Gun Control Group Terrified, Armed Protesters Say “We Were Just Out There Peacefully Assembling”

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A gun control group got quite a surprise on Saturday when a group of armed protesters showed up at their meeting.

Four members of the group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense (MDA) were holding a meeting at the Blue Mesa Grill in Arlington, TX, when around 40 members of The Open Carry Texas contingent gathered in the parking lot outside of the restaurant.

Chris Barton, the CFO of Blue Mesa Grill, said that the manager called 911 at 11:35 a.m., shortly after the armed group arrived:

“When the manager called, he told them (police dispatcher) what was going on,” Barton said. “They said that if they are having a peaceful demonstration, they are within their legal rights.”

The Open Carry Texas contingent protesters included men, women, and children. They were armed with about two dozen semi-automatic rifles, which are classified as long guns in Texas and can be legally carried openly.

One of the four MDA members who attended the meeting tried to file a police complaint on Monday. She was told that no law had been violated.

Police monitored the incident, but took no action, as Tiara Ellis Richard of the Arlington Police office of communication said in an e-mail to USA TODAY:

“We are aware that a group did gather in a shopping area in Arlington Saturday. Officers were notified and arrived at the location. There were no issues that we are aware of and no arrests occurred.”

Kory Watkins organized the protest. He told National Review’s Charles C. W. Cooke that “we were just out there peacefully assembling.”

“We walked down the street, away from where they were, and took a couple of pictures,” he said. “People were pulling over and honking and all that good stuff. When we were in the parking lot, one of them called us an (expletive) but that was it.”

However, the police did arrive as the group of protesters was leaving to go to another restaurant in the area.  An officer approached the group, and here’s what happened:

Open Carry Texas explains their mission on their website:

Open Carry Texas is an organization dedicated to the safe and legal carry of firearms openly in the State of Texas in accordance with the United States and Texas Constitutions and applicable laws.  Our purpose is to 1) educate all Texans about their right to openly carry rifles and shotguns in a safe manner; 2) to condition Texans to feel safe around law-abiding citizens that choose to carry them; 3) encourage our elected officials to pass less restrictive open carry legislation; and (4) foster a cooperative relationship with local law enforcement in the  of these goals with an eye towards preventing negative encounters.

The mission of Moms Demand Action is posted on their website as well:

Moms Demand Action supports the 2nd Amendment, but we believe common-sense solutions can help decrease the escalating epidemic of gun violence that kills an American child every 3 hours and 15 minutes. Whether the gun violence happens in urban Chicago, suburban Virginia, or rural Texas, we must act now on new and stronger gun laws and policies to protect our children.

The battle between the two groups didn’t end at the Blue Mesa Grill.  Both have been vocal on social media since the event.

On the Moms Demand Action Facebook page:

“WHAT ARE THESE MEN DOING?  No, they’re not military defending our country or police responding to a mass shooting. They’re members of Open Carry Texas and they showed up earlier today to protest a membership meeting being held by four members of Moms Demand Action inside a restaurant in Dallas. These men, armed with semi-automatic rifles, terrified customers and passersby.”

On the Open Carry Texas Facebook page:

“Hey Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, here’s your chance to get your ideas out in public.  The president of Open Carry Texas, CJ Grisham, is issuing an open invite and challenge to MDA President Shannon Watts to debate the issue of ‘gun sense’ (gun control) versus gun rights (supporting the Constitution). Since we are issuing the challenge, Shannon may pick anywhere in the State of Texas to hold the event and OCT will pay for the venue.

“We will also accept the Texas Chapter President of MDA if Shannon doesn’t feel intelligent or confident enough to handle an open debate. OCT will NOT be open carry at the event so MDA can feel safe and secure in its ignorance and false sense of safety. Shannon may email her response CJ directly from her official email to The ball is in your court.”

Open Carry Texas posted this photo on their Facebook page:


The first photo was posted on the Moms Demand Action Facebook page.  Open Carry Texas added the second and the captions and posted them on their page.

On November 1, the following statement was posted on the Moms Demand Action website:

The mothers of America call on this Congress to, finally, respond to this shooting tragedy as impetus to act on gun reform. Our nation needs new and stronger gun laws, such as background checks, and increased gun regulation, including a ban on assault weapons for civilians, to protect our families and loved ones from gun violence.

