HAHA FAIL: Turkish Reporter Claims Grand Theft Auto Cheat Codes Are Actually Secret Messages of the Failed Coup

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And here you thought you couldn’t see anything dumber after another week in Crazy Land.

Nope. You were wrong.

Via Tech Dirt:

In a polarized America, quite often the claim is made that this news organization or that news organization is making stuff up and calling it news. These claims usually fall along partisan lines, leading those of us that don’t consider ourselves affiliated with any side to shake our heads. And, while nobody should ever be so bold as to claim that no bias exists at all, the accusations of purely making up the news tends to pale in comparison to some other nations out there.

Let’s take Turkey, for instance. Yes the country with the petulant and easily-upset President Tayyip Erdogan, also has some reporters that truly just make stuff up. For instance, you can read about one reporter who managed to find some secret documents from the plotters of the recently failed coup attempt against Erdogan, and you can see an image of the secret codes she found below.


If any of that looks familiar but you’re still having trouble placing exactly what, here’s a basic transcription of the words on the page.



I/ Health and Gun

II/Health and Armor

Yup, those are cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto 4. The reporter, meanwhile, apparently insisted that these were secret communications by the plotters against Erdogan. And you have to admit that that doesn’t make any sense, because if those plotters could get more guns and health just by repeating a video game cheat code, the coup probably would have went off without a hitch.

I’m not telling you not to be mad at news coverage in the United States. I’m just saying it could be worse.

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