Hackers Cause Blackout for the First Time in History

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Ever since power grids around the world started getting hitched to the internet, the one question that’s been on everyone’s mind, is how long will it take before this system gets hacked? Pretty much everything that’s digital in nature is capable of being hacked, so it stands to reason that it’s only a matter of time before the power grids we rely on will be hijacked.

Unfortunately, that day has finally arrived. The scenario that governments, corporations, and citizens have feared for years, happened in Ukraine over the holidays. Half of the homes in the Ivano-Frankivsk region went dark for several hours on December 23rd, after a virus disconnected electrical substations from the grid. Malware was found in the computers of three different electrical operators in the region, which wiped out the programs that run the system.

At least one of the malware codes was identified as “BlackEnergy” which was used in the past to attack the Ukrainian media. Experts believe that the attack came from Russia, but have refused to definitively connect the attack to any specific group or government.

This marks the first time that hackers have managed to cause a residential blackout (that we know of). Fortunately, the power grid was repaired and put back online in short order, which suggests that electrical systems aren’t completely helpless against these attacks. But since these cyber attacks are growing more sophisticated as time goes on, future incidents may not be as benign as this one.

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  • Okay we must now shut down the internet so this doesn’t happen to us 😉

    • Mike


      • I just want us to be safe 😉
        There are tare-wrists out there ya know?

        • TheCountess

          Or rather patriotic tare-wrists blogging continuously making them overly informed.

    • No, we just need to disconnect computers from the Internet that really don’t need to be connected to the Internet to operate what they were installed to operate. Mainframes operated just fine for several decades before they were interconnected, and, as far as I know, even CERN never put the control of any of their cyclotrons under the control of the computers that they used to gather the data from collisions in. Things are being interconnected that don’t need to be.
      The STUXNET thing happened on a computer that wasn’t connected to the Internet. It was imported by someone who plugged in a thumb drive from outside the plant. That was done by a hand that, IMO, justified being severed from the owner’s arm.

    • Aug Ust

      Seems People have forgotten the government had on line before the public came on line it was closed net.
      1995 open net America on line

    • Mr Reynard

      Yupp… Too many conspiracies theories on the internet ??
      What next ?? They will tell us that 911 was done by the US government with the help of mossad ?? How ridiculous this is ??
      The government is conspiring against it’s citizens ??? How ridiculous this is ??
      That’s why the internet should be closed down & people should get their truthful informations only from CNNNBCABCFOX & of course NPR… The only paper to read New York Time & Washington Post…

    • Anothereno

      Better disconnect all lan cables as well, people may be patching in ^_^

  • Mike

    coming soon to America so they government can take more of our liberties and freedoms away.

  • paulgilpin

    Experts believe that the attack came from Russia,

    what experts?
    and could this have been by nubees in langley in an effort just to blame putin for one more thing?

  • Aug Ust

    Release Date February 16, 2012
    Who do you think are behind all these hacks
    you have forgotten the government had on line before the public came on line
    closed net 1995 open net
    The vulnerable power grid? and the threat of natural disaster.
    From 1965 through 2009, there were 57 major grid failures in the United States,From 1965 to 1988, there were three major breakdowns
    this power gird Blackout goes back before America came on line in 1995

  • whiteberry

    I’m ready… I split enough wood this summer to last me 3 years and have all my supplies…

    • Damn, you’re in better shape than I am, lol!

      • whiteberry

        Probably not but there’s something about wielding an ax that makes me extremely happy!! HaHA! This summer I will master my archery skills…

  • mirageseekr

    Maybe Russia has had it with the puppet government the US installed over there?

  • CherryAnn1000

    I expect it will happen here at any time. It’s just a matter of waiting.