One can’t help but wonder why the members of this “grassroots movement” believe more gun control will prevent tragedies like the ones at LAX and Sandy Hook. The group’s articles and Facebook posts attempt to appeal to emotion by sharing stories of gun-related deaths and mass shootings. Why are there no stories about incidents during which lives have been saved by responsible armed citizens, like this one, and this one? What about the 200,000 women who use guns to protect themselves against sexual assault every year?

Moms Demand Action’s website also says:

We are facing a public health crisis: Nearly eight American children are shot and killed every day. Anything else responsible for this many deaths would be immediately investigated and regulated. Not a single federal law has been passed in decades to prevent gun violence – not after Columbine and not after Newtown.

The Department of Justice has said that firearm homicides are down by 38% and that non-fatal firearm incidents are down 69%.

A study that was recently published in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy revealed that nations that have more guns tend to have less crime:

The findings of two criminologists – Prof. Don Kates and Prof. Gary Mauser – in their exhaustive study of American and European gun laws and violence rates, are telling:

Nations with stringent anti-gun laws generally have substantially higher murder rates than those that do not. The study found that the nine European nations with the lowest rates of gun ownership (5,000 or fewer guns per 100,000 population) have a combined murder rate three times higher than that of the nine nations with the highest rates of gun ownership (at least 15,000 guns per 100,000 population).

The mission of Moms Demand Action certainly is honorable; who doesn’t want to see an end to these tragedies? But, perhaps the group should consider that more laws aren’t the answer. Do they know that some school districts – including some in ColoradoOregon, and Arkansas – have decided to take action to prevent or stop shootings by arming staff?  The administration at those schools took responsibility for the protection of students into their own hands – and not by simply posting more “gun-free zone” signs, which do nothing but let criminals identify easy targets.

“Thus the classic slogan — when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns — isn’t only a word play; it is a fundamental insight into the folly of gun prohibition. Such an approach means the bad guys are well-armed while law-abiding citizens are not.” – Jeffrey Miron

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  • Highspeedloafer

    Idiots like these will wish they had a gun when the SHTF.

    • Steve

      How do you know they don’t own guns? Maybe they just choose not to make a big display of it. They are not trying to abolish gun ownership. They are just seeking what they see as reasonable restrictions.

      • ANY CHISLING AWAY at the US constutition is TREASON,and you STEVE,are either an IDIOT or you hate america,either way you and all your friends will be rounded up some day and that will be a good day in america………..

    • Highspeedloafer,your wrong,THEY will glady go to the FEMA DEATH CAMPS,thinking everything will be fine,GUN GRABBERS don’t have a high enough IQ,to understand GOD,GUNS and GUTS have kept america free for two hundred years,THEY all worship SATAN,he has tricked them,and their NOT smart enough to know it,THE DAYS coming when americans will have to fight them and the foreign military they think is here to help america,REMEMBER gun grabbers love seeing dead children,this is who your dealing with…………

      • Steve

        That is so funny! Worship Satan? I went to 12 years of Catholic school. Make up your mind, in one comment you say that we will be rounded up and put in a camp and that will be a good thing. WHo will do the rounding up? You? Then you post I will gladly go to FEMA death thinking everything will be fine. You claim I hate the Constitution but you are the one wanting to put people in camps. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  • Kulafarmer

    From my cold dead hands

  • Grant Rogers

    molon f’ing labe 🙂

  • Revenge Served Cold

    Prevent more LAX and Sandy Hook shootings? WTF? Well, YES, armed folks in those scenarios would have minimized the casualties… The BEST way to prevent things like that from happening is if the F##KING GOVERNMENT would stop STAGING these events to push their agenda!!! I say we push the HANG THE BANKERS AGENDA, and put treasonous politician in front of a firing squad!

    • Jason

      Thats the best plan ive heard yet

  • sixpack

    Here’s a few more facts to add to the list, per the CDC:

    One out of 9,743 people were killed in a car accident in 2012. Most deaths of children aged 5–19 years are due to traffic injuries, as occupants, pedestrians, bicyclists, or motorcyclists.

    3,252 15-19 yr olds died from motor vehicle accidents in 2012.

    Children less than 1 year of age who die from an injury are predominantly victims of unintended suffocation or accidental strangulation.

