GUN CONTROL: California Senate Passes Bill Requiring Permit to Buy Ammo

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Once again, Sacramento proves that to go really over-the-top, you’ve got to go to Democrat California:

The California Senate this week approved a collection of bills, including one (SB 53) that would require background checks, permits, and fees for the purchase of ammunition.

All ammunition sales would have to be face-to-face, happening only in the presence of a store clerk; and vendors selling the bullets would have to submit sales records to the California Department of Justice. Those vendors also would need a permit to sell ammunition.

Kira Davis notes that SB 53 also “requires background checks and a $50 ammo purchase fee.”

It wasn’t that long ago that I saw Dick Durbin on one of the Sunday shows, with the stuff-eating grin on his face, joked about taxing bullets until they cost a hundred or a thousand dollars apiece.

Wish I could find that video, but no one seems to have grabbed it.

So if you think something like this can happen only in California — think again.

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  • This just goes to show that the liberal left is scared and wants to steal the 2nd amendment rights of their citizens. I live in Arizona, I will never visit California again, also I have ammo. for sell to any citizen of California at my cost.

    • Daniel

      Don’t worry, most of us will go to Nevada to buy it from now on—until we can move out permanently that is.

  • easy enough … go over to TJ and ship them back via , Mail, UPS, or Mule..

    • Frank

      Good luck with that. Guns are illegal in Mexico (see how effective banning guns is? LOL), so if you want ammo it is highly likely you’ll be dealing in a black market a hell of a lot more dangerous than just smuggling it in from another state which hasn’t shoved its head up its asssstronaught.

    • Anonymous

      Shit why ship it just walkacross the border and claim amnesty

  • Uzziel

    Why aren’t they shooting, yet?

    • Jean

      Because they’re a product of the public skoolz. 😉

  • C

    This needs to go to court. It is directly opposed to the 2nd ammendment which states there will be “no impediment” to owning and bearing arms. Clearly this is intended as an impediment.

    • it will be struck down like ab962.

    • Jean

      You forget that law as an instituion is created by Lucifer.
      This isn’t a law that infringes on people’s right bear arms; it merely “taxes” ammunition purchases. You can have any gun you want – but getting AMMUNITION for it might be difficult…

      Now, you and I (and a few million others) know this game – but until it’s down to actually shooting, we are still trying to be decent human beings. Our opponents have no such morals. (Comparison: current Superman film. There’s a warning there, that we might have to give up certain moral high ground in order to get the job done. And for the exact same reason.

  • Andy

    One of the main reasons besides trying to take away guns,is that Kalifornia is broke,and needs the revenue from the permits and fee charges to help prop up their welfare state.This will probably be struck down by the Supreme Court,but if not it is because that the Judges are being blackmailed by the Boobama Administration,from learning about something in the Judges e-mails,or digital information.I would not put it past the pond scum Boobama to do it either.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • Mojo Nixon

    Its not law yet jack-asses. Learn how laws are passed before you gop on your red-neck rants about leff-right-liberals regurgitating talking points only proves that you are a troll.

    • VegasJames

      Go blow your boyfriend Mojo and leave the adult conversation to the rest of us

  • Kulafarmer

    If this sticks look for the feds to try this, sorta like how the EPA followed cal with regs for auto emissions, the feds are also broke like kalifornica and so the greedy basturds on capitol hill will think that the ammo fee is a wonderful idea,
    Screw it, somebody please start shooting, this is getting ridiculous.

  • That is OK Sacramento. I started buying out of state long ago. Bullets are cheaper and well worth the out of state trip!

    If you band of Communists want to do some serious legislating introduce a bill that would remove your filthy a$$e$ from Commiefornia so this state can get back to its founding principals and return our name to California!

    You legislators are the only thing unlawful in this state!

  • RodInTexas

    I was BORN with “a permit”.
    My permit is the Constitution of the United States, specifically the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Californicate and all it’s unAmerican, anti-Constitution, oath breaking, libtard politicians can kiss my ass and GO TO HELL.

  • Listen up Califiornian’s Need to just to protect yourself and your family. do what ever is nessecary.. Fight back ” screw the liberal’s.. Don’t listen to them, the’y only wan’t to harm and control.. please wake up befor its to late. Do not vote democrat in your state.. vote independant.

  • There is no $50 fee to purchase.

    Here is what it DOES say:
    “30390. (a) The department may charge ammunition vendor license applicants a fee sufficient to reimburse the department for the reasonable costs of administering the license program, maintaining the registry of ammunition vendors, and necessary enforcement,provided however, that the fee shall not exceed fifty dollars ($50).” Meaning, they can charge the vendor up to $50 to get setup. At least be accurate.

  • Harvey1

    Unconstitutional and the law enforcement officials if they abide by their oath will not enforce it. What has to happen for these elected officials to obey our Constitution? Is this part of a master plan to cause civil unrest so odumba can use our military to KILL us?