Hackers Gain Direct Access to U.S. Power Grid (Video)

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You could have seen this one coming a mile away. The narrative is taking shape, folks. The boogie men are being put into place… and when the time is right, “The Powers That Shouldn’t Be”, will send the signal to their henchmen to set off the next crisis, stoking fear in everyone’s hearts. Out of chaos, order!

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Source: REPORT: “Blackout” Hackers Gain Direct Access to U.S. Power Grid Controls

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  • darkhorse

    …duh….ummm…… hmmmm

  • Roy Hobs

    Create the Problem; then Offer the Solution.
    “By Deception, we shall Wage War”

  • Yeah, yeah, more fear mongering ! Until the 1% Rich, Greedy, Scumbags, retreat to their underground cities, this is just TERROR, make the population FEAR anything and everything. BULLSHIT !!!

  • I don’t even think the power plant should be on the network, any network.
    No physical access – no control. It was that way before the proliferation of computers – why would anyone change it ?

  • Jeri Brace

    is it possible the Government could shut down our grid then blame it on these X class flares earth has been getting from the Sun recently?