    • InsanityIsContagious

      how about this headline: Doctor Failure to Wash Hands Kills 100,000 Patients a Year


      Medications approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration result in 100,000 deaths every year from what the federal agency describes as nothing more than “adverse drug reactions.”

      So exactly what again should I be afraid of? It’s not guns.

      • Rebelwithaclause

        Bravo to your comment!

    • Steve

      How many of those death were from vehicular homicide and how many were accidental?

    • Steve

      Automobiles are on of the most heavily regulated and licensed items people use on a daily basis. I agree with you, to won a firearm you should need to pass a state mandated test to receive a license to operate one. Each firearm should be registered and tagged by the state. Each firearm owner should have to be insured and like motor vehicles the rates should be determined by actuaries using tables about race, age, marital status etc. Automobiles and guns…the perfect analogy.

      • RickE.

        YOU Steve, are the consummate communist aren’t you? Sure, insure guns out of existence as the insurance prices would exclude all but the well-off gun owners.And this is exactly the intent-to get guns out of the hands of the common folk.

        It’s not enough that our government is deliberately drying up our ammo supplies.
        Guns vs autos a perfect analogy? Perhaps to a demented liberal that has fractured thinking processes. Your blathering sounds JUST LIKE Feinstein rattling on and on about guns and CONTROL.

        • Steve

          Don’t blame me, I am merely pointing out the fallacy of the post by SIXPACK. He opened the door by posting some statistics of the number of people killed by automobiles. I am pointing out why that is a bad analogy.

  • Steve

    Lee Harvey Oswald, Charles Whitman and BJ Grisham…just your average Texans protecting their right to open carry a long gun.

    • Stephen

      and the call went out from the austin police, hunters come to UT bring your rifles and help us stop Whitman.

      The way to get illegally purchase guns off the street is to stop the justice department from selling them.

      • Steve

        I guess those hunters weren’t open carrying.

    • uh-huh

      Steve: Oswald was a totally pathetic, crappy shot who COULDN’T have done it if his life depended on it…but he made a great patsy.

      How about this one: The Kent State shootings (also known as the May 4 massacre or the Kent State massacre)[2][3][4] occurred at Kent State University in the U.S. city of Kent, Ohio, and involved the shooting of UNARMED college students by the Ohio National Guard on Monday, May 4, 1970.


      • Steve

        If you are going to cut and paste from Wikipedia you should remove the citation numbers. I remember when the incident at Kent State happened, somehow I don’t think firearms in the hands of the students would have made things better.

        Why did you not cut and paste this part….

        “Further analysis of the audiotape revealed that four pistol shots and a violent confrontation occurred approximately 70 seconds before the National Guard opened fire.”

  • facebook_mike.przlomski

    U guys are lucky in Texas, In many other states their getting away with arresting you for disturbing the peace even when their carrying in a completely lawful way.

    • Jean

      Because many still think this can be resolved using the law, instead of by killing the government psychopaths.
      The day is coming when this will be seen to be an outright lie.

      God help government stooges when that day comes, because no one else will be able…

      Or willing.

      • Steve

        Talk, talk, talk, your guys are nothing but a bunch of talk. BJ had the chance to stand up for his 2A rights when the Temple police officer showed up, but for all of his talk what did he do? He rolled over and played dead. Now he has a lawyer trying to regain his manhood for him.

  • Guest

    1st if it’s officer safety why did she get out of her car and approach a GROUP of people with rifles?

    2nd if the officer is okay with what they are doing she should have just mentioned that some of the sheep were scared and they should just carry their tools slung.
    3rd It’s about propaganda and total disarmament so governments can rule 100% and you would not dare step out of line

  • Steve

    This is an example of someone using their 2A rights to intimidate someone from practicing their 1A rights. Those women were not bothering anyone, they were just getting together for coffee and to discuss legal ways to curb abuses of the 2A.

    It is pretty obvious their goal was to intimidate those women. They could have had their rally anywhere but just coincidentally showed up where those women were meeting.

    Typical gun nuts hiding behind an American Flag.

    • Rebelwithaclause

      Steve, son it’s early go back to sleep, clear your head. Then mabe you will make a lick of sense or maybe you might understand the definition of Propaganda, or maybe you’re just a special kind of stupid.

    • RickE.

