Gun Sales Finally Cool Under Trump Presidency as Remington Begins First Round of Layoffs

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For gun owners, the Obama era will forever be remembered for sky-high gun prices and ammo shortages. It’ll be remembered for countless mass shootings that stoked gun confiscation fears, and panicked gun purchases as people tried to get what they could before the government banned their favorite firearms.

But with a Republican in the Oval Office, it appears that gun sales are finally going to slow down for the first time since the early 2000’s. Despite the fact that there aren’t any recent statistics to back this up, we can safely assume that it’s true based on a recent action taken by Remington.

The gun manufacturing company revealed last week that they are going to lay off 120 workers from their Ilion plant, and 16 workers from their plant in Kentucky. According to Zerohedge and the Wall Street Journal, Remington isn’t alone. American Outdoor Brands, which used to be known as Smith & Wesson, is also losing sales. And this is a very recent trend. A month ago, the number of firearm background checks was still breaking records.

So from a financial perspective, gun owners need to take note. If you paid top dollar for firearms under the Obama administration for the sole purpose of stocking up on them, now may be a good time to sell a few of them before they rapidly depreciate.

Think of the glut of firearms that are now in circulation. Most of them owned by people who have over a dozen firearms, and could probably stand to lose a few. Now imagine what will happen if there’s another recession this year or the next. You combine that possibility with the fact that we now have a gun friendly president, and you can safely assume that people are going to be selling their firearms en masse in the near future, and gun prices are going to plummet.

On the other hand, there is one thing that could keep gun prices afloat. Under the Trump administration we’ve seen plenty of outrageous leftist protests that turned violent. If those protests continue to proliferate and grow more violent and destructive, then firearms will at least hold their value.

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  • Frank

    Well, if prices are expected to drop, it’s time to start watching for bargains! No such thing as too many guns in the hands of law-abiding Citizens. Research proves that this is the single largest deterrent to crime, above all others.

  • breakawaymotorsports .

    The price of zombie guns may level off,but the price of collectibles has been constantly on the rise for the last 30 years,and I don’t see them ever coming down. Regardless of gun sales, I’d rather have a gun toting President in the White House than a liberal crook any day!

    • Much of the increase in collectibles has been traceable to inflation. The decline in non-collectibles will be partially attributable to the importance of eating after the market sets new records in speed of collapse from a record high. Gold and silver will leave lead and copper in the dustbin. When was the last time that anyone saw any proof that Trump had ever held, let alone fired, a gun? It was Mao who said that political power came from the barrel of a gun, not a republican, fake or otherwise.

  • Sir TuberKopf

    Great news, blow out sales! Yahoo!

    Early Chrismas and birthday shopping!

    • T’will be a good time to buy that HK416 I’ve been dreaming about.

  • Mike

    good, ammo prices and gun prices should start coming down then. But don’t fret gun manufacturers, every time the gun grabbers go after guns again, sales will spike.

  • Gil G

    Gun retailers should have done their best to get Hillary elected.