight back
    The ppl have a right to defend.themselves