      Wow! After reading your posts I must conclude that you are serious in your nonsensical assertions! I thought that perhaps you were joking. Apparently not!
      Few things are more ludicrous than the folly of stubborn stupidity. It IS entertaining though! Thanks for the laughs!

    • Anonymous

      Intimidate? Why would a rifle, being possesed and carried legally, intimidate ANYONE, unless they are a pathetic, thin skinned liberal? These folks were ALSO exercising THEIR first amendment rights to protest these MORON women trying to violate our God given rights via political pressure…the founders would consider these women traitors to the Contitution

      • Steve

        If someone open carrying a rifle is not meant to intimidate anyone then why, in 1957 when Eisenhower mobilized the 101st Airborne to protect people during the desegregation of public schools in Little Rock, did the soldiers of the 101st openly carry their rifles? I mean if the purpose wasn’t to intimidate segregationists the soldiers could have just walked around unarmed right?

        • Jean

          Who IS regularly armed in our country?
          Police, and criminals (and some would argue they are one and the same.)

          IF a citizen DARES to “carry” a weapon – long, short, concealed, doesn’t matter – they are subject to intimidation by police…

          And if they don’t carry, they are STILL subject to intimidation by police, but also by anyone else with an implement to cause them harm (usually an obvious weapon like a gun.)

          How about, leave us the F*CK alone, or you’ll find out that a lot of us who never wanted nor needed a weapon, decide to carry regularly, AND use these tools on your little uniformed gang of criminals?

          It’s an ugly truth: The only time I will need a weapon is when someone tries to harm me. WHO tries to harm me is irrelevant; that they die in their attempt is essential.

          And all means are fair game in that situation, meaning: whether I stop their aggression with a straight razor, a knife, a baton, a stick, a pistol, shotgun, grenade launcher, or an M2 .50 or a Claymore on a booby trap wire, it doesn’t matter: THEY caused the whole event.
          All that matters. THEY start it; I finish it.
          And so it will be when your little Brownshirts come knocking.

          Only, I personally have a great love for fire. Watch for Propane tanks, molotovs, aerosol cans, and oil-filled pits with igniters.

          I love a good pig roast…

          Or, ya know, you and yours could stay home that day, and we all live longer.

          Ever think of that?

    • Anonymous

      Those women need to do something useful how about they go home and bake cookies. Real woman like my wife can shoot an ar-15 and bake cookies, and somebody needs to point out the fact that we already have background checks

    • Andy

      Sounds like liberal drivel to me,just shows how much you don’t understand about the 2nd Amendment,and how it protects all of the other Amenments,as for trying to intimidate these misguided members of MDA,these folks could have entered the place of business and ate while having their weapons with them,but instead kept their meeting outside.As far as I can see most of these gun control groups have two agendas control other people’s lives and make money from donations while doing it.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

      • Jean

        Yeah, I have to wonder if it would be mroe effective to weed out the population of busy-bodies.
        For example, enter the place of business with a knife, kill one or two of them, and disappear again…

        Repeat as many times as possible, and maybe the groups will diosappear.
        OTOH, if you get killed in the process, you’re a martyr to the bigger cause anyway – a good person with a gun killed a “bad person”…

        Getting to that point, after all, where an honest citizen is just going to be a target. Might as well manage their numbers BEFORE there’s a major confolict…

  • Jimbo

    You people should believe in inclusion. You have hurt our emotions with your hate and machiosmo!

    • It is I only

      Is it the “light upon nations” speaking, or is it Ricardus Caput?

  • Gertrude

    I believe inclusion, Jimbo!
    Why don’t you shut your stupid face and leave us alone.

  • Tuckem!

    Law Enforcement always tries to test how stupid you are and because of that we Americans NEED TO KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. These cops were right to check out this situation and I don’t blame them for asking for identification but depending on what state you live it it may be required that you provide them with ID unless you want to sit at the station until you are identified. Now is the time to exercise more rights bring video cameras and document the whole thing study your rights and be humble towards your law enforcement remind them that they are public servants working for you humble law abiding citizens. Our Government is trying to slowly “CHANGE” things and undermine the American Constitution. Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Kathleen Sebelius, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, and who ever else I have left out are all extremist trying to fundamentally change America.

  • kerdasi amaq

    The Second Amendment is the glue that binds the constitutional system of government together. These MDA people are effectively calling for the dissolution of the United States and the disbandment of the Federal Government, in my opinion, anyway, and that’s how I will take it, if these stupid MDA people succeed with their plan.

