Half of 25-Year-Olds Live with Parents, 1 Million College Students ‘Sugar Babies’, 31% of Adjunct Professors in Poverty

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American so-called “higher education” does exactly what it should: prepare college students for the real world. On 2015 Earth, students must learn the Orwellian condition that what we use for money is created as debt, producing an economy adding negative numbers forever with “developed” “modern” nations now $50 trillion in debt, the top 1% having more assets than the 99% combined, and the US top 1% has more assets than the bottom 90%.

Of course, the obvious solution is to stop creating what we use for money as a negative number owed to privately-owned banks, and have government create debt-free money for the direct payment of public goods and services. A preliminary cost-benefit analysis shows each and every US household would near-instantly achieve millionaire status with this upgrade.

But college students must pass the Emperor’s New Clothes test before escaping their asset-hole banksters (as must American civics students of all ages). Our condition:

Importantly, please confirm that what we receive for economic leadership is literal criminal fraud:

I could go on to literally ~100 areas of crucial concern.

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Contributed by Carl Herman of Washington’s Blog.

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  • nlightened2

    It sounds like every thing is ready to burn. Better beam me up Scotty. No intelligent life here….

  • nlightened2

    When everything is subjected to the bottom line you can expect to find everyone at the….,.,.


  • chris

    Most adjuncts at CC in Fl. get around 10 to 12/hr.

  • chris

    As far as teachers ,they are and can be replaced by internet learning.
    See Kahn Academy.
    The obscene pay of college Administrators is criminal..
    Second scam was to not be able to BK student loans.
    Plus , this could also mean that an education in many fields is not
    really needed or paid what the teachers think it should be.

  • nlightened2

    1 million of our future female leadership are training to be hookers.Or politicians.
    Half of all 25 year olds live with parents.To speak in their defense I don’t think their elder siblings are doing much better.

  • Gearmoe

    Years of open boarders, lax immigration, creeping socialist programs and loose trade.

  • Dan Morgan

    Fiat currency, borrowed to earn a fiat diploma. Both pieces of paper, worthless to anyone, except the lender.