Gun Control WILL NOT Stop Crime: 22 Children Injured in China by Knife-Wielding Man

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There is sure to be talks in the coming days, weeks and months over gun control. Incidents like the shooting in Connecticut, while tragic, play into the hands of media, government and others that want to take away our 2nd Amendment right.

Criminals will always find a way to commit the crime and do harm to others as shown in a report that a man in China injured 22 children with a knife:

BEIJING (Reuters) – A knife-wielding man slashed 22 children and an adult at an elementary school in central China on Friday, state media reported, the latest in a series of attacks on schoolchildren in the country.

The man attacked the children at the gate of a school in Chenpeng village in Henan province, the Xinhua news agency reported.



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  • bowlan

    gun control is not the answer,arming the teachers is the answer.

    disarming America only allows guns to go into the hands of the criminals threw the black market.

  • PapaCharlie

    Yes, it’s almost the same: 22 injured or 20 killed…
    I suppose you don’t have children, otherwise you wouldn’t make such stupid remarks.

    • Mark

      As a matter of FACT, I DO HAVE 5 CHILDREN ages ranging from 34 to 15. Gun Control is NOT the answer to our problems. Just remember the of ourrights YOU wish to give up only opens the door for the Government to come and take the rights you hold near and dear. In short if you don’t like our laws you can leave any time you desire.

  • ncjoe

    22 injured does not equate to 20 dead. Equating these two incidents jut show how stupid you are. The difference was the gun. Get you your head out of your ass and stop worshiping your guns (or having sex with them, which sounds more likely) and think because articles like this just make you look stupid and make gun owners lie me look stupid. I resent your idiocy making me look stupid.

  • jay

    Well the injured childern have to live with not only physical scars but mental as well. Yeah theyre alive but will have to live with the horrific event. If u dont understand the relevance between the two incidents then u havent been attacked as a child.

    • ncjoe

      The key term moron is “live with”. Sounds like you would prefer the stabbing victims not have survived to “live with” their injuries. Given the choice, I am quite certain the parents of those slain children would have preferred their children “live with” injuries than just not live. What an idiotic statement.

      • jay

        What a nasty cunt u are. Must be the nc in ncjoe. But yeag im sure the parents want to see the scars on their kids reminding them daily on the event also paying the therapy bills. A tragedy is a tragedy period. Ur mindless name calling rants do u no favor. No parent wants their kid dead or watch them suffer. So there is a connection moron

  • WVBonBonQueen

    I really hate to hear about those kids in the US and in China.
    It is a sad day when the kids can’t go outside without being harmed.
    I don’t believe that “gun control” will do anything to help the situation tho.
    I believe that Gun Control means or should mean hitting your target, or what you aim at. Not shooting innocent people because you are angry at the world.

  • Nexus789

    Gun ‘control’ would create a ‘probibition’ effect. It would be better to go after the companies that manufacture the guns. After all it is their ‘products’ that are causing absolute mayhem in American with tens of thousands of deaths, people being maimed and thousands of suicides that are gun related. Currently, they ‘free ride’ and avoid these costs via lobbying, having laws past in their favor or anti gun laws quashed, etc. This all results in a massive cost that everyone else across America carries.

    Suing these companies for economic loss would be a better approach. For instance if a middle manager were murdered by a gun incident while on a salary of $120K they may have earned $2.4m over the rest of their life. Monies that their family is denied.

  • Ken, your UK friend

    I dont believe in guns. Yes Military, Police, Gamekeepers, Arctic Explorers facing Polar Bears, Official Registered Clay Pigeon shooting clubs etc have ultra strict controls. But live by the gun die by the gun. I handed in my Swiss Army knives during an Amnesty and bought a simpler World Cup bottle opener and screwdriver set because I dont trust myself with nasty weapons. Stay outta Jail, yes? Daily Sheeple readers will not thank me for this but Obama will fully sieze this opportunity to further his agenda but my main message is over-riding grief and sorrow for the suffering families. Hurting most for Dylan Hockley, the only Brit, but most moved by this Tragedy and pray for all who suffer.