    Molon labe!

    • Steve

      Rick Perry has talked about seceding from the US. That would be a dissolution of the US. Go get him, champ!

      • Jean

        Yeah, the last peaceful secession went so well, after all.
        (The one before not so bad, I understand:
        First secession: Maine from Massachusetts.
        Second: Confederacy from the Union, which culminated in the final authority being the Federal (centralized power structure) system, with the Federal level supreme over the states.
        Third: West Virginia, seceding from Virginia, as WV wanted to remain with the Union.
        IIRC, there was another one or two, I think New Hampshire from Vermont or vice-versa.

        Also, Texas has the RIGHT to secede if they wish. They were a sovereign nation, and as part of their petition to join the US (second petition at least), they have the right to leave the union as well.

        Lastly, ALL the states thought they could leave the Union when they ratified the Constitution, and arguing against that means arguing against the principles of the American Revolution: Read the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble has it all, but the whole document is applicable now.

        Up to and including quartering troops in our homes, the list of abuses of the Crown is complete – and the Colonists rebelled for less than we do now.

  • It is I only

    We had a similar incident here, when a “respected” female journalist, stumbled by accident on a military commando exercise with guns. This poor “woman” got so frightened that she creamed her underpants & had to rush for a quick change of her knickers!
    The funny story is that she related her story on the TV news. Made a monkey’s aunty of herself!

  • yeh sure

    Thank you OCT. Thank you for not being pussies. Thank you for working within the system and not letting ignorant public servants (whose only goal is to make their own lives easier even if it sells the whole country down the river) from making up laws as they go along and from enforcement of these “laws” by intimidation and then by force. Everyone benefits from your actions, ***even the police***. How so? Because it makes them stop and think instead of just going overboard to the point where the many of us that are not active like you just decide to revolt.

    Some dogs are predictible. You pet them when they don’t want to be petted and they hackle up, take aggressive posture, or emit a small growl. I like those kinds of dogs because they give you a chance to understand their feelings and repair your mistake BEFORE they lunge for your throat. At the same time, a growling dog can be labeled a threat or a nuisance by someone who is not interested in doing the right thing. Some people just want it their way and any who complain get consequences.

    For this reason, many dogs do not tip their hand so easily. They seem to take it and take it and take it. The offender, blind to anything but himself, assumes that no bark=no foul. All the while, these dogs are getting more and more angry but they show nothing for fear of getting reprisals that they don’t deserve.

    Oftentimes the offender just keeps laying it on thicker with no idea that he is so close to dangerous confrontation. The pat on the head turns into a full body scratch when the dog is thinking “get the FVCK off me, a$$hole”. Seconds later the dog attacks, does serious damage to the fool that was molesting it, and everyone loses.

    What you are doing is a SERVICE to society regardless of whether liberal fools understand it or not. Please, keep up the good work, keep getting the word out and keep growing your organization.

    I’m off to the OCT website now. Never been there before, don’t even know if it exists. But I do know that I will make a contribution. Please be sure you have a snail mail location to receive anonymous contributions.

  • Steve

    It seems to me that the Junior Samples twins on either side of the flag would be better off losing some weight and hitting the gym.

    • localyokel

      This trash talk is typical of bleeding heart liberal philosophy at the end of its psychotic opinionated gossip first amendment abuse confronted with unrelenting patriotic correction where character assassination becomes its last resort for egotistical continuation of status quo lifestyle. The democratic majority in the US senate reveals the phenomenon at its finest while encouraging the psychosis in the executive and judicial branches.
      The recent standing ovation in congress at the announcement of the capitol police shooting to death an unarmed mother with child is the best example yet of both the prevailing go-along-get-along attitude and near crisis disconnect with their electorate while frustrated with their fear of second amendment correction survival.

    • Jean

      True – but most of us could afford the same.
      It’s a side-effect of civilization, and has been an ongoing problem.
      It will only get worse, with the same ninny-crat approach: Children cannot be outside unattended (Might be up to no good; might be a gang; might just cause mischief and destroy things.)
      So, the kids can’t even be outside, ultimately – get thrown out of malls, get thrown out of restaurants, get thrown out of “kid” hangouts – playgrounds, for instance, are only for “young children,” not the “dangerous teens.”
      After a while, the children (using the term to mean pre-teens to about 16-year-olds, though the same problem exists with 18-year-olds) end up either playing video games at home – minimizing their “risk”, but also minimizing their LIFE; or, some get violent, and do exactly what they’re being accused of anyway. If you’re going to pay for the crime, might as well DO it.

