Gun Control Mecca Chicago: 2 Fatal Shootings In 2 Hours, 2 Miles Apart

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Two fatal shootings in two hours just two miles apart in Chicago is devastating news to some. But the city itself is becoming numb to the violence they cannot fight because good citizens have been disarmed by the law.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Gerald Thomas, who owned the building one of the fatally shot people was renting, said he has witnessed far too many acts of violence since he bought the property and moved there in 2012. “It’s like normal,” he said. “It’s not even warm yet. With the liquor store right here, shooting incidents like this happen every day. I’m immune to it.

“We’ve seen a little change but not much and not fast enough,” Thomas said. As police investigated Wednesday night, a large fight broke out in the parking lot of Franklin Super Food & Liquor. “This is only the beginning,” Thomas said. “The minute it gets warm, every weekend there will be somebody shot.”

The two fatalities were among seven people shot in Chicago on Wednesday, according to the police. But even so, the violence in Chicago has been declining for a year. Police claim it’s due to more officers on the streets, but most agree that one year isn’t enough to determine with anything more than speculation the reason for the reduction.

“A year is not conclusive,” Alex Vitale, coordinator of the Policing and Social Justice Project at Brooklyn College who has studied Chicago’s crime patterns, agreed. “Chicago has come off a couple bad years,” he added, referencing 2016, which was the city’s most violent year in nearly two decades. “This drop in gun violence may have something to do with the internal dynamics of violence that may have nothing to with what the city is doing — positive or negative.”

Unfortunately, gun control hasn’t worked to stop the mass murder occurring in Chicago. But that hasn’t stopped politicians from continuously writing more laws for even more murderers to disregard. No one will never be able to legislate morality.

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