      Slide those same traits forward into adulthood, and add that most jobs are sedentary: We as a group (Americans) are fat, lazy, swine. Work is done FOR us (lawn mowing, yard work, gardening, plumbing, electrical) because we don’t own the property (rent or condo), or it needs a “license” (state permission slip), or it has “special” requirements… Like “hazardous waste disposal” for used motor oil, for example.

      Office work does NOT make one a strong, thin, flexible type; it makes one a slothful, fat, lazy, bored, even angry type. And then you’re demonized for being a meathead, ‘roid freak, etc. if you DO work out.

      We CANNOT have it both ways. Same as the gun debate, where you can’t have a disarmed populace understand the gun as a tool: you can’t have ONLY the “proper authorities” the armed dispencers of justice, or you have a de facto tyranny. (Benevolent or not is immaterial, it is a tyranny.)

      But an armed and capable populace? they will, by definition of “regulated” in the meaning of the time the words were penned, be at least functionally fit, and will not be easily cowed – not to local, nor foreign, tyrants. No army would invade Switzerland – impractical, and everyone is armed.
      The USSR would not have invaded here, nor the Japanese; they would’ve had a gun behind every blade of grass.

      Now, our erstwhile “Masters” would have us disarmed.
      Why do you REALLY suppose that is, since those who use guns to commit crimes are frequently repeat felons – not allowed to own guns anyway? did they go to K-Mart or Cabella’s and say, “I need a gun to rob the local 7-11, and I’m a felon on probation, I’d like that Glock 17 please?”

      Sounds kind of silly, doesn’t it?
      But phrasing it as, “I want to make sure no law-abiding citizen can have a weapon that could be used against the state.” – that sounds much more believable, doesn’t it? Especially if you substitute, “…Against Me.” for, “… Against the State.”

      After all, you can count on the military and police to choose their paycheck over the populace every time…

  • RLPartridge

    Firearms safety classes should be required in government schools and available to non govt. schools. (I am a certified firearms instructor.)

    • Steve

      Now you want the federal government to intrude on the local classroom! I wish you guys would decide, do you want smaller government with less intrusion in our lives or do you want big government mandating what is taught in not just public schools but private ones as well.

      • Jean

        No one mentioned the FedGov doing it – only making it a requirement for the curriculum.
        I’d personally like to see martial arts as well.
        My father, when we discussed this, pointed out that the bullies would be in the same classes. This is of course true, but it neglects the reality that the bullied will be more confident – making them a less-pleasant target, and potentially giving the bully a beat-down.

        Of course, this flies in the face of the “logic” these people use: that by disapproving of ALL violence, by suppressing ALL violence, we somehow remove it from the human animal. By making a law against guns, we make guns not exist, right?

        Freud made a career of such analysis; read his commentary on guns and emotional growth/maturation, and also look at his comments on sexual repression.
        We like to call him a fraud, but his work is part of a specific time in human history, and like all historic pieces, must be read in context.
        Just as the Constitution and Declaration.

        Funny how when we had firearms all over the place, we really had fewer problems than we do today.

        Yet today, Prozac Nation wets their panties at the SIGHT of a GUN… And enacts laws to harm the innocent and reward the violent.

        Government in action.

  • 4FPatriot

    Has anyone other than you suggested any action at the federal level Stevie child? Is your socialist attitude showing through all your TV media misdirected front persuasion? They benefit from the ads they run. Just what could you possibly gain worth the risks you face by your self profiling?

    • Steve

      Yes, RLPArtridge wrote that firearms safety training should be required in government schools. The only way to do that nationally is as a federal mandate.

      • Jean

        Sadly true, it would be a FedGov mandate – which makes it impossible. Last thing the Feddies want is a capable, knowledgable populace. Government Indoctrination Centers (Public Skoolz) serve one purpose only: Indoctrination of the populace into gears and cogs of the “machine” of society.

  • These folks will be the same ones who wish they had a gun when they are attacked or have to protect their families.